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Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )


The NSM was protesting and LIVESTREAMING from Missoula MT on Saturday, June 18, 2022. We've improved our livestreaming software to support streaming directly from any smartphone, at any resolution up to 4k video. This particular event was streamed in HD (high definition). Because of this livestreaming improvement, such events will now become far more common! You may watch a recording of this event at the bottom of the main page, found in the vodcast archives section. And enjoy the show! 🙂 It's a quality pro-White demonstration that shows just how awful and degenerate the anti-Whites can be!


Even the most minor "edgy threat" can result in hate crime charges these days.…

"A felony warrant was issued for Dinsmoor for civil rights malicious harassment with a hate crimes enhancement."

Read that a few times. Absorb it. Understand it. It means if you're White and/or Christian, you do not have a 1st amendment right to speak against the state religion or its degenerate apostles. You will be proudly hunted down as a domestic terrorist by militarized law enforcement if you do.

America has now reached the inevitable endpoint of "Civil rights." Civil rights, as a concept, was invented to curtail the constitutional rights of Americans by destroying freedom of association and granting special rights to favored groups. Originally, those favored groups given special rights were jews (who invented the concept) and blacks, at the expense of the White majority. But since "progress" never ends, Civil rights now means anything that isn't White/traditionally American and encompasses every degeneracy known to man. In other words, Civil rights is a bludgeon against "White supremacy."

White supremacy is defined as Whites having the nerve to still believe they have a say in their country, as the federal government and NGOs are in the act of orchestrating a holocaust against Whites in America as a matter of policy in the form of the Great Replacement. This holocaust is framed as a moral necessity by those in power because Whites are uniquely evil monsters whose existence is oppression to "marginalized people." This disease has taken hold of every institution of the country to the point that the nutcases in power believe the country can run on virtue signaling and sodomy as they destroy the country from the inside out.

And so America is dead. Weimerica lives. Normal White people are now barely 3rd class tax cattle, stripped of their rights in their own country, as sodomites, trannys, pedophiles, hostile foreign parasites, blacks, and jews all receive priveleged class status, protected from even the slightest criticism by government and law enforcement hellbent on spreading the disease of "progress" at any cost.

I hope todays protest goes well without any hate crime charges.


In reply to by White Makes Right (not verified)

As the webmaster of this, the second most hated website online (Daily Stormer likely still holds the top spot) I'm very aware of what you can and can not say online. We manually approve all posts, because we get death threats daily – but no charges can possibly be filed against the perpetrators, because they are Antifa scum and thus, currently above the law. But because we are free speech and don't require you to show us any identification (such as an email address) for your Constitutional Right to post here, we screen all posts for legality – many of "our guys" will sometimes post similar veiled threats (what a leftist and highly politicized law enforcement would deem as an actionable offense) from time to time as well. We either don't approve those posts or redact the illegal bits.

This message goes out to every White who loves his own race: Warning! You're just giving in to ZOG when you do what Tyler Dinsmoor did (according to reports). Zog is so filled with hatred for those who are not sick, twisted and degenerate like themselves, they sent seven law enforcement agencies, including two federal agencies, multiple armored vehicles, a negotiating team and a police helicopter to arrest just one Christian man. But why so much force for just one man? What did he do? He posted words and ideas on the Internet, which upset the evil diseased Jewish minds which are now in control.

This made-for-TV arrest with an oh-so-over-the-top nature is crystal clear – they are sending a message TO PEOPLE LIKE US! The fact that he is being held on one million dollars bond for an edgy and veiled (albeit indirect) THOUGHT CRIME (wrong think) makes that message VERY CLEAR. We, as moral, sexually normative and biologically healthy White people, have ZERO WIGGLE ROOM when it comes to the law, as even veiled threats, like what this man gave, are now over the line and will subject you to a VERY high profile (Roger Stone type) arrest (and assumed abusive, torturous incarceration, like what the January 6 political prisoners are enduring, including daily beatings without medical treatment).

