The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

Fun Facts about White People!

White people are unarguably the most beautiful and most physically attractive humans on earth. I can honestly understand the extreme jealousy of Blacks, with their genetically primitive, prognathous, distinctly ape-form faces, as Black … simply … is … not … beautiful! On this point I imagine, everyone secretly agrees. Whites are also the nicest, most polite and most enjoyable people to be around. Whenever a non-White obtains wealth, what's the first thing he does? He finds a White wife and moves into a White neighborhood! But that does not mean being White is in any way boring or bland, nor is it somehow lacking, as those on the left would like for you to believe. In fact, White people are actually the most genetically diverse of all the races, in relation to pigment genes, making White people the TRUE people of color. It's true! Whites do share the lightest color of skin, various shades from light olive to white, based upon sun exposure, but Whites also have the greatest color diversity with relation to hair and eyes, of any race.

Whites can have natural hair of black, brown, yellow, orange, red, silver or white. Whites can have eyes of black, brown, hazel, amber, blue, green, gray, violet or red. Whites truly are the peacocks of the human race! Non-Whites generally have many shades from black to brown, as their only natural color variations. And they are comically referred to as people of color. Whites are also the most achieved in the arts, science, technology, engineering and math, as White people have the widest cognitive diversity, highest peak intelligence and most extreme creativity and ingenuity of any race on earth. Evolution on glaciers in Europe, for tens of thousands of years during the last ice age, forced this evolutionary advancement, which expressed in Whites as more brain matter, about 5.5㎤ additional brain tissue located in the prefrontal cortex, a cognitive improvement not seen in races that evolved nearer to the equator. This is why White people perform better academically across the board. Asians for example, may be able to replicate almost every White innovation in existence, but they are themselves unable to do much more than copy, that which Whites create. What really defines White people apart from the other races, is consistently demonstrated through standardized testing, which explains why these test instruments are now deemed racist.

Psychologist John C. Raven, in an attempt to find the cause of the Black/White IQ gap, developed Raven's Progressive Matrices, an intelligence test instrument that uses no language and no math, it is simply a series of picture puzzles of increasing complexity. Since standardized test results correlate extremely well with Raven's results, we may conclude the Black/White IQ gap is not caused by White racism. I can easily imagine how frustrating it must be for Blacks to be around White people on a daily basis. It is obvious why they hate and accuse Whites of wrongdoing, whenever they see how easily we are able to get through the day. It is not a struggle for White people to read or to speak, our thoughts are clear and generally without doubts. Whites are rarely confused for long. Whites easily solve problems related to daily tasks, finding workable solutions quickly, for whatever life throws at us. It must be extremely embarrassing and frustrating for Blacks, who must struggle on a daily basis, with even the simplest tasks, such as just living in a modern, civilized society, which was created by Whites.

Nearly everything you see and touch every day, was originally invented or discovered by Whites. Council of European Canadians shows us the biggest reason why Whites are hated – Whites are by far the greatest achievers in human history and they've even compiled a list! Whites also created the very civilizations non-Whites are risking their lives, attempting to infest. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that White people hold title to all the greatest accomplishments throughout all of recorded history, with our crowning achievement – walking on the moon – placing White people at the apex of all human achievement. On the other hand, Black people wuz kangs. Of all the racial groups, Whites have the most distinctive and most advantageous genetic character traits, a product of stress induced positive evolution and natural selection. Whites also enjoy the greatest diversity of language, who along with Asians, were the only two races ever to independently develop their own written forms of communication. All these and more demonstrate why Whites truly are, by every metric that you can name, the absolute masters of the human race.