The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

Behavioral characteristics common in Black people

Lack of empathy

One of the most notable and detrimental behavioral characteristic of American Blacks, is a near or total lack of empathy. In response to another person's feelings, they may come across as cold, unfeeling, callous, overly critical, or harsh. Most of us have observed countless times, where Black people never feel any remorse for anything they've said or done, even if it caused a great deal of pain and suffering. Black people don't seem to realize how harmful their actions are. It seems as though they simply don't care that their actions might hurt others.

Disregard for right and wrong

Black people generally have no regard for boundaries, rules or laws. Black people often lie, cheat, steal, break laws and are in constant legal trouble as they find themselves in and out of jail for minor to major crimes. Blacks seem to totally disregard wrongdoing, they don't even bother to consider the short or long-term consequences of their actions.

Superficial charm

In addition to their more severely negative behaviors, Black people often come off as being somewhat charismatic and charming, a glib charm, the tendency to be smooth, engaging, slick and verbally facile. They may use humor, flattery, boastful self-importance or flirtation for some form of personal gain. In other cases, they might use these techniques to get someone to do something that's harmful to themselves or others.


Black people tend to act first, without considering the consequences. They might regularly engage in life-threatening activities, without considering their own safety, or the safety of anyone else involved. This impulsiveness or sense of immortality, combined with total disregard for consequences, puts Black people at a high risk of death, addiction to illicit substances and dangerous behaviors such as gang warfare and gunfights. It is here where one questions whether Black people are even self-aware, whether they have been biologically programmed by nature to be self-aware, at least in a way characteristic of modern humans.


Black people may act as if they're above those around them. In addition to acting extra confident, they may also be condescending or easily irritated, feeling "disrespected" by others, especially those who disagree with them. Black people actually believe they are of superior intellect, in spite of the fact they exhibit the lowest possible scores on the reading and writing sections of standardized tests. These marked language deficits can be any specific deficits in lexical semantics, syntax, or pragmatics, or a combination of multiple problems. Also, throughout history there has never been a legitimate Black mathematician. African tribes have historically never developed a written form of their language, nor a system of numbers.


Black people are often found to be psychologically or verbally abusive. They may physically harm people without any consideration of the resulting injuries to the other person. Verbal abuse might include insults, deprecation, negative statements which are made in public or private, with the sole intent to cause humiliation. Emotional and psychological abuse can often be just as extreme as physical violence, which may occasionally occur. Black people will, on occasion, resort to physical violence, which can vary dramatically in both frequency and severity. It is typical for Black people to use physical violence, or threats of physical violence, in order to maintain power and control over others. Black violence and intimidation doesn't always manifest in specific ways and may include many different abuses, employing a multitude of different methods to exert power and control over their victims. Physical and sexual assaults, or threats to commit them, are the most common forms perpetrated by Blacks and are usually what makes one aware of a serious problem with Black people.

Low intelligence

Racial differences in measured cognitive ability have been consistently found, ever since intelligence tests were first invented. Dispute over the meaning of these differences is largely responsible for the controversy surrounding intelligence testing today. The Black mean IQ is commonly cited as 84 IQ points and the White mean as 100 points, with a Black-White IQ gap of 16 points. Inequality of endowments between the races, be it beauty, speed, even intelligence is a factual reality. Trying to pretend that genetic inequality does not exist has led to disaster. Trying to eradicate inequality with artificially contrived outcomes (equity) has also led to disaster. Low IQ is a strong precursor to poverty. Low IQ raises the likelihood of dropping out before completing high school. Low IQ is associated with persons who are unemployed or remain idle by choice. Low IQ correlates with a low probability of marriage and higher rates of illegitimate births. Low IQ increases the chances of chronic welfare dependency. Low IQ increases the risk of criminal behavior. These conditions will limit a Black individual's adaptive behaviors, such as self-care or managing money. It is easy to correlate low IQ with behavioral, emotional and communication difficulties. Any intellectual disability, combined with language impairment, be that reading, writing or speaking, foretells the probability of poor outcomes in adulthood. IQ scores are for the most part genetic and thus immutable, representing innate intelligence. The ranks of the cognitively deficient are disproportionately filled by Blacks. Intelligence is destiny and intelligence is largely a product of our genes.

