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I recently discovered something that many of you may find interesting. A service provided by Cloudflare, called “Radar Domain Rankings” has replaced the now defunct Alexa Page Rank (a global ranking system that ranked millions of websites, in order of popularity) after they shut down operations, in May of 2022.

When regarding a website such as, the word “popularity” doesn't really come to mind, as most people would not expect a website such as this, to rank very high in global popularity – don't you agree?  And yet, we do!  Who could have ever imagined, that would manage to place within the same one million top website grouping, as,,, or to name but a few.

Radar Domain Rankings is based on aggregated domain resolver data from APNIC-LABS (an APNIC and Cloudflare DNS Resolver project) where the data is anonymized in accordance with privacy commitments. The dataset aims to identify the top most popular domains, based upon how people are using the Internet, globally – without tracking any individuals’ Internet use. They do not distinguish between what they think is a website, or an infrastructure system. Every domain represents an Internet-available resource, and these are ranked without content bias.

But what does domain popularity mean, exactly? APNIC-LABS research has concluded the volume of traffic generated to a given domain, doesn't really work as a proxy for what they perceive as popular. Instead, Radar Domain Rankings looks at the size of the population of users that look up a domain, per unit of time. The more people who are interested in a domain, the more popular it is. So Radar Domain Rankings’ popularity metric, can best be described as the estimated relative size of the user population that accesses a domain, over some period of time. And that's how the domain wound up in the top one million, globally. 🙂

Who knew there were that many White people around the world, interested in Nazis? Imagine where we would rank on Google, if they didn't artificially push our results down, due to their anti-White bias. I gave a quick search to see if other top organizations appear in the list, sure enough, some do. It seems also appears in the top one million (suggesting pro-White isn't as fringe as the Jews make it out to be) as well as and to name a few. If anyone finds any more, be sure to let us know, by commenting below!

The dataset you may use for confirmation, can be found here. Given there are approximately 1.13 billion websites on the internet in 2023, any website in the top one million, will rank in the 99.9th percentile (the top 0.088 percent) a 1 in 1,130 rarity. Anyone who says pro-White is fringe, has not taken a look at the unfiltered and unbiased data, available free from Cloudflare. Oh, and I'm sure now that I've brought public attention to this, the ADL will quickly smear Cloudflare as racist, possibly causing them to create a “hate filter” to remove such domains from their list, before publishing – but for now at least, we have the TRUTH and the truth looks GOOD!



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Regardless of the Democrat controlled Senate, Mayorkas has been successfully impeached by the House for willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law in enforcing border policy and for breach of public trust. Mayorkas became the first cabinet member to be impeached since William Belknap, secretary of war under President Ulysses S. Grant, back in 1876. This is how the kike will be remembered in history. However I do agree with you, this is as far as it goes, similar to what happened to Trump (twice) as it is highly unlikely that he will be convicted by a Democrat controlled Senate, then removed from office.

We take what wins we can get. Trump will be remembered as one of only three presidents to ever be impeached and the only president to be impeached twice. Democrats do call that a win for them.

Biden said in a statement condemning the House vote, "History will not look kindly on House Republicans for their blatant act of unconstitutional partisanship that has targeted an honorable public servant in order to play petty political games." Well how do they think the two sham impeachments against Trump will look in the rear-view mirror?


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You are right webmaster.
BUT! Everyone (including you) forgets about the jew globalists running
the White House and much of the rest of D.C., state and local govts.
all over the U.S. and the rest of the Western world. These globalists don't care how bad things look because they are busy at work to destroy the country and I know it is hard to wrap one's head around it and not to forget. But the country is in a stranglehold/death grip, along with much of the rest of western/white civilization. The globalists are using perhaps some stupid people in govt. but mainly it is these people are NOT incompetent, they are obeying their masters and most ordinary people are not even considered. And espercially White people. They want us gone, never to return!


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I have not forgotten about the Jew dominance in the Whitehouse. Just look at this photo on Jew appreciation day at the Whitehouse.

To prove I'm not making this up, here's a tweet from the Whitehouse official account, confirming what I just said.

That's a lot of Jews, given they are demographically a 2% minority in the USA. Clearly, Jews rule over us, but just try saying that truth on any other platform – see what happens to your account.


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Mayorkas is not the only Biden administration official the House Republicans want to impeach. They have filed legislation to impeach a long list including Vice President Kamala Harris, Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Never before has a sitting Cabinet secretary been impeached, and it was nearly 150 years ago that the House voted to impeach President Ulysses S. Grant’s secretary of war, William Belknap, over a kickback scheme in government contracts. He resigned before the vote.


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The feckless Alejandro Mayorkas will get to keep his job, as the Senate will certainly vote to keep him. Last week, during hearings, Mayorkas played t he :Jew Card" and "Holocaust Card" in a single breath. He invoked "Jewish Privilege." Meanwhile, the border invasion will continue.

The Impeachment of Mayorkas was petty and "unconstitutional" according to Joe Biden. So was his college loan forgiveness, but he went ahead and did it. This Jewish controlled government is nothing short of a clown show.

What happened to Daniel Burnside and his wife?
I see both their names are gone and he isn't doing
his show anymore it doesn't look like. Have they resigned, been
kicked out of the NSM for some reason, or?


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What the Burnsides have done is so repulsive, so repugnant, so offensive to White people and to our noble cause, that I won't tell you what they said. I won't tell you what they said, because you would instinctively call me a liar – stating my assertions are absolutely impossible.

