The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )


The guiding principles of the National Socialist Movement are advocating and fighting for the civil rights and self-determination of Whites in America. The Fourteen Words, “We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For WHITE Children” best exemplifies the mission of our movement. Working to create a sustainable Homeland for our Culture, Identity, Family, and Blood.

We fight for faith, Family, and Folk; all elements of the National rebirth.

These are the 25 points of American National Socialism;

1. Self-Determination

  • The National Socialist Movement shall work to secure freedom for the White population of North America through the principle of self-determination. We shall be governed by our people and our people ALONE.

  • In the American Empire, we are slaves to the wishes of Globalist and Wall Street.

  • Our Party shall enact the Constitutional right to be free from the tyrannical regime of Washington D.C. and chart our own independent course for our people.

  • We oppose Colonialism, Capitalism that is dominated by Judaism, Communism, and Neo-imperialism.

  • We demand that all foreign military bases of the American Empire be closed. This closure includes: removing all weapons of mass destruction and C.I.A. black sites from foreign soil,working with global partners towards a reduction of nuclear/ chemical/ and biological weapons worldwide, and an end to funding for mercenaries/ defense contractors that act as a proxy of the United States.

  • Non-White and blended ethnic communities shall have the same right of self-determination as White communities. This will bring the end of the American Empire’s ” One Size Fits None” system of government.

  • Communities of shared politics or religion, from any part of the political spectrum, also shall have the right of self-determination. Thus, allowing all people on the North American continent to choose the type of society and government they wish to live in.

  • Our own people will be governed by the principles of National Socialism.

  • Only members of the National Community may be citizens of the State. Citizenship in the Homeland must therefore be limited to White persons who share our values, and White people alone.

  • Non-citizens may live in our nation only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens. Guest will always be treated with Respect and in full accordance with international standards of Human Rights.

  • Until sovereignty is achieved, we are the voice for our people within the current system, advocating and agitating for our people against the oligarchs, special interest, and identity groups we have been pitted against by this Empire. Our position on sovereignty is neither treasonous nor seditious. It is self-evident that the current system’s contradictions and self-inflicted crisis will prove to its undoing.

2. National Socialism

  • Today’s global capitalist system is the enemy of all humanity and represents the greatest threat to the continued existence of our people. It’s policies of mass immigration and anti-White “anti-racism” are an attack on the White working class and their ability to organize collectively.

  • The clear goal of capitalism, as with Marxism, is the complete replacement of our people with an endless supply of alienated peoples, cut off from the ties of Blood, Soil, Religion, and Identity; who can be easily controlled and exploited by the Jewish elites and their capitalist lackeys.

  • We demand a National Socialist government, economy, and society for our people. All citizens shall have equal rights and duties within the nation.

  • The National Community is the foundation of National Socialism, where the nation is one bound together by shared race, culture, and identity. We shall value self-reliance as the model for our nation, ensuring our people cannot be oppressed by hostile foreign influences.

  • The National Community shall take upon itself the promotion of morality, healthy families and social justice for its members. When we advocate for National Socialism, we advocate a State whose existence is founded on the preservation of our people. The nation is like a living and breathing organism, comprised of its families, communities, and comrades–Our hearts beating as one.

  • In order to have total trust within the National Community, corruption and cronyism will be investigated and harshly prosecuted. Above all, the government must undertake the obligation of providing all citizens with a nation that is safe, secure, and will protect the distinct ethnic, moral, and cultural foundation of the nation. The orderly, “high-trust” way of life our forefathers took for granted will be restored through punishing and excising all who bribe, blackmail, scam, and scheme.

3. Green Policies

  • The National Socialist Movement believes strongly in conservation, staunch environmentalism, and building a “Green” society. In the age of climate change, the poisoning of the environment, and the corporatization of our food and water supply, only revolutionary change can turn back the ecocide that our planet is currently suffering.

  • Man was made to be a good steward of our land in order to pass it down to our children, grandchildren, and all generations to come. What good are our sacrifices for the health and wealth of our future generations if we don’t make sacrifices to ensure the health and wealth of their natural environments.

  • We call for the ban on Kosher slaughter, halal slaughter, and the inhumane treatment of animals.

