The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

You may agree that Black people, as a generality, are ridiculous clowns, who have no basic idea how civilizations work. Perhaps that's why Blacks historically have never created a civilization on their own. The BLM organization is a joke, reminiscent of many terrorist organizations, replete with an unrealistic, unworkable and indeed childish list of demands.

That's right, BLM has come out with yet another list of demands, things which they want White people to do for them (or sacrifices they want White people to make, for them). Blacks clearly are like spoiled and petulant children, they are as adults; but with the mind of a child – and on that note I am certain, all White people can, albeit secretly, agree.

Among their amusing list of demands, number one on their list is of course, BAN TRUMP, because they hate him and his requirement that Blacks get off public assistance, get jobs and become healthy and productive members of civil society. Ain't nobody got time fo dat! Second on their list, as you might have guessed, is defunding the police, an act if brought to fruition, would more negatively impact the lives of Blacks, than it would Whites.

So what are your thoughts? Post them below. Let's start a productive conversation about BLM.


Fuck BLM! That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about that. I took my kids to the zoo the other day and we couldn’t tell when we left the zoo or not because it’s in the city surrounded by blacks. And let me tell you, they act just like the monkeys in the zoo


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Ha ha ha, there's an episode of a show called "Bait Car" where a black dude steals the car and is laughing like a chimpanzee--if it suffered head trauma xD The others in the 'hood were very encouraging of such behavior.


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That's the MOST disturbing thing about these sub-human Negro-American pavement apes. I think that every member of law enforcement who scrutinizes this website in hopes of criminalizing our speech and our Patriotic movement, will begrudgingly and secretly agree, based upon their own first-hand experience with Negroes ON A DAILY BASIS. I think secretly, they actually KNOW they have now become the bad guys, by defending these literal monsters and by persecuting us, the good guys, for seeking some way to bring order back to our American Republic. Members of the NSM believe what worked FABULOUSLY for Hitler in Germany, would in all likelihood work here as well. And I'm not talking about fake Jewish persecution political hyperbole, but the real truth, the social and economic miracle Hitler delivered to White people via Nationalsozialismus.

Negro-Americans and in fact Negroes everywhere on earth, find crime and violence to be delightful. Negroes are delighted, as demonstrated by their wide-open-mouth laughing, braying like jackasses while inflicting torment, pain and suffering upon others. And I too remember a rather disappointing episode of "Bait Car", disappointing in the sense that it finally drove home the realization THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THE AMERICAN PAVEMENT APE – WE WILL NEVER BE RID OF THEM AND THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE THEIR UNCIVIL AND BASIC ANIMALISTIC BEHAVIORS. In that episode, just as always, the suspects were Negroes, four of which got into the bait car and as always, the car was shut down and the doors locked by remote. Realizing at that moment that all four of them were going to jail, they began introducing themselves to one another. Yes, as always the car was stolen by Negroes – BUT NONE OF THEM KNEW EACH OTHER! Four Negroes, four total strangers, spontaneously and simultaneously decided to steal a car – together, not even knowing who the others were who were participating in this crime. Wow – revelation, these ape-beast-monsters are ABSOLUTELY IRREDEEMABLE. They have no natural sense of right or wrong, like White or Asian people. Even more proof was demonstrated by the 1985 Kansas City experiment, where the government spent obscene amounts of money attempting to bring Negroes up to the White level. The extravagant amount of money was spent over 10 years, yet the Negroes failed to improve. The Negroes, when given a lavish educational experience, far above every other student in America, did no better than their ghetto counterparts. The experiment was a complete and total failure, demonstrating that Negroes are biologically not capable of achievement. It is painfully obvious to anyone with eyes to see, that Negroes are not at all like Whites or Asians, as we can physically see that they are not biologically human. Even Charles Darwin made this claim in his book "On the Origin of Species" where he defined the White race as human and the Negro race as sub-human, AS A DIFFERENT SPECIES. The Kansas City experiment showed that there is no hope, that Negroes will NEVER fit or function in a civil society, not here and not anywhere on the face of this earth. To think otherwise at this point, is proof you are delusional and a victim of emotive Jewish mind control.…

Negroes, for immutable biological reasons, can never become productive members of our American civilization, they will always be to America (on the whole) what the tick is to a dog – and they are continuously increasing in number, making the problem exponentially worse day-by-day. EBT or taxpayer provided "free" food, is why they are increasing in numbers – because if you feed them, YOU GET MORE OF THEM. Over my lifetime so far, thanks to White women using birth control and choosing career over family, the White race has declined in numbers by about one third. Over that same period, the primitive and animalistic wilding Negro has TRIPLED in numbers. And what is the result of this demographic growth?…

