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NSM Protests Sheriff Chitwood

NSM Protests Sheriff Chitwood April 22, 2023
Announcement for the upcoming NSM Protest of Sheriff Chitwood in Ormond Beach, Florida on April 22, 2023



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Death threats are not legally protected speech. However I did not make this threat, therefore I have little to worry about. I have encrypted (using AES256) the forensic evidence of the Comcast customer living in the southern USA, who did – and this evidence is archived below. 🙂


Sheriff Chitwood is demonstrably not a very good sheriff. He does not believe in equality under the law, the principle that all people MUST BE EQUALLY protected by the law. Chitwood is demonstrating, very clearly I might add, that some people deserve greater protection (i.e. Jews) while other people (i.e. Nazis) deserve less protection – or rather, maybe they deserve no protection at all, as he gives only persecution; the wielding of a weaponized form of law enforcement. No one should agree with or cheer this type of behavior. Chitwood ignores the truths we tell the world about the Jews and their agenda, then grants them superior protections from prosecution, or even illumination by our truths (where have we seen THAT before) like perhaps maybe the Jews OWN him or something.

What would self-loathing White people say, if Chitwood were to apply his same behavior, only to a different group? What if you swap Nazi with Negro? How would THAT work out?

If you think what he is doing to Nazis is considered "good," but equally this same behavior would be considered "hate" if he applied it to Negroes, then what he is doing in YOUR opinion, is flat-out wrong. The mental gymnastics you must use to justify such biased behavior, is astounding. Join with the NSM and do the right thing!

Where is your evidence that the Holocaust was faked? Where is your evidence of your "Jewish World Domination" conspiracy theory? And lastly, where is your evidence of an upcoming "White Genocide"? If you answer these 3 questions with evidence (and I bet you can't), I'll start believing in your racist crap. But as of now I'm sure that there is no proof supporting your claims.


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To "Anonymous" Disbeliever. Don't be so F..... LAZY! The proof is right under your nose.
1) Go to "Main Menu"
2) Go to "Posters & Flyers"
3) Open your F..... LAZY mind, get off your F..... ass and actually do some reading.
4) If you can DISPROVE any of the evidence against JEW DOMINATION, I will personally see that you get $10,000 no strings attached.
5) You will NOT be able to disprove the information.
6) Case CLOSED!


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Go to bitchute website and search for Fred Leuchter. How did so many Jews survive the Holocaust death camps? Some jews went to multiple camps yet lived. In mainstream news there are many "beyond belief" stories like "the gas chamber was full that day". Jews did die under the Nazis, but it wasnt 6 million by gas. Hitler has Jews in the Nazi army. Anne Frank died of Typhus disease, which killed many thousands in the camps. Read the "Holocaust eyewitness" story "A Year in Treblinka". It is not long and is online for free. Says Nazis were tearing kids in half with their bare hands. Says a Nazi shot him in the shoulder and it hurt a bit, but did not pierce his skin. Some Jews tell the truth and say they camps were ok. Other Jews lie and say stupid stuff like "the nazis had a cage with a bear and eagle and every day they threw a Jew in" to be killed and ripped apart.

> Where is your evidence that the Holocaust was faked?

More Than Taboo - 2013 Holocaust What's True and What's False

A downloadable link in case the above video is censored in your area.

This one happens to be my favorite video, but there are many more videos like it.

> Where is your evidence of your "Jewish World Domination" conspiracy theory?

Probably the best starting point for beginners, would be our flyers.

NSM Posters & Flyers | The NSM

> And lastly, where is your evidence of an upcoming "White Genocide"?

The Great Replacement - Why are the Elite GENOCIDING White Europeans?

There are many more videos like this one on bitchute.

> If you answer these 3 questions with evidence (and I bet you can't), I'll start believing in your racist crap.

Evidence won't change your mind, as you are already owned by the Jew, therefore you will complete your mission and die a meaningless death for the Jew, probably fentanyl overdose (if you are not already transgender or gay). You see, I am not writing this for you, I am writing this for those who are not yet as deeply brainwashed as you and might still be salvageable.

> But as of now I'm sure that there is no proof supporting your claims.

This is what biased reasoning looks like folks. Don't let this happen to anyone you care about.


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As it turns out, this video is censored everywhere. I checked from various locations via VPN and confirmed that nobody is allowed to see it.

More Than Taboo - 2013 Holocaust What's True and What's False

So here it is, available only on this web page, as it appears to be banned, everywhere.

And while you're here, there is another powerful (yet fully censored) video from this same content creator. Review this video, then draw your own conclusions. Jews truly are the master of (ridiculous) lies, as you are about to see for yourself.

The Last Days of the Big Lie

This one is also banned everywhere, so it is being made available below.


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Glad to have helped. There are a number of videos being effectively banned on bitchute – where when you try to play them, they never play. I know the trick of how to make them play anyway, as shown on this page. Simply search for and find an active seed and source it from there. 🙂 I'm guessing the banning of these videos probably are not the desire of bitchute, but rather due to pressures from Jews or government (which is still Jews). But so long as we know this work-around trick, we will be fine.

It may also be caused by leftist admins at bitchute, deleting the one seed, but too stupid to realize there are other seeds? That too is possible. Most people don't realize there exists quite a bit of redundancy at bitchute, in regard to the video seed server nodes.

And no matter what the Jews want, the last days of the big Jewish holocaust lie are at hand. The Jews have been found out! Which is why the Jews are now taking Ukraine for themselves. They know the world will soon turn their backs on them, once everyone knows these truths. Jewkraine provides ample expansion room for Jews – providing an ability for Jews to now feed themselves, as Ukraine has some of the finest farmland in all of Europe. Jews intend to make it a second Israel (once it is depopulated of undesirable Goyim). That is the true purpose of this war, a covert White genocide – where the purposeful murder of millions of Whites can't be once again blamed on Jews.

Jews behind Russia-Ukraine war to form new Jewish state

First country outside Israel with Jewish president & prime minister…

Good afternoon, gentlemen of the NSM. I sincerely hope that this message finds each and every one of you well. I wanted to take to this platform to express my immeasurable disappointment in the state of my country. I live in the Southwest, with some states containing a majority Hispanic population. I am a white man, and I am treated like a stranger in my own country. I am the owner, and they are the guest. It is not the other way around. Are there any states that the members of the NSM would like to nominate that still have a majority white population. Quite frankly, I am tired of being treated like a subhuman. My ancestors started this once-great Nation.

For some context, I live in the suburban town of Brampton near Toronto in Canada. Here, the demographics are insane. 52% of my city is South Asian/Indian which is absolutely ridiculous. Blacks make up 13%, and some other races include "Latin/Hispanic"(which isn't even a race) & non-Indian Asians and Arabs.

Whites are only 18%. And as you can tell, this city is dominated by curry munchers.

I go to a catholic school here where most of the kids aren't white. White people and kids get bullied on a daily basis here just for being white. Whites get bullied by w̶h̶i̶t̶e̶s̶ (ahem, Hispanics) for being white.