  • Mistreatment of animals, either by private or corporate forces, shall be banned.

  • Government grants and programs will be established bringing more green space to existing communities. New construction must be looked at in terms of the impact it will have on the natural environment and the community at large. Instead of an endless landmass of strip malls and isolated suburban developments, the redevelopment of living space towards more green space will bring about organic and close-knit communities. This will improve not only the environment, but quality of life for our citizens.

  • Development of green mass transit systems both within cities and between communities will reduce our carbon footprint as a nation, tie us together as a National Community and improve the lives of our citizens, especiallythe working class.

  • The State shall work to protect and develop a natural relationship for our people and the natural world to live in harmony with one another.

  • Clean and free drinking water is a Human right. The State shall work tirelessly to guarantee our water supplies are kept free from contamination and are easily accessible to all citizens.

  • The Party shall promote local organic production of agricultural products and work to make our nation carbon negative within ten years of taking power.

  • We shall ban the production of GMOs and the use of insecticides that damage the environment, humans, and native bee population.

  • To safeguard our citizens and the environment we shall hold corporations accountable for the environmental impact they have, while working to end the use of persistent, bio accumulative, and toxic (PBT) chemicals.

  • Our nation must treat the natural resources, wildlife, and livestock within our nation as a cherished inheritance. We must protect them while providing sustainable jobs and resources based on their utilization for our people.

  • We stand for investing in and developing renewable and green energy sources for long term energy independence and reduction of carbon emissions to give clean affordable power to our nation, millions of jobs to our citizens, and cleaner air and water for our families.

  • our proposed green jobs program will be the largest investment in American history in the infrastructure of our communities and in the future of the planet.

4. Healthcare

  • Healthcare is a Human right, not a business opportunity in which working families and the poor are left without adequate access to Doctors, medicines, and proper treatment.

  • Investment in the health and vitality of one’s countrymen benefits all.

  • We support a universal healthcare system for our citizens.

  • Currently our VA system is being exploited by Veterans who have not served in the military in years. Our soldiers with physical and mental conditions relating to war consisting of, but not limited to PTSD come First. The days of old men clogging up the VA with non- war related conditions will be over. Combat illnesses/conditions will get top priority.

  • Foreigners who wish to come to our nation for healthcare are welcome, but they will not be granted the benefits that our citizens have and will have to pay reasonable rates for these services.

  • Our healthcare system will not be one like the modern American system where corporate profits are put ahead of people and our families are forced to subsidize millions of foreigners. Our healthcare system will provide coverage to all our citizens, regardless of income.

  • We shall encourage scientific advancement through cooperation with other governments and doctors around the world to put health of our citizens above profits.

  • Private health coverage will be allowed,for those that desire it. Private healthcare entities shall compete on equal ground in order to allow and encourage the highest levels of scientific progress and care possible for our people.

  • In the past few decades, there has been a tragic decrease in investment in mental healthcare services, betraying our most vulnerable. This will be reversed, with generous investment in inpatient and outpatient facilities and services.

  • Pharmaceutical companies shall be banned from advertising to patients or the public. These companies shall also be responsible for their products, the process of companies passing off societal costs and not being held accountable for misleading or mistreating the public is over.

  • Every public school shall offer free and full meals per day and every county–even the rural ones– shall have a soup kitchen and subsidize farmers markets in order to fully eradicate hunger from our nation. The school lunch and soup kitchen programs will be sourced as much as possible from local community members and local farmers.

  • Good nutrition and an active lifestyle are critical to one’s health and longevity. The State shall actively encourage participation in local intramural sports through subsidization of corporate, organizational, neighborhood and religious organization sporting teams.

  • Government programs to provide cancer screenings, preventative medicine, dental care, access to healthy and nutritious foods for all citizens, along with health education shall all be readily available.

  • Organic and healthy foods will be made affordable and local cultivation on the family and community level encouraged.

5. Homesteads

  • We demand the end of foreclosures and taxation on the primary dwelling places of families with children or the elderly. Our families and the aged have the right to know that regardless of any misfortunes they may face, they will always have their home.

  • We shall also oppose all predatory lending. Homestead subsidies for expanding a family home and property shall increase with each child born to married parents.

