The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )
Sieg Heil aus Longview, TX
Greetings from the National Socialist Movement in Longview, Texas


Downtown Longview streets no longer blocked 'as precaution' for possible white supremacy rally…

So let me get this straight. White people who don't hate themselves nor feel guilty (or "privileged") for being White, show up in town for a private gathering of like-minded folk – and in response, they shut down the entire city. White people. The epitome of charity, hope and good will. To be afraid of White people, is literally insane!

Meanwhile, if a pack of Niggers were to show up, I bet the city officials would gleefully supply them with gasoline and matches, then cheer and proclaim loudly how diversity is our strength, as they loot and then raze the entire city to the ground.

Longview is located in TEXAS, not California! What the fuck has happened to Texas? Most of your grandfathers were likely members of the KKK there in Longview, which at one time was a stronghold for the church. ? You should be proud of your Klan heritage and their grand-parental wisdom. What would your grandparents think of YOU, if they could see YOUR behaviors today? Shame on you all!

We are literally living in clown world.


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

It appears over the past 100 years, societal and cultural mores have shifted 180 degrees.

What was wholesome and good 100 years ago, is now evil.

What was evil 100 years ago, is now wholesome and good.

Both of these states of existence can't possibly be correct.

A large nuclear family, prosperity and wealth, health and happiness, these were the cornerstones of American life 100 years go. How did the white race as whole, become so misguided? Just look at the faces of the left, do any of these people appear to be happy or healthy to you? Can white America pull out of this miserable and misguided death spiral? We've seen this before, in 1920's Weimar Republic Germany. And the causes for each catastrophic state are identical. We are currently set to repeat Germany's 1923, right here in America, likely in 2023 right after the upcoming midterm election fraud. Don't think that it can't or won't happen with far left democrats in charge, willing to use fraud and corruption to remain in power.

If white America is be saved, it can now only be saved through National Socialism.


In reply to by Dave (not verified)

my new word "kikery" always gives spellcheck a coniption.


In reply to by Dave Wydner (not verified)

so should "coniption"

Was great to see you guys there. Thank you so much for taking videos of the speeches. I am anxiously awaiting footage of my speech. Talk more soon. Hail Victory! \o


WOW! What a sight for sore eyes guys, seeing that Sieg Heil aus Longview, Texas!

- Von Der Hinterland

Damn, i would have given just about anything to have been there with you guys. Hopefully all went well and everybody made it home safe. H.H.! 14/88 Salute to my brothers & comrades!!!

Good to see a group of white men and women doing what is necessary to keep this country great and moving forward towards the future that would be filled with glory if everybody else would just get fucking out of our way! HH! 14/88! Hail Victory!



In reply to by dr Mengele (not verified)

Yes i am agree with you



In reply to by TED (not verified)

However we do prefer intelligent posts. Try to post more intelligently in the future as this looks like trolling.


In reply to by WhiteAmerica (not verified)

The left *requires* censorship in order to achieve outcomes in their favor, because everything the left believes, is a lie. You defeat a lie by telling the truth. You defeat a truth, only through censorship. Everything we say here is self-evident truth. Self-evident means, you don't really have to think about it, it's just obviously true. What the left believes is not self-evident, usually it's more to the contrary.

We have NO CENSORSHIP here. Leftists and communists can say in these comments, whatever they want, so long as it's legal to publish in the USA – then we refute their ridiculous claims, citing ample supporting evidence. We trust the intelligence of our readers and their ability (based upon the facts provided) to draw their own conclusions. The left despise those who think for themselves, preferring instead a form of "groupthink" where the indoctrinated leaders of the left TELL you what to think and what to believe.

Unlike EVERY OTHER platform in the world – when a truth is spoken here, it remains visible to everyone, forever. Antifa (and the communist left) are starting to realize, that on this *fair* playing field, they have been soundly defeated – and have begun behaving like the children that they are, ignoring that we even exist. They pretend we aren't even here – which is all we ever asked of them, in the first place. In the beginning of my series of arguments on this platform, I stated to those on the left: if you don't like it, don't look at it. Instead, they went after our supposedly free-speech registrar (Epik) and got us placed on clientHold by them – the first and supposedly only customer that they have banned. This of course was an act which violates ICANN rules (but every registrar now abuses that rule, for the sake of wokeism, a practice which began with godaddy). According to ICANN, clientHold is "an uncommon status that is usually enacted during legal disputes, non-payment, or when your domain is subject to deletion." There is no mention of "hate speech" in that description. So we moved to a publicly traded registrar that will follow the rules. Literally every vulnerability we had, has at one point been exploited by the left. This forced us to develop new strategies to prevent deplatforming, which we have implemented – until finally, we have reached this state of armored excellence, apparently no longer vulnerable to the whining bitches on the left. ?