And as you know, especially those of you in law enforcement, every city in America where the Negro population has grown above some small percentage – that city has died, every city in America with a 15 to 20% Negro population today, is aesthetically and economically dead. There are no exceptions to this rule, not in America and not anywhere on earth, nor at any point in recorded history. So my advice to those members of law enforcement who think White people are the bad guys, stop being a moron and open your fucking eyes to the truth! You are unwittingly doing the bidding of your enemy the Jews, the true enemies of White civilization and humanity, driving our Republic right into the ground (which is THE JEWS utmost desire). They do this through emotion, they make you feel both guilt and pity for the lowly pavement ape – a creature that drags themselves down and everyone down with them. Do you want the whole country to look like Baltimore?…

Do you want your children to live in the world that YOU, right now, by your actions are creating for them, forcing them in which to live? Do you want your own race to be driven into extinction, knowing that your precious Negroes will only die of starvation, once the White race is finally gone and no longer able to feed them? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? If not, then become part of the solution, rather than remaining an instigator of your own demise.

Why? Because the Jewish media only reported it LOCALLY!
* The suspect faces six counts of first-degree murder and six counts of armed criminal action in a string of killings that began in August 2016. Fredrick Demond Scott, a 23-year-old black man, threatened to "kill all white people." All the victims were white, but investigators and prosecutors have not discussed a motive for the killings, all of whom were shot in apparently unprovoked attacks along or near hiking trails, Jackson County prosecutors said.…

I think defunding the police in those BLM active areas is a good thing. Just build a wall around the cities and let them kill each other off. Problem solved.

Racists be terrible tho, i bet you guys are racially seperated over CHOCOLATE

Ken Rogulski of WJR in Michigan interviewed a few Obama money recipients.

Let's face reality here folks, Black people in general, statistically about 98% of them, have no idea how economies work. They seem to have a cargo cult child-like mindset and thus don't understand taxation, or even realize who is providing the money for them to live a free and easy life. That's why they "kill Whitey". They have no idea that once WE are gone, they will quickly follow. It's literally the fleas, wanting to kill the dog upon which they feed.

yall mfs are retarded on god no kizzy. Imagine hating someone because of their skin color. Its 2021, imagine still being racist LMAO


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It's fairly safe to assume the message above was submitted by a top tier "African" American. African being assumed, due to the vernacular used and the grammatical errors shown. Top tier due to an ability to read and create a somewhat legible response. Now I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I do not "hate" Negroes – at least no more or less than I hate raccoons or bears, all three of which are parasitic, destructive and have no place in or even near civilization. Our grandparents and great grandparents knew this, so why shouldn't we? It's Negroid behavioral incompatibility that I have the most trouble with, as I certainly don't judge anything based solely upon skin color. For example, I generally don't have many issues with Indo-Asians (people from India) who share the same skin color with Negroes. But that said, I would prefer they stay in their own country of India, rather than moving into White countries, to take from us our economic opportunity and prosperity. India is poor FOR A REASON. What they bring to America, IS NOT TO OUR ADVANTAGE.

So as you can see, I judge no one based singularly upon the color of their skin. Instead, with regard to Negroes, I judge based solely upon their typical behavior, essentially the content of their predictably abysmal character. I only use skin color along with other references, such as a broad flat nose, huge lips and so on as an INDICATOR of what will likely be problematic – a warning that I should STAY AWAY from.

If you list the top most dangerous cities in America, they all have one thing in common – a large Negro population, as well as predominantly Negro leadership. You will not find a predominantly White and White-run city on that list. And when we dig deeper into these notoriously dangerous cities, we always seem to find that along with a large Negro population, they also have a Black mayor, a Black police chief, a Black prosecutor and so on. You can't blame any of these failures on Whites. Black cities are all rife with violence and crime, as much as they are always run by Democrats. Not one (legitimate) exception to this rule exists, but the Leftists do lie and you will find those lies online. Some high ranking Leftist websites claim the state with the smallest Negro population (Alaska) to harbor the most violence (specifically Anchorage) which has a violent crime rate of 5.8 compared to a national average of 5.0 suggesting these claims to be false. The first website I found, places Anchorage in the number 1 spot, the most violent city in America, then places Detroit well below Anchorage at 7th place, even though Detroit has a violent crime rate of 1965.3 well above 5.8 – and Detroit is of course, 79.1% Black. Do your own research, don't trust anything you read online.



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imagine praising niggers for wanting to kill white people. I may as well shove a banana up your monkey ass and make you choke on it. White Power!

My name is Adolf Hitler I am actually Jewish and black I sagged all your mums and you are my watered down childern, you hillbilly sibling fucking morons, I think you are easily the most disgusting people on the planet, we all came from black people FACT you do realise that Hitler believed that white people are from atlantis so mermaids he was addicted to drugs, all of the top nazid were socially awkward loners his head of properganda was a disabled moron hess was a weirdo himmler was a specy fuck wit aswell I can't wait for you lot to all get jailed CUNTS!!!


