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Florida Police ADL Collusion

Police ADL Collusion

Atlantis, Florida Chief of Police Robert G. Mangold has been confirmed to be actively colluding with the Florida branch of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) in an attempt to hide from you the truth. Florida law enforcement is actively in collusion with the Jews, in an attempt to deny White Floridians of their civil rights. In this bombshell release by "Justice Report" Mangold can be seen being scolded by interim director of the Florida ADL, Yael Hershfield for unknowingly agreeing on camera that JEWS DO IN FACT CONTROL MANY IF NOT ALL THE LEVERS OF POWER IN AMERICA.

Mangold is clearly a servant of the Jews, otherwise he would not be in the position of power that he now finds himself, Chief of Police, as Jews and Jews alone, decide who will and who will not hold subservient positions of power in America. This is why when the GDL (Goyim Defense League) released the video, the first thing he did after discovering its existence, was report to his Jewish masters, to apologize and make excuses for his mistake. You may have noticed what I noticed, that they already had each other's contact information and the language of their texts suggest they have already discussed matters of this nature before. Mangold gloats that he was able to arrest one of the troupe for the dubious charge of obstruction, while they were exercising their First Amendment Rights to tell Americans about this covert and corrupt Jewish influence at all levels.

In these damning texts and emails between the Chief and director, you will clearly see them discuss methods on how BEST to DENY the constitutional rights of Whites, through twisted interpretations of already existing law. The recording shows Mangold (in real-time) agreeing with many (if not all) of the political points made by the GDL, regarding the negative and disproportionate impact Jews have on America. Mangold then contacted Hershfield to receive his reprimand, as the bad Goyim servant to the Jews that he appears to be (in this recording). Mangold apologizes in his texts to the Jewess, while claiming he was only agreeing with Minadeo to defuse the situation and claims he will be smarter next time, saying, “Not my finest moment. No excuses, recover and be smarter next time. At least we managed to arrest one for obstruction.” He also suggested that they take their messages to his private (burner) phone, so they will NOT be unavailable via FOIA to the public – a tactic which is used by high ranking political criminals, such as Hillary Clinton with her private and insecure email server. I am not claiming here that Mangold is in fact a criminal, just that he suggests employing tactics of obfuscation and obstruction of justice, the same as those used by criminals in power.

What we must all realize here is that Mangold only serves the Jews because he likely believes there is no other way – that the Jews are simply too powerful, having achieved their levels of dominance in the power structure, long before he was even born. He likely knows that if you want a successful career as a powerful person in law enforcement, you will only achieve that goal, by sucking Jewish cock and doing what you are told to do, by the Jews. In these released communications, you will see just that!

If you have not done so already, follow this link to read the report.

In epilogue, Mangold really needs to behave like an American, to behave like a man, to get on the right side of history in this political fight for our future and to behave like the supporter of the Constitution he claims to be, even if it costs him his job! Which of course it will. As Jews RULE with an iron fist, at all levels in America (as this he clearly already knows, as shown by his prompt reporting with apology to his Jewish masters at the ADL).


I have to say that Jonathan Greenrat demonstrably isn't very smart. Just look what he tweeted today. "Former President Trump also delivered remarks that were in character but still dangerous. His claims about expelling warmongers, driving out globalists, casting out communists, and throwing off those who hate our country echo classic #antisemitic rhetoric."

So according to the speaker of the Jews, essentially: expelling warmongers, driving out globalists, casting out communists, and throwing off those who hate our country (copied verbatim) DEFINES precisely what is antisemitism? Isn't that what we've been saying about the Jews, all along? Greenrat is quintessentially a moron, he just admitted the truth about Jews and their agenda, thus making our case FOR us. This tweet exemplifies the unintended consequences of being stupid. Greenrat would have been far better off, by not saying anything at all. This is not his first blunder, either. He is woefully unqualified for his powerful position, as the speaker of the Jews.

If this graph is actually true – which it does appear to be (relatively true) then our biggest goal is to convince the majority population of Whites to actually speak the truth, rather than say what they think will prevent negative accusations. Essentially, we need everyone to agree, like the little child in Hans Christian Andersen's "Keiserens nye Klæder" that the Emperor, simply hasn't got anything on.

"But he hasn't got anything on!" the whole town cried out at last.

Similarities between Weimar Germany & today:
Basic needs increasingly unattainable
Savings, pensions or disability checks virtually bankrupt
Rampant inequality
Increased violence
breakdowns in supply chains
massive financial upheaval
general population feeling betrayed
rewriting national history
Bottom line, there was social dissolution, criminal leadership, and a completely fragile democratic system.
Welcome to the past. Welcome to Weimar 2.0 The good news, however, is it did herald in the rise of the greatest leader of all time, Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi party.
Yet, take solace in this:
In a hundred years time, perhaps, a great man will appear who may offer them (the Germans) a chance at salvation. He'll take me as a model, use my ideas, and follow the course I have charted. (A quote by the Fuhrer himself.)
I sleep soundly knowing this is true. 88

If Jews control the United States, then when exactly did this happen? If you cannot provide a date, then your claims of JOG are invalid.


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

What a ridiculous thing to say. Everyone knows the Jewish take-over has been very gradual, almost unnoticeable, the slow-boil of the frog – in order that the frog won't jump. This is a gradual, multi-generational programmed take-over, spanning all the way back to well before the civil war. What I describe is the foremost secret to Jewish power – their almost lock-step "hive mind" pursuit of a singular, shared common goal: the enslavement of Goyim (in this case Niggers, as Niggers have a long and successful history as slaves, spanning the 16th to 18th centuries) and the establishment of what might be described as Jew-world (a world completely owned and run by Jews). In short, the fulfillment of a prophecy, of what anyone can read in their ancient and most holy book, the Talmud. In Jew-world, the Goyim will work and toil ONLY to serve the needs of the Jew. And the only demonstrably successful Goyim with a long and successful history of being used as slaves, is the Nigger. This explains the NEED for this cryptic White Genocide, as the Jews simply MUST be rid of the White race, as Whites will likely attempt to stop the Jews from bringing back chattel slavery. Jews successfully ran the slave trade in the past – but it was White people (not even the Niggers themselves) who saw it as immoral and thus brought an end to it. Given all the success that the Jews have had since WWII, in their take-over of all the most important levers of power in America, it seems clear to us ALL right now – they have nearly, fully achieved their goal. The White race is on a downward trajectory of which we may never pull out.

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