For example, there is a Brazilian girl in my class. She is blonde, she has blue eyes, and her skin tone is white. And she says that her race is "Hispanic". Everyone seems to agree with her that Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian people AREN'T white but instead a whole new different race now. Some people even say that Italians aren't white. The only reason for this is, we all seriously hate being White.

Another example is that of a guy in my class who is maybe quarter asian? But I don't see any Asian in him. He has Europeam hair, a European face, and he acts European. The only Asian thing about him is his Japanese name and that's it. He too claims that he is not White.

What's worse about my city, is that privilege has fallen into the hands of Non-Whites. There is a children's musical program in my city, and if you want to join you are required to answer the following question on the application form:
"Do you identify as BIPOC?"

If you answer yes, you automatically get more opportunity and privilege (forgot what/how exactly you get more privilege, but it definitely increases your chances somehow)

If no, then you'll have to be lucky to get in.

Anyway, with all the examples I wrote above, you can already tell that this city is hell on earth. Hundreds of Indian and other non-White refugees are being rushed into this city every single day while White people are pushed more and more to the brink. White people already are a minority and they're pushing us even further.

Only God knows what will happen when White people become an absolute minority here.

Joe Biden’s America


9:00: GAY LESON!!

9:45: how to be be GAYY!!


11:15: GAY RECESS!!


12:45: GAY LESON!!!


2:15: BLM PERIOD!!!





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What Joe and most everyone wants is for you to return to third grade and to learn this time. Aren't you fucking ashamed that you can't spell at the level of an eight-year-old child? You're a goddamn embarrassment to the White Race.


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First, I'd like to apologize for the improper grammar used in my rant. Second, I am white.

Looking back upon this with eyes wide open, I think Nixon was just a Jewish puppet. I think Jews were behind the faked moon landings, or at least the first one. Jews are the most dishonest people in the world so for them to stage a deception like this would be nothing. I think a deal was reached with the USSR. The USA would win the space race and the USSR would basically stop "competing" with the USA. The USA would come out looking like a rock star. NASA would come out looking like a rock star. Nixon as President of the USA during this time would come out looking like a rock star. And what was the pay off that Jews expected in return? That the USA would guarantee the perpetual existence of Israel and send it massive amounts of free U.S. tax payer money each year to keep it going and that the USA would protect Israel from all enemies. This is what I believe. Jews are lying, thieving rotten bastards for which no lie is too big. 9-11 was another Jewish lie that involved another Jewish puppet named George W. Bush.


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It is important to note that there is no way to verify if this commenter is the same one that posted before. In fact, with highest probability, it is not. It could just be a trolling Jew, for all we know.

The moon landings were NOT faked, see my message (link below) and with a few thousand dollars, you too can verify for yourself that White men walked on the moon – and we did it 54 years ago. No other race on this planet can match this achievement. If anyone else ever walks on the moon, it will REQUIRE the help of White men to get them there. Take the Artemis program for example, where White men are being forced to help get the first woman and the first shitskin onto the Moon's surface. This is because they could NEVER get there without the help of White men. I of course see Artemis eventually being canceled, long before actually putting any shitskins on the moon, as the money for the project is being diverted to Democratic causes, instead of being used for the mission. Oh sure, they had one launch, but you kinda have to make it look at least a tiny bit legitimate – and spend some of the money properly, before stealing the bulk of it for causes that actually serve to destroy White America.

What you say about Nixon is a bald-face lie. Nixon was Jew-wise and he spoke out against the Jews.

"The Jews are all over the government."
"Jews needed to be brought under control by putting someone in charge who is not Jewish."
"Washington is full of Jews, most Jews are disloyal."

You say, "I think Nixon was just a Jewish puppet" but do those words above, sound like what a Jew supplicant might say?

However what you say about the Jews is mostly true, but add to that list, Jews hate space. Jews don't want anything to do with space exploration or interplanetary colonization. Jews are Luddites. Most of your arguments are weak and as I point out, easily refutable by bouncing a laser off the retroreflectors placed on the moon by White American men, most of which were of German ancestry.


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While there is no way for viewers of this website to see if I may be a different person, it's also important to note that there is also no way to verify whether you are even the legitimate webmaster of As a webmaster, you have access to server logs, which record various details about each request made to your website, such as the IP address of the visitor, the pages accessed, the browser used, and any error messages encountered. You could easily manually look up who did what on your website if you're a real webmaster. What is even more suspiscious is the "not verified" text near your name. WayBack Machine shows us that this website was created back in 2001. And now correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume that you became webmaster in 2019, since that is when Jeff Schoep betrayed us and let a nigger run this website, before he died of cancer and someone else took over. However, 22 years have passed and Webmaster is still "not verified" on his own website? How does that happen?

This is obviously either a lack of skill or a lack of legitimacy.


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"there is also no way to verify whether you are even the legitimate webmaster of" I love it when people think they are so smart, that they can out-fox me. Well, I guess you got me there buddy, you're so much smarter than I. Nah – let's apply a little abductive reasoning instead. When you post on this website, you see a list of posting rules, last of which states "Your comment will be queued for review by site administrators and will be published after approval." The reason we do that is simple: people post (among other things illegal) death threats against high profile public officials, just so they can call the FBI should we be so stupid as to publish it on the website (and purportedly get us into trouble – or at least give us massive grief). Section 230 does protect us from that, but not without our servers being seized and massive downtime for months (the massive grief I mentioned earlier). And if you don't think this to be a rather serious issue, we have collected exactly 5825 of what I deem to be "on the books illegal" posts, submitted to this website, to date. Given that nothing gets published without my review, clearly in the review process, if anyone posts as "Webmaster" I will change that to Anonymous, to avoid any possible confusion. So you didn't "catch" me, nor out fox me either.

"you have access to server logs" Yes I do, for what they are worth, most useful of which is the IP address that might give me an idea where the post originated, but not specifically WHO originated it (without a court order). And as you may have guessed, people who come here for mischief, ALWAYS come in using a VPN, with the IP assigned to a datacenter in places like Panama or wherever. That's not very useful. So in summation, your argument is moot.

"You could easily manually look up who did what on your website if you're a real webmaster." I just explained why such exercise is futile. Pros like me even know how to spoof a browser ident convincingly. None of the information found in web logs today, is of any use, except to provide the IP address to drop rule someone in the firewall, who is being a problem.

"What is even more suspiscious is the "not verified" text near your name." I'm pretty sure you are an FBI agent and probably should know better than to go around and around like this. You're only making yourself look bad, before your superiors. We don't have memberships here, people post with whatever name they care to put in the form field. This is true for everyone, even true for myself (as again, we don't have memberships here). When I post, I must also authorize my own writing. I added the (not verified) in the source code, to let those who might think they have an excuse to seize and search our servers, that we don't have memberships here, that there is no data to be had. Now I'm not a lawyer, but it seemed like a good idea at the time – and I thought it might sound better in a court, before a jury. Any organization like this is going to meet resistance from the tyrants who enjoy controlling others (that would be Jews). I'm just thinking ahead to block them.

