The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

Epik Hypocrisy




  1. 1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Our former service provider (Epik) wishes to sell into a lucrative niche market, services that appeal to a small but growing number of those who speak the forbidden truths. And a number of our cohorts are using their services right now, while we do things the hard way – not because we choose to, but because we are forced to.

Wikipedia states: Epik is a right-wing American domain registrar and web hosting company known for providing services to websites that host far-right, neo-Nazi, and other extremist materials. It has been described as a haven for the far-right because of its willingness to provide services to far-right websites that have been denied service by other Internet service providers.

Recently, I found this on their website. A series of platitudes exemplifying the above claim by Wikipedia.

  • why I believe the operators of the site have the right to be online
  • De-Platforming is Digital Censorship. Blacklisting is Digital Shunning.
  • I have always strenuously supported the right of every man to his own opinion, however different that opinion might be to mine. He who denies to another this right, makes a slave of himself to his present opinion, because he precludes himself the right of changing it.
  • I reflect on my own journey as a truth-seeking tech entrepreneur
  • De-platforming a haven of free speech is not about left or right. Anyone who remembers studying civics is familiar with the concept of inalienable rights — rights that a worthy government can only protect but would have no moral authority to take away.
  • Tolerance for competing views — including those protected by Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press — is not an American concept even though the Founding Fathers of the United States built a prosperous nation around the concept.

Beautiful platitudes, I agree with all of them. However what I do NOT agree with is censorship! The National Socialist Movement, being perhaps the ultimate truth teller (where we freely speak the forbidden truths regarding race and behavior) also display the forbidden Hakenkreuz (the Nazi swastika) which to us is the symbol of White life and White existence. It is OUR symbol, it describes who and what we are. While some in the far-right movements have settled for the innocuous othala (or odal) rune (ᛟ) so as not to upset the pussies, we won't play that game. Take us as we are, or buzz off! We are in a fight for White survival, in an unprecedented time of universal White replacement and White genocide.

Now what I don't agree with is this (a screenshot below of an email we received on Sep 12, 2020) and perhaps you won't agree with it either. This may stand as a warning to others. There exists a line that you might cross, other than breaking federal law, where you might be de-platformed by this far-right “free speech” advocate, the same as we.

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