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If that's all you have, then you just failed. There is only one master race, that is the White race. White man walked on the moon – SIX TIMES. Full stop. White superiority demonstrated. Yes, China is now catching up with the White race in space, but they have a long way to go and are still far behind.

"I can't wait for you lot to all get jailed CUNTS!!!" We are not criminals, therefore we should not be jailed. Don't you believe in JUSTICE? Or do you only believe in justice for people you agree with? In light of that revelation, which of us is the actual hater?


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"White man walked on the moon – SIX TIMES. Full stop. White superiority demonstrated." - This is because during the time of the moon landings, black men would not even be able to come close to a spaceship due to racism.

"China is now catching up with the White race in space, but they have a long way to go and are still far behind." - Since when does going to space determine how 'successful' a race is? China will soon overthrow the U.S. in terms of global superpowers.

"We are not criminals" - In some aspects, you are. Hate-speech is a criminal offense.

"do you only believe in justice for people you agree with?" - Black, Jewish and any other minority group that has been oppressed by white people in History (and now) deserve justice no matter if you 'agree' or 'disagree' with them. Where was the justice for Jewish people in WW2?

"which [one] of us is the actual hater?" - You.


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"This is because during the time of the moon landings, black men would not even be able to come close to a spaceship due to racism." The moon landings took place during the time of unprecedented government forced integration, but okay, if these ape beasts are so much better or even just equals, then why didn't they make their own rockets and just go it alone? You know, like the Chinese? ? Why must WE always allow THEM to come over to OUR BACK YARD and PLAY WITH OUR TOYS? What you are doing here is giving your own worthless, biased, self-loathing, liberal, leftist, anti-White opinion, while I am merely stating facts (as unpleasant to you as they might be). Blacks are demonstrably low performance, low intelligence, highly excitable and behaviorally unpredictable sub-human apes. They are woefully unqualified for any active role in space research. Initially we launched chimpanzees into space, but the necessity for this is now past. Blacks don't even LIKE space research, the majority of them want the money we spend on space, to go to them as direct welfare payments. AND YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS!…

Yes, a few Blacks have now been to space, but these Blacks were not critical to any mission and were only there for appearance only (diversity). I have discussed this elsewhere on this site, for example, the Blackstronaut hired to fly on the SpaceX Crew Dragon mission – his prior experience was stocking shelves in a convenience store.

I didn't make the statement "from stocking shelves to becoming an astronaut", it was the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum who said this. ? Leftist liberals are so proud of themselves for dragging the lowly Negro up to the White level, that they don't even see how ridiculous they look, for doing it. Meanwhile, the White astronaut who sat next to Glover, Michael Hopkins (Colonel, U.S. Space Force) has these qualifications: Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois, Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Stanford University. You can read my previous discussions on this double standard here.

"Since when does going to space determine how 'successful' a race is?" Since the invention of the word competition. ? The first one across the finish line, IS THE WINNER! Wow, you truly exemplify leftism. I bet you're all in favor of participation (rather than winner) trophies. ? What have you accomplished by receiving a participation trophy? In life there are only winners and losers (regardless of what you want). I strive to always be the winner. ?

"China will soon overthrow the U.S. in terms of global superpowers." I'm afraid here you might be correct. Under the Obama administration, the United States fell from an AAA S&P rating to AA+ and China then became the world's largest economy. After that, Trump took over and we promptly moved back to where we were before, the number one largest economy in the world. We are now 9 months into the Biden administration and still riding on Trump's incredible economic achievements, but yes, since Biden works for China, expect them to move ahead of us (soon) as America is on an economic downward spiral, including high inflation. I don't know why the tone of your statement seems like you want China to defeat the U.S., because if a tyrannical government such as the CCP ever dominates over the world, YOUR life will only become even MORE unpleasant as a result.

"Hate-speech is a criminal offense." The word "hate" is subjective. You might claim when a Muslim beheads a homosexual, this is an act of hate – from your perspective. However from the perspective of the Muslim, beheading the homosexual is an act of compassion. He is freeing the homosexual from his torment, as an act of kindness. I hope now you can see why "hate-speech" is a null word, as even our Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that what qualifies as "hate speech" in other western countries, is legally protected Free Speech under the First Amendment. You can read more about this issue in relation to the NSM here.

"Black, Jewish and any other minority group that has been oppressed by white people in History (and now) deserve justice no matter if you 'agree' or 'disagree' with them." Lots of people deserve things they will never have, while others who deserve nothing – get everything. Life simply is not fair, as only might makes right – survival of the fittest, Darwin's law is nature's lex primus (first law) and the ONLY law which we can not change. Currently, Blacks and Jews are working together (with the Jew holding the superior position) in order to GENOCIDE their enemy, the White race! This makes Blacks and Jews the aggressor against Whites, who foolishly bend over backwards to serve both groups! This ongoing White Genocide is happening right now, right in front of our eyes. Learn more truth, here.