The degenerates in charge aren't fooling around. They are trying to END this world and to bring about an end to all civilization, ushering in Jew World, a world comprised only of Jews living in luxury, with some number of dark skinned races kept alive by the Jew as slaves. Slavery, along with child rape, is something that is permitted in the Jewish Talmud. If you think I'm kidding, go look for yourself. Jews wish to bring about the end of civilization, using third world immigration and the sub-human Negro ape beast as their biological weapons, before the good White people, still in the slight majority, can (through political action) stop them! Only the most evil of people would destroy the entire world, so just they alone will rule over its ashes.

Do you think there were very many good people in this massive assault upon a single thought criminal, good people who questioned their excessive use of force, or the excessive and unConstitutional bail amount? Or do you think the few good people in law enforcement just keep their mouths shut – so this won't happen to them, because they realize how evil and powerful those in charge really are? Reports show law enforcement in Island and Skagit counties, as well as Homeland Security, were aware of Dinsmoor’s online posts on Gab. Users of Gab however, usually just see such trash as fedposting and ignore it. I'll bet Dinsmoor was being groomed on Gab by another fedposter – who was an actual FED. I've had my share of fedposters cross my path on Gab – and every time they start in with the fedposting, I block them.

For the words of Christ, echoed from the Bible – and a few modern, albeit edgy ideas that Dinsmoor shared online, he was charged with committing a hate crime, a felony charge. We hear a lot about hate and hate crimes these days, but never when a Nigger sucker punches a White man, knocking him to the ground and then begins stomping on his head until he either dies, or is left permanently disabled. Niggers call this polar bear hunting – or the knock-out game.

These are NEVER considered as hate crimes. We've all seen the videos online, on Telegram or Gab, hundreds of them, always the same – a Nigger perpetrator sneaks up behind an unsuspecting White victim, sucker punching him in the back of the head and then stomping repeatedly on his face after he goes down. The Nigger then always goes through the victim's pockets, conveniently giving prosecutors the option to label the case as a "botched robbery" rather than what it truly is, a racially motivated interracial hate crime (by their own definition). Niggers it would seem, are incapable of hate – comprising the most violent, aggressive and hate filled race on earth, somehow these days, they are incapable of hate. But less than 100 years ago, they WERE seen for just what they are – the most violent, aggressive and hate filled race on earth. What changed? Everyone 100 years ago was openly racist against the Negro beast. Today, less than maybe a few percent are. Negro behavior on the other hand, remains unchanged – or perhaps, is now far worse. Is Jewish TV brainwashing really all that powerful, so as to turn the master race upon itself? I guess maybe so.

So do heed these words and the comment before it, White man. The Hellmouth is now open wide, Jewish demons are in charge of the world, literally anything that goes against their transqueer prohomo anti-White genocidal agenda will draw their ire. If you are White, then YOU ARE IN DANGER! So do take heed.

ADULT CONTENT WARNING! Anti-White fool exposes himself, caught on camera.

Antifa faggots are always saying "make them famous" about us. This was recorded in public, the camera was not hidden, so it is perfectly legal. Montana Code § 45-8-213 (2011) states you are not legally allowed to secretly record a conversation, unless all parties are in agreement – but in some situations, recordings can be made without consent as long as this is not done covertly. Jamie and the subject were both in public, no attempt was made to hide the camera and at the time the subject was also committing a crime, so consent is not required as Jamie clearly stated to the subject that he was on camera and the video was currently being livestreamed.


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

What a couple of morons! Especially the guy who exposed himself.
And there was a cop (at least one) car someplace in that parking lot area I think you were talking about that. Well if so cops were only interested in arresting 'nazis' and just waiting for ANY excuse to arrive with sirens and lights ablaze! When the car took off, there was a clear shot of their license plate and I am sure it could be enlarged if law enforcement is interested in getting at those two, but I suppose not. Great job showing up perverts for what they are!!

Glad to see the comrades out protesting we need more men and women like them to engage in heroic activism not enough white people will stand up these days.. The old NSM flags look great and more American as well. Sieg Heil!

Much appreciated brother. I too dream of seeing NSM demonstrations, flier drops etc. become commonplace on the front lines of our struggle for survival. I believe that if people knew just how easy it is to set up NSM activism in their state, they would be doing it left and right all over the country. Command staff and the McBrides are very easy to talk to and very helpful, the security measures are top notch, no expectations of any activist to do something out of their comfort zone. There is no excuse White warriors! If I can do it then so can you, get off the couch and make it happen!

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