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Florida Police ADL Collusion

Police ADL Collusion

Atlantis, Florida Chief of Police Robert G. Mangold has been confirmed to be actively colluding with the Florida branch of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) in an attempt to hide from you the truth. Florida law enforcement is actively in collusion with the Jews, in an attempt to deny White Floridians of their civil rights. In this bombshell release by "Justice Report" Mangold can be seen being scolded by interim director of the Florida ADL, Yael Hershfield for unknowingly agreeing on camera that JEWS DO IN FACT CONTROL MANY IF NOT ALL THE LEVERS OF POWER IN AMERICA.

Mangold is clearly a servant of the Jews, otherwise he would not be in the position of power that he now finds himself, Chief of Police, as Jews and Jews alone, decide who will and who will not hold subservient positions of power in America. This is why when the GDL (Goyim Defense League) released the video, the first thing he did after discovering its existence, was report to his Jewish masters, to apologize and make excuses for his mistake. You may have noticed what I noticed, that they already had each other's contact information and the language of their texts suggest they have already discussed matters of this nature before. Mangold gloats that he was able to arrest one of the troupe for the dubious charge of obstruction, while they were exercising their First Amendment Rights to tell Americans about this covert and corrupt Jewish influence at all levels.

In these damning texts and emails between the Chief and director, you will clearly see them discuss methods on how BEST to DENY the constitutional rights of Whites, through twisted interpretations of already existing law. The recording shows Mangold (in real-time) agreeing with many (if not all) of the political points made by the GDL, regarding the negative and disproportionate impact Jews have on America. Mangold then contacted Hershfield to receive his reprimand, as the bad Goyim servant to the Jews that he appears to be (in this recording). Mangold apologizes in his texts to the Jewess, while claiming he was only agreeing with Minadeo to defuse the situation and claims he will be smarter next time, saying, “Not my finest moment. No excuses, recover and be smarter next time. At least we managed to arrest one for obstruction.” He also suggested that they take their messages to his private (burner) phone, so they will NOT be unavailable via FOIA to the public – a tactic which is used by high ranking political criminals, such as Hillary Clinton with her private and insecure email server. I am not claiming here that Mangold is in fact a criminal, just that he suggests employing tactics of obfuscation and obstruction of justice, the same as those used by criminals in power.

What we must all realize here is that Mangold only serves the Jews because he likely believes there is no other way – that the Jews are simply too powerful, having achieved their levels of dominance in the power structure, long before he was even born. He likely knows that if you want a successful career as a powerful person in law enforcement, you will only achieve that goal, by sucking Jewish cock and doing what you are told to do, by the Jews. In these released communications, you will see just that!

If you have not done so already, follow this link to read the report.

In epilogue, Mangold really needs to behave like an American, to behave like a man, to get on the right side of history in this political fight for our future and to behave like the supporter of the Constitution he claims to be, even if it costs him his job! Which of course it will. As Jews RULE with an iron fist, at all levels in America (as this he clearly already knows, as shown by his prompt reporting with apology to his Jewish masters at the ADL).


I have to say that Jonathan Greenrat demonstrably isn't very smart. Just look what he tweeted today. "Former President Trump also delivered remarks that were in character but still dangerous. His claims about expelling warmongers, driving out globalists, casting out communists, and throwing off those who hate our country echo classic #antisemitic rhetoric."

So according to the speaker of the Jews, essentially: expelling warmongers, driving out globalists, casting out communists, and throwing off those who hate our country (copied verbatim) DEFINES precisely what is antisemitism? Isn't that what we've been saying about the Jews, all along? Greenrat is quintessentially a moron, he just admitted the truth about Jews and their agenda, thus making our case FOR us. This tweet exemplifies the unintended consequences of being stupid. Greenrat would have been far better off, by not saying anything at all. This is not his first blunder, either. He is woefully unqualified for his powerful position, as the speaker of the Jews.