"WayBack Machine shows us that this website was created back in 2001." The NSM has had a web presence since middle June, 1998. The domain in use back then was (go try that on the wayback machine). The dot org top level went into use in December 2006. Those are correct dates, regardless of when first began archiving the site.

"And now correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume that you became webmaster in 2019" I built and became webmaster of this website about two and a half years ago on Tue Dec 22 05:53:48 EST 2020. That's when this HTML5 variant of the NSM website was born (based upon the creation timestamp in the database).

"since that is when Jeff Schoep betrayed us and let a nigger run this website" Do you think for one second that Niggers are capable of managing a website or even using a computer? The mean IQ of Niggers is demarcated at about the point of mental retardation – Niggers aren't capable of operating computers, or writing complex instruction code. Niggers aren't even capable of caring for themselves, in a normal manner.

"before he died of cancer and someone else took over" The Nigger never had access to the website. You are conflating what the Nigger claimed in news interviews with reality. The Nigger WANTED to do horrible things with the website, but he was never ABLE to. I don't believe the Nigger ever claimed to have access to it of any kind.

"However, 22 years have passed and Webmaster is still "not verified" on his own website? How does that happen?" Because all users are identical, it's not that complicated. Why create specific code for memberships when we don't really have any? My contributing any comments at all on this website is a complete and total afterthought. Initially, I didn't think I would contribute anything to the comment section. But in reality, I find that if I don't say something, nothing useful will ever be said.

"This is obviously either a lack of skill or a lack of legitimacy." I don't think anyone can look at the "wow factor" of this website (including the key frame animated titles at the top) and say the webmaster lacks skills. How many websites have you seen with keyframe animated text like that? None, I would imagine. Does that make me the best programmer in the world? I doubt it. Am I at least among the top? Yes. Am I legitimate? Well I wrote the code and created the core CMS used, didn't I? Moreover, I have an improved version of this CMS with AJAX functionality that I will eventually deploy. But that means a lot of work, so I haven't used the new CMS on anything but new website builds. However eventually I will deploy it here and it will look neato.



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I think this is just trolling – but I will correct one point. The landing on the moon by White men (and so far, ONLY White men) happened 54 years ago and remains the single greatest achievement of the White race, ever. Do not allow the Jews to tell you it was faked and rob from you such a great White achievement. How do we know it was real? By an experiment that anyone can perform with a powerful and highly collimated laser, combined with a telescope and photomultiplier for detection. For you see, the Lunar Laser Ranging experiment was the placement of three retroreflective mirror arrays on the moon, which allows anyone on earth to send laser pulses to the moon, then detect that laser light, after it reflects back toward the source. The three locations where you can fire your laser are Mare Tranquillitatis, Fra Mauro formation and Hadley–Apennine (which is the largest reflector, at 105×65 cm of reflective surface). Anyone on earth can perform this experiment, which proves someone was up there to place those reflectors on the surface. Therefore it should be plausible to accept as true, the photos taken by those who did it, along with their claims of achievement.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

The Apollo 15 Lunar Laser Ranging RetroReflector.

As the largest (105 x 65 cm in size) it serves as the primary target for laser ranging to the Moon. Anyone on earth is free to use it, at any time. Because it is a retroreflector, more than one person can use it at the same time, without causing any interference (as each would have different angles of incidence). You will need a class-IV laser, pictured below is about 40 watts of frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser (532nm green) ranging to the moon. These lasers can be affordably obtained as used, outdated or no longer certifiable (but still functioning) medical lasers. Two Celestron 8 inch telescopes would be adequate for anyone to range the moon, with one hooked up with the laser feeding into the eyepiece, to serve as a collimator to send an 8 inch beam to the moon – and the other one set up nearby, to receive the reflected green light. Easy peasy. Anyone can do this – with only a moderate expense of a few thousand dollars.…

We now live in a failed "Republic" which has in it's Constitution a "Bill Of Rights". But these rights do not really exist. What we really have are privileges at best, which our jew masters can take away OR IGNORE any time they see fit. An example of that is what happened yesterday, June 10th in Lakeland Florida. Commander Burt and several members of our NSM were demonstrating against degeneracy and perverse people, namely homosexual, sicko and twisted scum along with their fag element "transgender" and cross dresser pervert adults coming into contact with young children and using their sick methods of messing with young minds in these so called "story time hours". WTF!! And parents just let their kids go to these things!! LOTS OF PEOPLE NEED TO BE PUT IN PRISON! Anyhow, I'm digressing here. Com. Burt and the NSM group are there, some whining sniveling brainwashed, indoctrinated "white" people complained about the demonstration. The cops come and shut it down (the demonstration) and arrest Com. Colucci. VIOLATING HIS 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS under a city "ordinance" against loud noise with a maga speaker "bull horn". And, I guess 'causing a public disturbance." Shut down in only about 15 minutes! So is that how it is going g to be ERVERYWHERE from now on? I'm sure the city cops found out soon after the NSM showed up who was there. And Com. Burt is sort of forced into being careful because he is still bonded out and with an impending trial hanging over his head. So, so much for "rights". Com. Colucci was released soon after (there is some good news from what happened) as I'm sure the police department realized they were indeed violating his rights. But the point is, if we do indeed have rights, then this should have never happened in the first place, and neither should what happened in Orlando when the jew David Newstat assaulted the old guy "grandfather". I'm just wondering. Are the cops going to shut down every demonstration now under one pretext or another! Taking privileges away until it is all "sorted out".

NASA is the world’s biggest bunch of assholes and they never even went to the Moon in the first place. It was a staged hoax to try to demoralize the Soviet Union. The Russians were beating the US in every single metric, every single achievement was Russia first, then all of a sudden “hey, we landed on the Moon! Look at this footage! It was really a lot like 2001: A Space Odyssey. Haha, that Kubrick was really a visionary, huh?”

Sad thing is, we can’t ever go back – we lost the technology! That’s according to NASA official Don Pettit, who says he’d love to go back, but we just can’t because we no longer have the 1960s technology that got us there! We destroyed it.

So yeah, I guess China will probably be able to invent new Moon landing technology before the black people who now run NASA figure out how to recreate the technology that was inexplicably destroyed.


In reply to by Andrew (not verified)

Continuing with this same JEWISH hoax nonsense, the whole purpose of which is to sully the apex achievement of the White race – to make White people appear the same as Niggers (liars about their achievements). These Jews just will not give up. I've posted how you can prove or disprove the existence of retroreflective devices on the moon. An example of a retroreflector (also known as a corner-cube reflector) is the reflector found on a bicycle. It is a simple optical device that reflects light straight back where it came from, using many tiny reflective cubes.