These futile attacks against the NSM website have slowed and stopped. We are today, finally at peace. ? Which I presume may be why it's so quiet right now. ? However I have no doubts that the left will periodically start their stupidity again, repeating over and over the same failed techniques, hoping each time, for a different outcome. ? That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger. My thanks go out to the left, for without their attacks, we never would have achieved this level of stability and security. ? They showed us one-by-one each and every weakness that we had, which we have subsequently strengthened. And for that, I thank them. A man can only prove himself through battle – and in this battle, the NSM demonstrably has won!

As far as in here in The United States? You could probably Google the term "Gay Porn" and you'll likely see what you have to pick from...


In reply to by Burt Colucci (not verified)

Not sure if you're a cuck faggot who think Neo-Nazis consist of Homos or you're just misguiding a potential infiltrator who is looking to ruin another WP/NS Organization in the United States.

He's got a good convincing and clear radio voice. Seriously. Has he ever considered becoming a radio...? Just kidding! 88!

jews are demons , not merely demonic.

You people are sick and twisted and are the problem with America.


In reply to by Terry_Daktyl (not verified)

Fuck me for being different? Fuck me for standing up for my race? Uh no fuck you for being against US.

This is our website. The Jew only brings death and destruction everywhere he goes. He riles our members. Don't allow the Jew to spread his hatred here also. Delete his remarks and DON'T PUBLISH THEM.


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

In today's clown world, Jews always attempt to control the narrative through censorship (you are only allowed to see the words of the Jew). No Goyim is ever allowed to refute the word of the Jew.

Here we allow the Jew and their supplicants to speak, so everyone can see their lying words, then see OUR words – and thus become better able to draw their own conclusions.

DO NOT FALL INTO THE JEWISH TRAP OF CENSORSHIP. Censorship is wrong. Censorship is Jewish. Unlike the lying Jewish media, the NSM supports free speech. Unlike everywhere else on this Jew-run Internet, here we allow the Jew to expose themselves – and then we refute their words with TRUTH. Here we clearly show the world that Nazis are better than the evil and civil rights denying Jew.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Yes it is. And you are not going to get the truth from (as world chess champion - Bobby Fischer once called them) "lying bastards". Every time you get a 4 letter curse word it's the Talmudic Jew "arguing" with you (cause otherwise they can't argue). Yes it does make the website seem interesting, but the nature of the Jew is to take over everything eventually. Refer to the meme (I would post it here) that shows you who the billionaires are that contribute to the republican and democrat party - they are all Jews and they own both parties.


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

· Yes it does make the website seem interesting

Jews, by being offensive and obnoxious to Whites, are the ultimate conversation starters. They really fire up the NS crowd and get them to engage. 😛 The purpose of allowing everyone (even Jews) to speak here, is to let the Jews expose themselves. We then refute what the Jew has said, with the truth. The reader, seeing both arguments, then draws their own conclusions. The Jews know this, which is why they now remain silent for the most part. Jews require censorship and platform ownership, so that only their voices are heard. HERE, both sides are heard and the reader can then draw their own conclusions, but ONLY after being given unfettered access to both sides of every argument. Nazis are way more fair than the Jew.

· but the nature of the Jew is to take over everything eventually

How can they do that, when they have no power here? Jews can not force their own posts to magically appear, we must first okay everything that is posted. This is mostly because Jews post illegal death threats, in the hopes that we will publish them – so they can then bring federal criminal charges against us, for having illegal content on our website (we are up to 20 of these illegal death threat posts so far). Jews also can not delete anything that is posted here – not even their own posts, so without censorship, the Jew languishes and dies. That's why the Jews have mostly stopped engaging us here, they know it harms them, more than it harms us.