So instead of telling you, I'll show you what the Burnsides themselves voluntarily said in this video, a video you can watch on your own, to become just as appalled, as I. The Burnsides were not thrown out of the NSM, they resigned. Nothing is more disgusting than a race traitor. Watch this video for yourself and see if you don't agree with everything I just said.


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One of the things Jeff Schoep said in this video that struck me hard – was this, "It felt like being involved with the movement was like being at war with the world, all the time. And once you've left, it's sort of like, at first it's stressful and all that, but it feels like that weight has lifted, and you're not carrying that burden anymore."

Yes Jeff, because for you, the war is now over. You have surrendered. You don't feel that burden anymore, because you are now a prisoner of war. You are now being held captive, by your enemy. I hope you actually read these acerbic words – and I hope they sting. Not just for you, but for anyone who is thinking of following you, or the Bernsteins, into an unconditional surrender with the enemy of civilization – and of life itself.

You will not be remembered, you will not be honored, there will be no statues of you, there will be no stories told around the campfire of your courage and conviction, you will be forgotten and at best ridiculed, if you are even remembered at all. This is not a larp. This is a struggle, as we continue to fight to secure the existence of White people – and a future for our White children.


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Jeff Schoep stole money, and it goes with the territory of being a 'reformer'. HE STOLE MONEY FOR HIS OWN USE which was sent to him under his name. It went unreported to the NSM. With that money he was able to go on 'vacations', which we all know he did. So Schoep has joined those who call themselves democrats, liberals or 'reformed progressives'. I lump them all together. Look at the link (and remember at least Trump gave ALL his presidential salary to charity). Jeff Schoep's 'reformation' has little to do with so-called racial tolerance. Social justice warriors want POWER and that's exactly what Schoep was given when the Jews bought him off. Trouble is the Jew isn't going to pay up!,quality=100,fit=scale-dow…

Looking forward to getting this unconstitutional hate crime charge against Burt ceremoniously shredded. I have to acknowledge that the Commander's unshakable loyalty is commendable. This man is someone who can be counted on til death. I count him as a friend and comrade. I advocate not attacking anyone trying to nail kikery to the best of their ability. I believe in trying your best without trying to make ''competitors' look small. Admittedly, difficult at times in certain circumstances. And before I forget, HEIL HITLER!

Not only did he betray the NSM and his white race, but he actually used AI to write his website and put zero effort into it. What's crazy is that he thought he could get away with it.

Navigate to

His "Inspiring change, one conversation at a time" description on the front page - GPTZero detects it as 90% AI-generated.

His "Who is Jeff Schoep?" essay - GPTZero detects it as 97% AI-written.

His "Speaking" page - GPTZero detects it as 97% AI-generated.

GPTZero is efficient at detecting AI. There are rarely any errors, and if there are, they are insignificant.

When we win the hate crime case, we will celebrate right at city hall Orlando, with a permit Burt will secure, as required by law.
The NSM has the ultimate PA system. And as Burt knows, I love a megaphone. As head of THE ARYAN VANGUARD, professsedly friends with the NSM, I wan a shot on the PA system. We will have a BLAST. You have so many great and brave speakers. We could run this into many hours. this is a HEIL HITLER! moment that is too late for the Jews to stop. Even dropping the charges in the delusion that we will quietly fade away is lubricous even to Jews.

"Anonymous", I see, said all that needs saying. Schoep was such a weird tacky type to be a National Socialist. I cannot imagine what went on in his skull. Or Norse's. Stupidity is a factor. They are unable to realize they will likely be alive when the comeuppance happens.

Stupid of them to forget how to to say,


Does the NSM have a solid plan for The Fourth Reich?

Hello, please don't get mad at me for asking these questions. I am curious about how the NSM envisions the Fourth Reich, or American Empire as you call it in the 25-point plan. I also want to learn more about the movement's beliefs, values and worldview.

1. Will tobacco and alcohol (as well as other substance) use be legal, and if so, how controlled will production and sales be?
2. Will homosexuals be arrested and punished, or accepted with tolerance?
3. Will condoms be legal? Because they are considered birth control.
4. In what circumstances will abortion be legal, if any?
5. What currency will be used?

Predictions of after victory, or securing representation in the form you are asking are not clear to define. The 25points are equivalent to the founding fathers declaration and Bill of rights rolled into one. Just as the founders of America and revolutionaries in Germany things changed, but both groups used citizenship to clarify rights. Would mass deportation of non-whites or gays be necessary if citizenship privileges were revoked? If we were to use America's original definition of citizen under the naturalization act, many free loader anti-white/anti-American people would leave on their own. Without making more redundant laws pro-family and traditional values could be used as propaganda in place of the degenerate media now and without the mass brainwashing, reality would sink in on its own. We don't have a crystal ball as to how things will play out only historical references of similar situations. I am currently working on membership status and expectations to help clarify what we do here and now, which will be on our site soon.

There was the Ancient Egyptian civilization, and Egypt has always been in Africa. West Africa had great kingdoms as well. Mansa Musa was more rich than any Caucasian could've been. Your people really didn't invent anything, but copied the ancient Africans. That was the only way your people could get a start. But then again, Caucasians are a corrupt albinoid-mutation of the original Africans. The world spins 360. Our hair reflects the pattern of the universe, but your hair is straight, limp, and goes against nature.