6. Nationalization

  • Key industries should be in the hands of the nation, not multinational corporations or stockholders. Our coal, oil, natural gas, key defense industries, banks, water, telecommunications and media conglomerates shall be nationalized and placed into National corporations. Profit is achieved through risk, investment, innovation and labor; not through bribing politicians to profit off of natural resource wealth which rightfully belongs to the nation.

  • This process of nationalization will remove the Jewish, internationalist, and capitalist stranglehold on information and resources and put these to work for the benefit of the nation and people, not international stockholders or Jewish oligarchs. We will also bring to an end to the ridiculous legal concept of “corporate personhood”.

  • Profits from the national corporations shall be invested in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other programs for the direct benefit of the people. Citizens shall have the right to create and partake in the creation of locally controlled and private industry, regulated by the State and held to the same standard as the nationalized industries.

7. Usury

  • Usury, permitting predatory lenders to financially exploit and effectively enslave working families, and the nation, is immoral and exacerbates income inequality. Future lending to individuals is to be tightly regulated by the national bank and local credit unions, with strict limits on fees and penalties.

  • Community and State colleges will also have their class fee schedules scrutinized for excess profit and lowered accordingly.

  • Bankruptcy laws are to be revised to help working families never again fall into the debt trap, while promoting wise financial decisions. The ‘payday loan’ shops, the usurious credit cards, and the subprime mortgage industry are to be opposed and shut down.

8. Support For The Family

  • We support the traditional definition of marriage and reinforce the principle that sustainable and healthy families are the cornerstone of a healthy nation. Providing support for new mothers and their families shall be a mission of the State.

  • There shall be paid maternity and paternity leave for new parents. Paid leave is to ensure the stability of the marriage and a healthy nurturing environment for the child where both parents can be active in the life of the child.

  • Mortgage assistance will be provided to families for each child born, to allow them to better care for their families and ensure each child has a safe home to grow up in. Each birth of a child will lead to a reduction of 25% on the mortgage for a standard single-family home, thus encouraging couples to have large and healthy families. The State shall provide a large expansion of housing for our citizens, focusing first on the needs of young people, the working class and all families.

9. Preservation of Life

  • “The most precious possession you have in this world is your own people.”~ Adolf Hitler

  • In modern America, pro-life has a very limited meaning, but the National Socialist movement believes in an all-encompassing series of policies to promote the health and growth of our people.

  • A society which fails to protect its most vulnerable- women, children, its vulnerable pregnant women and its unborn children- is a degenerate one. A bright white line must be drawn around the sanctity of innocent human life.

  • The current demographic decline of the European people throughout the world stems from governmental policies and a media the seeks to disadvantage those having children, and families with children. We reject this and shall work to reverse the decades of demographic decline through investment in our men, women, and families.

  • We cannot separate the support for life from support for the mother and the family. Our party fully understands the immense challenges women face from pregnancy, which is why our position on supporting mothers and families is so crucial.

  • The Party shall promote holistic approach to investing in families, including expanded adoption assistance, expanded welfare and social service assistance for unwed White mothers, and even more assistance for wed White mothers and their husbands. Abortion will be prohibited for White women unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • The position of motherhood and femininity shall be celebrated in our society and culture as an equal position with that of men, with separate but distinct jobs and responsibilities within the society and the home, destroying the Jewish stigma against motherhood and femininity.

10. Financial Sovereignty

  • The clearest way for the globalist and Jewish elites to control America is through the Federal Reserve and current banking system. We will end the Federal Reserve and replace it with a national bank, owned by and accountable to the citizenry.

  • The wealth of the nation is to be found in its resources and people, not fiat currency loaned at usurious interest that enslaves the nation for all generations to the internationalist elements. Our people shall be in charge of our currency. Therefore, we shall remove ourselves from the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the International Monetary Fund.

  • Globalist “free trade” deals have destroyed our industrial economy and have begun a global ‘race to the bottom’ in wages and conditions for workers around the world.

  • The Trade policy of the National Socialist movement is one that promotes the self-reliance of the nation and the health of our industry, environment, and workers as our primary concern. We shall favor trade with fellow nationalist and National Socialist nations, promoting solidarity between our movements, while always putting our own nation and people first.

