The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

You've seen the lies – THIS IS THE TRUTH!

This individual told reporters “I’m literally Jewish and I got attacked, assaulted, pepper-sprayed, spit on, you name it.” … “Called disgusting slurs just because of my religion,” but does that claim match what you see in this video? The actual victim was an elderly veteran, 74 years old, who was shoved head first into a ditch by this person, because he didn't agree with his political commentary. This individual, who lied by omission to reporters (as to his role in the altercation) should actually be charged with aggravated battery upon a person 65 years of age or older. But you and I both know, this will never happen! We all know about the extreme anti-White, pro-Jewish bias in the so-called justice system – currently owned and controlled by the Jews, which is only one of the many reasons for our protest and political activism that day.

Feb 4 2022 · The Orange County Sheriff's Office has published a tweet, detailing the arrest of Commander Colucci, along with two other members of the NSM.

They claim, “We will not stand for hate,” a statement which completely confirms the POLITICAL NATURE of these high profile made-for-TV arrests. Hate is purely subjective and varies from person to person. Finnish professor Kai Murros reminds us, the greatest achievements of the human race, have all grown out of hate. Hate without violence is also legal; Americans have a legal right to hate anyone they please, especially in the case of the NSM, where we cite the many reasons for this hate. The Orange County Sheriff's Office effectively confirms they have become a political (rather than a law enforcement) agency, one which does not exist to uphold justice – but rather to further their own liberal political agenda; of granting ever increasing privilege and rights to those who did not earn, thus do not deserve extraordinary rights and privilege. This clearly is not true of everyone within the office, but is certainly true for those at the top. How far they will take this injustice, is yet to be seen. However I stand on my previous assertion, that no charges will ever be filed against the Jewish individual who instigated the violence, when he perpetrated the violent assault upon an elder, an act which was motivated by political grievance and racial bias, clearly depicted in the video above.

We have been waiting, now ??? days for the Sheriff's Office to take action against this Jewish instigator of violence, as depicted in the video above. So far, they refuse to charge this Jew with any crime. The Sheriff's Office contemptuously declines prosecution. So why would they do this? Speculating such motivation with an unethical preference to Jews is easy. The office of Sheriff is an elected position. Jews control all major aspects of news and information. As such, Jews and Jews alone, decide the probable outcome of most elections, by steering the electorate to vote the collective Jewish will, through the use of their hive-mind media control. This explains why every politician, regardless of party affiliation, places the Jews and their needs above everyone and everything else, both during their campaign for office, as well as after. So how does this sit with the oath of office, where a Sheriff swears never to betray personal integrity, character, or the public trust? Where they will always maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of the agency in which they serve? Not very well, unfortunately. But really, what choice do they have? Without the full approval and support of the Jews, they will never serve any community as an elected officer of the law. This is the situation that every elected official, not just the Sheriff, must deal with. Maybe now you understand this slavish devotion to Jews and Israel, that ALL our elected officials seem to share.

The reason there will be no charges is clear. The instigator of this violence is Jewish and everyone in the world knows that Jews Rule America – and as such, Jews are above the law, as they OWN the law. Everyone on earth knows this, but no one ever dares to say it. The NSM recognizes the incredible hypocrisy of our government, proclaiming the absolute equality of all their citizens, while granting unconditional power and privilege, to an elite minority of Jews.

On Saturday, January 29th, deputies interviewed David Newstat (the Jew shown assaulting the senior citizen above) and after listening to his claims, were all set to arrest several NSM members, until they reviewed the video you see above and concluded that no arrests of NSM members would be made. We know this to be true, as no arrests WERE made, that day. They also said they were likely to charge David Newstat with battery of an elder, as they had inadvertently become witness to a felony (and thus were compelled by law to act). Six days later, the tables have turned. With the help of the Jewish media, the criminal is now the victim. Three members of the NSM have been arrested, charged with a hate crime and are pending trial, yet David Newstat has never been charged with any crime. This is what Jews Rule America looks like folks. If one of the intended goals of this NSM protest was to prove Jewish hegemony, we have achieved it. Apparently, politically desirable injustice is all that Orange County will deliver, for now. The purpose and scope of this webpage, is to call them out on it! We provide the sunlight needed, to disinfect this unjust leftist corruption, which is ruining our Republic.

Be sure to download this video and share it everywhere.