Answer this question: If the purpose of Apollo was to demoralize the Soviet Union, then why didn't the Soviet Union call out the lie? Why didn't Americans who were surely "in on it" call out the lie as well, in 1969? Well, for one very BIG reason, many radio amateurs were listening to the moon walking radio signals coming from the moon. So were the Russians. All around the world, people were listening to signals coming from the moon.

Now to address your other issue, here's a thought, maybe NASA official Don Pettit is an idiot? Astronauts are hired for their ability to be locked in the trunk of a car without freaking out for weeks at a time. They are NOT chosen for their intelligence. I did watch the video where he made the claim that the technology was destroyed, now we can't go back. That's as stupid as saying my car hit a tree, now I can never again drive. Just build another car! Artemis has already orbited the moon, this is hybrid Apollo + Shuttle technology, being repurposed to send Niggers to the moon. Supposedly the primary goal of the Artemis program is to prove equality by landing Niggers on the Moon.

Regarding this issue, I would advise NOT to be an idiot like Don Pettit. However upon reviewing the video again, what he said was true, but worded poorly. Here is what he said, exactly. "I'd go to the moon in a nanosecond. The problem is, we don't have the technology to do that anymore. We used to, but we destroyed that technology and it is a painful process to build it back again." The Artemis program is the rebuilding of that technology, only modernized. And if they are successful, Niggers will be walking on the moon. The objective of this (of course) is to prove Niggers are equals. Jews likely won't spread lies about Niggers walking on the moon, as they have about White men, in their attempt to make White people believe Niggers got there first. However since Niggers can't do this feat on their own, not without White people doing everything for them, doesn't that rather prove they are NOT equals?

Without White people helping them, China will not reach the moon with a manned mission. Not now, not ever. Asians lack the creative imagination and resourcefulness to achieve such a goal. This is why they never have and why they never will walk on the moon.


In reply to by Andrew (not verified)

IN ONLY 12 YEARS, HITLER'S SCIENTISTS INVENTED the TV (yes, it's disputable but they did and photos prove it), the rocket, jet engine and guidance systems, the microwave, night-time goggles, helicopters, nuclear power [and the FIRST testing of], programmable computers (yes and various types), particle board, synthetic pain killers (ie methodone), audio tapes, the Volkswagen and mass production of (but the war prevented). They also experimented with anti-gravity devices!

[The Jew-owned and controlled media still allows some mention of these inventions, and they also make a point of mentioning amphetamines etc. I will add links later if anyone CAN'T search these on their own.]

This is mostly Jewish disinformation. Jews like to muddy the waters to weaken the claims made by Whites. They add fantastic claims to some really important truths, to cause the normative person to discredit the whole of the claim, due to the few fantastic claims that are easily proven false, mixed in. Jews know the best lies contain a tiny bit of truth. Jews use this method of lying, to distort history and to sow seeds of doubt. We must resist the propagation of Jewish disinformation.

The Model T was introduced to the world in 1908 by Henry Ford and was the first mass production automobile. Ford learned about mass production from Eli Whitney.

The Citroën automobile manufacture started in 1919 and it became the first mass produced automobile outside the USA, by André-Gustave Citroën in France.

The history of the Volkswagen began with the “Käfer” in 1934. Then on May 28, 1937, the “Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH“ was formally established. Mass production of Volkswagens began shortly thereafter.

Nuclear Fission was discovered in Germany by chemists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann and by physicists Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch in December, 1938. This level of fission, was not self-sustaining and only a laboratory curiosity at the time. Then on December 2, 1942, underneath Stagg Field at the University of Chicago, a team of scientists led by Enrico Fermi created the first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. From that discovery, the atomic bomb became possible.

Fantastic devices which do not exist even today, such as anti-gravity devices, surely would have won the war for Germany. There will never be an anti-gravity device, since the vector arm of gravity (like time and entropy) only moves in one direction (unlike magnetism, which moves in two directions, both attraction and repulsion). I could go on, but will stop here.


In reply to by Andrew (not verified)

So, for the first time in history NASA says "they lost the technology". And just what is "space"? The space station is only 250 miles above us, and even Hubble is only 340 miles up. You can DRIVE those distances here in a day. WE THINK WE ARE IN SPACE, and the nearest galaxy - Andromeda is 150 million light years away (a light year is around 6 TRILLION miles. I want to add this also - the moon 'orbiter' went AROUND the moon which is about the size of the U.S. And wow, the orbiter went around the moon and managed to stop on a dime from miles up and spot the lander just in time. BULLSHIT! So you drive across the U.S. (in 1979) and lose something, go back across the U.S. and manage to find it somewhere, from the ground? BULLSHIT!


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

This is in my opinion, the most pernicious disinformation ever produced by the Jew. It robs the White man of his apex achievement, walking on the moon. In application, the claim that White men hoaxed the moon landing, brings the White man on par with the Nigger. Niggers say "we wuz kangz" when in reality, the Egyptians were White Europeans. Whites say "we walked on the moon" which the Jews want you to believe the opposite, that we are the same as Niggers – we also lie about our achievements. But that simply is not the case. Scroll up and read how you can test for yourself, using hardware available on eBay and determine if White men actually walked on the moon, or not.

The 5G hoax was eventually proven false, as now almost everyone has a 5G phone. Because the Jews are hiring White people to land Niggers on the moon, the Artemis mission, young White people will soon believe that Niggers got there first, due to this Jewish lie. Let's not lose our greatest achievement through Jewish lies! Fight Jewish disinformation!

Review my arguments found several comments above and perform the experiment for yourself. I do not understand your arguments punctuated by "BULLSHIT" as they have no connection to the Apollo program and are somewhat incoherent. The most distant object in space (Voyager 1) has only just passed the heliosphere, about 14 billion miles away and has now entered deep space. We have never and likely will never travel to Andromeda (a completely different galaxy). And as for finding things in vast areas (this has no connection to Apollo, which was not about finding anything at all) we do this all the time, it's a hobby called "geocaching" and anyone can join the adventure, who wants to. It's become quite popular over the years. Geocaching as a hobby, began about 20+ years ago.


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Likewise in turn, I don't understand your 'rebuttal' on the moon landings. NASA like the US military is a bureaucratic black hole where money disappears. The moon landings are wishful thinking or in otherwords - because it would be nice if something were true, it must be true! The huge rockets with 5 nozzles do only one thing - allow us to escape the clutches of earth's gravity. And there is very little fuel left for space travel. The larger the rocket, the more fuel ratio-wise to escape earth's gravity. I'am not going to pursue this subject and there are many arguments against the 'lunar landing'. People even believe that we sent a 'dune buggy' to mars (and the photos 'sent back' can be matched with photos of a northern Canadian island where they tested the rovers. Still we insist on believing what we want to...

You say, "the US military is a bureaucratic black hole where money disappears" which suggests we don't have navy ships, submarines, fighter aircraft, drones, cruise missiles and so on. Yes, the military consumes a lot of money, but it also shits out an awful lot of weapons of war.