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Up to 70 percent of British men and half of all Western European men are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, geneticists in Switzerland have concluded. What this means is that Egypt was somehow populated by European Whites, according to DNA evidence extracted from mummies.…

Yes, of course they had Niggers there, which were placed in service as slaves. Until Whites found a way to enslave machines, powered by the carbon bond, Niggers and other animals were simply the best they had. Here we see what might be described as Egyptian Nigger slaves functioning as dick washers, the personal groomers of the (genetically proven to be) White, European rulers of Egypt.

Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire was of course NOT a Nigger jungle ape, but rather a White European, a White Berber and emperor. Mali and Ghana were both White Berber nations that ended up with a large sub-Saharan population, due to the slave trade, but it was never what anyone would consider to be a "Black" or "sub-Saharan" empire. Here is a depiction of Mansa Musa and as you can see, he was White.

Common sense tells us that IF the Nigger race were biologically capable of any form of achievement, like for example the Asian race, there would be massive amounts of evidence for this achievement found everywhere and not just a one-off, a one-time example of achievement, located in Timbuktu, spanning all of recorded history.

The claim, "your people really didn't invent anything, but copied the ancient Africans" would suggest Africa today has space ports, car factories or even just basic ox carts. It has none of those things, not even ox carts. Niggers in Africa have yet to invent the wheel, even to this day! Niggers (even to this day) have no written form of their spoken language and Niggers have never developed a system of numbers. Without a written language and without a system of numbers, Niggers could never achieve what was achieved by Whites (and Asians). Niggers were not "kangz" as they were never depicted as anything more than slaves in Egyptian art. In fact, the Nigger ape over thousands of years, functioned as the ideal slave and has been used as such, for thousands of years, much like the horse. You should take note that Jews intend to re-enslave Nigger kind in the future, they will admit this openly, because of climate change. Niggers working in the fields as slaves will have less impact on the climate, than diesel tractors (which is actually true). So Niggers should prepare to be re-enslaved, if the Jews should be successful in driving the White race into extinction.

Let's take a discerning look at truly African attempts at replicating White inventions.

Clearly the African ape beast is not capable of any level of achievement. With a median IQ of just 68 points, Niggers are genetically doomed to failure. Even Niggers mixed with White genes seem to remain stupid. The Nigger race is an evolutionary failure.

The claim "caucasians are a corrupt albinoid-mutation of the original Africans" is also not true, as ancient evidence shows Niggers and Whites evolved separately, over 8 million years apart.

New fossils suggest human ancestors evolved in Europe, not Africa

Europeans evolved in Europe, not Africa. We are only very distantly related to Niggers (sharing a common four legged ancestor, millions of years ago).

And lastly, comparing human hair to Nigger wool: which is better, a goat or a sheep? Sheep resemble Nigger hair. Goats resemble White hair. Straight or woolly are the result of evolutionary pressures. Personally, just like most humans, I prefer human (straight) hair. However we do have woolly hair across our pubic bones, only not on our heads. Niggers have pubic hair on their heads. I'd rather not have pubic hair on my head, so you keep it if you love it so much.

It would be pretty cool if comments were enabled on mobile again. I remember quite some time ago, Webmaster said the reason he disabled it is that mobile users are "pretty stupid", but I think it's more of a victory for us how Webmaster manages to destroy them all. Out of hundreds of hate/opposing comments, Webmaster humbles them all. Some fight back for a while, but after that while, not a single one of them ever return. Webmaster is the ultimate debate champion.


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The commander makes the rules and the rules are, mobile users can't figure out how to scroll past the comments to get to the important stuff, so I should just do away with them. Not just the comments were removed for mobile users, but the stories associated with the comments were also removed as well, thus making the mobile experience of this website, rather bland.

I can bring mobile comments back at any time – and I would love to do so, but this isn't my website, it belongs to the members of the NSM, under the order of the commander, who does what he thinks is best for everyone. So to have the best experience, just use a desktop browser – tho I have been rather negligent on keeping up with stories as of late, most likely due to limited reach. Researching and verifying news stories is time consuming, so I've cut back on it quite a bit, relying on a single data block of the important headlines, instead. This data block is available to both desktop and mobile users.

Thanks for the kudos on the debate skills, but it's really not that hard to always win an argument. Here's how it works for me (the secret to success). First, I only speak the truth – even (or especially) truths which would get you banned from all the other social media platforms (and yes, I'm still being banned from Twitter). Second, always supply supporting evidence to validate your position. If you are doing those two things, you will likely always just agree with me on most things, if we can agree upon the actual truth. Now I'm not saying I'm always right about everything, but I do strive to be accurate in what I say. I try never to say anything that I don't know for a fact to be be true.

I am not proud to be from Canada, or having Moroccan roots, because I know it was out of pure luck. I could easily have been born as a basic white girl, an Asian man that lives in rural areas, a royal prince from whatever country or even the daughter of a tribe leader. So I am proud to be human. I really wonder how that works for you? Do you believe that you were "chosen" to be white, and you had no chance to be anything else? If so, on who's authority? God? If I remember correctly, he said in the Bible "Love thy neighbour". And Jesus was Jewish, before everyone else after his death decided to make a religion out of him. Do you hate him? I really, really wonder.
Have a good day!

By claiming you have Moroccan roots, you may be anything from Berber, Arab, to Nigger. Berbers in my opinion, are White. No, I don't believe I was "chosen" to be anything, but I was lucky to be born both White and of high intelligence. It was pure luck (or random chance) that I even came into existence. My parents were feeling a little randy one night and I'm the result of that. I believe this happens all the time.