Because the Jewish media is not going to share or promote this truth. So it is totally up to you.


Imagine my shock to discover that the lying jewish media and a biological jew are conspiring to cover up a crime. This video is dynamite against the media claim that charges in this case are forthcoming. If anyone should be charged, it should be their media darling jew.

Good job waiting for the media to hang themselves Now if your freaking smart sue the basyards for every nickle the jweish bastards have!!! And the Sherriff is saying arrests are coming??? I do not agree with how the rally was conducted but if thisturns into a huge win for the movement minus one big mouth bitch then I am with You other then that YOu have a great case now!! very smart puttuing this up!!

This new video is a real game changer. I can tell ya that the buzz around this Nazi demonstration has chilled ever since this new evidence has started to circulate online. I'm not sure how they will be able to overlook the new facts in this matter.

This video is a perfect example of how the jews that have no arguments.. so they will do anything to censor the, truth.

The jew controlled mainstream media will spin the narrative to make the jews look like the victims, & the usual`s which are the stupid niggers & forced bred hispanic spics will side with there jew puppet masters cause they`re nothing but instigators, hypocrites, & very, jealous of anyone that supports or is a national socialist.

Defining multicultural and diversity & what it really means is: to destroy your race, so you can be disconnected from your nation, and traditions.. with others that don`t have the best of interest for you or your love ones.

Sieg Heil 1488 US Landmarks & Historical Preservationist

I mean it was clear. The news on youtube only showed the end of whatever happened. Then a jew got on TV and was rubbing his big jew nose while he was on there saying that one of you attacked that jew. I could just tell that guy was lying.

I'll post the video to my youtube, rumble, and bitchute pages. I will include the clip of one of the jew lying to the news about what happened It will be up tonight after I do my school work. I have to find that news clip with the guy lying again to put at the beginning of the clip.

It's plan to see the guy got out of his car, WHY? he was the one that started the fight. Also there was a ansult made upon a member of the NSM. Need to press charges agenist him for that, and I hope someone got his plate number.
88 from myrtle beach SC

Looks to me like the so called "Sheriff" is aiding and abetting foreign agents (TREASON AND SEDITION), to terrorize, deny and disparage UNALIANABLE RIGHTS. Start filing liens on the bonds of the INDIVIDUAL CORPORATE PIGS and every other P.O.S. EMPLOYEE calling themselves "government".

Niggers and spics are naturally miserable so they want to in tangle their worlds into Western White people’s world, misery loves company, they Need white world to keep their head above the water in drowning incapable of creating a society they are contented in, we must separate ourselves from them now they are taking us down with them our heads are bobbing under water due to them.

The media reports, "he rolled down his window to say that kind of hatred is not accepted in the Orlando community, when things escalated."

But is that what really happened? Did he actually just roll down his window and talk? Or does this video (below) better tell us what really happened?

Does this video suggest that this Jew lied to the media and to law enforcement? Does it suggest the media and law enforcement did nothing to uncover the actual truth before making their report and arrests? Isn't it he who got out of his car and began agitating and instigating? There is no mention of that by the media, or by law enforcement. How does it make you feel, knowing both media and law enforcement are this incompetent? Meanwhile, this demonstrable lie is widely being accepted everywhere as fact, completely changing the publicly held narrative, of what really happened that day.

How is this deception at all levels even possible? What magical powers do these Jews have over law enforcement, to cause them to ignore the evidence and act in such a lawless "woke" ideological and politically correct manner? What other lies have you been told by Jews in the past?

Is this Justice in the land of the free?


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This video has recently begun circulating around National Socialist and White Nationalist chatrooms. In it you can apparently see David Newstat promoting lie after lie, demonstrating before the court his apparent willingness to exaggerate and embellish, regarding what transpired that day. Yes, this evidence will likely be used against him in a court of law. When this case goes to court, Newstat may be asked to explain why he allegedly lied about the incident in this video – and not just a few small lies, but egregious lies such as NSM members "climbing on his car" which as you can see from all the videos, never happened, as the videos presented on this website will clearly demonstrate. The defense should also (through discovery) acquire all the videos recorded by the other motorists which from different angles, should also show the same things about the alleged aspects of what happened. As far as Lügen Juden go, this one is not being very smart prior to trial and may have already destroyed the DA's case.

