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Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

You may agree that Black people, as a generality, are ridiculous clowns, who have no basic idea how civilizations work. Perhaps that's why Blacks historically have never created a civilization on their own. The BLM organization is a joke, reminiscent of many terrorist organizations, replete with an unrealistic, unworkable and indeed childish list of demands.

That's right, BLM has come out with yet another list of demands, things which they want White people to do for them (or sacrifices they want White people to make, for them). Blacks clearly are like spoiled and petulant children, they are as adults; but with the mind of a child – and on that note I am certain, all White people can, albeit secretly, agree.

Among their amusing list of demands, number one on their list is of course, BAN TRUMP, because they hate him and his requirement that Blacks get off public assistance, get jobs and become healthy and productive members of civil society. Ain't nobody got time fo dat! Second on their list, as you might have guessed, is defunding the police, an act if brought to fruition, would more negatively impact the lives of Blacks, than it would Whites.

So what are your thoughts? Post them below. Let's start a productive conversation about BLM.


Fuck BLM! That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about that. I took my kids to the zoo the other day and we couldn’t tell when we left the zoo or not because it’s in the city surrounded by blacks. And let me tell you, they act just like the monkeys in the zoo

Why? Because the Jewish media only reported it LOCALLY!
* The suspect faces six counts of first-degree murder and six counts of armed criminal action in a string of killings that began in August 2016. Fredrick Demond Scott, a 23-year-old black man, threatened to "kill all white people." All the victims were white, but investigators and prosecutors have not discussed a motive for the killings, all of whom were shot in apparently unprovoked attacks along or near hiking trails, Jackson County prosecutors said.…

I think defunding the police in those BLM active areas is a good thing. Just build a wall around the cities and let them kill each other off. Problem solved.

Racists be terrible tho, i bet you guys are racially seperated over CHOCOLATE

Ken Rogulski of WJR in Michigan interviewed a few Obama money recipients.

Let's face reality here folks, Black people in general, statistically about 98% of them, have no idea how economies work. They seem to have a cargo cult child-like mindset and thus don't understand taxation, or even realize who is providing the money for them to live a free and easy life. That's why they "kill Whitey". They have no idea that once WE are gone, they will quickly follow. It's literally the fleas, wanting to kill the dog upon which they feed.

yall mfs are retarded on god no kizzy. Imagine hating someone because of their skin color. Its 2021, imagine still being racist LMAO


In reply to by Candice Rydon (not verified)

It's fairly safe to assume the message above was submitted by a top tier "African" American. African being assumed, due to the vernacular used and the grammatical errors shown. Top tier due to an ability to read and create a somewhat legible response. Now I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I do not "hate" Negroes – at least no more or less than I hate raccoons or bears, all three of which are parasitic, destructive and have no place in or even near civilization. Our grandparents and great grandparents knew this, so why shouldn't we? It's Negroid behavioral incompatibility that I have the most trouble with, as I certainly don't judge anything based solely upon skin color. For example, I generally don't have many issues with Indo-Asians (people from India) who share the same skin color with Negroes. But that said, I would prefer they stay in their own country of India, rather than moving into White countries, to take from us our economic opportunity and prosperity. India is poor FOR A REASON. What they bring to America, IS NOT TO OUR ADVANTAGE.

So as you can see, I judge no one based singularly upon the color of their skin. Instead, with regard to Negroes, I judge based solely upon their typical behavior, essentially the content of their predictably abysmal character. I only use skin color along with other references, such as a broad flat nose, huge lips and so on as an INDICATOR of what will likely be problematic – a warning that I should STAY AWAY from.

If you list the top most dangerous cities in America, they all have one thing in common – a large Negro population, as well as predominantly Negro leadership. You will not find a predominantly White and White-run city on that list. And when we dig deeper into these notoriously dangerous cities, we always seem to find that along with a large Negro population, they also have a Black mayor, a Black police chief, a Black prosecutor and so on. You can't blame any of these failures on Whites. Black cities are all rife with violence and crime, as much as they are always run by Democrats. Not one (legitimate) exception to this rule exists, but the Leftists do lie and you will find those lies online. Some high ranking Leftist websites claim the state with the smallest Negro population (Alaska) to harbor the most violence (specifically Anchorage) which has a violent crime rate of 5.8 compared to a national average of 5.0 suggesting these claims to be false. The first website I found, places Anchorage in the number 1 spot, the most violent city in America, then places Detroit well below Anchorage at 7th place, even though Detroit has a violent crime rate of 1965.3 well above 5.8 – and Detroit is of course, 79.1% Black. Do your own research, don't trust anything you read online.