Jesus was not a Jew, he was a Samaritan. John 8:48 (New American Standard Bible) The Jews answered and said to Him, “Do we not rightly say that You are a Samaritan, and You have a demon?” Clearly the Jews do not like Jesus nor claim him to be one of their own. It's right there in the bible, yet nobody bothers to look. So who were these Samaritans from Samaria (meaning, not from Judea)?

The Jewish Encyclopedia defines the Samaritans as:

"These tables make it clear that the Samaritans are by no means an exclusively brunette type. As seen by the presence of blue eyes and light hair or beards in a considerable percentage of the individuals examined, there is, on the contrary, a distinct blond type noticeable in the group."

Therefore, Jesus actually was exactly as the Christians have him depicted. He was a White male with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. That said, Jesus is not my god, because I'm a White European – we have our own Pagan gods of Europe, we don't want middle-eastern gods.

I've always wondered how these (mostly) far-left democrats (as in the previous post and link), could get so wealthy in such a short time. Has anybody dared to find out? Trump is hated because everyone knows how he made his money. Plus he doesn't play by their rules. I've also noticed how the Jew parasite comments on this site, and I've been personally attacked here by them. So they must really hate the NSM, and they won't confront the NSM themselves on the streets because it only means getting their hands dirty. That isn't the Jew's style. They send in planes, tanks and drop phosphor bombs on Gaza.

I believe Lincoln Rockwell's killer was paid off. I believe Jeff Schoep was payed off. Just like some congressmen and senators are being payed off. Prove me wrong. More links...,quality=100,fit=scale-dow…,quality=100,fit=scale-dow…

I'm posting this here because I trust that it won't be deleted. NASA is no longer a leader in space exploration. It has become a diversity showcase. For example this which claims to be a "NASA EEE Engineer" but only has an unearned degree with no abilities to perform any duties. The EEE parts program has a website. "NASA's Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts Program seeks to evaluate newly available and advanced electronic parts for NASA programs and projects, and maximize effectiveness and efficiency by collaborating with industry and other agencies." This department is overflowing with diversity hires, none of which do anything productive. Recently, this diversity hire began going viral, as some kind of success story.

"Official NASA headshot just dropped"

Right under that tweet, he writes.

while y’all are here, follow/connect with me on LinkedIn!!:

However his linked-in account has been removed. Why it was removed will become apparent. Keep reading.

Someone asks.

Congrats! Are you a scientist, a doctor or both?

He responds.

triple e component engineer so i work on the space and satellite hardware that’s used in the various vehicles and rocketships astronauts use to fly into orbit, for the military, government, etc.

Someone else asks.

That's wiiild. Like what does that even mean?!

i don’t even know and i been doing it almost 7 years 😂😂😂

When asked what his job is, he responds that he has no idea. He like all the blacks working at NASA has a do nothing diversity position, wasting taxpayer dollars which should be better spent on space research. Remember when Elon Musk fired most of the Twitter staff and everything still functions? The same should happen to NASA which is becoming a joke given the advancements we see with Elon Musk and SpaceX, while nothing new or exciting is coming out of NASA.

Tyrone has a website showcasing his purported success.

It was built by a sketchy company which doesn't even exist. Any engineer worth a damn should be able to build his own no-code website, which is advertised as "Build with the power of code — without writing any" using drag and drop building techniques that most children can master on their own.

On his website it states "Tyrone Jacobs Jr. is a first-generation college student and electrical engineering graduate." If he is an actual graduate, the degree is purely honorary and awarded based upon the color of his skin. "With over a decade of experience, Tyrone has inspired many with his message of perseverance and self-belief. Tyrone's story is one of overcoming tremendous obstacles, including poverty, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and gang violence. He grew up in a single-parent household surrounded by crime and witnessed his father's incarceration for most of his life." We are led to believe he was born a thug but gave up thug life to become a productive member of society. At least he seems to have found a liberal paycheck which doesn't require any productivity at all. I will give him credit for that. But has he given up the thug life?

The reason his linked-in profile is gone is because it contains a lot of false information and he has a history of violence against women. The details of which are here.… The biggest problem with the Tyrone story going viral would be the skeletons that nearly every black man has, will soon start crawling out of the closet. It begins with his linked-in page being removed. Hopefully it will end with his removal from NASA along with all the other diversity hires, so the rest of us will have more resources to work with to further our mission statement of exploring space.


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I ran across this meme (image below) in a pro-White group on Telegram. And I can confirm that Niggers are a CANCER upon the earth. A true cancer, in every sense, they are even the COLOR of cancer (which is also the color of shit). We can not thrive as a race, if we are forced to share the same living space, with Niggers. That is a fact! Also, the contributor above need not worry about anything being deleted here. We will do whatever it takes to guarantee free speech, for everyone who posts here. You have my promise.


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How much of our tax dollars are being wasted on these DEI failed experiments that do nothing more than prove what the NSM folks are saying is true?
Why try to force a bad part into a machine that can not fit and does not work? I remember the heyday of NASA back in the 1960s and I don't recall seeing any niggers involved with the program. There was a reason for this. It was called having the right stuff.
Everyone involved with space back then during the space race was tested to see if they had the right stuff. Nobody was allowed into the program unless they were the absolutely best available out of everyone in the country.
The absolute best were obviously white people. It was a contest to beat the russians and we won but only because we used nothing but the best.
Niggers are about as far away from the right stuff as you can get.
Americans are now on a losing path and on a trajectory toward absolute failure.