"Where was the justice for Jewish people in WW2?" What you believe about WWII is largely fiction; created by the Jew, in order to empower the Jew through deception – as they continue their covert war against all things moral, good and decent. Watch this video to learn more. The first two minutes are VERY compelling.

It was THE JEWS who declared war on Germany, not the other way around. Most of the telling of history around WWII is victim blaming – by the aggressor Jew. Here is the proof.…

"which [one] of us is the actual hater? - You." Well, that would be your misguided and biased opinion, however I will leave the actual decision up to the readers of this comment – allowing them to read your words, then read my response; AND TO DRAW THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS. ?

Hello , i like to have kids and never visit them , i think we should castrate all black males to help the world !!!!! I wanna save the white race , the only corect race !!

Bro it's 2021 and everybody is a clown, why can't we all just mind our own business. I mean it's not even that hard. LMAOOO.
Also, fuck crackers.. coming from a white person.


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Go back to 4chan and practice your trolling. Also, don't fall for Jewish brainwashing teaching (obviously in your case, young) Whites to hate themselves. Whites are the apex life form on this planet – NEVER forget that. Every other hominid race pales in comparison to the achievements, beauty and intelligence of the White race. Never let anyone convince you otherwise.

What ever happened to sending the negroes back to Africa? They want their own society so bad, let them have it. We'd all be better off if we just let them go back to being spear chucking tribesmen back in their home country. That should be the sole focus of the race issue.


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Why? EBT cards don't work there. Whitey has been murdered across most of the African continent, so there is nothing left to steal. The country of Liberia already belongs to the Blacks from the USA, but they don't even know it -- or that it was purchased and given to them prior to emancipation. Lincoln's assassination put a halt on the steady stream of former slaves from the USA being moved over to Liberia. Ever since the civil war in America ended and the first Blacks arrived in Liberia, that country has been engaged in a continuous state of civil war of its own. So much for Black self-governance. Liberia is truly a hell on earth, equal to if not worse than Haiti. Cannibal warlords will murder and eat anyone they can catch, raw.


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That would be an instant apocalypse/mad max scenario, but it wouldn't last long. People that can't feed themselves based on ethic merit or ability to contribute need to be gone. Remember, in no nation during the "pandemic" did gibs get shut off. In fact, most of us are experiencing more immigration than ever. It's all a fucking lie, and I hate living under a government that is so up front with how much they want me hurt or dead.

You’re right they will not go back to Africa. It’s like the ole saying goes: “give a white guy a pile of bricks, he’ll build you a city! Give a nagger a city and he’ll make it a pile of bricks!” That’s why they stay here because they have everything provided for them. If they go back they would never survive even though Africa has the potential to flourish with its resources and land. Maybe whites should go take that land and they can keep this Commie country


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Black people will never fit or function within a modern civilization. When you add Black people to anything that White people have created, all you get is destruction. No one can deny this reality any longer. BLM has shown us their "peaceful protests". The destruction from these "mostly peaceful protests" are worse than any act of war. And what exactly do they have to protest about? Black people are not required to do any work, or pay any taxes, they pay no rent, get free food and have free cell phones – all the while gifted with untold amounts of unearned privilege while being placed upon a pedestal by the Jewish media. Black people are a burden that White people should not be forced to bear. There simply is no place in White civilization for Black people.…

All the bestial Negro can see when they look at a brick, is a weapon. They can only see our building blocks in terms of destruction, rather than creation. Black people are literally the antithesis of White people, the two races fundamentally could not be any more different. There can never be a successful coexistence – nobody knows this reality more than our brave members of law enforcement, who have to deal with the Negro plague, this Negro CANCER, every damn day!

However we can't just trade continents with them, as they are best suited for living in sub-Saharan Africa, whereas we are not. As rich as that continent may be, it is deadly to Whites. A wise man once described Africa to me, as the White man's graveyard. I took that to heart and did not go (to Rhodesia) a place where I wanted to both visit, and possibly start my life's adventure. When I was a teenager and ready to begin a life on my own, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe today) was one of – if not the most prosperous agrarian countries on earth. I was an avid shortwave radio enthusiast, growing up on a farm at the time and was enthralled by what I was receiving at night, broadcasting from Africa. I wanted to own a farm of the richest farmland in the world. And as a second choice, I would have loved to visit and perhaps make my life in Apartheid White South Africa. Both countries were at that time, overflowing with bountiful White prosperity, but only under White rule. Today, after Whites handed everything they had, everything they created over hundreds of years, over to the primitive Blacks, both countries have become a nightmarish hell hole, under Black rule. Hundreds of years of White creativity and innovation has been destroyed in only a handful of years, by an infestation of Black subhumans, migrating down from Central Africa (fo da gibs). You see, good hearted Whites in the area made the fatal mistake of feeding the Blacks. When you feed them, you get more of them. Cancer always grows, cancer always metastasizes and finally – cancer always kills.…

Justin Tyrant Roberts, a 39-year-old Black man, was targeting only White males in his two day long shooting spree that spanned two states, according to police. But since he admitted to targeting only Whites, the prosecution will do literally anything to keep from charging a Black man with a "hate crime" – so they have requested that he undergo a mental health evaluation, as his overt anti-White racism clearly shows that he is mentally ill and thus unable to stand trial. So now I ask you White readers, why has this NEVER been offered WHEN THE RACES ARE REVERSED?