  • Corporations that attempt to take jobs overseas, looking to cash in on cheap foreign labor will be hit with overwhelming tax penalties and tariffs on their goods or with nationalization of their business.

11. Organization of Government

  • The government shall be organized with a national leader, a central committee subordinate to the office of the national leader, and on the regional level, local civil governments.

  • The National Socialist Party, as the banner carrier and embodiment of the State and our People’s Revolution, shall be the sole Party of the nation.

  • The National Leader shall serve a term of eight (8) years, chosen by a limited electorate.

  • While free expression, a wide range of perspectives, and a diversity of political positions will be welcome, the liberal modern “multi-party” state, where the people are split in half and pitted against itself in destructive electoral circuses, will be retired. People will be welcome to align and organize on particular issues, but within a cooperative and transparent rather than competitive and corrupt political order.

  • The election system shall be done by paper ballot with full transparency to the electorate and both national and international election officials. Corporations and lobby groups cannot contribute to political campaigns, and personal donations for individual candidates shall be limited to the current value (2018 American dollars) of $250.00 per election cycle.

  • Local elections shall be held every four years, with all members of local government being subject to a recall election if 70% of the electorate signs a recall petition.

  • The Party Central Committee will be made up of appointed Party Leaders, military officers, union representatives, religious leaders; elected by their constituents every eight years.

12. Religion

  • The spiritual element of national rebirth cannot be understated in its importance. True faith is built upon searching for truth, and applying it to the individual, families, and the nation. The National Socialist movement rejects the secular stance of communism and instead promotes religion and faith as an important part of both public and private life.

  • Every faith, regardless of denomination, shall be protected. Christians of different confessions, Folk Religionist, and other (including those not confessing a religious stance) are all members of the same extended family and thus share a common destiny and relationship with one another. Our Party promotes respect and tolerance within the National Community on different expressions of Faith.

  • Communities and local governments are to be empowered to express their religious traditions and celebrate their heritage. “Separation of Church and State” as currently practiced forces a de facto state religion of degenerate secularism on everyone. Communities ands regions should be allowed to express their religious traditions without the threat of interference in their way of life.

  • Religious organizations will not be allowed to engage in partisan politics, in order to allow both the Church and State to run their affairs within their own sphere.

  • The State shall not infringe on the Church, and while believers of religious communities are encouraged to engage in the political system, there must be a clear line between the two entities within our society.

13. Immigration

  • Immigration into the White Homeland shall be limited to members of the White European Race, which is defined as White Caucasians who are the descendants of indigenous Europeans. Retention of traditional European languages, traditions, and customs by European immigrants is encouraged. However, assimilation to the dominant culture will be required for the sake of national unity.

  • Groups who are not Europeans are separate ethnicities and thus shall have their own homelands, separate from ours.

  • Students, foreign dignitaries, tourist, and those with needed skill sets will be allowed to visit our nation. While we will protect our nation, we believe that openness, understanding, and friendship is key to building a more peaceful and prosperous world.

14. Foreign Policy

  • We shall dramatically reduce the American Empire’s military’s global footprint, with a reorientation of our military back to its original purpose, defending our Homeland.

  • Our nation will focus less on nation-building abroad and more on nation-building right here at home, with expanded benefits and improved services for our servicemen and veterans, especially our homeless and disabled veterans.

  • We call for the end of the Zionist occupation of Palestinian land, the restoration of the 1967 borders, liberation of the Golan Heights, and the removal of all illegal Israeli settlements. The National Socialist movement supports the worldwide Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

  • We oppose all foreign aid except for urgent disaster relief. Charity begins at home and our policies shall be centered around putting our people first, while also cooperating with fellow Europeans and nationalist movements and governments. We shall support fellow nationalist governments and movements against internationalist forces, paving the way towards a world of free peoples.

15. Infrastructure

  • The National Socialist movement supports a series of large infrastructure projects to rebuild our communities from the ground up. Our rail systems, airports, roads, bridges, electrical grid, dams, mass transit system, levees, and wastewater systems will be repaired, modernized, and expanded.

  • The pipes that bring water to our families containing lead or other hazardous materials will be replaced. Investments will be made to expand high speed internet access throughout rural and suburban areas at affordable rates. Development of the most advance green mass transit system in the world is strongly supported.

