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Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

TexasVet interview – Commander Burt Colucci on October 5, 2021


You guys discussed the left being dominated by Anarchists, Communists and Anarcho-Communists; And I just wanted to comment on the truth about this from my personal experience.

I started out, in middle school, as a wanna-be Redneck. Went to school in the middle of a Cornfield. Freshman year I decided that wasn't me and discovered Punk music and became an Anarchist. As well as a Satanist. I remember Phrases like "Kill Whitey", "Kill Cops", and "Race Mix until we are all the same color". I always had conflicting views.

On one hand I wanted all Freedoms. Complete freedom with no Authority, but I recognized that it would turn into complete chaos. I believed that common morals would become the natural law and override any form of evil action.

I always came back to a more controlled and militant government like the Third Reich. I always recognized the pros of National Socialism, but I couldn't ever believe in the so-called Holocaust. I always felt it was a travesty.

My turnaround started after I read a book about The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler. I finally admitted the beauty of the Swastika and recognized all of Hitlers accomplishments. I started reading about the ANP and the NSM. I started reading Mein Kampf and researching black on white crime.

Then it hit me all at once. There has been a war on White People and I was a part of it. I aided it in my teen years. But as an adult I've recognized the genocide of my people. I've admitted to myself and my family the horrors that happen against us every day.

I've always loved the Aesthetic of the Third Reich, I just couldn't agree with anything I had thought they had done. Now I know that the Holocaust may not have happened. I know now that the Jew really is behind all of the world's problems. And I know that these Niggers in my country have no obligation or right to be in our country or society.

I did a full turn in less than a year. I know what it's like to be on the other side of the fence and I didn't like it. I felt unhappy and wrong. I felt oppressed by own people.


In reply to by Derek (not verified)

My story is similar honestly. I thought that the left would have all the answers. All I had to do was basically accept everybody and things would be okay. But in that I realized that I was a fucking idiot and losing who it was to be white instead of just one of how many different races that were all equal in the world.

But my story did what you did. Hitler knew what he was doing and had answers to everything going wrong in the world at the time. When you look back at Nazi Germany, it was a glorious time to be a white man and Aryan. And only now after being a part of the war from the left have I realized how fucking stupid I was and that National Socialism was right about everything.

Heil Hitler!

Political correctness is oppression disguised as politeness

“There are some among us who can’t help but listen to a different drummer. The drumming they hear is from their DNA. Some try to block it out, but it is heard in the blood which has no ears that can be covered to stop the sound that is not a sound. It is a call of the wild from centuries past to the wild in some humans. Those who try to deny the drummer are doomed to unhappy lives, for they are denying what they were born to be.”

National Socialists are the only people I’ve met who aren’t continually trying to censor others.

The struggle ethic is at the core of the National Socialist Worldview.

The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.

The dignity of labor is a core National Socialist value.

The man they hate the most: Adolf Hitler

The symbol they hate the most: the Swastika

The book they lie about the most: Mein Kampf

The beliefs they distort the most: National Socialism

What does that tell you, White Man?

Adolf Hitler sums up the National Socialist worldview in a single sentence in this speech excerpt from 1928: “All life is bound up in three things: struggle is the father of all things, virtue lies in the blood, and leadership is primary and decisive.”

“The prerequisite for action is the will and courage to be truthful.” -Adolf Hitler

Africa is a place that thinks of it niggers over whites, her in America the uppity nigger thinks it can inslave us whites through our own system, if we don't put niggers back in chains and put the whipp to them again the world will never respect our white race as dominate.

At "TexasVet and Burt Colucci."
Kindly be advised...Russia did not break apart, the former republics and satellites that were part of the soviet union were sovereign nations BEFORE being forced to join the soviet union. To say what you said "TexasVet" is very incredibly ignorant, offensive, and insulting and please refrain from talking about Eastern Europe and the same goes for Burt Colucci...both have demonstrated you know nothing about events or the people of Eastern Europe. It seems everyone East of Germany is "Russian" to the both of you. And no, the United States will not "Balkanize." You know why? Because unlike the former republics and satellites of the soviet union, the United States has no prior cultural identity to revert back to. Unless you are expressing an interest in Britain taking control of your nation and people again...are you?