These (at best, exaggerations) being told by Newstat in this video, rather remind me of the kinds of lies told by Negroes – as does his physical appearance in the video. It is very damaging to do this on the record in a public video, as now he will likely no longer be deemed a credible witness as to what happened that day, a huge advantage for the defense. Which is why we have downloaded our own backup copy of this video, should the owners realize this and take it down. Newstat will likely be asked in court, what motivations he had for this exaggeration and embellishment and what he was trying to achieve in this video. The defense will focus on Newstat's political motivations for dishonesty and the willingness of this witness to exaggerate and fabricate. If Newstat doubles down and maintains these claims as true in court, he can be convicted of perjury, but that never happens to a Jew, at least not in a Jewish courtroom, however the judge does have the authority to put him in jail for a short time, as a result of breaking the law. Don't hold your breath that this will happen of course. However it should prove quite pleasurable to watch the defense expose this witness. 🙂


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I didnt see any spit on his face. This guy rambles about his face being spit on sounds like personal sexual fantasies or erotic wish fulfillment with a side of feminist mojo. He gives a jewish wish fulfillment piece jews can escape into while triggering emotions.

These fucking parasitic subhuman pieces of shit only feel powerful when they're flashing their ideals of wealth! Niggers have to flash shitty gaudy fake gold chains because deep down they know they should still be In chains and the kike shitheels can't go without trying to act like a fucking victim and also a controller via their jew network of corrupt pedophile child trafficking money. I get so fucking sick that I know that my children have to grow up in a world of such weak ideals because of kikes manipulating the media and niggers being idolized for being the dumbest and laziest because nigger music gets shoved down kids throat everyday thanks to the stupid fucking kikes.


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Schwartz had no oversight and knew he could embezzle as much as he wanted. He lied to everyone to conceal his theft . This is why you don't allow jews access to money without oversight. Vermin will always be vermin.

NSM can't be taken seriously if the commander keeps getting arrested for stupid shit.


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The timing could not have been more perfect, as there was nothing else going on in the news. Therefore, a tiny event in Orlando Florida, became international news. The Jews media reacted just as we expected they would. They delivered for us, exactly what we expected from them. We could not be more pleased with the statements made by the SPLC, following the event. Leading up to our current protests, we studied how Donald Trump used 97% negative press to win. Now we use those same techniques, also to win. The armored and ready for action NSM88 website began receiving ███████+ new visitors every single day, which lasted for at least two weeks, following the Orlando event. The Jews tried during this period, to take the website down in every way imaginable, but failed – miserably. Can you call any of what we have achieved, stupid? Literally millions of people have seen our message. That is EXACTLY what we were hoping for. 🙂

NOW however, the traffic has returned back to normal, war in Eastern Europe is now center stage. We are today only getting around ███ unique IP addresses per day, many of them the same old regulars that come just for the comments. Our 15 minutes of fame is over, for now. But the many responses we have received from the injustice and blatant Jewish favoritism on display by government agents, has been astounding. This could not have served our needs more! If our goal was to prove Jewish hegemony in the United States, we have surely achieved that goal. We have now become the underdogs. Americans love to root for the underdog, because normative Whites can relate to underdogs. Normative Whites who pay the taxes that fund all this degeneracy and Jewish affluence, identify with our struggle, our passion and our resolve to push forward, despite being in a gravely disadvantaged position. I don't see anything stupid about what we have achieved here, do you?

Webmaster note: I redacted the numbers per Commander Colucci's request.


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No matter how you slice it, the jew came out on top. The reason? Because it wasn't his mug that was displayed on the FOX 35 news. Although the NSM got some attention, I wouldn't say it was anything positive. Based on watching the videos and reviewing all of the facts, I believe that kid is smarter than all of you combined.


In reply to by Shane O'Mac (not verified)

I bet you think you are earning some social credit points (a Jewish degeneracy) for saying the things you said – but maybe you are just Jew-stupid and don't even realize that YOU are as much a victim of Jewish hegemony, as Commander Colucci and the others. If a Jew attacked YOU, rest assured YOU would go to jail for the attack, instead of the Jew. You would be charged with a hate crime, as you have no privilege in the Jewnited States. Facts and evidence means nothing, Jewish lies mean everything. We are now a nation of lies. This is what Jewish privilege looks like. Jews didn't earn this privilege, they stole it through deception over many decades of corruption, criminality and deceit. At least the NSM is standing up for your rights, which are being stripped away by the Jew (as these days, you have no inalienable rights, only Jew-issued privileges, whatever best serves the Jew).