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"Americans are now on a losing path and on a trajectory toward absolute failure." No, just the left. But the left seems to constantly be in control of all the levers of power. The NSM exists as a political organization, to put an end to that. NASA is just wasted money these days. My hope is with Elon Musk and Starship – he has a strong desire to go to Mars. Maybe it will be like in the TV series "THE E><PɅNSE" (the expanse) where the fictional Mars Congressional Republic has a blend of Nazi Germany and antebellum United States, replete with all the most superior technology? We can only hope. And I do hope when Musk gets to Mars, he officially claims that planet as his own – then starts his own Martian military, SO HE CAN KEEP IT!


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They (including OP) have been wasting tax dollars far longer than the introduction of DEI.
Moon landing = fake
Every NASA picture is CGI, they use fish-eye lens and gatekeep the biggest lie this plane(t) has ever seen. Bigger than the cv19 lie, bigger than 911. bigger than jfk.
If you worked at NASA as long as you claim, that makes you a liar as well.
And now that you have niggers doing your light work, maintaining this deception with your actornauts doing flips while tethered to wires, poor cloud photoshops with endless dupes, pretending the ice wall is a 7th continent, etc, etc, etc, everyone with a functional and rational brain will see your group (nasa) for what it really is.
*note* Look up Dr. Wernher von Braun's epitaph.
Sieg Heil


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When people talk about the Apollo moon landing being fake, they are ONLY talking about Apollo 11 (which actually WAS fake, but only partially). The evidence suggests that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins never went to the moon. There is ample evidence to support this claim. These three men were kept home, kept safe, so they would be alive and able to attend the hero parades. The three men who apparently did first walk on the moon were Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee – three men who purportedly died on Jan 27, 1967, due to a supposed flash fire inside the Apollo crew capsule, during a launch rehearsal, which resulted in three charred bodies which were burned so badly, THEY COULD NOT BE PHYSICALLY IDENTIFIED. How convenient, unidentifiable bodies which could actually be anyone. Yes, this was the true fakery that was going on at NASA, by sending three "already dead men" to the moon, if they were to die, they won't be missed.

You see, Kennedy decided to hedge his bets, by having sci-fi movie expert Stanely Kubrick build a fake moon landing set at Area-51 "just in case things go wrong" so they could then switch over to the fake set should the mission end badly. But nothing went wrong on Apollo 11, so the fake moon set was never actually used. The returning astronauts wore smoked glass gas masks "to keep the moon bugs in" (actually to hide their faces) whereas on all the other missions, they used clear glass. Upon return, the astronauts were switched behind closed doors – and (they hoped) everyone would be fooled.

You will notice that everyone talking about the fakery around Apollo, are only talking about Apollo 11. This is because the fakery there was VERY obvious. However nobody ever claims, or even tries to claim, Apollo 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 were also fake. Most moon fakery reporters "lie by omission" and pretend like these additional missions never took place! They only talk about (the one) partially faked Apollo 11.

Many ham radio folks at the time were tuning into the signals coming from the moon, listening to the chatter between the moon and earth. White men were really up there. And even the Japanese who independently have mapped the moon, showed us the Apollo landing sites (confirming that the landings did take place). I've posted about this here.

India has also photographed the landing sites, reported here.

One thing I can tell you about international rivalry, if the Japanese or India could prove that we had faked the moon landings, they would have reported it. NASA would have been exposed by them as liars and fakers. These countries have nothing to gain by being "in on it" and everything to lose (as they themselves couldn't then be the first).

So why the big push to "expose" the Apollo hoax? Once again, because JEWS! You see, Jews HATE the fact that White people demonstrate supremacy over all the other races, so they have taken it upon themselves (as the masters of deception) to dupe White folks like yourself, into spreading the lie that the GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT OF THE WHITE RACE, White men walking on the moon, was fake. Jews are doing this in preparation to putting the first Niggers on the moon. They will then use their powers of deception, to further demoralize the White race by duping (probably leftist folks) into rumoring that Niggers on the moon is the actual first REAL moon landing, building upon the Jewish lie propagated mostly by the right. Jew-owned Biden is currently funding this mission to put Niggers on the moon, but the program is also being used as a slush fund for Democrat political campaigns, so there may not be enough money left, to actually pay the White people required to land these Niggers on the moon.

NASA will land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon

The Aremis program is exactly the same as everything we see on TV and in the movies today. Niggers are replacing White people as the true heroes, the true champions of everything. On TV today, the clever cop is always a Nigger and the criminal is always White (the literal opposite of reality). This constant depiction of Niggers as leaders and Whites as failures is intended to completely demoralize us and drive us into suicide. Currently each year, hundreds of thousands of often "retired early" White professionals, not unlike myself, are dying by suicide with fentanyl, because of this deception. This fate might have even befallen me, if I didn't instead start fighting back.

There are plenty of similar discussions on this website, confirming that the Jews are incessantly trying to rob from us our greatest achievement (walking on the moon) as it was ONLY the White race who did this – and we did it in 1969. Just search for the other stories, including a detailed exposé regarding the Jewish fabrication that Nigger women were "essential" to the Apollo program, because of their great math skills of all things. Just click this link to find all the related content.


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See my comment on this same subject.

I go deeper into the conspiracy and reasons behind it. I also show everyone how for a few thousand dollars, they can turn two telescopes and a still functioning but no longer certifiable medical laser into a test instrument to confirm we were on the moon.

I talk about the Apollo Lunar Laser Ranging RetroReflector here.

Feel free to do the experiment yourself. Using an uncertifiable discarded medical laser and two Newtonian telescopes, we're talking a few thousand dollars and you'll have your answer. Everything is available on eBay.