Yes, you are absolutely correct that NASA is "the right thing" but created "for all the wrong reasons." Kennedy created NASA, but he also said, "I don't give a damn about space" which you can find in his published recordings, which I have found online years ago – and Kennedy also said, "I'll be damned if I'll go to bed at night by the light of a Communist moon" which clearly shows us his true motivation, for the moon project – and for getting there first. Science was not the actual goal – only politics (as usual from a Democrat). Currently, the Biden administration is all set to put the first Nigger on the moon. This would be the wrong thing, for all the wrong reasons. This program is called the Artemis mission. They have already launched a replacement for the "lost technology" Don Pettit spoke about, the Saturn 5 rocket. This replacement rocket did orbit an unmanned capsule around the moon and that capsule did return to earth. It worked flawlessly. Don Pettit was absolutely correct, when he said that we could not return to the moon using Saturn 5 technology, as the knowledge of that technology is lost. So White people did what White people always do and created an all new system, based upon the shit we do know about.

This new technology is known as the Orion capsule and Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

The SLS rocket is a super heavy-lift expendable hybrid launch vehicle, created by the White people working at NASA. The SLS reuses already existing hardware that was designed for the Space Shuttle program, including the solid rocket boosters and the RS-25 Shuttle engines, mostly for guidance. The SLS will be the primary launch vehicle of the Artemis program. The first SLS launch has already taken place and this was the uncrewed Artemis 1 mission, which took place on 16 November, 2022. This launch was witnessed by many members of the NSM living near the cape at the time. The event was also livestreamed on the NSM website by Jamie McBride. Yes, the mission really happened and the launch was impressive as fuck (as it happened at night). Burning aluminum "solid rocket fuel" is an impressively bright white display.

The two Shuttle-era SRBs provide the most possible thrust ever created so far – and have the greatest delta-v of any engine ever flown, more than double that of the Rocketdyne F1 used in the Saturn V rocket (the technology we no longer know how to build, due to the decay of paper and magnetic records – and the deaths of nearly everyone involved). However it appears to me that the Artemis mission funding is currently being diverted and used for Democratic causes, such as voter fraud and election rigging. It appears the Artemis mission is as you point out, a fraud, a slush fund for the Democrats – therefore they likely won't have enough money left over after the election, to actually put Niggers on the moon (thank god). One less thing for us to worry about. So like the the cancelled Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles that came before it, this mission too will likely be scrapped, due to a lack of funding (after Democrats "win" all branches of government, by rigging the election in 2024 – and no longer need this bullshit "Niggers on the Moon" mission for liberal and Nigger votes).

You said "allow us to escape the clutches of earth's gravity" which at least confirms you believe rockets are real. You then say, "there is very little fuel left for space travel" which shows me that your science teachers have failed you (or the Jews have more convincingly deceived you, with a lie). Don't be embarrassed, just think of all those Whites who believe the Holocaust was real. It happens.

Once you escape gravity, very little thrust is required thereafter, to travel in space (because you don't have any gravity until you intercept the moon). Perhaps you recall seeing people on the ISS barely touch things and these things move very easily across open space at a constant speed (complying with Newton's first law of motion). You may have watched Elon Musk launching satellites, these videos are prolific on the Internet. They have a reusable booster to get the second stage and payload into space. Upon reaching space, they fire up the "Merlin vacuum engines" which are large bell engines, designed to operate efficiently in the vacuum of space. These are known as "stage two" engines. These engines take the payload into an orbit around the planet, which is necessary for anything to stay in space, close to earth.

Essentially, orbit can be described as continuously falling just past the edge of the earth. So long as your velocity stays up, you will continuously fall just past the edge of the earth. Reentry only takes place, the moment your velocity starts to slow, your orbital altitude falls and you start to dip into the upper atmosphere. Drag caused by pushing through the atmosphere slows you even more – and eventually you plummet back to earth.

To reach the moon, Apollo used three stages, the third stage is fired at exactly the right moment and for exactly the right period, to launch the spacecraft out of earth's orbit and into a trans-lunar trajectory, to achieve a trans-lunar injection orbit, described by the animation below.

You said, "I'am not going to pursue this subject and there are many arguments against the 'lunar landing'." but what if I am right? If YOU are right, that's just terrible, because that means White people are liars and we really are exactly the same as dumb Niggers. We wuz kangz too! But that simply is not the case. Look at the device you are using to read my words. Does this scream "kangz" to you? No, it does not. White men actually did walk on the moon, but Jews want to fill your head with lies, to make you believe that White people are liars (just like unachieved Niggers and Jews).

Think for a moment how many people were involved in the space program, hundreds of thousands of White people, so were all of them "in on it" and "willing liars" and for what end, sufficient to get so many people to lie? If lying is all it takes, why didn't Russia simply lie first, before America lied? Everyone would have believed their lie, if that's all it takes, because by the time we put OUR first White man into space, Russia had ALREADY launched the first artificial satellite, the first dog, the first White man AND the first White woman into space. If all that would be required at that point, was to simply claim to be the first on the moon by lying, then Russia surely would have done so, as everyone would have believed their lie – given the rapid chain of successes and firsts that the Russians had in space, up to that point. It was EXPECTED by everyone, that Russia would beat us to the moon!

You said, "we insist on believing what we want to" which isn't true. For most of us, we beLIEve what the Jews convincingly tell us. You probably read about the moon hoax claim on a website, correct? Isn't it possible, either the creator of the website was influenced by Jews, or was a Jew itself? MOST White people unfortunately, listen to and believe the Jews – apparently even you. The Jews essentially told you that White people lie about their achievements, the same as "Kangz" – and the Jews are doing this to us for a reason. It is impossible for the Jew to elevate the Nigger up to our level. Niggers are more animal than they are human, they will never achieve what Whites and Asians have achieved – therefore the ONLY option available, in order for the Jew to make the Nigger and the White perfectly equal, is to drag White people down to the Nigger's level. White man, according to your claim, is a liar, no different from the Nigger, as we did not actually walk on the moon, but rather, we lied and said we did instead – which if true, would discredit White Superiority and White Supremacy, as well as discredit the apex achievement of all humanity thus far, which was walking on the moon.

You have seen my arguments here, now think for yourself. Buy a laser and two telescopes and perform the experiment I outlined above, for yourself. You will see scintillations from the moon, EXACTLY where they are supposed to be! And when you see this proof for yourself, please scrape these Jewish lies out of your mind, as it is poisoning you, from the inside out.