First off, the kid isn't smarter, he's just more deceptive. Jews are demonstrably as dumb as shit, however the ability to lie effectively projects an illusion of intelligence. The fact that Daily Stormer and Stormfront have both gone down, while this website has not (over the same period) is proof that we are übermenschen, supermen, the Jew has met their match. The kid told lies to law enforcement, which combined with his Jewish privilege, "got him off the hook" for the dangerous assault he (as seen in the video above) clearly committed against an elder. Now you root for the Jew, hoping other Jews will notice and let you sit under their table and eat the crumbs they drop. I will not live like that, I am the master of my own destiny, not a supplicant of these disgusting Jewish parasites.

How sick and rotten you must feel inside – how loathsome you must see yourself as being, knowing you are nothing more than a worthless Goyim piece of shit, groveling at the feet of Jews, begging your Jewish masters for a tiny bit of privilege – which they can, whenever they want, take away. Unfortunately it seems you are an untermensch, a subhuman, you have no place and no future in nationalsozialistisch America. You disgust me, completely.


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Jew-stupid? How original.😂
There's no need to get triggered, my friend. Oy vey, so much hatred in your heart. Were your parents not loving and attentive to you when you were a child? I believe you hate them because you fear them. There's no need to fear the Jews. They're not holding you back. You're holding yourself back. A mental disorder and failing to make it past second grade might also explain why you act the way you do. NSM claims to abide by the law, yet your commander and his skinhead sidekicks do the exact opposite. First Phoenix, now this. For you guys, I guess it's only natural to think about the Jew whenever you do your routine circlejerks🥒💦


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> Jew-stupid? How original.

If you are not Jew-stupid, then you accept servitude to your master the Jew. You would look less disgusting to me, had you simply admitted to being Jew-stupid. There is hope for the Jew-stupid. There is NO HOPE for you.

> There's no need to get triggered, my friend.

I am not your friend, you have no place in nationalsozialistisch America. You suck the Jewish cock today, for a tiny piece of privilege, but by submitting to this psychological parasite, you become loathsome to us and to everyone who sees you. You will never be remembered. History only remembers the bold. The NSM is already a part of history. YOU ARE NOT.

> Oy vey, so much hatred in your heart.

You sound just like your Jewish masters. Hatred is what drives the White race. Hatred has always driven the White race. It's time to reawaken that hate, defining what it means to be White. Everything worth having, was attained by hate. You know this, everyone knows this, but you and they remain docile and cowed by your Jewish masters, all the better to serve THEM.

Hate is not illegal. Only acting upon hate is illegal, unless in a time of war. Keep that in mind, as war quickly approaches from all sides. The Jews want a great reset, whereby they sit and eat like an effendi, while the Goyim work, plow and reap for the Jew. Seriously, given the superiority of the White race, how likely is that to actually happen? When pushed up against a wall, the White race always does what it must, to survive. Whites are accommodating up to a point. Then we elect and embrace a Hitler.

> Were your parents not loving and attentive to you when you were a child?

Argumentum ad hominem does not work here, because we are not stupid. Like a Jew, you attempt to redirect my argument against me personally, rather than to debate the position I am maintaining. Everyone (even you) knows that you must suck Jewish cock in order to get ahead in Clown World. You do it willingly, which is why you disgust me. I refuse to do it at all, which is why I am the natural enemy of the parasitic Jew.

> I believe you hate them because you fear them.

I hate them because they are nation wreckers. They promote degeneracy and through deception, control much of the Goyim, they even control you.

> There's no need to fear the Jews.

The NSM does not fear the Jew, but rather, the NSM stands up to them.

> They're not holding you back. You're holding yourself back.

Jewish projection: claiming what everyone sees is not happening. Nothing is holding the NSM back. The NSM and the GDL remain steadfast. Everyone sees this and are emboldened by it. You see this too, but rather than join the NSM or the GDL, you simply take another Jewish cock into your mouth, hoping they will become even more fond of their loathsome Goyim supplicant.

> A mental disorder and failing to make it past second grade might also explain why you act the way you do.

More ad hominem. So. Very. JEWISH! I've created this website which the Jews (as much as they have tried) can not take down. We have thus demonstrated our superiority to the Jew, who indeed own and control the Jewnited States, its courts and its law enforcement. For now, but not forever.