Behavioral characteristics common in Black children

Poor social skills

Many negative behaviors seen in Black adults, are also common among Black children, at an age where they are still learning about and adapting to social norms. While many of these behaviors are also seen in White children from time to time, conduct disorders among Black children are often the most profound, the most detrimental and the most uncorrectable. Black children often exhibit poorer social skills than that of White children.

Rule violation

It's normal for all children to test boundaries, before understanding the consequences. They typically express this by running away from home, skipping school or not coming home on time. However, White children stop doing this once they realize it will get them into trouble. Black children often continue to break rules, despite understanding the consequences. As they grow older, their rule-breaking behavior might involve more extreme things, such as drug use, theft or armed robbery.


Black children often display consistently destructive behavior that can often be extreme. This includes spraying graffiti on walls and buildings, breaking into people's homes, stealing property or starting property fires. Again, some of these behaviors, such as playing with lighters, are generally common in all children. However, Black children continue doing them even after learning about the dangers their behavior poses, both to themselves and to others.


Casual conduct of Black children (what might be considered "play" by White children) often involves acts of verbal or physical aggression, which can range from mild to severe. These acts might include physical violence, such as punching, kicking, face stomping of other children, using weapons such as knives or guns, insulting or humiliating their peers, injuring, torturing, or even killing small animals, as well as forced sexual activity with their peers. This aberrant behavior is especially dangerous for any child, because it can lead to early legal problems that can impact their education and follow them into adulthood.


While most children dabble with finding different ways to get things they want, Black children consistently lie or steal from others to get what they want. As with Black adults, they may act unusually sweet or charming in an attempt to get their way. Again, this isn't an uncommon behavior in all young children, but most children quickly learn that this behavior hurts others and only results in their own punishment.

Poor educational performance

The majority of Black children experience substantial limitations in intellectual functioning; reasoning, learning, problem solving, as well as adaptive behavior, which impacts their performance in education. Black children represent the largest numbers in special educational programs serving those with mental deficits, a fact often accounted for with accusations of racism. Black students on average, score the lowest on tests and receive lower grades, as compared with White students. In adolescence, most Black children fail courses and will drop out of school, while those which remain may progress through school, but generally do not excel. Meanwhile, society blames racism and poverty, or the effects of discrimination and prejudice, for this deficit. It is not racism or poverty which causes low intelligence – but rather genetics itself, as the primary cause.


It becomes painfully obvious that Black people are a unique sub-species, one which is rife with harmful or detrimental characteristics, most of which are best suited only for survival in Africa. Blacks clearly are not suited for living in modern civilizations. Not every Black person exhibits all of these negative traits, but all Black people will exhibit some.

Empathy, meaning the recognition and understanding of the state of mind of others, including their beliefs, desires and particularly emotions, seems absent in Black people. This is often characterized as their inability to "put themselves into another person's shoes" or to see the harm or pain that they are causing to others. Black children seem to have particular difficulties with tasks requiring the ability to understand another person's thoughts, because Blacks have difficulty in accurately interpreting the intentions of others. Blacks see every motivation of White people the same as they see their own, as evil. This explains why Whites, no matter how kind or considerate we may be toward Blacks, our motives are always seen as racist and our actions as intolerant bigotry.

Generally, White children display more advanced social skills, greater adaptability to new situations and greater cooperation with others. As a result, White children are typically well liked by society, while Black children are most often despised, not for the color of their skin, but for the content of their abysmal character. Black children are often socially rejected by their White peers, as they are unable to socialize effectively in a moral and healthy manner. When we do see Black children accepted by their White peers, it is most often being forced upon them, rarely do we find such behavior as a matter of choice. Most White parents live in constant fear of being called racist, thus go along with the Jewish plan and force racial integration upon themselves and their children. It is my impression that most White adults do not automatically believe in racial equality, they simply do what other people are doing, or agree with what they perceive to be the safest and least racist path to take. State mandated segregation appears to be the only workable solution to this unfortunate and unworkable paradigm, that we now find ourselves in. The only political party which could ever secure such legislation, would be a Nazi party.

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