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NASA is the jew lie.
We live on a flat unmoving plane, yes there is a firmament, and the space program has always been fake fake fake. All of it.
Sorry to break from the 'outer space' concept but it's ALL been a lie. The moon isn't a rock that can be landed on, it's some type of plasma disc reflecting the plane below. Sun = local.
Look in to operation fishbowl, The government knows all about it.


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Everything you said there is Jewish propaganda designed to poison the message of the far right. You are lost to us, you belong completely to the Jew. And the saddest part, you don't even realize it. There are other examples just like you found in nature. Watch this video. In it, you are the caterpillar and the Jew is the wasp maggot. The Jew owns the caterpillar's mind, forcing it to serve the Jew maggot. This is just like the Jew which completely owns you, so much so that you have shut down my attempts at your salvation with the truth. You are forever lost to us.

NASA was corrupted, but NASA is not completely corrupt, nor is the earth flat. If you have at least an iPhone 4, use the camera to zoom in on the full moon sometime. You can see it is a sphere, covered in craters. The shape of the moon is the same shape as the earth. Both are spheres.


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Only in the the lowest points of history have lemmings repeated the slave mantra 'the earth is flat". This myth was presented by Phoenicians post flood " the pillars of Hercules " as a means of securing monopoly on the seas. Ancient civilizations pre-flood have astrology carved in stone. There have been globes discovered that are thousands of years old in northern Europe. The next big wave of mind enslavement is literally called ' the dark ages' when the jew used its powers to manipulate masses of people to burn ancient texts- happy St Patrick's day. Again, knowledge destroyed and more lemmings fearing the boundaries of earth. What purpose would a conspiracy about the shape of earth accomplish? Unless maybe to distract? If the earth is a triangle ultimately what is that going to matter when we haven't secured our place on it?

I will ignore your condescending insults for now.
Besides, i heard the nsm allowed all religions. Not that i am religious at all. i simply don't think there is a curvature and no one seems to be able to prove there is. The reason i even brought this up is because nasa is a full blown jewish scam just like the fed and the msm. Grifting billions of shekels from us to make cartoons and speak lies. Oh sure, they 'lost' the technology to get humans back to the moon. (their words)

Your commander is a catholic right? They have story of creation matches flat earth. But maybe i shouldn't join this organization if you are so judgemental on other's repeatable observations. That is not rational.
There is no 8" curvature per mile, webmaster,
Water always rests level.
Flight paths never adjust for curvature, either.
Constellations would not be consistent, they would be random and new if we moved so fast, orbiting many directions in space.
nasa is here to keep the wool over your eyes with their cgi and fisheye lenses.
I will continue to speak the truth and fear no one, be it the on the jew or what is observable and repeatable.
Good day, sir.


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Flat earth was a simple premise of ancient man. So ridiculous is this concept today, that the Jews now use it as a poison – to poison the message of the far-right. When you speak the truth about the Jews, then follow it with flat earth, hollow earth, chemtrail, reptilians or moon hoax garbage, you appear insane or stupid, so your message about the Jew is thus discredited and discarded. That is the whole purpose of these lies, created by the Jew to taint the message they can't stop you from delivering. This demonstrates clearly the diabolical nature of the Jew.

I wasn't being condescending with my comments, I was expressing pity.

The NSM does not care what religion you believe, or even IF you believe in a higher power. My higher power is the White race itself, I would encourage others to also believe in the White race, just as I.

You say, "i simply don't think there is a curvature" and ironically, you include a video that confirms the earth is spherical, it shows curvature by showing the visibility of great distance at high altitude. If you were on a completely flat earth, without obstructions (mountains, hills, valleys), the ground itself would never obscure distant objects. Yet you can't see distant objects, can you? However on a spherical surface, due to curvature, it has a visible horizon, which is closer when viewed from a lower altitude. You see this in your daily life. A person standing on the surface of the earth, with eyes about 5 feet above the ground, can see into the distance about 3 miles away. But a person at the top of the Eiffel Tower at about 900 feet up, can NOW see the ground out to to about 35 miles. How could that happen, without curvature? You've likely already seen this phenomenon, you just didn't think about what you were seeing, or its meaning, confirming that the earth's surface is a convex.

You said, "maybe i shouldn't join this organization if you are so judgemental" which made me laugh. This is the NSM. You know, the Nazis. Quite literally the TOP of the food chain. The toughest and the most elite of all the pro-White, White nationalist and national socialist organizations. And I agree with you, MAYBE YOU SHOULD NOT join the NSM, if you're such a weak, gaping vagina, that you get all butt hurt over words and ideas. Stand up and make your argument like I do, like a man. The NSM does not want weak pussies, as we can't trust them when we need them – trust them to be strong and brave while standing among our ranks. Simple as.

You say, "Flight paths never adjust for curvature, either." which is bullshit. I am a former VFR-rated pilot, I know that polar routes are favored for their efficiency on flights between North America and Asia – or Europe and Oceania. By flying over the polar regions, aircraft can take advantage of the Earth's curvature to cover shorter distances, resulting in faster travel times and lower fuel costs. An example polar route would be a direct flight from New York to Tokyo, where the aircraft travels up and over the north pole. This route typically follows a great circle path, taking advantage of the Earth's curvature, to fly a shorter distance than routes that would follow closer to the equator. Were the earth flat, this trick would not work.