If this graph is actually true – which it does appear to be (relatively true) then our biggest goal is to convince the majority population of Whites to actually speak the truth, rather than say what they think will prevent negative accusations. Essentially, we need everyone to agree, like the little child in Hans Christian Andersen's "Keiserens nye Klæder" that the Emperor, simply hasn't got anything on.

"But he hasn't got anything on!" the whole town cried out at last.

Similarities between Weimar Germany & today:
Basic needs increasingly unattainable
Savings, pensions or disability checks virtually bankrupt
Rampant inequality
Increased violence
breakdowns in supply chains
massive financial upheaval
general population feeling betrayed
rewriting national history
Bottom line, there was social dissolution, criminal leadership, and a completely fragile democratic system.
Welcome to the past. Welcome to Weimar 2.0 The good news, however, is it did herald in the rise of the greatest leader of all time, Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi party.
Yet, take solace in this:
In a hundred years time, perhaps, a great man will appear who may offer them (the Germans) a chance at salvation. He'll take me as a model, use my ideas, and follow the course I have charted. (A quote by the Fuhrer himself.)
I sleep soundly knowing this is true. 88

If Jews control the United States, then when exactly did this happen? If you cannot provide a date, then your claims of JOG are invalid.


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What a ridiculous thing to say. Everyone knows the Jewish take-over has been very gradual, almost unnoticeable, the slow-boil of the frog – in order that the frog won't jump. This is a gradual, multi-generational programmed take-over, spanning all the way back to well before the civil war. What I describe is the foremost secret to Jewish power – their almost lock-step "hive mind" pursuit of a singular, shared common goal: the enslavement of Goyim (in this case Niggers, as Niggers have a long and successful history as slaves, spanning the 16th to 18th centuries) and the establishment of what might be described as Jew-world (a world completely owned and run by Jews). In short, the fulfillment of a prophecy, of what anyone can read in their ancient and most holy book, the Talmud. In Jew-world, the Goyim will work and toil ONLY to serve the needs of the Jew. And the only demonstrably successful Goyim with a long and successful history of being used as slaves, is the Nigger. This explains the NEED for this cryptic White Genocide, as the Jews simply MUST be rid of the White race, as Whites will likely attempt to stop the Jews from bringing back chattel slavery. Jews successfully ran the slave trade in the past – but it was White people (not even the Niggers themselves) who saw it as immoral and thus brought an end to it. Given all the success that the Jews have had since WWII, in their take-over of all the most important levers of power in America, it seems clear to us ALL right now – they have nearly, fully achieved their goal. The White race is on a downward trajectory of which we may never pull out.

Saturday Morning Cartoons, public school teachers, and contemporary American Conservative politics have been intentionally poisoning the well of the collective subconscious with this Slave Morality for decades.

Its why so many of you are so averse to stealing from globohomo companies, exploiting govt programs for money, manipulating globohomo identity politics in bureaucracy in your favor, simultaneously ignoring/breaking laws you hate while still siccing cops on people you dislike, and ganging up on your enemies with cancel culture dogpiling like leftists do.

Because their slave morality conditioning WORKED on you. Ironic that dudes who fantasize about fighting a guerilla war would shy away from using "softer tactics" (stealing from globohomo bots is somehow worse than shooting them? Lol) Break out of that fucking "dont stoop to their level" brainwashing. Be an Entropist. Use every tool and tactic at your disposal to strengthen yourself/weaken your enemies.

No more sheepdogs, now we fight like wolves. Join the NSM and fight!

"Oh we are such poor, unfortunate souls. How sad it is that our lives are being controlled by people of Jewish and African descent that make up a whole 15% of the population of OUR OWN country (we definitely didn't steal this land from native people! Actually white people walked over the Atlantic ocean to get here about 20,000 years ago!). Thank god this website secretly exists, so that we can babble about how much we don't like people solely because they have a different skin tone! SiEg HiEl!" 🤓


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This website isn't a secret. Of course we don't get ranked properly on most search engines, but there is no access restrictions – anyone can visit this website. Even people in Germany where it is a 10 year prison sentence to visit this website, have the ability to do so. We take extraordinary steps to make sure that everyone, everywhere on earth are able to access this site. We are free speech absolutists – as the censoring of ideas is repugnant to any American.