> NSM claims to abide by the law, yet your commander and his skinhead sidekicks do the exact opposite. First Phoenix, now this.

I will agree with you there, the Commander probably should not have exercised his duty and his rights under stand your ground to defend the elder who was attacked. He should have let others take defensive action instead, since he already has a case pending. But our brave Commander is a man of action and he took action that day, his own outcome be damned. Unlike you, he is not a pussy. Everyone can see that, even you.

> For you guys, I guess it's only natural to think about the Jew whenever you do your routine circlejerks

Even more pointless ad hominem. We see through your attempts at deception. Meanwhile, we will assume you have a Nigger homosexual love interest, who jerks YOU off. I'm picturing this in my mind right now. So is everyone else. We are all filled with disgust, just thinking about you. Be thankful you are somewhat anonymous on here. And never forget that after your Jew cock sucking life is over, NO ONE WILL EVER REMEMBER YOU!

Screaming "fuck jews and niggers" is great but it can quickly scare away potential new party members before they've had a chance to be fully educated on the truth and on our principles. (Also, it is easily exploited by the mainstream media.) We have to understand, that we have white brethren that have been indoctrinated from a young age, who aren't ready to cuss "obscenities" at jews, gypsies, and niggers. Let's meet them where they are and the rest will come. Maybe, right now, they only feel strongly about the injustices being enacted against the white race. We can't red pill the entire white race overnight. Volksgenossen.


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Unfortunately, they're too stupid to comprehend anything you said. They don't possess enough intelligence. Nothing will change. Did you notice how triggered they got when that innocent and educated Jew kid confronted them? NSM was overcome with a sudden rush of fear and helplessness when he walked up to them. No surprise they reacted the only way they know how to; like a bunch of inbred clowns. You heard it here! NSM fears the Jew!


In reply to by Volksgenossen (not verified)

There is an expert in every armchair.
I think the NSM, led by Commander Colucci is
doing a fine job! What are you doing, "Volksgenossen"?
Are you donating regularly at least? I don't think there should be
any armchair managing comments allowed to stay on here if the
person isn't doing anything for the Party!


In reply to by Volksgenossen (not verified)

I agree with the statement about there being a use for the more optically mainstream activism and there are many such organizations out there. However, the NSM is one of the most advanced and fearless organizations out there, period. And when you are being confronted by a loud group of niggers, mentally- ill ANTIFAgs or violent kikes who want to hop out and start issues; it gets escalated pretty quickly. If you really feel that strongly about it then do a different type of activism, but don't critique the biggest and most respected NatSoc group in the world, clearly whatever they have been doing works. 88

I'm a Turkish national and I look white and I am proud to be white. Can I join?


In reply to by q010203 (not verified)

You say you are a Turkish national.
I'm not 100 % certain about the NSM policies about
people who live in/come from countries like Turkey.
If you "look white" and identify as white, those are big points.
It seems to me there are some people of Greek ethnicity who belong to the NSM. why not send a recent photo of yourself to
Commander Colucci and see what he says. as far as I am concerned you would be okay But my opinion doesn't count for crap with things like that. Good luck to you Friend and 88!

Are you talking about me Webmaster? I am confused, I am on their side.


In reply to by fascism forever1488 (not verified)

You need to click "reply" under the message so I will know what you are replying to.

None of my recent comments are directed to you.


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How can I get involved in a protest with the NSM if I have to put up with Eddies crap? I especially ain't gonna take his wife either.


In reply to by Christian (not verified)

You can start by knocking your crybaby shit off! He’s a member in good standing, an officer and on security squad. Same goes for his wife. You are not! Can I clarify that for you any better? I’ve read enough of these posts and cannot accommodate everyone that doesn’t get along with someone else. If you’re White, you’ll figure it out…


In reply to by Burt Colucci (not verified)

I appreciate you for talking with me over the phone. I will stick to saving the white face and fighting for the future of white children children so we may once again regain our pride and privilage. I apologize for talking smack about Eddie and his wife, I will leave them alone and concentrate on activism and self awareness. Thank you sir and god bless you. 88


In reply to by fascism forever1488 (not verified)

I guess Burt threatened to cut off your balls and shove them down your throat if you failed to retract your statement and apologize?


In reply to by Fritz (not verified)

Nah, he would not go that far. The movement does not condone violence idk you had to bring that part up with balls being chopped off don't you think that sounds way off topic?