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There is an article in the link that states 100,000 whistle-blowers were silenced by the Pentagon. Or was it 6 million? Do you see my point? So if they can silence 100,000 (which I believe), then they can say almost anything... Your 3 stage rockets are STILL designed to just escape our planet's gravity. So momentum carries us the rest of the way somewhere, but where do we get the thrust to get back? Mars is 35 million miles away at it closest elliptical point, and takes up to 3 years to get there? And we sent a 'dune buggy' there safely as always? Even our most modern jets crash here on earth.…

Do you honestly think anyone can silence 100,000 whistle-blowers? TODAY the anti-Trump majority in Washington, can't silence the DOZENS of FBI agents coming forward, today, testifying that they were told to sit on, tip off or destroy evidence against Hunter Biden, as well as being told to tell lies about Trump to get search warrants to spy on Trump's campaign. AND THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO HATE TRUMP who are coming forward! But they hate more how Biden is ruining America, hurting them directly with inflation, higher interest rates, food shortages, fuel costs, mass immigration and so on. You would do better for us to report on the Biden administration buying millions of tons of potatoes with our tax dollars, just to destroy them (and cause food shortages) as well as burning food processing plants to the ground. Even experts in arson have never before seen fires so hot, that even the steel beams are destroyed. They don't want these plants to be repaired or replaced! That's why whistle-blowers are coming forward. Stopping Trump is something they wanted, but killing America is something they did not.

And unlike some government space program, this whistle-blowing against the Biden crime family is happening right now, with the son of the sitting (illegitimate) president, this is who they are testifying against. When Hunter was charged with crack cocaine, lying on a gun purchase, tax evasion on millions of dollars and was given only probation – the whistle-blowers came out. Do you really believe everyone involved with NASA was so dedicated to such a pathetic lie, that they took "the secret" to their graves? Why would anyone do that? And what about the Artemis program to put Niggers on the moon? Are you going to continue with your "Whitey lied" but "Niggers did it" claims? Because if Artemis is successful, there will be no denying it. Anyone with a Yagi antenna you can buy at Best Buy can prove the signals ARE coming from the moon. Do you remember when the cold war finally ended, many secrets finally came out, so why hasn't the moon landing ever been revised like all the actual lies being told during that time, if the moon landing is as you say, the biggest lie since the holocaust?

Or is it more plausible that this "moon hoax" rhetoric was cooked up BY THE JEWS and propagated among pro-Whites, to deceptively trick pro-Whites into blunting the achievements of the White race, calling White people liars about their accomplishments THE SAME AS NIGGERS and getting those who most love the White race, to spread these lies ABOUT the White race? Which of those two seem more plausible to you? You are being used my friend, by your sworn enemy, THE JEW, to erase the apex achievement of the White race – in preparation for that achievement to be stolen by Niggers (who are quietly being placed on the moon by White people).

You use weak and emotive Jewish arguments and ignore the hard evidence that anyone can review, such as the retroreflectors placed on the moon by the Apollo astronauts. You just ignore it, like I never even said a god damn thing! Any evidence that does not fit your Jewish narrative, you ignore. Because that's what Jews instructed you to do! Anyone (even you) can shoot a green laser up there and prove they exist, exactly where the landings took place – however only ONE of the reflectors, the one from the fourth time White men walked on the moon (Apollo 15) actually works well enough for amateurs such as yourself, to do this. The other reflectors aren't as good and require tricks like pulse modulation and photon multiplication, to electronically verify the signal is present (as the eye can't see it).

A two stage rocket is designed to escape earth gravity and establish earth orbit. Stage one takes the rocket to space. Stage two (which has a different kind of engine, known as a vacuum engine) gets the payload moving into an orbital trajectory. A three stage rocket is used to then escape from orbit, to then move into a translunar orbit and rendezvous with the moon or any other gravitational body.

"So momentum carries us the rest of the way somewhere, but where do we get the thrust to get back?" You're not a sci-fi fan are you. There are several methods for changing direction in space, the most economical is to capture into an orbit, like around the moon, then when you're ready to come home, you wait until the right moment and apply just enough thrust (by firing your engines) to break out of the orbit and return home. The least economical way is to spin around and fire your engines until you stop and then continue firing the engines to reverse in direction. This requires a LOT of fuel. You will consume the same amount you used to get up to speed (just to stop) and an equal amount to get up to speed in the opposite direction. This is why White people developed "orbital assist" instead. The amount of thrust needed to break out of an orbit is only a tiny fraction of a zero-G reversal using thrusters alone.

"And we sent a 'dune buggy' there safely as always? Even our most modern jets crash here on earth." Doesn't that statement sound strangely emotive and Jewish, even to you? Dune buggy, trash can, safely as always are emotive language, most typically used by Jews. Jews know they can't reach you with facts – as the facts don't support the Jewish lie. So the Jew resorts to emotion, the use of emotive language, to deceive the dumb Goyim and instill doubt.

Has every mars mission been successful? No, they have not. In 1999, America's most expensive mission to mars to date (Mars Polar Lander) crashed when the computers shut down the engines too early, due to a faulty touch-down sensor. Also that same year (all mars missions are grouped together, when mars is the closest to earth) another failure, Mars Climate Orbiter, when a stupid diversity hire failed to convert from english to metric measurements, causing the orbiter to miss orbital trajectory by 90 miles and crash into the planet. So as you can tell, mars missions have most often ended with failure. One of the biggest failing of the White race, is that we only talk about our successes, making it appear that we don't have any failures (tho Whites were not to blame for the MCO failure). Maybe if we talk about HOW HARD it is for us to be achieved, these achievements won't seem like bullshit, giving the Jews an opportunity to spin their web of lies.

I hope "reynolds" that you appreciate that I took the time to explain all this to you and further, to explain how Jewish emotional deception works. Jews don't work in facts, you disprove a lie by telling the truth. Conversely, you disprove a truth by calling the truth teller a racist and use emotional language to discredit the truth. We are White people. We are demonstrably the pinnacle of human evolution. You can use the phrase Master Race if you like, or Superiority or Supremacy, whatever is okay with me – Whites have time and again demonstrated their abilities, no other race comes even close. It would help however, if in the future, when you see something emotional, think "Jewish" and ignore it. Facts aren't emotional (they don't need to be) only lies need to be emotional in order to be properly sold for the purpose of deception.


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I can't prove or disprove the existence of a god or gods – but I can make a rational conclusion leaning in favor of one position. Many folks believe that the universe needed a creator, that self-assembly based upon physical laws is just impossible. I don't see natural physical laws as an impossible explanation, but let's just say the earth required a creator. Here's the problem. If the world required a creator, then surely the CREATOR creating this world, also required a creator, right? And that creator also required a creator, producing a long line – an infinite regression – of creators creating the creators who created the world. This is an example of a mathematical paradox. Therefore the self-assembly based upon natural laws as a theory, makes much more sense, even if we can't quite understand how it works just yet. Worth mentioning at this point, there have been 5 extinction level events throughout earth history and each time, life sprang up – suggesting that self-assembly of molecules that become life is both easy and common. Life should be everywhere in the universe based upon what we have seen here.