Also, I don't know about you, but I don't dislike people based solely upon the color of their skin. Granted, White people are to me the most beautiful people on earth and I dearly love them, but I don't just hate skin of any color. Where I righteously hate, is based solely upon the content of abysmal character. Niggers asked me to do just that, to judge them based upon nothing more than the content of their character – and I complied. In simple terms, Niggers are and always have been, as far back as you care to look in recorded history, nothing more than stupid and violent sub-human African ape beasts. There is demonstrably no place for them within any civil society. Everywhere you look, wherever there are Niggers, even when they are artificially placed in high office, where they absolutely DO NOT belong, you see nothing but incompetence, corruption and trouble. The Nigger's status as a primitive farm animal was widely known and understood in the 1600's, when they were first brought to America to be used like horses and mules, a stance which was clearly reiterated by Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Lincoln purchased land in Africa, named that land Liberia (for liberty) and was planning to migrate all the Niggers there – to finally be rid of them, but was assassinated before he could complete that task. As a result, we all suffer today, because the cancer which is the Nigger beast, has metastasized across all of this land. We will likely never be rid of this Nigger ape beast plague.

Note: even as the Jew appears on the surface to be nothing more than unattractive White people, I hate them the same and for the same reason, their abysmal behavior and a lack of good character. I think most people reading these words, will agree.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

While I was at the hotel to-day, an elderly gentleman called upon me to know whether I was really in favor of producing a perfect equality between the negroes and white people. [Great Laughter.] While I had not proposed to myself on this occasion to say much on that subject, yet as the question was asked me I thought I would occupy perhaps five minutes in saying something in regard to it. I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, [applause]-that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. — Abraham Lincoln, September 18, 1858, Charleston, Illinois.

Abraham Lincoln was clearly a White Supremacist, the same as I. You FBI behavioral analysts, who read my shit and project your psychological assessments upon me from afar, were of course, never taught this fact about Lincoln in school. You were taught, conversely, that Lincoln was this great savior and lover of the Nigger ape beast. Clearly he was not. Perhaps now you should stop hating me so much. Or perhaps, as I would say the following to be the most likely scenario, this comment will have absolutely no effect upon you whatsoever, it all depends upon how deeply you have been brainwashed with delusional ideologies in college, primarily by the Jews. You see, the Jews are masters of deception and will always employ cognitive dissonance, to make sure their Goyim supplicants in law enforcement, continuously obey and follow their destructive programming. Most of you will claim, just as others have already claimed, that I somehow HACKED and CHANGED this government website, to make it seem racist, to make it perfidiously toxic, because I am apparently talented enough to do so – and yes, just that inherently evil and full of hate.

So after all that, how accurate am I with MY projected assessment, of you? 🙂


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Lincoln was most certainly a White Supremacist, and more correctly a White Nationalist. His most famous words (paraphrased), were that Blacks and Whites though equally free could not live together. The negro is best left alone in his own environment in Africa. Many falsely believe that the civil war was about slavery (and we don't want them here under any circumstances anyway). Lincoln was a politician and the link explains what the civil war (and any war for that matter) was all about. It was about politics.


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

I would argue that Abraham Lincoln was a White Supremacist as we agree – but rather a Civic Nationalist, based upon his own words, "while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race" which suggests White superiority but the "while they do remain together" suggests civic nationalism. Were he to have been successful in expatriating the Negroes to Liberia, that would suggest he were truly a White nationalist, but based upon what actually happened (as opposed to what was proposed to happen) he would appear to be (or was running on the platform of) a Civic Nationalist, one who adheres to the more liberal values of freedom, tolerance, equality, individual rights, but is not at all interested in ethnocentrism.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

The term Nationalist appears as a contradiction to the so-called liberal 'values' of diversity, tolerance and freedom etc. Do Whites have any values or freedom in America today, other than those we keep to ourselves? (Ancient Greece and Rome both had slaves as a large percentage of their populations). We could best sum up the results of living together as Lincoln stated, with the words of Albert Schweitzer in the link. The negro is NOT nationalistic in any sense of the word, and no African country is. African countries (even the Muslim) are largely Marxist in nature. And many Africans do flee to the west under knowingly White rule.