  • These programs will help revitalize both urban and rural areas, making business more competitive, providing a higher standard of living, and ensuring a safer and more just system for all.

16. Regulate Foreign Lobbies

  • Lobbying groups for foreign interests will be banned. Dual citizenship will be scrapped. Wealth transfers of our tax dollars to Israel and other ‘allies’ will be terminated.

  • All immigrants caught advocating for foreign governments will have their citizenship revoked and will be deported after an appropriate sentencing and punishment.

  • Private charities, civic organizations, NGOs, and corporations will be monitored for foreign subversive activity and those found guilty will be vigorously prosecuted and their assets seized.

17. The Military

  • The military for our nation will be one of the most powerful in the world. We will invest heavily in both new technologies and our traditional forces. Our military will be focused on national defense, the defense of our allies, and the defense of European blood. Our servicemen will not only be honored with ceremonies and parades, but with policies and programs designed to ensure that there will never be another homeless, destitute or forgotten veteran.

18. Marriage

  • Marriage and the home are the foundation of any nation. in order to have a healthy nation and a positive environment for children to grow up in, our government shall encourage healthy and long lasting marriages.

  • Marriage will be forever defined as a partnership between a Man and a Woman.

  • Married couples will receive large breaks on taxation, increasing with each White child born to the family, and preferential government loans for housing and small business.

  • The State shall provide free marriage counseling and other forms of support to keep families together and strong.

19. Economic System

  • The capitalist economic system is built upon the exploitation of those who are economically weak and robs the workers of their labor power. The current system views and values human beings by the number of things and the amount of money they possess, instead of by their internal values and their achievements. This must be replaced by a new and just economic system.

  • We assert that to be employed, to have purpose, and to support a family is a fundamental right. It is our intention to create organizations, policies, and programs to ensure that no man is ever denied “the right to work.”

  • It is also the duty and responsibility of each citizen to contribute to the economic life of the nation, in whatever capacity they are able. Those who are unemployed will be given jobs working on civic and infrastructure projects to qualify for a living wage and government assistance.

  • We will have a strong social safety net; malingering and chronic unemployment by choice will not be subsidized or tolerated. Those with physical handicaps, illness, or developmental disabilities will be found work in accordance with their abilities to ensure that every citizen contributes to the nation as they are able and can find true value in their contributions. The Civilian Conservation Corp. and other public works programs shall be revitalized and increased, providing jobs to all citizens and improvement to our local communities, infrastructure, and environment.

  • Through the cooperation of the social and economic classes of our people, we can empower every member of our society to bring about a rebirth of our people and a just economy that provides living wages, good working conditions, and plentiful opportunities for all members of the National Community.

  • We shall end the Wall Street speculation that time after time has looted our pockets and our pensions while demanding bailouts to continue the gambling of our futures by a handful of economic elites.

  • Companies and corporations shall be accountable to their employees, customers and the nation, not foreign nations or stockholders.

  • Our workers shall end the capitalist system and replace it with one that is guided by the spirit of justice, fairness, and equality of opportunity.

  • We support the economic model of the cooperative where workers are entitled to a dividend of company profits and have a strong democratic voice in the management of the company, particularly in relation to working conditions and the environment within their place of employment.

  • Companies, economic investment, and innovators should be entitled to the fruits of their investments and hard work, but the good of the people and the nation must take precedence over corporate profit. We believe in true National Socialism for our workers, our families, and our nation.

20. The Youth

  • Within our nation, education and training of our children is crucial to the long-term survival of our culture, identity, and people.

  • Every non-college student shall have the right to a free and comprehensive education. The nation will guarantee free education to all children from Preschool to the end of High School.

  • For higher education, the State shall encourage vocational training youth with the aptitude for those professions, while also guaranteeing access to universities, based on ability, for those called to academia and professions requiring a university degree. This access will be guaranteed solely based on the individual’s abilities and not based on entitlement. The want to achieve higher education does not supersede the individual’s abilities and natural talents.

  • We shall include a strong civics curriculum to teach students to be active citizens, expand arts education and increase funding for after- school and daycare programs.

  • Homeschooling and parochial schools will be allowed for families and communities that desire to educate their children in that manner.