I pray that all of you see the error of your ways and come out of that vile, Satan-inspired organization!


In reply to by A Former (not verified)

You pray for a continuation of this insidious White genocide?

You pray for even MORE Jewish globo-trans-homo degeneracy?

You pray for the further browning of your beautiful White homeland?

What the fuck is wrong with you?


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

What white genocide moron? All of you are fucking retards that probably don't get enough sun. Get out your moms and grandma's basement. Go get some fresh air for ONCE in your sad pathetic lonely white lives!

Y'all are the scum of the earth and that's why changes are being made to stomp you inbreeders OUT! Cannot wait until til you all are gone and become a rare species one day! Oh the glory! Which it's coming whether you milk maggots like it or not. The BLACK POPULATION is increasing. More rapidly than you Mayosapiens. Which is good. Actually beautiful because then we can finally get somewhere in this world.

What have white folks contributed to this world but kill and destroy every damn thing in their path. Call it karma or whatever. Didn't think Y'all wouldn't have to PAY FOR THE PAST? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh that's fucking CUTE! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Now yall cry like little bitches because your numbers are dropping. You brought it upon yourselves. No one to blame here but y'all. Karma is a BITCH, ain't it? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Just like the Titanic. Y'all got what y'all deserved then too! What comes around ,goes back around. It's past due for y'all to.....EXPIRE!



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A Nigger comes to the NSM to bleat about how happy she is that Niggers are replacing Whites. But remember: this would not be taking place without the help of the Jew and money provided by the government, at the behest of the Jew. White people are being taxed to pay for their own genocide.

> Cannot wait until til you all are gone and become a rare species one day!

Let's say you get your wish. What are you Niggers going to eat, once Whitey is gone? Have you ever seen or heard of a Nigger farmer? Won't an America without Whites, simply become Africa with all its problems, including disease and starvation? And when winter comes, which Africa does not have, without White people to make the furnaces work by supplying gas and electricity, won't all you Niggers simply freeze to death? Have you ever heard of a Nigger electrician? Niggers have a natural fear of electricity (and water) which is why they are an inferior race. Low intelligence, poor planning and a non-existent work ethic, assures us that Niggers can not and will not survive in North America, without the aid of Whites. The Jews are literally betting on this.

Never forget that the Nigger is being USED by the Jew as a biological weapon, to destroy the White race, then once successful, to simply die out naturally. Jews believe in population reduction. They first amplify the Nigger bioweapon, which then kills the more resilient Whites, then the Niggers disappear naturally, being unable to survive on their own, without the help of the now extinct Whites. It's a beautiful scheme concocted by the Jews, don't you think?

> What have white folks contributed to this world

The clothing you Niggers wear for one thing. You would be naked like the way we found you in Africa, if it weren't for White people. Whites have created everything of value in this world – and you know it. Niggers have contributed nothing to modern civilization, aside from being somewhat useful farm animals, at one time.


No matter what happens, Whites will only see victory, even if it ends up being a Pyrrhic victory (as the absence of Whites will surely cause the mass death of 40 million American Niggers, due to starvation and disease). The common pavement Nigger can not survive in North America without White people – AND YOU KNOW THIS! Your hatred of the White race is because you can never BE the White race. The handful of Niggers which will be allowed to survive after the Whites are gone, will be forced into slavery to serve the Jew. And White people won't be around to save your black asses, this time.

Do you even realize how fucking stupid you sound right now? God you whites are the dumbest fucking species on Earth. Yeah no wonder we're dominating in every fucking field. Science, math, sports, electronics, inventions, medicine, etc... All you morons can think about is US. Keep being a hater sweetie. I love it! That's my motivation and drive to keep doing better and achieving higher in life. Black women are the MOST educated in America presently. I myself have 2 degrees. Working on my 3rd.
What have y'all shit shows accomplished with your pathetic lonely, celibate lives? 🤣🤣🤣 Just a bunch of losers that won'tdo anythingor go anywherein life. Just give up already! Not like you was gonna accomplish anything great anyway.

White people are lab created retards!




In reply to by BLACK GODDESS (not verified)

> Do you even realize how fucking stupid you sound right now?

I'm simply going to let the thousands of people who will visit this website, read your words, then read mine – and draw their own conclusions.

