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National Socialist Movement

- Snapshot -

The NSM, America's National Socialist Party, is the largest and most active National Socialist political party in America.

The NSM's core beliefs include: defending the rights of white people everywhere, preservation of our European culture and heritage, strengthening family values, economic self-sufficiency, and reform of illegal immigration policies, immediate withdrawal of our national military from an illegal Middle Eastern occupation and promotion of white separation.

Party Membership is open to non-Semitic heterosexuals' of European Descent. If you really care for your heritage and for the future of your family, race and nation, join us today.

'Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.'
- William Jennings Bryan (1860 - 1925)

"America must be kept American"
-President Calvin Coolidge; December 6, 1923

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"Putting Family, Race and Nation First while Fighting to Secure American Jobs, Manufacturing & Innovation"
"America's Premier White Civil Rights Organization - Fighting for White Civil Rights"

The National Socialist Movement

Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung

Official NSM Party News


Does Liberal Bias Exist?

Here's an experiment to discover for yourself if liberal bias exists in search results. Google “happy black woman” and observe the results. Then search “happy asian woman” and again note what you see. Now finally, search “happy white woman”. What results do you see? Did you notice any leftist, liberal bias in one of these search results? Is this in your opinion, proof of an anti-White agenda?

NSM Walking through Detroit

March through Detroit 6/2019

NSM Detroit LGBTQ Protest

2020 NSM Nationals

Photo/Video from the Nationals

Butthurt (((reporter))) quits PennLive in protest of site calling the NSM rally "peaceful", even though it was. Apparently some (((reporters))) tend to kvetch when confronted by an unwanted truth.

It is important to note that this self-immolated (((reporter))) insisted that his employer report factual inaccuracies, essentially tell lies, in order for him to be satisfied with their reporting of what essentially was a peaceful protest, a protest which resulted in no injuries and no arrests. Lycoming County Sheriff R. Mark Lusk reportedly said, "I'm glad the way it went, it was peaceful." This (((reporter))) essentially insisted that they lie, report false news about who the NSM is and their connection to the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. The (((reporter))) claims that “Nazis are bad,” without giving an objective explanation as to why he believes they are bad. The (((reporter))) also claims his ancestors were murdered by Nazis, without realizing his very existence suggests they were not. PennLive is far better off without shithead (((reporters))) like this, who advocate in favor of fake news, in order to push a leftist political agenda. I'm sure PennLive was quickly able to replace this shithead (((reporter))) with someone far better.

Bitcoin Address: 1LRWztxGTHxXJoazfYY26gNcMEbPBGhZ4M

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The Brandon Park event in Williamsport, Pennsylvania has been permanently canceled due to the Corona Virus. All NSM Members and supporters are to be at the Burnside's home in Ulysses, PA on July 17th and 18th to host our Nationals. For more information on this, contact CommanderColucci@nsm88.org


Bitcoin Address: 1LRWztxGTHxXJoazfYY26gNcMEbPBGhZ4M

The United States government finally designates Antifa as a terrorist organization.
And we are calling Antifa out!

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Here's the Nationals pre-registration form, with corrected dates.

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We're now set up on Monero Cryptocurrency!

New Item Icon Read the press release (PDF link) or just get the code, via the (Plain Text link)

Address: 1LRWztxGTHxXJoazfYY26gNcMEbPBGhZ4M

An Urgent Message From Burt Colucci
April 5, 2020

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NSM 2020 National Conference

New Item Icon For More Information (PDF link)

New Item Icon Pre-Registration (PDF link)

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are postponing the Williamsport event scheduled for April 18, 2020

NSM's Response to Covid-19

NSM protests Motor City Gay Pride in Detroit!

New Item IconSetting the Record Straight - Press Release - March 6, 2019(Internal Link) (PDF link)

New Item Icon NSM: Public Release: 3-1-19 (Internal Link)

New Item Icon NSM Little Rock Rally, AR - After Action Report - November, 2018 (Internal Link)

- Photo Gallery -

New Item Icon NSM weekly newsletters: If you want to receive them email butchu (at) protonmail.com

New Item Icon NSM in a Battle for the Ages: Your Help Needed! (Internal Link)

New Item Icon Support the NSM - Announcement - UPDATED (Internal Link)

Conference Ohio - After Action Report - August, 2018 - (Internal Link)

ECK event in Ohio - July, 2018 - Photo Gallery - (Internal Link)

League Conference in Wetumpka, Alabama - After Action Report - July, 2018 (Internal Link)

NSM Magazine Spring/Summer 2018 (Internal Link)

NSM Nationals in Temple, Georgia - After Action Report - April, 2018 (Internal Link)

- Photo Gallery -


White Lives Matter Rally Shelbyville, TN Oct, 2017 - After Action Report (Internal Link)

NSM REGIONAL APPOINTMENTS - The National Socialist Movement is pleased to announce the appointments of new Regional Directors for Region 6 and Region 9. Brandon Lashbrook  will assume the duties for Region 6 and Hal Resnick for Region 9. Congratulations to both men. Brandon can be reached at nsm88r6@gmail.com . Hal can be  reached at nsmregion9hq@gmail.com

Harry Hughes appointed acting public relations director of the NSM (Internal Link - PDF)

Rally on Oct. 28th in Tennessee - Photo Gallery (Internal Link)

NSM Magazine Fall/Winter 2017 (Internal link)

The National Socialist Movement would like to announce that Sgt. Burt  C. has been promoted to Regional Director for Region 3. This includes FL, GA, NC & SC. Sgt. Burt C. can be reached at r3nsm88@gmail.com

The National Socialist Movement would like to announce that Cpl. Kynan D. has been promoted to Regional Director for Region10. Region 10 consists of AK, ID, MT, OR & WA. Kynan can be reached at nsm88r10@gmail.com

The National Socialist Movement would like to announce that Steven is the Unit Leader and Contact Person for the state of Indiana. Steven can be reached at nsm88indiana@gmail.com .

Unite The Right - After Action Report - Aug, 2017 (Internal Link)

NSM 4th Regional Report - After Action Report - July, 2017 (Internal Link)

The National Socialist Movement would like to Welcome Hal R. as the new Unit Leader for the State of North Dakota. Hal can be reached at nsmndakota@gmail.com .

NOLA - After Action Report - May, 2017 (Internal Link)

NSM Nationals in Pikeville, Kentucky - After Action Report - May, 2017 (Internal Link)

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New Item Icon Blogtalk is a live/interactive call in, produced by NSM. Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find out when the next live show starts. #(516) 453-6058

• Scheduled Live Broadcasts

Showtime: Mon, Oct 26, 9:00 PM Eastern

Join Host Dan "Norse" Burnside will review and interpret Mein Kampf, as well as go over many great books.

Last updated: 2020-10-26T01:00:02-0400

• Available On-Demand Episodes

NSM Radio: Discussing White civil rights issues here in America and abroad! MONDAYS: NSM 101 Hosted by Daniel "Norse" Burnside. Norse reads and interprets Mein Kampf along with some of the greatest novels ever written. TUESDAYS: Open Phones hosted by Commander Burt Colucci. Anything goes on this show. SUNDAYS: *NSM Weekend* Join PR Director Harry Hughes as he reviews border operations, as well as topics from the main stream media.


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