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

In the same speech, Lincoln said, "I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality" so he knew co-existence with the Negro was impossible, without maintaining a superior/inferior relationship, with this new relationship replacing the master/slave relationship which was in place at the time – where the Negro is of course, to forever remain as the inferior. Artificially promoting and placing Negroes into positions of power (as exemplified today with the ridiculous actions of the NYC DA and previously by the Negro NY AG) causes nothing but grief, problems and disruption for everyone involved. Jews place these Negroes into positions of power to manipulate them, to use them as sacrificial pawns, but not without the help of gullible and liberal Whites who vote for them.

I have no doubts the Negro DA will in time, regret his actions this day and wind up disbarred over this clearly political stunt. A sacrifice the Negro is too unintelligent to realize he is making – and one that these Jews who guide and control him, are more than willing to make. If only Republican Whites were as willing as the Democrat Jews to exploit Negroes for political gains, we too could use them as political pawns – but no, Whites must maintain the moral high ground; and suffer greatly as a result.

This early comment on the website, clearly exemplifies the many repeated failures of multiculturalism – failures which span throughout all of recorded history. Quote, "History has shown that racial integration has NEVER worked, throughout all of recorded history, be it Babylon, Rome, Egypt, Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa, even cities such as Detroit, Saint Louis, Baltimore, Oakland, New Orleans, Chicago and so on."


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

Here is a news report which exemplifies Abraham Lincoln's position, where he stated (as quoted above), "I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office" for just as we all saw today, the incredible ramifications of actually placing Negroes into positions of high office.

These Negroes are being used and consumed sacrificially by those who place them into these positions of power – being used by Jews, such as George Soros, so that these Jews may get whatever political outcome they want, without placing the Jews themselves at risk. Now if only White Republicans would do the same, would use Negroes which have been imbued with privilege, as political pawns, the same as Jewish democrats, then we might have a fighting chance. The most that White Republicans have ever done so far with the Negro, is to put shirts on them that say "Blacks for Trump" which to me seems absolutely ridiculous.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

YES, T-shirts saying "Blacks for Trump" doesn't cut it, BUT to simpletons in the political arena, it appears useful. The Trump-hating NY negro DA backed by Soros looks like a dimwit and is merely following his Jew masters just as he did onto the Jew-OWNED slave ships. The South African negro followed his Jew masters also, and I just found this A to Z list of SA "anti-apartheid" Jews (link). (It was the Oppenheimer's who drained SA of it's diamonds and gold using negro slave labor). Seems everything is a money making adventure for the Jew, like the ADL and SPLC (offshore) bank accounts.…


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That aint the only nigger going after trump.
All three of these niggers are.

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to make the image visible.