At "TexasVet AND Burt Colucci."
Russians are not "White." They are hybrids. They are mongrels.
Russians can be "Caucasian" but not "White." White and Caucasian are two different things.
White is a general look for a group of people. Caucasian is a skull shape. White is Racial Classification on the basis of physical traits (Skin tone, Hair texture & facial features). Caucasian is Racial Classification on the basis of Craniofacial anthropometry (Skull shape).
#1 Racial Classifications on the basis of physical traits: Black, White, South Asian, East Asian, Native American, Austronesian & Multiracial.
#2 Racial Classifications on the basis of Craniofacial anthropometry: Negroidd, Capoid, Caucasian, Mongoloid & Australoid.
So, Whites are White. Caucasians cannot be White.
Example of Caucasians: Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Iranians, Hispanics, Latinos, South East Asians, North Africans, Russians, and...jews.

Russians do not subscribe to the same concept of race as you Westerners do. You tell a Russian you are "White" they will hug you and feel sorry for you because they equate "White" with suffering from a medical condition / albinoism. Who will any of you claim is "White" next? Chinese? Japanese? Koreans?

Russia is not in Europe. Russia is in Asia...something like 70% of Russia is located in Asia. In order to be European, one's nation must be located entirely in Europe. Which nation will any of you claim is in Europe next? Turkey? North Africa?

Russia is still communist.

Both of you seem to be confusing White Nationalism with Russian Nationalism. The two are different. Did either of you know, IF you were in Russia talking the way you are in this video, both of you would get an automatic five year jail sentence? Russian Nationalism is based on being Russian whereas White Nationalism is based on being White.

In conclusion:
Perhaps this is a tool rather than a principle, twisting it by your whims when its convenient.
I find it cheap, hypocritical and pathetic.

We filled out many forms checking off "Caucasian" where the form requested our race. That was our only choice if we were of European descent. Or Aryan (my preferred word) Anyway, we call 'em as we see them. I would love to see a photo of you.

I have seen many photos of Russian soldiers, Navy personnel, pianists, orchestras,,,etc. I have also known a Ukrainian, who was an officer in your army. I'd have accepted him in the NSM. But you sound divisive. Like a Kike, yet I am told that one can be an anti-semite in the Ukraine more safety than in Russia. We have a differently nuanced problem than you have with the Russians. Thus, I ask, Why the fuck are you imposing your arrogant dissimulations upon us? That would only be of interest to a Ukrainian Jew.

Aryan means noble in Sanskrit. Unless you subscribe to kike histories. Personally, I hate you because you suck. You are not clever. You are not brave to attack our movement and our leader. And you think you are scholarly. But I think you are Jewish. What am I supposed to think?

Tucker Carlson said he didn't care about Ukraine, that if it came to it he'd root for Russia.

And so he let slips the dogs of war.

The American establishment lost its collective mind.

Jewish David Frum had already said that Carlson's nationalism did not support a multi-racial America but rather a multinational White Race.

Which is a good start.

Jewish Tom Nichols thought it sufficient to show that deranged amnesty loving old gunslinger Ronald Reagan walking tall to rebut Carlson, meaning they will never stop peddling their dead ideology.

Jewish Frank Luntz said he knows who his enemies are but Carlson seems confused, showing that Mr. Luntz objects to an American perspective.

Jewish Bill Kristol made what he called an obvious point, that being pro-Putin isn't a bug of today's authoritarian, ethno-nationalist, pseudo-Christian right. It's a feature.

This from a man who said he wants to replace the white working class.

And then Frum once again said that on the line with this whole event is not just Ukrainian democracy, but American democracy.

If they fail few would mourn their passing.

But you get the picture. Jews love little Ukraine, they hate what they call Russian aggression and they hate normal Americans, except as their chosen tool.