Not knowing the origins of life (at this point in time) reminds me of a similar story. Did you know that 170 plus years ago, a Hungarian physician, Ignaz Semmelweis took up the practice of washing his hands with bleach after handling corpses, to "remove the smell of putrefaction" and for no other reason than that. He liked having clean hands, clean hands that didn't stink – even as nobody else in his time ever bothered to wash their hands. Eventually, he happened to notice, the number of deaths in his ward significantly dropped. Fevers became rare in his ward, but were common in all the others. Of course he didn't know what germs were, nobody did at the time, but by accidentally killing them with bleach, he stopped the spread of disease in his ward.

Excited by this discovery, but unable to explain why it works, he tried to encourage other doctors to do the same. They all thought he was insane. Why wash my hands? They are only going to get dirty again. So adamant was Semmelweis with his hand washing theory, that he started to piss off the other doctors, who eventually all got together and had him committed to an insane asylum, where he later died from an infection. You see, he had multiple broken bones and lacerations, which became infected – because they tried to BEAT this hand-washing stupidity out of him. It didn't work, he resisted, until eventually they beat him to death.

Just because you can't see germs, does not mean they are not there. Just because you can't see the origins of life, does not mean it required a god to make it happen. Occam's razor suggests our world was not planned – it just happened. This is the simplest and thus most plausible explanation. And the difference between you and I, or the difference between us and Niggers, demonstrates evolutionary difference, the evolutionary pressure caused by your ancestors and mine being ice men. White people lived on glaciers in the cold. You are either going to be fucking smart, or you are going to be fucking dead. Over thousands of years of smart Whites having kids and the dumb Whites being killed by the cold, produced the White (and Asian) races we have today. Niggers never had such evolutionary pressures like glaciers, as glaciers never existed on the equator. The evolutionary pressure most present with Niggers, is that they can out-run a lion, they are fast runners – since the slow ones were eaten and the fast ones were not. Over time, everyone exposed to such evolutionary pressure, will become a fast runner. And we see that trait exclusively in the Nigger race.

Yes, NASA was a stinking government operation. But that doesn't mean it was all fake. Only the government could pay for the level of engineering required to put White men on the moon (six times) with only one failed mission (Apollo 13). And they WERE White for a reason, because back then, they didn't care about diversity, they only hired those who "had the right stuff" and passed a battery of tests, which would be White people (you know, White supremacy, something we know as fact). White supremacy in ALL things, has become an easily demonstrated fact. This is why the Jews call the moon landing a hoax, because they want to TAKE THAT ACHIEVEMENT AWAY FROM US and give it to Niggers. Don't let them do that!

NASA's Apollo program was a stinking government operation, but only because they did the right thing (put White men on the moon) but they did it for all the wrong reasons (the space race, a race to show the world who is best). White man walking on the moon was not done for science or exploration – it was done to show the world that America could start out behind the Russians – and beat them. We are still beating them to this day. America went from a second world country to first world, Russia dropped to number two. They have never caught up.

As for JFK, he took the creation of money away from the Jews and gave it back to Congress. Imagine that – money free of Jewish usury. This was of course a death sentence for JFK (as even Trump did not take the creation of money away from the Jews). If he had, Trump would also have had a beautiful funeral, just as JFK. Trump appointed Jews to run the FED during his time in office, because he had bigger issues to deal with than worrying about his own possible assassination. The reason they won't talk about the JFK assassination, even to this day (even as everyone involved is now dead) is because the institution behind the assassination (the CIA) still exist, as does the deep state. As soon as LBJ was sworn in as president, he rescinded the act, giving Jews their power back. That's all we need to know about that subject.

And I agree with you completely that eventually the National Socialists would have colonized the moon and mars. Who was it that designed the mighty Saturn V rocket that took White men to the moon? It was a Nazi named Wernher von Braun, who worked in Nazi Germany's rocket program. He designed and developed the V-2 rocket at Peenemünde during WWII. The V-2 became the first artificial object to travel into space on 20 June 1944. Yes, the Nazis (not the Russians) launched the first object into space!

Reynolds, I hope you do see the merit in my arguments. I am clearly not stupid. This website (being both up and fast as fuck right now) demonstrates that fact. Our enemies want this website gone, but I won't let that happen. It's become me against them – and they are the best in the world. But it just so happens that I am slightly better than all of them! This is not a brag. This is a demonstrable fact! How long will this site remain (this fast and free of attacks) is unknown. But right now, I am demonstrating to the world the superiority of Nazis over everyone who would have this site go offline. Fuck them. I won't let that happen. Nazis are übermenschen, die Herrenrasse. Antifa scum may get the best of me for a short time, because they gang up on me (a thousand to one) but they can not maintain that advantage forever. 🙂 For now, I am on top – and I am loving every moment of it. 🙂


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If this were a "White Supremacist" country, Amazon and every book store and library would be full of books criticizing Jews. But instead they are full of books criticizing Whites, books that are written by Jews. Any books criticizing Jews is banned. It could not be any more clear who truly holds power in this country.


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I misquoted Kennedy with Nixon's quote, however neither one cared much about Science or space research – and the possibility of extraplanetary colonization. It was Nixon telling an advisor in 1971 “I don't give a damn about space. I'm not one of those space cadets.”

Date: Nov 21, 1962
Time: 10:00 AM
Participants: John Kennedy, James Webb, Robert Seamans, Hugh Dryden, Jerome Wiesner
Recording ID: Tape 63A

President Kennedy: Now this may not change anything about that schedule, but at least we ought to be clear. Because otherwise we shouldn't be spending this kind of money, because I'm not that interested in space. I think it's good; I think we ought to know about it; we're ready to spend reasonable amounts of money. But we're talking about... we've spent half the expenditures, we've wrecked our budget and all these other domestic programs, and the only justification for it, in my opinion, to do it in this pell-mell fashion is because we hope to beat them and demonstrate that starting behind, as we did by a couple of years, by God we passed them. I think it would be a hell of a thing for us.


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Here's a curious thought. Why would Kennedy make this recording (tape 63A) if the moon landing was a hoax? Because this tape wasn't supposed to be heard by anyone and was only being kept for legal reasons (of what was said in his office). Kennedy and Nixon both recorded everything – until the Jews (democrats) discovered they could use the tapes against Nixon. Why even have something like a "fake" meeting, discussing "fake" shit, in the first place? If it's fake and you just plan to pick a date sometime in the future, then just claim you're now walking on the moon – why even talk about stuff like you hear in this recording, which suggests planning for an ACTUAL mission to go to the moon? Remember, this tape was never supposed to be heard by anyone, other than the president – and it wasn't released until LONG after the cold war had ended.

Don't forget the first manned Chinese launch (Shenzhou-5) was a Russian Soyuz vehicle they simply purchased, then repainted to make it look Chinese. Nobody was fooled. China made a deal with Russia for the transfer of Soyuz technology, including launch vehicle, avionics, life support and docking systems, with internal transfer systems. Chinese can't themselves do, what only White people can do.


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The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) produced a three-dimensional image of the same landscape as that of the picture taken by the Apollo 15 crew, where the spatial accuracy of the Terrain Camera observation may be verified by this image comparison below. KAGUYA on the left. Apollo 15 on the right.


