The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

Commander Colucci needs your help


Donations for legal defense desperately needed!

We can't win without your help!

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We need $20,000 for our lawyer
and $5,000 for our investigator.

Donations by check may be sent to:
National Socialist Movement
PO Box 423223
Kissimmee, FL 34742

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Bitcoin Address: 1LRWztxGTHxXJoazfYY26gNcMEbPBGhZ4M

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Goal $25,000
41.20% Funded
$10,300.00 Raised
11 Donors
04 Aug Updated
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Just a quick heads-up here. I will begin cleaning the comments section of this website soon, looking to retain only higher quality content. The intent of the comments section is to both, ⑴ give everyone a voice (true free speech) and ⑵ to promote the NSM in a positive light. Comments that are grammatically and contextually weak or off topic will be removed, as I attempt to clean house a bit. So moving forward, please post only clear and informative comments, ideas that in some way advance the purpose and scope of the NSM. Arguments against our movement are always welcome, as we are strong in our beliefs, with truth on our side. If you prove to be correct, we will stand corrected. If you prove incorrect, you will be refuted, just as you have seen so many times on this website. Remember that we are White, that we are Nazis, that we are members of the Master Race – and we need to reflect that fact with the comments on this website. Comments are intended to inform and to enlighten, so please keep that in mind as you share your thoughts.

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