Being an African American, I do understand growing up in this community some of these things are true I will admit. Also at the same time not every African American is bad. I understand and respect everyone's opinion, but imagine being black and hearing every one of these messages. I do not care for the BLM movement after these ridiculous demands, I also voted for trump. I just wish that some respect can be shown for all communities so we can work together and build a better future.


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Not some of these things, but ALL of these things are true. In the case of my comments – I try to support as much as I can with links to online evidence, content supporting the argument. To say good Black people exist is a misnomer. Mostly good Black people, or rather, "often good" Black people do exist, however even they are like unicorns. The U.S. Department of Justice, uniform crime statistics clearly show that Blacks murder 36 times (3600%) more often than all other races. Bill Cosby was an example of a mostly-good Black (and a unicorn) and we all know what he did (drugged and raped over 80 White women, he's currently in prison). Same is true for OJ Simpson, mostly good until he murdered his wife, acquitted because Black investigators botched the evidence gathering. Mostly good until he later committed armed robbery and finally went to prison for that. You see, Africanized hominids are just inherently violent with an unnecessary level of cruelty, probably due to their evolution in a very hostile, quite unforgiving environment (where amoral abject violence is absolutely necessary for survival).

It is statistically erroneous to judge any group by counting its unicorns, by counting the outliers. Every Black person will exhibit negative Negroid traits, usually when they are emotionally stimulated (which in Blacks does not take much effort). See the link below, detailing many of these negative traits. I realize that not every Black will exhibit every trait on that list, but most will express some and all will express at least one (with a strong example being: intelligence deficits).

This is why the Negro race is literally at the bottom of all races, just slightly above the Australian Aborigine. This explains why Whites captured Negroes and turned them into farm animals (and not the other way around). Whites also captured water buffalo and turned them into cattle. I'm sorry if the facts regarding the hierarchy of the hominid races is "hurtful," but truth is almost never pleasant. Remember, entropy rules this universe and the African Negro is the highest entropy hominid of them all (significantly more destructive than the Aborigine, making the African Negro the most destructive hominid of them all). And by that, I mean in frequency of occurrence, rather than severity. If you are personally murdered by a Negro – for you, that is severe. However to be accurate, Whites have the highest universal severity of any race, given that we invented mechanized warfare and of course, Whites have highly destructive nuclear bombs, as well as chemical and biological weapons. Whites are the only race to have used all three, in acts of war. However Whites are also the most compassionate and giving of all the hominid races (a true duality, as Victorian society strove to separate the good from evil in Whites, to purify it).

You said, "imagine being black and hearing every one of these messages" which is purely emotive. This issue is not emotional (and thus untouchable). It is A MATTER OF ABJECT FACT, an issue which should be discussed openly, without the liability of any emotional bias. Why do you think Black lives which are taken by Blacks, do NOT matter? Because Jews made the issue of interracial conflict emotional, thus they made it untouchable. They convince the Negro that their shortcomings and failures are ALL OUR FAULT, the fault of White Supremacy. Unpleasant truth you realize, still remains true. And because Whites can't tackle (and solve) these issues FOR the Negro, due to accusations of racism, these problems will only continue to compound. I'm glad you agree that BLM do make ridiculous, childish demands – but they are YOUR people, while WE are not! Nazis are no friend of the Negro, a race which generally relies on charity for survival. Nazis are not charitable outside of their own race. Oh sure, we will behave friendly in your presence, because that is the general nature of the White race – but no White will ever see a Negro as their equal (or superior). Negroid inferiority is demonstrable to us, every damn day – and they demonstrate this in a myriad of ways, far too numerous to list.

I am glad you voted for Trump, I did as well – as he was the lesser of two evils (sandbags to the rising water, whereas what we have now is a stuck-open flood gate). About 12% of the Black electorate (who are not felons and thus able to vote – a representational small percentage of the minority) voted for Trump, an insignificant number to affect any election. You wish for and even ask for respect – but respect must be earned. Black behavior which can not be prevented, negates any chance for respect. I personally DO respect East Asians and Indoasians (but I do not wish to share my country with them). Right now Black people are being given the keys to literally everything, Negroes are being crammed down the White man's throat! We do not like it. But because our ancestors decided to use Negroes as beasts of burden and because Jews make us feel guilty for their miserable plight, the genetic and thus immutable inability for Negroes to fit or function within a thriving civilization, we are now forever stuck with them – these cast off, feral and no longer functional farm animals.

