The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

Why the NSM loves hate crime laws.

The answer is simple, "hate crime laws" only serve OUR best interests. Let me explain. Politicians support hate crime laws so they can appear tough on crime – and also appear supportive of minority rights. This bias in favor of select minority groups drives disenfranchised majority Whites to our ranks. When applied, these hate crime laws are seen by Whites to only value the safety of minority victims, above the safety of White victims.

This places a higher value on the minority's life, than on that of a White person. In addition, it is unfair that the federal government can aid a minority hate crime victim in a way that would never be offered to the victim of crime, which was not motivated by prejudice. For example, the federal government could assist in a hate crime offender's arrest, because hate crime laws mandate that an offender's information must be shared among state, local, and federal agencies; thus, the federal aid in the apprehension of a hate crime offender is placing the hate crime victims' rights above that of White people. This advantage may explain why the majority of hate crimes, have all turned out to be hoaxes, in order to receive federal attention in resolving a political matter, favorable to the left.

While we are told that hate crime legislation exists to promote the impossible goal of tolerance and equality in our society, the majority of Whites realize the enforcement of hate crime statutes are based solely upon left-leaning political motivations. The special attention given to a select few races is perceived by Whites more as political correctness, rather than any legitimate or laudable legal principle.

While the purported desire of hate crime legislation is to promote the unrealistic goal of "tolerance and equality," hate crime laws benefit the NSM by hindering, or even damaging social stability – because they only serve to exacerbate racial division. There is no consensus among Whites favoring hate crime legislation, because many Whites believe that hate crimes should not be classified as a separate class of crime, as indeed all crime is based upon hate. In addition, many White people are opposed to hate crime laws, as they exclusively violate the constitutional rights of White people, due to their narrow bias and vagueness. On constitutional grounds, hate crime laws punish not only the action, but also any speech, thoughts or beliefs ever presented by the White person who is charged, which is a violation of our First Amendment protections. If the Constitution is to have any meaning at all, individuals must have the right to speak, think and believe freely, even when their speech may be deemed offensive, or politically incorrect – it must never be penalized, just because someone else might take offense.

Hate crime legislation pits protected and unprotected groups against one another, by declaring that certain groups of people are more deserving of legal protection than others. These laws are actually creating even more division and tension among the disparate races, because they only provide protection to the most privileged minority races, paramount of which would be the Jews, the ones who actually create these laws. Why is it acceptable for say, a Black offender to suffer less serious consequences, if they assault a White person – one who is not protected under hate crime statutes?

Also of advantage to the NSM, through the implementation of unjust and unequal hate crime statutes, has been the massive increase in identity politics. When crimes are charged as hate crimes, those unfairly charged are always White, encouraging White society at large to increasingly relate to each other more as members of an underprivileged and discriminated-against group, with this discrimination based purely on their race. Ultimately, by exacerbating natural societal divisions and encouraging identity politics, hate crime laws end up promoting social instability, something that is absolutely required for the emergence of National Socialism as a viable political, third-party alternative. In addition, hate crime legislation promotes an inequality that openly harms only Whites, creating many negative unintended consequences, such as the obvious de facto state-sanctioned anti-White discrimination which everyone sees – a form of discrimination which is only permitted against White people.

White animosities worsen every time that a hate crime legislation exists on the books, but is not equally applied in a bias crime against a White victim. Members of the White community become understandably upset, whenever an apparent bias crime against one of their own, isn’t prosecuted as a hate crime, something which happens nearly ALL of the time to White people. Feelings of betrayal among Whites are expressed by the victims' families, further pushing Whites to seek an alternative political solution. In walks the National Socialist Movement with an alternative political solution.

Another unintended consequence of applying hate crime laws only against Whites, resulting in longer and harsher sentences associated with these unjust laws, is the creation of younger and more dedicated neo-Nazis. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Something the Jews would be wise to learn, as the ADL pushes prosecutors to add hate-crime charges, even where none are warranted, because they want the public to believe (or at least to understand) that every interracial crime, or even an act of interracial self-defense by a White, will be charged as a hate crime, no matter what. White people are beginning to realize that the primary motivation for "hate crime law" is to provide a useful judicial weapon, one which can only be used against White people. An appeasement mechanism for Blacks and Jews, used to deprive White people of justice and due process, at the behest of the more privileged groups. This visibly becomes open and blatant anti-White bias, as White people are and always have been the predominant victims of racially-motivated hate and violence.

So yes, the greatest gift of all to the National Socialist Movement is when any government arbitrarily chooses who will and who will not be among their chosen few, the specially protected minority groups. Chief among these groups are of course the Jews, who first created these laws, in order to punish their White political enemies. Nazis on the other hand, are a much smaller minority in the USA, both despised and attacked by those on the left – and yet they will never become a protected minority. In truth, the childish idea of using "hate" to describe and punish violence, is completely absurd, while not addressing the deep divisions between the races, differences that are at the root of the problem. Confining White people for longer periods of time in prison for their political beliefs, only drives even more White people toward National Socialism for relief. It is for all these reasons and more, that the NSM embraces and encourages these attention-grabbing – and White animosity producing, hate crime laws.