It's fitting that the scene of the Jews' greatest crime, Ukraine, is now the hill that they insist white Americans die on.

It's clear that Ukraine was involved in the Jewish Deep State's attempted take-down of the Trump candidacy and then of his Presidency and Trump, in his usual bungling way, is now circling around those attempts. He might blow the roof off it they know, and blow their cover, and that is not allowed.

Indeed, Jewish George Soros' ally Fiona Hill, former student of Jew and Russia-hating warmonger Richard Pipes, told us that even to talk about this is not allowed, is taboo.

And all of this makes one wonder: how did we get into this mess?

Jews started out as the vanguard of Russian communism, its henchmen and its executioners, but soon the USSR turned sour on the Jews (something that happens a lot). American Jews too loved the USSR originally but when it became anti-Jewish they became cold warriors. Soon they became neo-conservatives and took over the GOP and made the party its tool to keep the world safe for Israel.

When the USSR was toppled even uber-hawk Jeanne Kirkpatrick said it was time for Americans to come home, to become a normal country, meaning one that minds its own business. But pan-Jewry would have none of that. Instead they rolled their NATO tanks deep into former Soviet territory, and their multinational business arm descended like vultures on Moscow and looted a prostrate White Russia. Putin is skeptical towards the Jewish casino, he wants a country of his own.

For this sin the Jews will never forgive him, and they are known to bear thousand years grudges.

And of course ever since they've wanted to get their fangs back into Holy Mother Russia.

And so Russia became the great moral monster of history. And when supposed white identity loving Donald Trump somehow became involved with them, or so it seemed, it was their jackpot. Time Magazine, on no evidence whatsoever, showed the White House as half white and half red. Clever, that.

And then when the Trump-Russia scandal fizzled out the phone call came. Trump seemed to be on the trail of their vicious crimes so they used more endless investigations to cover their treason, and called anyone who pointed it out a traitor. Inversion and projection are essential Jewish magic.

And this impeachment affair has become a Jewish affair. Ms.Hill dredged up the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, the Drefyus Affair was referenced, and it was noted that when Mr. Vindman came to America in the late 1970s all across the land synagogues flashed the sign: "Free Soviet Jewry". This was the same era that gave us Russian immigrant Max Boot. One commentator even said that freeing Soviet Jewry was exactly what Mr. Vindman represented. Indeed.

And so the disguise, such as it was, wears thin. The deep state rises as one, the Jews rise as one. Russia means treason, wanting to withdraw from the world means treason, wanting a country of our own means treason, wanting America First means treason, and European heritage itself is treason.

Because for the Jews snuffing out the white race is not a policy program, not at all.

It's mitzvah.


In reply to by Grandfather (not verified)

"It's fitting that the scene of the Jews' greatest crime, Ukraine, is now the hill that they insist white Americans die on."Then your government should not send representatives around the world making agreements they have no intention to honor.
"But you get the picture. Jews love little Ukraine, they hate what they call Russian aggression and they hate normal Americans, except as their chosen tool."I remind you that russia invaded my nation.  So, russian aggression is very accurate.
"It's clear that Ukraine was involved in the Jewish Deep State's attempted take-down of the Trump candidacy and then of his Presidency and Trump."Trump was a failure, like all of your politicians democrat and republican.  How convenient you left out how Trump has done more for israhell than the American citizenry.Ukraine was not involved.  Conveniently you left out it was a russian living in Ukraine serving in the Ukrainian government that got caught up in the fiasco you described.

Fascinating how American "National Socialists" claim to be pro White...and tout cliches like "no more brother wars" AND "we must stand together" AND "White unity" YET are fine with russians who are not white committing mass murder / genocide / and atrocities against the Ukrainian people who are White...American "NSM" never speaks out against the invasion and occupation of Ukraine. Why? How do any of you explain your hypocrisy?
And of course, the usual titushkys like "Grandfather" who magically show up to answer posts that were not addressed to him, with nonsensical babblings and unable to prove my initial statement what does he do? Resorts to insults, fraudulent claims, and profanity.
None of you are "National Socialists." National Socialists were the epitome of professionalism. The best and brightest were party members. You American "National Socialists" on the other hand...words fail me to accurately describe the sorry excuses for "National Socialists" you are.
If any of you really want to help "National Socialism" then leave the movement. By doing so, you will have helped more by leaving then staying and further embarrassing "National Socialists" worldwide.