Why is this flight to Tokyo Heading straight north?…

You say, "Constellations would not be consistent" and they are not. They are constantly changing, very slowly over spans of thousands of years. You just lack the perspective of the enormity of the universe and the distance these stars are away from us. Proxima Centauri is the closest star (other than the sun) to earth, at 4.2 light-years distant. That's 24,690,000,000,000 miles! The rest are a lot farther away still, which is why you can't see them moving, due to this great separation. You likely don't travel, thus have never been to the southern hemisphere, where you would notice that all the stars visible from horizon to horizon down there, are different from the northern hemisphere. The fact that some stars are only visible from either the northern or southern hemispheres, must mean that the two observation locations are on opposite sides of earth, which would not be possible if the earth were a single-sided flat disk.

Also, on a flat earth, a sun that shines in all directions – would illuminate an entire flat surface, all at the same time, much the way a desk lamp illuminates the whole of a desk. All places on earth would experience sunrise and sunset at about the same time. Only with a spherical earth, would half the planet be in daylight at any given time – and the other half experiencing nighttime. The spherical shape of the earth causes the sun to rise and set at different times, in different places. But why do I even bother arguing, my words are totally lost on you.

It is easily observed there is no curvature, not debating it with you.
However, if you promote nasa and tell people they are legit, that is spreading real jewish lies and you should reconsider your stance on that fraud of a government program, regardless of your cosmological views.
Your words are lost on me, no need to type so much about something so simple.
Good luck to you and Sieg Heil.


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It's not that you won't argue with me about it. YOU CAN'T argue about it. Your argument has been destroyed, using the evidence YOU provided. Now you're just regurgitating your old Jewish talking points, too proud to admit the Jews gotcha – and you were a fool, tricked by the Jews.

Here's something fun you can do. Go out some clear night and watch the ISS fly over. It's big, it's bright – and with a cheap telescope, you can even make out the solar panels and the structure of the spacecraft. Then tell me how the Jews cooked up the lie you just saw with your own eyes. What is that thing, if it isn't real?

You said, "no need to type so much about something so simple" but it's not simple. Simple minds (Niggers) require simple answers. This is why Niggers are failures. Complex minds (Whites) can handle complex answers. It's why White men walked on the moon. Grow up and start acting White!


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You're a silly little guy, thinking you've won some debate.
You're even sillier to correct me on what i can and can't do.
Burden of proof is on you to show curvature which you have failed to do because it's impossible.
Already said not here to convince you or anyone but you just can't let it go, because you're an aggressive nigger.
Your ISS is fake, dummy. They use strings and green screens to show the liars playing their role.
Did you know nasa is the largest consumer of helium in the world?
Do you know why? Because there is no low earth orbit without a balloon attached to an object. They have balloons literally the size of stadiums.
YOU CANNOT PROVE THERE IS 8" of curvature per mile, you never addressed it, and yet you want to me to argue with you.
You can't even show a complete picture of the earth from outer space that isn't cgi because there isn't one.
So who really believes in fairy tales?
NASA IS FAKE, you stupid, vile, condescending asshole.
Keep promoting the jew scam called nasa, i am done with your stupid little comment section and website.
No signs of intelligent life.


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"Burden of proof is on you to show curvature" I didn't need to prove curvature, you already did. You supplied a video of an SR-71 flying at 70,000 feet. You could see for hundreds of miles, at that altitude. Everyone has been in a tall building, where you can see for tens of miles and of course on the ground, where you can only see for a few miles, before being cut off by the horizon.

"you just can't let it go, because you're an aggressive nigger" I am simply telling the truth. And the best part, it's now a part of the public discourse here – so if anyone else comes along and sees this discussion, they will hopefully come to a non-Jewish conclusion. Unfortunately for you, the Jews have deep hooks into you. Like that caterpillar, beguiled by the Jew wasp maggots, you are completely lost and serving their best interests (by tainting your message about the Jews). See how clever the Jews are? They are MASTERS of deception.

"Your ISS is fake, dummy" You won't even try to see it with your own eyes, shooting up from the western horizon, slowly crossing overhead, then setting in the east – only to do it all over again about 90 minutes later. You won't even take a few moments some evening, to try.

"You can't even show a complete picture of the earth from outer space" They have continuous live video coverage of the visible part of the earth, with weather satellites – approximately 22,000 miles above the earth. Anyone can see this live video at any time.

Note how the clouds shown, do match what is happening from your perspective on earth. Anyone can confirm this is very real, on their own.

"NASA IS FAKE, you stupid, vile, condescending asshole" And there it is. Argumentum ad hominem. Where you simply ignore the argument presented by me – and instead, attempt to attack my character. This is a well known logical fallacy and proof that I'm getting under your thin skin.

ad hominem, adjective
1: appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect
2: marked by or being an attack on an opponent's character rather than by an answer to the contentions made

You are actually compelled to do this because of cognitive dissonance, the discovery of contradictory information – and experiencing the mental toll caused by it. This indicates clearly you are pwn'd by the Jew. And the more sure of yourself (and the more resistant you are to examine my evidence) the more drunk you become on Jewish brainwashing propaganda. It's really sad for me to see how many Whites like you exist out there, it only strengthens my resolve, to continue to fight these Jewish lies.

cognitive dissonance, noun
: psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously

"Keep promoting the jew scam called nasa" Starting in 1958, NASA has been around for a long time. Long before computers and CGI – but today, NASA is hardly a monopoly, nor are they chief of space (in the USA). Elon Musk's SpaceX totally surpasses NASA by leaps, with their launch of internet satellites, many of which you can also see with your own eyes (at deployment, they look like a string of pearls moving across the sky, west to east). How do you explain starlink satellite internet? Many people have it, proving it is real. And SpaceX with their Starlink service is not the only one. Below is a list of all the corporate interests today, who commercially fly their own orbital and ballistic rockets into space.