My name is Adolf Hitler I am actually Jewish and black I sagged all your mums and you are my watered down childern, you hillbilly sibling fucking morons, I think you are easily the most disgusting people on the planet, we all came from black people FACT you do realise that Hitler believed that white people are from atlantis so mermaids he was addicted to drugs, all of the top nazid were socially awkward loners his head of properganda was a disabled moron hess was a weirdo himmler was a specy fuck wit aswell I can't wait for you lot to all get jailed CUNTS!!!


In reply to by Hitler (not verified)…

If that's all you have, then you just failed. There is only one master race, that is the White race. White man walked on the moon – SIX TIMES. Full stop. White superiority demonstrated. Yes, China is now catching up with the White race in space, but they have a long way to go and are still far behind.

"I can't wait for you lot to all get jailed CUNTS!!!" We are not criminals, therefore we should not be jailed. Don't you believe in JUSTICE? Or do you only believe in justice for people you agree with? In light of that revelation, which of us is the actual hater?

Hello , i like to have kids and never visit them , i think we should castrate all black males to help the world !!!!! I wanna save the white race , the only corect race !!

Bro it's 2021 and everybody is a clown, why can't we all just mind our own business. I mean it's not even that hard. LMAOOO.
Also, fuck crackers.. coming from a white person.


In reply to by Your mom (not verified)

Go back to 4chan and practice your trolling. Also, don't fall for Jewish brainwashing teaching (obviously in your case, young) Whites to hate themselves. Whites are the apex life form on this planet – NEVER forget that. Every other hominid race pales in comparison to the achievements, beauty and intelligence of the White race. Never let anyone convince you otherwise.

What ever happened to sending the negroes back to Africa? They want their own society so bad, let them have it. We'd all be better off if we just let them go back to being spear chucking tribesmen back in their home country. That should be the sole focus of the race issue.


In reply to by David (not verified)

Why? EBT cards don't work there. Whitey has been murdered across most of the African continent, so there is nothing left to steal. The country of Liberia already belongs to the Blacks from the USA, but they don't even know it -- or that it was purchased and given to them prior to emancipation. Lincoln's assassination put a halt on the steady stream of former slaves from the USA being moved over to Liberia. Ever since the civil war in America ended and the first Blacks arrived in Liberia, that country has been engaged in a continuous state of civil war of its own. So much for Black self-governance. Liberia is truly a hell on earth, equal to if not worse than Haiti. Cannibal warlords will murder and eat anyone they can catch, raw.

You’re right they will not go back to Africa. It’s like the ole saying goes: “give a white guy a pile of bricks, he’ll build you a city! Give a nagger a city and he’ll make it a pile of bricks!” That’s why they stay here because they have everything provided for them. If they go back they would never survive even though Africa has the potential to flourish with its resources and land. Maybe whites should go take that land and they can keep this Commie country


In reply to by Chris Oates (not verified)

Black people will never fit or function within a modern civilization. When you add Black people to anything that White people have created, all you get is destruction. No one can deny this reality any longer. BLM has shown us their "peaceful protests". The destruction from these "mostly peaceful protests" are worse than any act of war. And what exactly do they have to protest about? Black people are not required to do any work, or pay any taxes, they pay no rent, get free food and have free cell phones – all the while gifted with untold amounts of unearned privilege while being placed upon a pedestal by the Jewish media. Black people are a burden that White people should not be forced to bear. There simply is no place in White civilization for Black people.…

All the bestial Negro can see when they look at a brick, is a weapon. They can only see our building blocks in terms of destruction, rather than creation. Black people are literally the antithesis of White people, the two races fundamentally could not be any more different. There can never be a successful coexistence – nobody knows this reality more than our brave members of law enforcement, who have to deal with the Negro plague, this Negro CANCER, every damn day!

However we can't just trade continents with them, as they are best suited for living in sub-Saharan Africa, whereas we are not. As rich as that continent may be, it is deadly to Whites. A wise man once described Africa to me, as the White man's graveyard. I took that to heart and did not go (to Rhodesia) a place where I wanted to both visit, and possibly start my life's adventure. When I was a teenager and ready to begin a life on my own, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe today) was one of – if not the most prosperous agrarian countries on earth. I was an avid shortwave radio enthusiast, growing up on a farm at the time and was enthralled by what I was receiving at night, broadcasting from Africa. I wanted to own a farm of the richest farmland in the world. And as a second choice, I would have loved to visit and perhaps make my life in Apartheid White South Africa. Both countries were at that time, overflowing with bountiful White prosperity, but only under White rule. Today, after Whites handed everything they had, everything they created over hundreds of years, over to the primitive Blacks, both countries have become a nightmarish hell hole, under Black rule. Hundreds of years of White creativity and innovation has been destroyed in only a handful of years, by an infestation of Black subhumans, migrating down from Central Africa (fo da gibs). You see, good hearted Whites in the area made the fatal mistake of feeding the Blacks. When you feed them, you get more of them. Cancer always grows, cancer always metastasizes and finally – cancer always kills.

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