However all along, the Jews have continually tried to censor us by any means available to them, with their constant attempts to shut us down, but they have failed – and in the process, they only made us stronger, by pointing out all of our weaknesses. Today we're still up and more rock solid now than ever before! First, the Jews went to our hosting provider, convincing them to shut us down. We worked around that by building back stronger, by building the most robust and reliable content delivery network that has ever been built by a pro-White entity. It currently has twice the brute-force defensive capabilities of either Cloudflare or Cloudfront. AND WE OWN IT, so abuse reporting does nothing!

Then they went after our domain registrar, convincing them to shut us down, that was Epik, the supposedly free speech registrar. We were the first domain they ever censored, AFAIK. Now they are decimated, after being hacked by the Jews, all their customer records going back years, have been dumped in the public domain. We on the other hand, have never been hacked. Our current website is robust and highly impervious to penetration. As programmers and network engineers, we are the top in our field. Clearly, we are not n00bz like Epik, everyone can see that. 😉

Today we are on a publicly traded registrar which actually abides by ICANN rules. Frustrated, the Jews then attacked our two nameservers with a DDoS attack. Oops, yet another weak point that we didn't even think about. So we built 13 nameservers (the maximum allowed) and scattered them all around the world. For DDoS to work, you must have low latency, meaning you must be close. An attempted DDoS from the USA to Singapore will have no effect. So for us to have service, only ONE nameserver needs to work. This scheme guarantees we will always have service from at least one nameserver. So you can see how the Jews actually helped us become stronger, they instructed us where we were weak, thus because of their evil, we have advanced greatly – now we can share what we have learned with others, defeating the Jew worldwide. 🙂 The Jews apparently have exhausted all avenues at this point. Therefore we should be okay from now on. After all, we are Americans and we have a right to exist!

· they are all Jews and they own both parties

We are neither Republicans or Democrats – we are National Socialists, we are the NAZI party. We are the only political way possible, to defeat the threat of the communist Jews.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Donating to you is perfect investing. It's not much you're asking for and the results are virtually immediate, and powerful. Rae-saving powerful.

You are clearly an outstandingly worthy investment. You explained it well. Jews are far from smart plus they're insane. To wit: they are parasites and are trying to destroy their host. Hellooo! Anybody in there.

Gotcha Himey!

They are F***ed. They can't exist with us, and they can't exist without us.

I love hating the Jews. Wiser men than me have noted that Jews want to do bad but when they try they are doing good.

Jews created the system of communist and help turn white people into slaves for niggers, and now we must clean this nation from all the Jewish problem by deportation of niggers and traitors whites to
Also America.

I am aware that we are deplatformed from blog talk. I know that command staff has made allusions to the possibility of broadcasting the episodes straight from the website. Is there any possibility of this happening soon? Hope so because I not only enjoy the shows myself but I recently got quite a few of my buddies on board with listening as well. They are a great tool and are very informative and entertaining.
- 88


In reply to by BigSky88 (not verified)

Yes, Blog Talk Radio is not something that we owned or controlled, therefore we were subject to their arbitrary and capricious rules. Even though we followed their rules and didn't use racial epithets, enough people apparently complained and we were terminated, so we are now forced to build our own infrastructure and to begin direct competition with BTR in this market. You know, like Trump building his own media and tech empire, due to his being canceled. This is actually a good thing for everyone, because our final weakness has finally been eliminated, we are now forced to build back stronger and more resilient than ever before! For example, on our new platform, racial epithets will not only be allowed, they will be required! This will be our perennial hat tip to the Jews. So even as the Jews think they have won, in reality all they did was make us stronger and more determined than ever before. We will come out of this bigger and stronger, all we needed was a little push by the Jews. So my thank you goes out to the evil Jews, for giving us that push. Cancel culture on BTR will only harm them in the end, because every time a company goes "woke," shortly thereafter, they always go broke. Every! Fucking! TIME! They never learn. So now we have begun the process of building back bigger and more bad ass than ever before. But building infrastructure to withstand the onslaught of the evil Jew (with their unlimited money and government resources) is of course difficult and will take some time and a lot of money. But we are currently progressing nicely, while the hosts take their well deserved break. So when we do launch on our new platform, you will know about it, as the thunder will echo from the mountain tops, to be heard all around the world. That I promise Jew. 🙂