In reply to by MankFromUkraine (not verified)

Ukraine are Slavic not white or Eastern European, not white, they are ex Russian state, and closer to Polish.


In reply to by Western World (not verified)

At Western World.
"Ukraine are Slavic not white or Eastern European, not white, they are ex Russian state, and closer to Polish."
Can you even find Ukraine on a map? can you would see Ukraine is located in...Eastern Europe. Therefore, Ukrainians are...Eastern European.
As for not being White. We are very White. This gene...R1B1 R1A1 makes one White European...only White Europeans have this gene. Us Ukrainians have this gene.
Ukraine was never a russian state. We were always our own sovereign nation until russia turned communist and forced us and every body else in Eastern Europe to join their dysfunctional union. You make it sound like Ukraine was a "state" of russia the way Florida is a "state" of the United States.


In reply to by Western World (not verified)

Did you actually read the link to the article you enclosed for me to view?
I ask because I can't understand how you can enclose a link that says Ukrainians are Eastern European but in your first comment to me time stamped 17:03 you say that Ukrainians are not Eastern European.


In reply to by MankFromUkraine (not verified)

Пробач мені. але НСМ ПІДТРИМУЄ боротьбу України за національне самовизначення та спроби повернути втрачені території! Я, наприклад, завзятий прихильник Ntl Comrades в Україні. Окрім моральної підтримки, усно, онлайн, репост, намагаючись донести правду до УСІХ НАШИХ ЛЮДЕЙ. У мене було багато ідей. Не сумнівайтеся в моїй відданості. Я фронтовий боєць НС 50 років! Не можна довіряти Мережі, і буде ще гірше. Моє серце та багато інших з тобою! Мої люди, як і Веймар, Німеччина повинна стояти спиною до стіни, і я думаю, що ЦЕ станеться! я борюся з дурдом (((emigreRuJoos))) та їх тупою креціанджооіанство керують слугами! Я підтримую право України на НТЛ самооборону! Я з повагою, C.D.Herrington голова Life NSM, за те, що мало що має значення. OrderBlackEagle @proton chairmannsm 1-918-408-4150
@ chairmannsfm GAB

Bogging down in a debate with slimy kikes is something I have no time to waste on. We have an impeccable 25 point program and a rather fine Weltanschauung. Personally, I pride myself in having the perspicacity to spot Jews like you, and it is difficult for me not to resort to using our Anglo- Saxon language at its fullest to maximize my verbal-assault on you, since I am unable to have at you. I deign not to lower myself to debate with enemies, nor to argue with traitors. I am through with you and leave you with this rhetorical (not intended to be debated) query, "What side are you on, White or anti-White?"


In reply to by Grandfather (not verified)

At Grandfather.
Once again, typical communist jew saul alinski tactics from and no one else at American National Socialist Movement can answer the questions posed and refute my original claim because I have proven my claim by explaining the differences and the facts about russia.
But by all means, please continue with your ad hominems and your preference to live with comfortable lies.
I would have had respect for you if you had addressed the points I raised, but you refuse. Just as you and the rest of American National Socialist Movement refuse to address the responsibility of russian terrorism of Eastern Europe and killing of thousands of White brothers and sisters in Ukraine and other Eastern European nations. You claim to be "Aryan" which you claim means noble...which is not the correct definition...but I will play along. So, IF you and or anyone else at American National Socialist Movement are "noble" where is your integrity and how many shekels are you being paid?