You know, if you want a better life for your own people, you should devote your efforts to working with them, rather than hanging around this Nazi website. If you are a unicorn, you should spend your time working with your fellow Negroes, in an attempt to bring them up to the White level. Whites bought and provided a country just for Negroes (Liberia in West Africa). You should encourage your kind to leave – to go there and be rid of White Supremacy and Racism forever. Any American Negro can move to Liberia whenever they wish, it's as easy as moving to Puerto Rico. So far, for us trying to do this FOR you has been unachievable – all attempts over the past 155 years have failed, but at least you can help your own fellow Blacks, as far as you are able. And because we are now stuck caring for the Negro race, any load you can take off our shoulders, by getting them out of our country, would surely be GREATLY appreciated. ?

So I mentioned Bill Cosby above – and in the news today, it seems the Democrats decided to buy some Black votes and acquit Cosby of all charges. You see, the Black and White idea of justice is diametrically opposed. Blacks want ALL Blacks released from prison, guilt or innocence means nothing to Blacks – only RACE matters. You see, Blacks are the most racially loyal hominids on earth!

So these Jew judges it seems, used a supposed "process violation" by the prosecution, as the reason for his acquittal. Not that he is innocent mind you, but that his trial was somehow botched – and now he's out, only on a technicality. Here's how it all worked folks. Cosby was handed his bogus Ph.D. in education, followed by his bogus career affecting the thoughts and beliefs of children – and sheltered from all scrutiny by the powerful media Jews his whole life. He was then allowed to prey upon women for decades, as many as he wanted, while the Jews covered for him, as at the time, he served the best interests of the Jews (by normalizing Negroes in the minds of children, which the Jews could then weaponize against Whites later on, as adults). When he became too old to serve the needs of the Jews any longer, they simply stopped protecting him and let the prosecutors have him, as they simply no longer had any need for him. Jews clearly ARE NOT LOYAL to their Goyim pets!

Now, when it once again serves the best interests of the Jew to let him be free – out he comes. Do you see how that works folks? Jews can now use Cosby to cement the Black voters as Democrats once more. Justice be damned, as his victims are shocked and angered by this travesty. More than 63 female victims suffered for more than 43 years while seeking justice, for nothing – all because THIS move now serves the best interests of the Jews.

Bill Cosby: Accusers speak of shock and anger after conviction overturned.

They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post tweets about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" and "thot". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows and fantasizing about nigger dick. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers.


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You are so right my brother, only Niggers get to have holidays in Nigger-lovin' America. Just today the American Nigger was granted with yet another holiday. So, what's it called? Well, Niggers you see, speak using what we call Niggerbabble, an unintelligible gibberish of made up, fractionated words. It's almost like when they speak, they have a mouth full of marbles. So this holiday was named of course, using one of these made-up Nigger-coined retard words, "Juneteenth" yet another meaningless word (like Goldteefs) for a purposeless race of sub-human savage ape beasts. Now let me be clear, just because years ago, Congress had declared that Niggers are no longer farm animals, DOES NOT MAKE IT FACT! Savages will always remain savages, wishful thinking to the contrary, in this case taking the form of Congressional declarations, can not change the immutable laws of nature. Niggers have never and will NEVER function well, anywhere on earth. They are a failed hominid species that only survives today, thanks to da gibs. Show me just one place anywhere on earth, where Niggers exist in numbers, where this reality is not so.


In reply to by a Cracker (not verified)

Although taboo everywhere on the Internet, the egregious use of the word "Nigger" is allowed here, as this is a free speech website (one of only a small handful that are still in existence, thanks to the Jew-led cancel culture running unchecked everywhere else). Enjoy your First Amendment freedoms here, folks. ? If what you say here is legal in the USA, it will likely be published. We only delete comments which violate USA law (things such as death threats, calls to violence and so on) as Whites/Nazis generally follow the law. Personally, I prefer the taxonomic term "Negro," as it is scientifically the most accurate – and it seems to piss everyone off much more. It better reminds everyone that Negroes are biologically not the same as Whites.

Rarely will anyone see scientific evidence of biological difference, such as the fact that each week, dozens of relatively healthy young Black males die by gunshot in Chicago – yet America still has a shortage of organ transplant donors. You'd think with all these dead Negroes, this would be an organ donation godsend – a steady supply of young organs, ripe for the picking. But what they don't tell you is that Negroid organs are not compatible for organ transplantation, because they are not of the same species, thus these organs largely go to waste. Race matters in organ, tissue and blood donation.