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We see this all the time. Corruption, abuse of power and criminality is the rule, rather than the exception. Whenever you see Blacks in positions of trust or power, they abuse that trust or power, always. Let's cite some other recent examples. Do you remember Black Lives Matter leaders Patrisse Cullors and Melina Abdullah who created shell corporations to buy several $6 million mansions in California with the donation money that was supposed to help "victim" Blacks? Even tho the attempts to hide the transactions are what would normally enhance the crime of misappropriation to a felony, no charges will ever be filed. They have Black privilege you see. Did you ever even hear about the Pennsylvania state lawmakers accused of demanding money in exchange for political favors? The Black representatives caught in the act of bribery and conspiracy include Michelle Brownlee, 58, and Louise Bishop, 81, who also happens to be a minister that hosts a weekday gospel radio show no less. They were recorded accepting money from a Black criminal lobbyist, Tyron Ali, who plea bargained his crime away by becoming an informant against these much bigger fish. But wait, there's more, another representative caught by using this rat, is Harold James, 64, who is also a former Black police officer. Black representatives Vanessa Lowery Brown and Ronald Waters were also recorded in connection with this sting. Thomasine Tynes, a president judge of Traffic Court, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of conflict of interest for accepting a $2,000 bribe from Ali. So they arrested one criminal Black trying to establish pay-for-play operations, then got him to turn rat and used him to continue with his scheme and bust half a dozen Black representatives and judges in Pennsylvania. And I bet you never heard anything about this, am I right? That's just a tiny sample of the Black corruption and Black Privilege they tell you does not exist.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

There is not only the corruption of blacks in politics but in every endeavor they do. Look at the black churches. The number of "Bishops" who rob their congregants blind is amazing.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

You forgot to show the proof of black privilege. He was sentenced to 12 months probation and ordered to make $750 in restitution and ordered to pay $2,000 for the cost of the trial. He was forced to resign after he pleaded guilty to accepting $8,750 in cash payments in exchange for political actions. As part of his plea agreement, Waters was sentenced to 23 months of probation and also required him to give up his House seat. Williams Bishop pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor for failing to report on ethics filings and agreed to resign from office immediately. She took $1,500 from an informant that posed as a lobbyist. She was sentenced to six months probation and ordered to pay restitution. Lowery Brown was convicted of bribery, conflict of interest, and failing to properly file a financial disclosure form. The jury found Lowery Brown guilty of accepting $4,000 from an undercover informant. Brown was sentenced in 2018 to 23 months of probation for taking $4,000 in bribes. Brownlee pleaded guilty to conflict of interest. She admitted to accepting $2,000 from an undercover informant that was disguised as a lobbyist. She provided the "lobbyist" special access to her office. She was sentenced to 18 months probation and ordered to make $2,000 in restitution and pay $3,500 for the cost of the trial.

Small fines and probation. What would a white representative receive for the crime of violating the public trust?


In reply to by PSU Republican (not verified)

You bring up a great point. How would this have been prosecuted, if these representatives were White? The maximum penalty under this statute is 20 years imprisonment, with a term of supervised release following imprisonment – and a $250,000 fine. None of these privileged Niggers came anywhere close to that penalty. Keep in mind that Pennsylvania is one of the most corrupt Democrat-run states in the union – and was one of the corrupt states that narrowly handed the 2020 election to Biden by just over 1% in Pennsylvania, through fraudulent ballot counting. How can the good people of Pennsylvania, ever have any confidence in their own government?

They can't! And because the good people don't have a voice in how their state is being run, this is why the Jews selected a literal retard (John Fetterman) who clearly can't formulate coherent thoughts, to make major political and financial decisions in the Senate, that affect all of us. I will be the first to point out that what Niggers say is usually just meaningless babble, but what Fetterman says is even less intelligible than what comes out of the mouths of Niggers. Pennsylvania elects a lot of Niggers, one of which might actually have been a better choice. I understand the left is huge on diversity and inclusion, but there is NO WAY POSSIBLE that an actual retard won a Senatorial seat. No people would do that to themselves and to their Republic. Nobody likes or even wants Fetterman in the Senate, and now we will have him there, as a liability, for just over half a decade.

John Fetterman is among the least popular U.S. Senators, poll shows.…


In reply to by they all niggers (not verified)

The previous "AG" negro prosecutors mentioned here are a frightful forewarning, much like the "justice system" which exists in South Africa today. In SA, negro leaders are openly calling for genocide and violence. According to statistics here, the negro commits the majority of serious crimes, and negro "prosecutors" have made America a nightmare.

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to make the image visible.