Bogging down in a debate with slimy kikes is something I have no time to waste on. We have an impeccable 25 point program and a rather fine Weltanschauung. Personally, I pride myself in having the perspicacity to spot Jews like you, and it is difficult for me not to resort to using our Anglo- Saxon language at its fullest to maximize my verbal-assault on you, since I am unable to have at you. I deign not to lower myself to debate with enemies, nor to argue with traitors. I am through with you and leave you with this rhetorical (not intended to be debated) query, "What side are you on, White or anti-White?"

I always remember how when I went into a Sons of the Revolution fraternal organization library in Glendale CA in the 1990s to do genealogy research, an older white woman who managed the library told me she was so tired of hearing the negroes whining about slave reparations - she said her ancestors were slaves in the Ukraine in the 1890s.
Miami Beach where I live is drowning in "refugees" from the Ukraine right now. They pay lawyers tons of money to get their refugee income. I might as well be in Del Rio Tx.


In reply to by Mike (not verified)

I’d rather, have Ukraine refugees, than Somalis afghans india Asia anytime, and it seems Eastern Europeans have a lot mor balls, then the Western Europeans, from what can gather.

Standard operating procedure, business as usual, on a daily basis in the zionist U.S. is that:
1) Blacks kill blacks (statistic #1)
2) Blacks kill whites (statistic #2)
Those are the statistics as provided by the CDC.
On Jan. 6, all that happened was that ONE black killed ONE white (Ashlee Babbitt).
So it was just "business as usual", or "standard operating procedure".
Doesn't the word "insurrection" have a connotation of something unusual happening? And "insurection" is certainly not "standard operating procedure"? How could there have been anything unusual that day if nothing deviated from the norm?
Nothing happened to deviate in any way from the standard daily norm on Jan. 6, in zionist America!
That's all that happened on Jan. 6 - ONE black killed ONE white.
SOP - at least she wasn't left dismembered in a barrel

The severely flawed and hypocritical thought process of "White Nationalists and Pro Whites."

White Nationalists / Pro Whites: We object to White people being killed.
Russia: Kills Ukrainians by the thousands.
White Nationalists / Pro Whites: Silent.
White Nationalists / Pro Whites: No more brother wars.
Russia: Starts wars and terrorizes Eastern Europe on a regular basis.
White Nationalists / Pro Whites: Silent.
White Nationalists / Pro Whites: We feel oppressed by our governments.
Russia: Has a long history of oppressing the White people of Eastern Europe.
White Nationalists / Pro Whites: Silent.
White Nationalists / Pro Whites: We hate communism.
Russia: Desperately trying to restore the Soviet Union.
White Nationalists / Pro Whites: We love Russia.
White Nationalists / Pro Whites: If you are silent about what is happening to White people worldwide, then you are part of the problem. You are a jew. You are a communist. You are anti White.


In reply to by MankFromUkraine (not verified)