This video (below) explains everything you are looking at above.

This could not have been possible with such accuracy, had Apollo 15 astronauts not actually been there to take the accurate terrain photo. So the Japanese have effectively confirmed the Apollo 15 landing, actually took place.

"Without White people helping them, China will not reach the moon with a manned mission. Not now, not ever. Asians lack the creative imagination and resourcefulness to achieve such a goal."

If you land in Guangzhou or Beijing, you feel like you’ve landed on a Moon Base in the year 2186.

Americans simply have no idea how much further technologically advanced China is beyond America.

This is real life: if a rando fat, stupid, sloppy American accidentally got on a plane and landed at Baiyunport, they would think they’d either gone 100+ years into the future, or landed on a different planet of a highly advanced alien species (given that Chinese look a bit like grey aliens, they would probably be more likely to assume the latter).

I think this is like, some kind of secret, actually. It’s weird to me, because I’ve been to China many times over the last 15 years, but when I talk about China, fat Americans will spam me with pictures of dogs hanging in public wet markets and imply that the entirety of Sino-civilization is defined by eating dogs.…

Regarding your question about the moon landings: even if the Russians did suspect the landings were not authentic, the act of calling the USA liars of this magnitude at the height of the Cold War could have instigated a war, and perhaps they thought it better not to chance that.
Russia could have blabbed to the world that the Moon landings were fake, and probably would have done were Khrushchev in power, but the West would say they were jealous because the USA had beaten them to it.

On 8 July 1972, the US government announced the sale of about one quarter of the entire crop of wheat to the USSR at a fixed price of $1.63 per bushel. The market price at the time of the announcement was $1.50 but immediately soared to a new high of $2.44 a bushel. That's how the USA bought the silence of the USSR on the Moon programme.

Since 1967, the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee has helped the USA while impeding the Soviet Moon programme by all means. The Proton rocket failure in September 1967 was a result of a diversion. The N-1 rocket failure in June 1969 was a result of in internal engine explosion caused by a foreign metallic object. In 1970, the USSR and the USA secretly agreed to hide from the public some circumstances of the latter's Moon programme. In 1974, the Politburo ordered the destruction of 3 ready-to-fly N-1 rockets. (The USA and Japan's NASDA bought and licensed their NK-33 engines a couple of decades later, and NASA will use them, marketed by GenCorp Aerojet as AJ26, in the Orbital Sciences Taurus II expendable launch system.) Since 1976, no Soviet space robot has flown to the Moon—the Politburo stopped their flights to prevent an Apollo hoax disclosure. And the 1980s Politburo led the USSR to a break-up. As a result, the Russian leadership cancelled the Energia rocket in 1993. All these actions were in favour of the USA.

For more information, read the "details" section on this page:…


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

"If you land in Guangzhou or Beijing, you feel like you’ve landed on a Moon Base in the year 2186." That is a lie. The buildings in Guangzhou are indistinguishable from any new construction found in New York City. Do you know why? They use identical building materials and identical building techniques as we do, because the Chinese learned how to build skyscrapers, from White people. The only difference might be the quality of those materials might be significantly LESS in China. However one advantage Guangzhou has over cities in the USA is Niggers. Guangzhou does not have many/any Niggers ruining that city, the way we have in ours.

"Americans simply have no idea how much further technologically advanced China is beyond America." Really? Then China surely has things that you can't get in the USA – meaning stuff that they invented for and only use themselves, right? You know, like in Rick and Morty, where everyone has a Plumbus.

Surely therefore, if China truly is this (beyond the USA) technologically advanced paradise that you make it out to be, then you would be able to name at least ONE thing that only China has. What? You can't name even ONE thing? Well, I sure can. Your "advanced beyond my wildest imagination" country of China, does have things you can find only in China, things which are uniquely Chinese (and I'm talking other than dog meat). For one example, they have live animal key rings – baby turtles, salamanders and goldfish are placed in sealed plastic packages, containing a nutrient solution, then these are made into keyrings. These baby animals can survive in such a small package for only about three excruciating months. These are the kinds of products that shock animal welfare advocates and suggest the Chinese may be far more barbaric, than they are advanced.

So what does the Chinese government say is their "four new inventions?" Brace for it. Chinese state media, since May 2017 has repeatedly made the claim that China invented: high-speed rail, mobile payment, e-commerce and bike-sharing. Reality Check: Well, China did not invent any of these technologies – but China has led the way in their wide scale implementation. Unfortunately for China, my own personal lifetime achievements, in some ways, dwarf even this claim.

"the act of calling the USA liars of this magnitude at the height of the Cold War could have instigated a war" Oh, so by your reasoning, calling our government liars and moon landing hoaxers is somehow worse than say, oh, I don't know, maybe placing thermonuclear missiles in Cuba, just 90 miles from the U.S.? If the latter did not actually provoke a war, surely the former would not have either. Gee, you're not doing so well with your arguments there buddy. I guess maybe you've never actually debated a real live White man before. 🙂

"the sale of about one quarter of the entire crop of wheat to the USSR … that's how the USA bought the silence of the USSR on the Moon programme." So what you are saying is that a deal made in 1972, somehow would have retroactively caused the Russians to remain silent in 1969? Does this involve time travel, clairvoyance, or what exactly? Yes, what you describe is partially true. The 1972 grain deal is true. This was a strategy to simultaneously bolster the U.S. economy – and to provide a new market for surplus grain, as well as to promote better relations with Moscow and encourage Soviet dependence on U.S. agricultural products. It was part of a growing farm subsidy program that, less than 10 years later, when the money finally ran out, would result in the farm crisis – with many U.S. farmers then going bankrupt, after a prosperous decade of growth. What the U.S. government didn't realize, is that if you subsidize something, you get more of it. We feed Niggers. WE GET MORE NIGGERS. Governments never learn. As farming became more profitable, more people got into farming and this resulted in even more surpluses to sell to the Russians, all at below market value. And yes, that much of what you said is true. However your timeline of events requires time travel or clairvoyance, to claim they were buying silence in 1969, by selling surplus grain in 1972. We are not stupid. We see right through your Jewish deception. Yes, you do seem clever, but if you ARE a Jew, you're clearly not a very good one.

And I think it is important for me to add an epilogue, that Jews are desperate to erase this one apex achievement by the White race: that White men and only White men, have walked on the moon! A total of six missions, with a total of 12 White men who have all walked on the moon – and returned safely to earth. The Jews know that no other race will ever achieve what White men have achieved – and we did it in 1969! Such an achievement can ONLY be made manifest, by the minds and hands of White men. Just take a look around you White man, nearly everything that you can see and touch is the product of White invention and White ingenuity. The Jews want desperately to steal that achievement from you, to make you "kangz" the same as a Nigger. DON'T LET THEM DO THAT! Never let the Jews win this psychological war!

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Who was the leader of Germany during WWII? (just his last name)