We just had a user submit a string of fedposts in here. Reminder: NO DEATH THREATS. We allow anything here that isn't illegal. Death threats are illegal and we are forced by law to block them. The user in question is from Richmond, Virginia and claims to be a member of the KKK. Probably an actual fed in this case. Just remember to keep everything federally (USA) legal here and you won't get blocked. 🙂 That in includes you actual feds.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

i am not involved in an groups nor the kkk, i posted an interesting site for if anyone wants to join the Loyal White Knights. [veiled death threat redacted by webmaster] i am a white supremacist not a fucking fed. sheesh people these days just cannot stop looking at memes. Anyways hope you understand, White Power!


In reply to by FascismForever1488 (not verified)

Look, the most distasteful thing in the world is for me to censor another man's words. Keep your illegal death threats on Telegram, not here. You are from Virginia, a completely leftist state, where the courts administer injustice openly against Whites, in their obedient service to the Jews. Your actions and posting location looks to me like fedposting, sorry.


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Somehow people get away with a lot of things on Telegram but to be accurate, Instagram is not safe for fedposting, whereas Telegram users seem to get away with almost anything. However here we uphold and abide by the rule of law, right to the letter. Americans are granted unprecedented free speech by our Bill of Rights and subsequent Supreme Court rulings. We take full advantage of those rights on this website. However the tiny few things not permitted here include: obscenity, fraud, child pornography, speech integral to illegal conduct, speech that incites imminent lawless action, speech that violates intellectual property law, true threats, and commercial speech such as advertising. Defamation that causes harm to reputation is a tort and also an exception to free speech.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

The Jews with their long noses think they are so special and want to gain the right to overthrow the U.S Government and unleash Communism over the United States. These are no ordinary people other than Satan's children, they prick my nerves no much. I may come from a state where Liberals live at but I am a KKK supporter (not apart of it or any group involving federal agencies).

In October of 2021, many of the nation's National Socialists woke up to the depressing removal of confident, fearless , guiding voices of truth, reason ,and justice that was the National Socialist Movement's podcasts hosted on Blog Talk Radio. And when these men came to the homesite known as NSM, they were met with silence. So the Jews now dance around in celebration, with their allies of woke folk, black, brown, and sadly some whites too. However, something inside me could sense change, could feel inside that somewhere there were silent white warriors already at work, gathering strength and numbers and an internet war machine like no other known to man. My friends, those of you who are silenced, prepare your words well. For the fountain of freedom is about to return to lead us disciplined warriors into a new era of total war. Only the strong, the brave, and courageous amongst us are offered a seat at the table. Panzer Divisions are forming, the SS are marching under the Black Sun, the Wehrmacht numbers are growing, gathering, and ready to heed the call of the Commander. And like those slain warriors in Valhalla know, Ragnarok awaits us all. All hail the warriors of the National Socialist Movement, who for now have gone into the bunker to devise the final war plans for our race and nation. We here behind the barbed wire will await your return patiently. For we are with you until the end my friends. HAIL THE FINAL SOLUTUON TO THE JEWISH QUESTION!!!! 88


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

Finally, we've go a honed down social. media for Whites who are focused on the important topic of our only chance to survive, The NSM. Sadly, this knowledge is simple, but profound, and therefore shut off from the inner appreciation of all but the few. A high concentration of elite SS types here. Love it!

Don't worry, this is exactly as it should be; developing a sound foundation which is needed. Stay free and healthy for the hour of power.

Everyday in school kids are taught to respect Niggers and their so called "Black History Month" when its really just praising Niggers and their superiority. All the niggers, Jewboys, fags, and refugees get their own special yet we never do. I blame the Liberal Teachers raising kids to hate God and this country. White girls are to like white boys yet they are taught all the time that their natural mate is that of an ugly ape. I wish i could burn those faggot rainbow flags and replace them with swastikas to represent that we the white race have a bigger history than those niggers as we represent America. Heil Hitler!


In reply to by FascismForever1488 (not verified)

The NSM is harnessing such wishes from millions of our people. We've got this. Sacrifice, support, stick with the NSM through thick and thin. Be full-on Aryan. Fight through the hard times coming, stay strong, and carry on - JOYFULLY!

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