The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

The Partisan FBI. It's Worse Than You Think!

Soon (if not already) the FBI will begin watching this website to analyze and monitor for “domestic terrorist activity.” We here at the NSM understand that the FBI, which was founded by a transsexual man who fancied young boys, is not actually an enforcement arm of the law, but rather a partisan armed gang, formed from the beginning, to secretly force the acceptance of tyranny upon anyone who doesn't really want it. That's exactly what they are and everyone knows it. Of course, there are a tiny minority at the FBI who try to do what's right, but they are few in number, of limited power and often, quickly fired once they are found out.

The NSM seeks a non-violent political solution to the rampant tyranny we see at every level of governance. We will achieve these goals politically, because even as the NSM is for now, a small minority, so is the FBI – and it is the will of the majority, which will always prevail.

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Just a quick heads-up here. I will begin cleaning the comments section of this website soon, looking to retain only higher quality content. The intent of the comments section is to both, ⑴ give everyone a voice (true free speech) and ⑵ to promote the NSM in a positive light. Comments that are grammatically and contextually weak or off topic will be removed, as I attempt to clean house a bit. So moving forward, please post only clear and informative comments, ideas that in some way advance the purpose and scope of the NSM. Arguments against our movement are always welcome, as we are strong in our beliefs, with truth on our side. If you prove to be correct, we will stand corrected. If you prove incorrect, you will be refuted, just as you have seen so many times on this website. Remember that we are White, that we are Nazis, that we are members of the Master Race – and we need to reflect that fact with the comments on this website. Comments are intended to inform and to enlighten, so please keep that in mind as you share your thoughts.

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