Blue Origin
Evolution Space
Firefly Aerospace
International Launch Services aka ILS
Northrop Grumman Space Systems Group
Orbital ATK
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Relativity Space
Rocket Lab
Stoke Space
Stratolaunch Systems
United Launch Alliance aka ULA
Up Aerospace
Vector Launch
Virgin Galactic
Virgin Orbit

Companies like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic give rides into space, offered only to a wealthy public, where you basically ride up into space, float weightless for several minutes, then gravity pulls you back home. You return to near the point of departure (a ballistic flight). Orbit requires launching both up and to the east, because orbit is basically just the state of continuously falling just past the edge of the earth. To achieve this, you must be moving very fast (around 17 thousand miles per hour) to avoid becoming trapped in the earth's gravity well and being sucked back down to the surface. All things launched into orbit, without additional input energy, will eventually decay and return to earth. Constant input energy is required to maintain the necessary orbital velocity, following both the laws of thermodynamics and entropy.

Ask yourself, how does Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic sell VERY expensive tickets to the public, for these rides into space? Space tourism is not cheap! Wouldn't there be an outrage from the wealthy participants, if it was all just a scam? I'm sure the psychological agony you are suffering right now (called cognitive dissonance) is just miserable. But it's something you must go through, to break free of the Jew. Laying back and wallowing in sweet Jewish propaganda may be satisfying (like drugs) but in the end, it is always harmful. Do the experiments I laid out. See how perspective increases with altitude, confirming a gentle curvature of the earth. Explain why you can't look toward Colorado and see the mountains, which are fourteen thousand feet high. That's much higher than any nearby hill, which might obscure them. Explain why your internet friends in Australia see daylight, when you see night. That's a big one right there. And lastly, explain how Starlink works, if there are not low-earth satellites relaying the signal?

"i am done with your stupid little comment section and website" No, you will be back, how could you not? Whites are naturally curious, you are curious as to how I will respond.


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Take "1488" out of your name until you stop spreading absurd, illogical, & archaic Jewish disinformation intended to deceive white people into questioning their accomplishments.


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Flat Earth Documentary Debunked: SUPERCUT

The Jews are promoting flat-earth as a means to discredit antisemitism and ZOG by tainting the truth teller with obvious misinformation. When you tell someone the truth about the Jews, then drink your own urine – or insist that the earth is flat, you taint the message you just gave about the Jews. You must admit, this was rather clever on the part of the Jews (by doing this to you) because it is nearly impossible for them to STOP you completely, from talking truth about the Jews and what they are doing. So they instill in you a lot of obvious bullshit, to taint your message – simple, really. It appears those who see the truth about Jews, are also susceptible to Jewish propaganda, such as flat-earth, chemtrails, hollow-earth, reptilians, moon landing hoax and so on. The Jews promote these ideas heavily, to spoil the message you have about them.

When I talk about Jews, I do it with impact, as seen below. You see, the hubris of the Jew astounds me – they actually expose themselves. Do you want proof of ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) in America? Well that's easy. Ask yourself, who does our government "stand with" and fund the most? Zionist Israel of course. Jews comprise just 2% of the population in America, but now ask how many work in the Whitehouse? Hundreds? Jews in fact are the overwhelming majority of Whitehouse staff! See for yourself. The photograph below depicts many if not all the Jews currently working at the Whitehouse, published on the official Whitehouse twitter feed (meaning this photo is not fake). The Jews will tell you it's a reptilian elite who are doing all this evil, that reptilians are behind it all – but instead I say it's what is most obvious, this picture says it all. It's the JEWS.

Hey, I’m a white teenager who’s curious about neo-nazis… and a little confused as to why y’all lowkey blame the Jews for… everything????? Don’t be scared to reply, I’m totally up for a non-aggressive debate — I love debating 😀


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No matter how far back you go in history, from Judas to Shylock to Fagin, Jews have always been hated for the evils that they do. Jesus Christ in John 8:44 tells us that he believes the Jews are NOT of Abraham, but rather of their father the Devil. Most people believe Jesus can not be in error. The hatred of Jews, also called antisemitism, is universal. No matter where the Jews have been, be it Europe, the Middle East, America or North Africa, they’ve always been universally hatred. Antisemitism has been around for thousands of years, resulting in mass expulsions from every host nation that has ever become infested by parasitic Jews. Yes, Jews are parasites, an apex parasite at that. Today, Jews are on the front lines agitating the violent sub-human Nigger ape beast into violence, agitating them for reparations and for social justice. Jews are behind the transgender fad, which is destroying everyone it touches. Jews were behind the "gay" fad prior to transgender. If something is degenerate, disgusting and evil, then Jews are behind it. Jews are rich, because they wormed their way into controlling all the banks, even the federal reserve. Jews create money, thus making Jews the source of all money. With money, the Jews directly or indirectly pull all the levers of power. Jews claim to be Gods Chosen People, which makes me laugh, as Whites are the most beautiful race. It was Jews who killed Jesus. Jews are outsiders and different from every other race on earth. Jews are demonstrably an inferior race, however Jews are also deceptive, the masters of lies. Jews find weakness in others and then they exploit those weaknesses. Anyone who is ever been kind to a jew, regrets it. Can you now see why the world hates Jews?

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