Not to belittle your plight, but we here in America have our own problems. We are literally ruled over by American Jewry. Equally, we slavishly donate everything we have to and even die for Israeli Jewry. The Jew has twisted and warped our minds so much, that American men are now cutting off their dicks and wearing women's clothing, in order to have at least some small level of socioeconomic status. The Jew requires this. The Jew has made the once mentally ill "transgender" into a top-tier citizen. Once at the top of the socioeconomic hierarchy for hundreds of years in America, the cis-gender White male is now at the absolute bottom. Niggers, who for hundreds of years in America were at the absolute hierarchical bottom (due to their low intelligence, sloth and propensity toward violence and crime) are now at the top, just under the Jew. Niggers have been placed upon a pedestal by the Jew and are today worshiped as gods. Just in the past week, Kyle Rittenhouse was only just barely found not guilty in a recorded-on-video clear cut self-defense case. Many jurors wanted to convict the innocent boy, because they knew if they didn't give the Niggers what they wanted, the Jew would agitate them into burning down all their houses. The Jew had already gathered the information as to who the jurors were and gave that information over to the leaders of the BLM Niggers, who were already distributing addresses and information out to other Niggers via twitter. This is an actual crime in America, but no Nigger is ever charged with any crime, let alone being found guilty of anything anymore. Niggers loot and burn down entire cities in America and are never charged with any crimes, police (fearful of becoming the next Derek Chauvin) stand by and do nothing, knowing their own life and future is in jeopardy if they step in and do the right thing. This police inaction is why Rittenhouse was forced to do what he did. The jurors were only convinced to do the right thing with Rittenhouse, because the ones who died were Jews (not Niggers) and Niggers only care about fellow Niggers. At the same time, Travis and Greg McMichael, in a similar recorded-on-video, clear cut self-defense case, were found guilty on all charges. The jury even found the guy who was simply following behind and recording everything with his camera, also found guilty of murder as well and charged equally. This is unheard of in the history of American jurisprudence. The reason for this is the same, the jurors were intimidated and fearful that the Niggers would come after them, unless they found the Whites guilty of literally everything. Give the Niggers what they want and maybe they won't hurt you. We seriously have no justice in America anymore. So before you rant about how we Americans should be more concerned with the plight of Ukrainians in the російсько-українська війна (russo-ukrainian war) along Crimea and Donbas, realize what WE are going through and know that we need to get our own shit together, before we can come help you guys. Americans are amazingly charitable and I for one stand with Ukraine and Georgia against Russia, but I am also among the most powerless, the most burdened and the most taxed in America. I literally carry the Niggers and Jews upon my back! I have the least and am required to do the most and give the most. This places me and all cis-gendered White males like me, in a very weak position. Let us save ourselves first, before chiding us for not saving you.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

At Webmaster.
"So before you rant about how we Americans should be more concerned with the plight of Ukrainians."

I clearly stated in my posts who my comments were geared toward...people who claim to be "White Nationalists / Pro White." I never stated "Americans" should be concerned with what's happening over in Eastern Europe.

It does not take "power" to condemn one or even a nation for doing something wrong, just as your commander Colucci demonstrated in this video that it does not take "power" to talk favorably of russia.
And since America has it's own problems, then your government representatives should not go around the world making agreements they have no intentions of honoring. American government has a very nasty habit of doing this.

In closing, thank you for being professional in your reply to me, unlike your organization's possible members? supporters? sympathizers who commented to me in very unprofessional manner.
Slava 14-y Halytsʹkiy dyviziyi SS!
Slava A30B!
Slava Amerytsi!
Slava Ukrayini!


In reply to by MankFromUkraine (not verified)

I agree that the USA government should not be meddling in Ukraine, but the USA loves the proxy war, thus they supply Ukraine with weapons, just so they can see how they work against Russian weapons. I am a White Nationalist (pro-White) myself, of course. I would not have built this website, otherwise. Our Commander of course, speaks for himself and very few (if any) members of the NSM agree on everything. And as National Socialists (the farthest on the political Right that you can get) even the Republicans do not agree with us, so when it comes to agreements made around the world, we are certainly not considered and are not included. And since we are small in number, we are equally powerless to change any course we are on as a Nation. And as you may have already guessed, there is precious little that our government is doing, that we agree with. And yes, thank you too, for your cordiality and clear thoughts. I enjoy communicating with those who are able to express themselves clearly. By the way, this website does support the Ukrainian cyrillic character set, you may use it if you like (I see you are using close US ASCII approximations in your comments). And because I can, I will use them and join with you in saying Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!) which means essentially, "Glory Ukraine!" for those not familiar with the language. Is it safe to assume by your closing remarks, that you are part of Полк Азов (Azov Regiment) which is an elite Ukrainian National Socialist guard unit, one which is (or was?) active in the war along Donbas?


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

And despite F..... VIDEO EVIDENCE right in our faces, they STILL wanted this smiling young, but unfortunately White kid convicted! So the F..... prosecutor points a rifle, hand on trigger at the jury, and the F...... jury just sits there. The prosecutor BROKE THE F...... LAW! And THEY WANT YOU DEAD without defending yourself!