  • Young people at the age of Ten years old will be enrolled in either the national youth organization or a similar parochial or community group. These organizations will all teach physical fitness, survival skills, traditional gender roles, history and life skills to prepare children for independence and creating their own families by the time they are adults.

  • Young men and women will also be trained in a variety of skills in relation to agriculture, trade skills, basic medical skills, self-defense, service to their family and service to the nation, as part of the national youth league organization or community group of their choice.

21. The Media

  • The media will be owned by either the State or citizens of the nation. National control and oversight of the media will ensure that foreign nations and hostile elements will not be allowed to poison the minds of our citizens and promote disunity within our nation.

  • Private media outlets will be allowed if they do not work to undermine the nation, our morality or national morale.

22. Freedom of Speech

  • Freedom of speech, expression, points of view and advocacy of causes are to be guaranteed to citizens, including (if required) utilizing Law Enforcement to protect speech from violence.

  • We will not tolerate treasonous and seditious acts; organizing with the intention of overthrowing the people’s state, speech advocating violence against individuals or members of institutions, or the deliberate spreading of lies calculated to undermine institutions. Neither will we permit public distribution of media that is designed to cause clear and evident harm to our people.

  • This will be a People’s State, there will be no room for subversive or alien elements because they are not members of our National Community and not ‘our people’.

  • The harm that has been done to our people because we tolerated evil in our midst will take generations to recover from, there can be no estimate of the damage- that in not “free speech”. That is Genocide, and we will not suffer it again. Those who spread false ideas and worldviews that are anathema to the survival of our people will be acted upon proportionately and decisively.

23. Right to Bear Arms

  • As part of our Law and Order platform, an armed society is a safe society, for the purposes of personal, home, and National defense. Ownership and carrying of firearms in public shall be protected and encouraged.

  • The only restrictions on the ownership of arms will be when an individual has been convicted of using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime or is found by an open court of his/her peers with no less than two medical doctors to be mentally incapable of safe firearm ownership. The 2nd Amendment in the Constitution of the United States has been violated in the current system. E.g. nowhere in the Constitution does it state the you must have a permit to carry or conceal a firearm. Likewise, it states nowhere that any state is an exception to this rule. Any state that does not have “Constitutional carry” in effect, currently is in violation of the Constitution. To date, no action has been taken to combat this.

24. Anti-Social Behaviors

  • We shall not allow for any behaviors antithetical to the values of the State, public morality, healthy families, and the protection of children. The future of the State is the family and as such it shall be protected from any and all behavior that assaults it.

  • Those suffering from drug addiction or other anti-social behaviors will be offered extensive opportunities and support to overcome their addictions.

  • Addiction shall be treated as a medical issue, not a criminal one. We will be a compassionate society that seeks to assist and love all our sons and daughters.

  • Refusal to receive treatment and work to overcome addiction however, will be dealt with justly, for the sake of the nation and the future of our people. While we will exercise compassion for those who struggle with vices, promotion of public vices through media outlets or public demonstrations will not be tolerated.

25. Law and Order

  • The purpose of the State is to provide a safe community for our citizens. We shall focus on a process of rehabilitation for most criminals, ending for-profit/ private prisons, solitary confinement in prisons, and endingg the classist bail system, in order to integrate criminals back into the National Community.

  • Justice for the victims, and society at large, and rehabilitation of offenders shall be the guiding principle of our legal system.

  • Prison shall only be for certain classes of offenders and dedicated to rehabilitation. Most crimes shall be paid in restitution, service to the nation, corporal punishment, and conscription for infrastructure and agrarian work.

  • We shall restore judicial discretion in sentencing, ending mandatory sentencing that removes any and all choice by the judge in regard to circumstances.

  • Local organizations between fellow community members shall provide initial recourse for disagreements, mediation, and settling issues, before involving the justice system in a civil or criminal manner.

  • We shall prohibit property forfeiture for non-convicted suspects.

  • The civil, criminal, and family court system will be totally overhauled and rewritten to remove the parasitic nature of modern Western democracies legal codes of lawyers, corruption, and the high cost of legal services which has effectively created a two- tiered system based on class. Our justice system will be based on and founded upon traditional European values and equal treatment under the law for all citizens.