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First off, a 10 year prison sentence for visiting this website is beyond my comprehension. That being said, I DO judge niggers by the color of their skin because I know, without a doubt, that they are destructive and violent I also know that we should follow the motto "when around blacks, never relax ". As my race is my nation, so is the nigger of African descent nothing more than a primitive, low IQ (of around 70) degenerate tree-swinging BLACK neanderthal. I respect your position but if I see black skin,, I know to think twice before engaging. Respectfully.


In reply to by TechSgt. Cheryl Dref (not verified)

I parse my words carefully – and will offer this for clarity. I reiterate that I don't use immutable physical attributes to JUDGE. However I DO use immutable physical attributes to IDENTIFY (the indices I use to be aware of danger) which I think is true of about everyone, be they far-right Nazi – or far-left liberal. When I see a shit-colored hominid, I next look for other attributes, like enormous, fully engorged lips and a broad, flat nose – as well as a yellow sclera in the eyes and woolly hair, to distinguish the African savage ape beast, from the non-savage Indo-asian (the people of India). If I were to be on-guard around ALL shit-colored hominids, this would become problematic, as Indians and Pakis are no more (and possibly less) physically dangerous, than Whites. If I were ever forced to live around shit-colored die-versity, I'd much rather they be Indians and Pakis, than Niggers. I'm sure everyone, even those on the left, will agree. I also adhere to the motto: "Around Blacks NEVER relax."

The median IQ of the African Nigger is only 68 points, while the median European White IQ is 100 points – this based upon standardized testing, which has been ongoing for more than 90 years now; meaning the average Nigger, is a retard. Niggers are not however, neanderthals. The neanderthal had red hair covering their large, white skinned body, with large brains and a gentle personality – all White European and Asian people have about 1 or 2 percent neanderthal genes. Niggers on the other hand, do not express any neanderthal genes. Niggers do however express bonobo ape genes, which Whites and Asians do not.

So in summation, with me it's not just skin color that foments my hatred. I don't base my hatred of the sub-human Nigger ape beasts solely upon any, albeit ugly, physical attributes – my hatred of their kind is based purely upon the content of their abysmal character; as well as their abhorrent and violent behavior. As should be clearly evident to everyone, Niggers are not capable of maintaining civilizations, as Niggers are incapable of high trust. Civilization does not exist anywhere, where Niggers are found in large numbers. Try to name one place infested with Niggers, which isn't in ruin. This is not only true for today, but at any time in recorded history.

I was always asked growing up, never to judge on skin color – and I never do. I was always asked instead, to only judge based upon content of character; which I always do. ALL NIGGERS are undeniably horrible and dangerous monsters, without exception. Even the best of their kind, are still monsters. Take Bill Cosby, the so-called "America's Dad" figure, from TV sit-com fame. It turns out, even he was a monster, with over 80 rape victims spanning approximately 30 years. Cosby was the product of Jews – who gave him an affirmative action Ph.D. and other necessary credentials, so that he could then be loosed upon civil White society, to drive it into the ground (which for the most part, he did, mostly by normalizing the idea that Niggers can be part of a functioning civilization). It will take decades to undo the psychological damage he has caused.

Cosby was acquitted of raping over 60 of his White victims, but was eventually found guilty of raping the only Black victim among that list – and was sentenced to prison. He is now free from prison of course, having served only 3 years of his sentence for that rape, as the sentence was overturned by a corrupt Philadelphia court, which ruled that his Jewish “non-prosecution agreement” protected him from even being charged in this case. Yes, even tho he was found guilty, the Jewish agreement meant that he should never have been charged with a crime, in the first place. This is what NiggerPrivilege™ looks like, folks. Get used to seeing even MORE of this, unless you step up and put a stop to it (by Joining the NSM). This case among many, exemplifies why we must rid our Republic of Jews. It was the Jews who protected and allowed Cosby to rape all those women, for all these years, unimpeded. You see, he was only doing, exactly what was expected.