Why does ethnicity matter in organ donation?…

We need more African American blood donors. Here’s why.…

Just because we can breed with Negroes and produce fertile offspring, does not make them biologically the same as us – no more than when a dolphin breeds with a whale, this somehow becomes proof that they are of the same species. A wholphin (Dolphin + Whale hybrid) is born from the mating of a female common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) with a male false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) which are two completely different species.

However I could not agree more with your statement, "can not change the immutable laws of nature … have never and will NEVER function well, anywhere on earth" which is an absolute truth, one grounded in actual science, rather than using politically correct hyperbole. Negroes, even in Africa, fail to thrive without our help. When I was in school, some of the things we did as a class were "food drives" to collect food for starving children in Africa. But one thing we didn't realize at the time; if you feed them, you only get MORE OF THEM! ☹ We also didn't ask WHY they were starving. Africa is a rich continent, the richest on earth. It just doesn't make any sense, until you discover the many reasons why Negroes are abject failures, some of which are enumerated here.

We do know that the Negro subspecies of hominid ape is, according to contemporary thought, at least 500,000 years behind Europeans in evolution. Recent discoveries in the Caucasus region places that separation at closer to 1.7 to 1.8 million years. Yes, Blacks and Whites are separated by perhaps 1.8 million evolutionary years! This explains why Negroes seem so different from us – and so savage, so bestial and primitive in their behavior. It also denotes a reality which we MUST accept, that the Negro can never "catch up" and WILL NEVER FIT or function well in any White (or Asian) civilization! So why do we continue to pound this societally defective square peg into a beautiful round hole?

In Kansas City during the 1990's, a federal judge demanded the still mostly segregated Kansas City School District to come up with a cost-is-no-object educational plan for Negroes and ordered local and state taxpayers to find the money to pay for it. Kansas City spent more money per pupil than any other of the 280 largest districts in the country. The student-teacher ratio was 2 or 3 to 1, the lowest of any school district in the country. The results were dismal. Test scores did not rise; the Black-White educational gap did not diminish. Simply put, Blacks are ineducable and will always remain so. Blacks will always be a parasitic burden upon the White race. Blacks will always be the instigators of crime and violence, in what otherwise could have been a peaceful and pleasant White civilization – and Blacks will always remain A FUCKING CANCER upon our now continuously degrading Republic, which was created by and for White people.

We propose that Negroes arrested for ANY crime in America, should be forcibly relocated to Liberia, a country which was purchased as a gift by abolitionist Whites, just for Blacks. Once they arrive in Liberia, they will never again experience White Supremacy or Racism, as there are no White people there to demonstrate their superiority – or to express any form racism. Blacks can then do as they please, free from any White laws or White social norms. This proposal therefore becomes the only known workable solution, which could reasonably solve the problem of racial discord in America!

Only the NSM is brave enough to offer a workable solution, to END racism in America! ?

Many people worship the negro and they believe they will be saved if they worship the negro. The actual outcome is anyone who gifts the negro power will be killed and eaten by the negro they promoted. This has happened many times in history. "He who repeats the same process and expects a different outcome is insane." Albert Einstein. Negros will kill everyone if given the opportunity.

I invented the ideology of global warming to promote the idea that white males are responsible for the destruction of mankind. Unfortunately I was proven wrong when the Polar Bears did not die but thrived with the incidental warming. Now me and other Democrats have moved on to promote the negro which is just as false as global warming. We don't care we will continue to promote any initiative which promotes death to whites and promotion of the negro.

Originally Hillary and I thought that blacks that kill for a living were "Super Predators." Now we have changed our tune because we want white people to be killed and slaughtered by these predators so we can feel better about ourselves. Go out and strive to be killed by blacks because it makes you feel good about yourself. You may feel really good inside knowing you are not a loser but an agent promoting white genocide. Keep up the good work comrades.

Fuck Juneteenth, fuck niggers, fuck Jews, fuck all non white people. I’m at the point where they just keep taking taking taking and then my family ends up with shit. I work my ass off every day working in attics and sweating my balls off to give rich Jews a/c. And what do I get in return? Shut up and do your job! Do you think my family can get assistance with anything? No because we are not the right color.
So I’ve started flying my swastika with pride everywhere I go. Hail victory and hail Adolf Hitler!


In reply to by Chris Oates (not verified)

You are so right my friend. Greetings from germany

I just want to wish all my fellow Kin and National Socialists and all White Nationalists for that matter a Happy Fathers Day.