> God you whites are the dumbest fucking species on Earth.

Even Niggers realize Humans and Niggers are not of the same species. I just wish liberal leftist Whites would come to that same conclusion. It would make re-segregation all that much easier.

> Yeah no wonder we're dominating in every fucking field. Science

Name ONE scientific achievement by a Nigger. And don't say "invented peanut butter" like some liberal White. Peanut butter was invented by John Kellogg (of cereal fame).…

But of course leave it to a Nigger to later take credit for it. All I ask is for you to show me Carver's patent for peanut butter, or a patent for any invention by Carver, while you're at it. You will be shocked to discover, that none exist for this "famous Black inventor."

> math

Name ONE Nigger mathematician. Name ONE!…

"I've been reading a lot about the history of mathematics lately and in all the texts and articles I've read I haven't seen a single mention of a black mathematician. Are there no notable ones? There are also no black physicists or chemists which come to mind either."

> sports

Yes, Niggers dominate certain sports. But not swimming. Apes can't swim, thus no Nigger swimmers.

> electronics, inventions, medicine, etc

We all realize there are no significant contributions from Niggers in any field other than athletics. I blame Nigger sub-human genetics for their lack of human accomplishments. I also CREDIT Nigger sub-human genetics for their animal functionality (in athletics).

> Black women are the MOST educated in America presently.

WRONG! Nigger females are the most PRIVILEGED in America at present. With government mandates forcing employers to hire Niggers (like it or not) they choose Nigger females to limit their losses. There is a reason why there is no such thing as an all-Black anything in America, not even a football team can make that claim, as the kicker and the quarterback MUST be White in order for the team to have any measure of success. There has never been a successful Nigger quarterback, because Niggers lack intelligence and the ability to make snap decisions.

And recently Biden signed an executive order mandating that billions of dollars would be allocated toward getting "the first Black woman" onto the moon. If Niggers are so great, why are they not already on the moon, the same moon which White men walked on back in 1969?

> I myself have 2 degrees. Working on my 3rd.

But you didn't earn them, they are affirmative action give-aways, something that has been going on in liberal academia since the 1960's. Even Bill Cosby who can barely form English words in his mouth, has a Ph.D. in education. That's called affirmative action and it's stupid to award accolades based upon pity, based upon race, rather than merit.

> Not like you was gonna accomplish anything great anyway.

This website itself demonstrates what White people can accomplish. The number of websites you will find which are this feature rich and impervious to penetration and/or take-down are few. Certainly even a Nigger such as yourself could never write code. Nobody has ever heard of a Nigger programmer. Niggers, when left to their own accord, always end up a complete mess, begging for food and help from Whitey.


In reply to by A Former (not verified)

Satan inspired organization? God himself separated humans into different regions to keep races pure so how is it different that whites prefer separation from other races?


In reply to by Geo88 (not verified)

Yes, Satan IS involved, however not in what WE are doing – but in what we are fighting against. Jesus Christ himself told the Jews that they are of their father the devil and that they are doing their father's bidding (John 8:44) and at the end, he referred to the Jews as the synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) and as you read these passages and think about what the Jews are doing to us right now – surely you will agree that Jesus was telling the truth.

What the Jews are doing right now with the Nigger, artificially elevating them above the White race at all levels – is an abomination, as God had cursed the Nigger, with the behavior of an animal and the mind of a child and forced them into servitude (Genesis 9:25). And for a long time, we followed the wishes of God, but the Jew intervened in order to use the Nigger against us as a biological weapon and now Whites serve the wishes of Satan instead. The greatest Jewish commandment of all is "through deception thou shalt do war" and that is precisely what is happening to us right now, as the Jews wage a war of deception upon us. This, as well as destroying crops, destroying food processing plants and creating transgenic weaponized viruses to simultaneously bring plagues and famine – not to mention Jews fomenting war in Eastern Europe; these are not the will of God, but rather the will of Satan and of his children, the Jews. Biblical citations included above, for any doubters.

These niggers need to move on back to Africa, we gave them enough already by keeping their heads higher above water Than their Black African counter parts, we can not go on any further time to cut the cords that keeps them here in the United States.


In reply to by Founding Father (not verified)

The system has already made blacks expect everything handed to them. The juden democrats and Republicans have sold out America to the communists. The blacks are so stupid not to realize that they are being enslaved just like the bolshevik jews did in Russia.

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