I escaped from the clutches from the mind control of the sub-human nigger manipulation, It was scarring


In reply to by 100% totally f… (not verified)

Tell us your story, maybe help others? There are a lot of people sucked into the multicult, lured there by the Jew. Help them to realize they are not alone, that it is a mistake and to guide them toward breaking free. 🙂

It was a great honor to have Captain Patterson on my show this past Sunday (7/9/2023). His message was so incredibly powerful. "Speak the truth and fear no one" and that is exactly what our Captain did. Take a moment to listen to his message and respond here with your comments. White Power 88

Pork has worms. Pigs do not have sweat glands. So all toxins stay inside their blood. Then parasites and worms come and live in the meat.

X/Twitter cucks to the ADL Jews, saying that X would ONLY be censoring “lawful but awful” content moving forward. Musk is essentially giving in to the ADL’s demand for “freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.” If your message is disfavored by the Jews, your comment will not be seen. Just weeks after the deal to buy Twitter had closed, the first thing Musk did – was announce the ADL's new policies: free speech, only without reach.

I guess Musk has never heard of the NSM and our efforts toward true freedom of speech. Note below the classic Jewish use of subjective terms, as well as phrases with meter that rhyme, in an overtly psychological effort to sell you their flavor of blatant censorship – while at the same time pretending to promote free speech. This to me is disgusting and VERY Jewish! It's bullshit deception promoting censorship (like this) that is my raison d'être, both here on and elsewhere online, where I work hard every day – to secure free speech, especially for those of us, who need it the most.

Define "awful" for me please? Isn't this concept completely subjective? Let me give you an example. Child rape is awful to everyone, except for pedophiles (oh, excuse me, the new Jewish term is "minor attracted persons"). What is one of the worst possible things to you? Hopefully you will agree that it would be child rape – however child rape is also the BEST possible thing, to a pedophile.

I think we can all agree that we don't have freedom of speech, without freedom of reach. If the only person who will ever see my comment is me, then I don't have free speech. This explains why I do not post on facebook or X/Twitter (as nobody will ever see it). HERE on the other hand, I will be seen and nothing or no one can ever stop that. 🙂

The United States government (and specifically, "permanent Washington," otherwise known as the deep state) this group of unelected government bureaucrats, who generally don't change from administration to administration, do see Trump as this existential threat, because he didn't come to Washington to "be dirty and to get rich and powerful" like them, as he was already rich and powerful. The deep state fears Trump, now more than ever, because NOW (should he enter the oval office once more) HE WILL DESTROY THE DEEP STATE ONCE AND FOR ALL. He can, if he wants as President, fire each and every employee in the Washington swamp. And he SHOULD do this, replacing them all with someone new, someone who is without connections – who is not (yet) corrupt, not yet dirty and is not exactly in it, only for themselves.

The toilet which is Washington DC stinks, and it needs to be flushed – and if that stinking toilet isn't flushed soon, eventually the American people will have had enough and take the path provided for, by our Founders – whenever voting no longer works. The 2024 election will be that deciding point. The second amendment in the bill of rights was put there for a reason. This explains why the collective will of the tyrants in Washington, want to rob us of our first right (free speech) and disarm us (our second right) because deep inside, they fear us.

They are deeply afraid of us.

Although they currently have power over us, we outnumber them by a huge margin! I am not of course, advocating for war, I am merely doing the same as Tucker Carlson recently, I'm transmitting a very strong warning to these tyrants – and to those who lick their boots (yes, I mean you – the deep state bureaucrats, who are reading these words for them). It's never too late, for you to do what is right and to fight for freedom and liberty, for us all. If you are in a position where you can blow a whistle, then blow it! We need you. 🙂

Note: for those who never realized this, voting was originally devised as a means of settling disputes, without resorting to violence and war. But when voting no longer works, due to vote rigging, or the criminal charging (and imprisoning) of political rivals, this of course forces the only recourse available, which is war. In war, there is only one law, Darwin's Law, the survival of the fittest. There is no such thing as political or legal power during a war – only physical and mental strength matters. Biological deficits as seen in Niggers, Jews, Trans, Gays, none of this genetically defective trash, which is currently favored by the deep state, will have any advantage in a civil war. Only the BEST of Americans will survive, thrive and rebuild after that war. Obviously, only those on the Right will survive. In 1787 Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to William Stephens Smith, in which he said, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Never forget precisely HOW our Republic was originally founded (by an act of war).