BLM is a bunch of scum. They are all worthless. Greetings from germany brothers and sisters of the White race

Yesterday, Derek Chauvin was sentenced for a crime he did not commit. His only crime, if it even was one, would be "bad optics." I stand with law enforcement, in dealing with Black crime. What Chauvin did, by hovering his knee above the neck of a violent Black criminal thug, so that he wouldn't get up (as he was resisting arrest) simply looked awful to guilt-ridden Whites, who were watching on TV. No one could physically see that this genius Black thug, in order to avoid arrest for drug possession, had swallowed (in order to hide) a weeks worth of methamphetamine and fentanyl and was now dying from a drug overdose. Sheer fucking GENIUS. Of course we now know this Negro was in genuine distress from the drug overdose, but Blacks have long ago discovered the "ah kaint brief" means of escape. If they say that phrase to police, they are let go. Only Chauvin (being a good cop) did not fall for (what is typically) bullshit. That alone, his assuming it was all bullshit, was his fatal mistake and why an otherwise good cop, is now in prison.

However right on cue of course, a huge mob of exceedingly ugly, violent Black thugs with dreadlocks, see photo link below, all with lengthy criminal records (out on probation, thanks to permissive Jewish judges) appeared around the courthouse. News reporters were there to give them air time. The Blacks began by speaking in barely intelligible ebonics, their demands AND THREATS, telling us about all the violence and mayhem that they intended to do, should the sentencing NOT go the way they wanted. As a White person, how does that make you feel, knowing that you are forced to live under the constant threat of Black violence and destruction, up to and including the literal looting and burning of YOUR entire city, EVERY TIME THEY DON'T GET WHAT THEY WANT? Now granted, this happens mostly in leftist cities, so only those on the left will "reap what they have sown." But I for one, don't appreciate threats of violence, from anyone, especially not from dumb criminal, or parasitic welfare Blacks. Because I am White, I would NEVER get away with making those same kinds of threats, but for some reason, Blacks ALWAYS do. Why are they not charged as I would be, for making terroristic threats?…

The only comedic reprieve from this intimidation, was when those primitive Negro ape beasts did what they always do, they showed us what retarded clowns they really are. When the sentencing decision was read, the judge clearly puffed it up, the same way a small, scared cat spreads out its fur, to make itself look bigger. The judge gave the sentence, not in years, but in months, likely to confuse the stupid Blacks. And it worked. Chauvin was sentenced to 270 months. When the violent and ready to riot Negro ape beasts in front of the courthouse heard the words "270 months," a look of confusion fell across their ugly, primitive faces. THIS TO ME WAS HILARIOUS! I could NOT stop laughing at this typically stupid Negroid behavior. ? Stereotype realization achieved! ? Then of course came even more demands "stop killing us" (when in reality, cops kill far more Whites than Blacks) and in the real world, Blacks kill far more Blacks AND Whites than the reverse (DOJ uniform crime statistics claim that Blacks kill Whites at the rate of 36 to 1 and choose a White victim about half the time, whenever they do choose to kill). By all rights, it should be White people who are upset, as we have become prey to these savage predators, both physically and emotionally. Blacks are OUR tormentors and abusers, as Whites (as well as Asians) truly are and always have been, the ACTUAL victims of predominantly Black violence and crime!

I'm a 22 year old white male from south Africa. I moved to America a few years ago never really had hate for anyone, but that changed fast because of these stupid BLM black niggers. They cause people to hate honestly they are a plague to this world.

Blm is a hippocratic group that do things they say they don't this country is falling apart and NSM is here to fix it.


In reply to by Justyn Stanley (not verified)

I think you mean hypocritical. ?

adjective: hypocritical; behaving in a way that suggests one has higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

adjective: Hippocratic; of or relating to Hippocrates or to the school of medicine that took his name.



In reply to by AN HONEST INDIAN (not verified)

Indians come to America to steal from us our White prosperity. If enough of them come here and do this – they will transform America into India (one of the poorest nations in the world). India is poor FOR A REASON. Indian doctors come to America, not because they are better than Whites – but because they meet government mandated diversity quotas (required for the institution to receive government Medicare payments). Such doctors don't need to be good, they just need to be non-White, necessary to match a diversity check box requirement. You noted a lot of American companies hire Indians as their CEO. Do you know why they do this? Have you ever heard the term "straw man?" Let's say a company which is owned and run by a precious Jew, were somehow caught committing crimes – guess who goes to jail? That's right, the straw man goes to jail, the Indian hired to represent company as leadership. ? Now do you see what Indians are good for? In corporate America, Indians make great stooges. ?

How stupid can you be to say this crap? Help me understand where you got this false information. Indians often perform the best in our schools. This doesn't neccesarily make them smarter, but it proves that we don't just take advatage of this system. And you say that India is "poor". Let me just tell you, we have the fifth largest economy in the world. And thats after 200 years of colonialism. And CEO's don't exactly have a requirement for race do they? Adding on, have you heard of Mukesh Ambani? He's worth 40 billion dollars, not something thats easy to achieve, is it? You know that you can't succeed in life when other races, who by the way aren't any inferior or superior to you, know the value of working hard. You want the easy way to success. Those days are long over. And Hitler liked Indians cause most of them are Aryan lol read up on history dumbass.

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