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NSM Live Streaming Video

So far a smashing success!

So far, we have had two preliminary (beta test) broadcasts and both have been remarkably successful. Commander Burt Colucci's broadcast, which didn't hold back on the prolific use of racial epithets, blew the doors off, with an amazing 1,663 unique IP addresses viewing the stream. Our CDN reports 503.7 GB of data traffic, half a terabyte in total, for the month so far, however this includes Media Director, Eddie McBride's broadcast from days earlier. I think his usage, plus my own usage in testing, was around 40GB or so, but I honestly wasn't paying close attention.

The high turnout for Commander Colucci's broadcast has now thoroughly tested our new high performance dynamic network condition-aware video servers, as well as our low-latency content delivery network (CDN) which both appear to have functioned flawlessly, worldwide. Commander Colucci talked about a delay – yes a delay is required by the video servers, this is in case of disconnect, followed by re-connect. I believe the delay is around 20 seconds, which means the server has 20 seconds of buffered data in queue to stream uninterrupted, while it attempts to reconnect.

And with this broadcast, The NSM has now demonstrated many strategic new improvements in our media outreach, all thanks to the Jew. The gift that the Jew has bestowed upon us was simple – they got us deplatformed from BlogTalk Radio. This was just the little push that we needed, in order to transition over to a self-provided video service, an upgrade which we most definitely needed. Since we are no longer relying upon a 3rd party platform for media presentation, we now of course have NO RULES – meaning, no longer must we practice self-censorship, other than what is required by U.S. federal law.

I of course can and may do some extensive log analysis, more than just total unique IP count – and will likely report some of that here at some point. I am also aware of the browser caching issue that plagued some people. I will be addressing that issue by implementing a unique ID tag on authentication keyed javascript, to prevent this from happening in the future. I will also work on generic access for atypical devices such as digital TVs and smart phones. I would really like to build a phone app for this service, but the app stores would quickly terminate such an item. I will look into how we might work around the app stores, regarding their censorship issues.

Thanks to all who watched. We will announce even more broadcasts in the near future! 🙂

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