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

The prosecutor can't break the law, as Jews are exempt from the law. Every White in America knows this. That's why he intimidated the jury by making them stare down the barrel of an AR-15, finger on the trigger. This is jury tampering for sure, but Jews are allowed to do whatever they want and there ain't shit we lowly Goyim can do about it. Rittenhouse is one lucky bastard, because several jurors actually wanted to knowingly convict an innocent boy, because they feared that the Niggers would come after them, if they didn't give the Niggers what they wanted. It was very tense, I can see why Kyle collapsed after hearing the verdict. He is one extremely rare White defendant, as most Whites will not win in court. And I doubt we will ever see a verdict like this one, ever again. The Jews will see to that.

At Webmaster.
Thank you for your response.  I am not member of Azov.  A family member is though.  I am supporter of Azov since my family member is member.  As for me, I am old and sick to be in regular military or I am only territorial defense. 

russians regularly amass troops on our borders...they are looking, testing, probing for a weakness / opportunity to further advance into our nation, which will not be allowed any further.  There are two very important and strategic items in my nation they desperately need which I will not mention in case of fsb eyes are looking.  I will finish by saying that I hope for russia's sake, they are not foolish to advance any further.


In reply to by MankFromUkraine (not verified)

Yeah, the Russians have been wanting Ukraine ever since the 2014 "annexation" of the Crimean Peninsula (which was taken from Ukraine, now occupied territory) by the Russian Federation. The only thing holding them back, really, is optics. A full-scale invasion right now would look really bad (and aggressive) to the rest of the world. But truth said, if they wanted to TAKE Ukraine today, there's precious little stopping them, save for the eyes of the world (and the mass casualties that would result). So for now, they hold off, waiting for opportunity, with nothing but military practice (and saber rattling). Like you, I too am now old. I remember the Bolshevik invasion of Ukraine, which after 10 years, resulted in the Ukrainian Holodomor, where 7 to 10 million innocent Ukrainians, mostly children, had died due to famine, a horrible tragedy for the Ukrainian people, all due to Soviet selfishness and cruelty (and the failure of central planning). In my country, the young people today agitate for and welcome communism, without realizing it was the forced collectivization of agriculture in the Soviet Union, which led to the starvation. Central planning simply DOES NOT WORK. Americans today are largely obese (or perhaps, well fed) due to capitalism in agriculture. In fact, here in America, we are now starting to see similar Jewish tactics of the old Soviet era (Stalin) when he curtailed Ukraine's cultural autonomy, by arresting and imprisoning/executing thousands of Ukrainian Nationalists and intellectuals. The same is happening here, but to a lesser degree, exclusively to White Nationalists and pro-White intellectuals under the guise of "racism," with the help of the Jewish media of course. The NSM currently exists solely as an affront (or an alternative) to that defective Jewish ideology.

Just out of curiosity, why are you not using Ukrainian cyrillics? I can write "Азов" without having to use American characters (Azov) because I have an international keyboard. It should be a native keyboard for you. It's not standard here, but always an option. I consider my (more expensive) keyboard to be my greatest asset, the rest is all just interchangeable computer hardware. I speak and write in several languages, as I've always been an international guy, most favoring industrial nations such as France, Germany and Japan, but definitely not a globalist like the Jew. Every country (but especially White countries) deserve to retain their own autonomy. France and Germany are now lost to the Jew, while Japan is well on its way.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

At Webmaster.To answer your question.  I do not use Ukrainian because I lived in your nation for a while and I want to continue to practice my English and so that non reading / speaking Ukrainian people can better understand what I am trying to convey.

Are we going to be beat and manipulated in a video game, balls to the wall guys, Hitler thought not that he was going to lose this Video GameHologram we are in.

How does it feel to be reduced from a movement that controlled most of Europe and was poised to rule the world to 500 bigots on an Internet forum? Nazism will never rule a control ever again and if it does, it will certainly not be the United States of America.

God bless Winston Churchill and god bless America.


In reply to by Yid Army (not verified)

Nazism will rise again and filthy yids like you with your pet apes and political adversaries who side with you will [redacted].

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Who was the leader of Germany during WWII? (just his last name)