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Live Streaming Video - Because Everyone Loves Video

NSM Live Streaming Video

So far a smashing success!

UPDATED: 12 Jan 2022

The NSM has demonstrated many strategic new improvements in our media outreach, all thanks to the Jew. The gift that the Jew has bestowed upon us was simple – they got us deplatformed from BlogTalk Radio. This was the little push that we needed, in order to transition to a self-provided, live streaming video service, an upgrade which we most definitely needed.

Since we are no longer relying upon 3rd party platforms for media presentation, genuflecting to their arbitrary, politically correct and capricious rules, we now of course have NO RULES – meaning, we no longer must practice self-censorship, other than what is required under U.S. federal law. Free speech is the first enumerated right on our Bill of Rights. Jews need to understand that. 🙂 Nazis have rights too, these Jewish swine should remember that and stop attempting elaborate and unethical measures to deny the rights of others.

The vodcast distribution server is now finished, automatic vodcast recording software was tested during the last broadcast, with Burt Colucci and it worked flawlessly. The new technique is to capture HLS packets during the show, then transcode them into mp4 after the show is completed. This method works better than previous methods – in fact, it works flawlessly. 🙂 I have also cleaned up the CSS code related to the modal display of videos, now they display in 480p more accurately, this is mostly just a cosmetic improvement.

Features and technologies that we will develop next include:

  • A full replacement for BlogTalk Radio.
  • A live peer-to-peer real-time chat.

Our audio-only asset will provide higher audio quality (full CD audio quality) — double that of BlogTalk. This will be 24/7 continuous live streaming audio, compatible with ALL devices – about the same service as what you find at sites like infowars and others.

I'm trying to decide how best to deploy the live peer-to-peer real-time chat. Should it be a modal (pop-over) or a separate page? Should the media assets all move to their own page, rather than being at the bottom of the main page? What do you guys think? Email our media director EMcBride (at) and let him know your thoughts.

Long term, our plans are to continue adding additional new technologies, never before seen features on any White Nationalist or National Socialist website; continually striving toward our highest standards – and to show the world just what Nazis are capable of creating. These features will improve our outreach, ultimately toward becoming the most powerful political party in America. 🙂

Don't laugh, it happened once before in Germany. Everything that caused the rise of National Socialism in Germany is happening right here, right now, almost exactly 100 years later – all thanks to the Jews. Fate if you will, is clearly on our side!
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Presenting NSM LIVE Video!

Just a quick heads-up here. I will begin cleaning the comments section of this website soon, looking to retain only higher quality content. The intent of the comments section is to both, ⑴ give everyone a voice (true free speech) and ⑵ to promote the NSM in a positive light. Comments that are grammatically and contextually weak or off topic will be removed, as I attempt to clean house a bit. So moving forward, please post only clear and informative comments, ideas that in some way advance the purpose and scope of the NSM. Arguments against our movement are always welcome, as we are strong in our beliefs, with truth on our side. If you prove to be correct, we will stand corrected. If you prove incorrect, you will be refuted, just as you have seen so many times on this website. Remember that we are White, that we are Nazis, that we are members of the Master Race – and we need to reflect that fact with the comments on this website. Comments are intended to inform and to enlighten, so please keep that in mind as you share your thoughts.

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