It appears the DHS has awarded grants to 34 organizations, worth a total of $20 million, whose primary role will be to find and flag the online "extremist" speech of White Americans, just like you. This DHS announcement appeared in the news on the heels of the 9/11 anniversary – and shows us their focus is now on Americans, rather than actual foreign terrorists, such as the foreign terrorist gangs who invade US soil, with deadly drugs. Clearly the terrorist threats being defined here, are any pro-White narratives – or racially aware truths, which the left find upsetting.

• Amongst Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs), racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, including white supremacists, likely will remain the most lethal DVE threats.

• Many violent extremists exploit online platforms to spread hate, sow discord and division, and promote narratives to encourage violence.

Unlike those on the left, the NSM continues to disavow violence, except when legally permissible – as in self-defense or the defense of others. The NSM continues to uphold and adhere to the rule of law, which comprise the basic principles and standards underpinning every aspect of the NSM, operating as a pro-White political advocacy group.

An amazing achievement by career politician Dianne Feinstein, given that her annual salary was $174,000 when she died – as the longest-serving U.S. senator. No, I don't smell corruption, do you? If you do the math and for simplicity use her current salary, from 1978 to 2023 (45 years) that totals $7,830,000 – so nothing to see here folks. She was simply frugal and really wise with investing money.

A Neo-Nazi podcaster named Joseph Gibson III has been cleared to run in the Republican primary for the State House seat of District 65, which encompasses Rockingham County. There had previously been a challenge to his candidacy brought by a local Rockingham Republican on the grounds that he was a convicted felon. However, the State Board of Elections has unanimously ruled that he’s eligible to run having completed his parole.

The most pressing issue about Mr. Gibson is not that he is a parolee. It’s that he has a stated affinity for Hitler and has been described by the neo-Nazi Nationalist Socialist Movement as “one of our members”. His podcast features regular diatribes about Jews and every other minority group. And, terrifyingly, he received thousands of votes from Republican primary voters last time he ran in 2022.

We applaud the small number of individual Republicans, like State House staffer Stephen Wiley and the Rockingham County Chair Diane Parnell, who have spoken out about Mr. Gibson and condemned his Nazi ties. But condemnation of Nazism within the party should be the rule, not the exception. It must be institutional, not individual. It should not have taken 2 years for Republicans to begin speaking out about this, just as it should not have taken 6 years for a Republican candidate to condemn Mark Robinson’s record of Holocaust denial after those comments were unearthed in 2018. If the Republican Party is serious about combatting anti-Semitism, it’s time for them to prove it.

We call on the state’s Republican leaders, Party Chair Michael Whatley and Speaker Tim Moore, to 1) Issue a formal condemnation of Joseph Gibson’s candidacy and 2) to declare that they will refuse to seat him in the State Legislature should he win the election. Failure to do so will be viewed by the Jewish community of our state as an admission that the GOP can tolerate Nazi ideology so long as it gets them one additional vote in the State House. In 2018, when the NCGOP had another Nazi candidate, previous Chairman Robin Hayes did disavow him. We’re disappointed that newer Republican leadership has not yet had the courage to do the right thing this time.

For us, this race is painfully similar to the Republican primary for state Attorney General in 1979. Harold Covington, the leader of the Nationalist Socialist Party of America, won a majority of Republican voters in 45 out of North Carolina’s 100 counties after hosting an event called “Hitler-Fest”. When asked how he did so well despite his Nazi ties, he asserted that “There are many closet Nazis in the Republican Party”. We look forward to the North Carolina Republican Party demonstrating that Mr. Covington’s assertion does not ring true today.

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