The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

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This website isn't a secret. Of course we don't get ranked properly on most search engines, but there is no access restrictions – anyone can visit this website. Even people in Germany where it is a 10 year prison sentence to visit this website, have the ability to do so. We take extraordinary steps to make sure that everyone, everywhere on earth are able to access this site. We are free speech absolutists – as the censoring of ideas is repugnant to any American.

Also, I don't know about you, but I don't dislike people based solely upon the color of their skin. Granted, White people are to me the most beautiful people on earth and I dearly love them, but I don't just hate skin of any color. Where I righteously hate, is based solely upon the content of abysmal character. Niggers asked me to do just that, to judge them based upon nothing more than the content of their character – and I complied. In simple terms, Niggers are and always have been, as far back as you care to look in recorded history, nothing more than stupid and violent sub-human African ape beasts. There is demonstrably no place for them within any civil society. Everywhere you look, wherever there are Niggers, even when they are artificially placed in high office, where they absolutely DO NOT belong, you see nothing but incompetence, corruption and trouble. The Nigger's status as a primitive farm animal was widely known and understood in the 1600's, when they were first brought to America to be used like horses and mules, a stance which was clearly reiterated by Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Lincoln purchased land in Africa, named that land Liberia (for liberty) and was planning to migrate all the Niggers there – to finally be rid of them, but was assassinated before he could complete that task. As a result, we all suffer today, because the cancer which is the Nigger beast, has metastasized across all of this land. We will likely never be rid of this Nigger ape beast plague.

Note: even as the Jew appears on the surface to be nothing more than unattractive White people, I hate them the same and for the same reason, their abysmal behavior and a lack of good character. I think most people reading these words, will agree.

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Who was the leader of Germany during WWII? (just his last name)