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NSM Protests Sheriff Chitwood

NSM Protests Sheriff Chitwood April 22, 2023
Announcement for the upcoming NSM Protest of Sheriff Chitwood in Ormond Beach, Florida on April 22, 2023


Sheriff Chitwood is demonstrably not a very good sheriff. He does not believe in equality under the law, the principle that all people MUST BE EQUALLY protected by the law. Chitwood is demonstrating, very clearly I might add, that some people deserve greater protection (i.e. Jews) while other people (i.e. Nazis) deserve less protection – or rather, maybe they deserve no protection at all, as he gives only persecution; the wielding of a weaponized form of law enforcement. No one should agree with or cheer this type of behavior. Chitwood ignores the truths we tell the world about the Jews and their agenda, then grants them superior protections from prosecution, or even illumination by our truths (where have we seen THAT before) like perhaps maybe the Jews OWN him or something.

What would self-loathing White people say, if Chitwood were to apply his same behavior, only to a different group? What if you swap Nazi with Negro? How would THAT work out?

If you think what he is doing to Nazis is considered "good," but equally this same behavior would be considered "hate" if he applied it to Negroes, then what he is doing in YOUR opinion, is flat-out wrong. The mental gymnastics you must use to justify such biased behavior, is astounding. Join with the NSM and do the right thing!

Where is your evidence that the Holocaust was faked? Where is your evidence of your "Jewish World Domination" conspiracy theory? And lastly, where is your evidence of an upcoming "White Genocide"? If you answer these 3 questions with evidence (and I bet you can't), I'll start believing in your racist crap. But as of now I'm sure that there is no proof supporting your claims.


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To "Anonymous" Disbeliever. Don't be so F..... LAZY! The proof is right under your nose.
1) Go to "Main Menu"
2) Go to "Posters & Flyers"
3) Open your F..... LAZY mind, get off your F..... ass and actually do some reading.
4) If you can DISPROVE any of the evidence against JEW DOMINATION, I will personally see that you get $10,000 no strings attached.
5) You will NOT be able to disprove the information.
6) Case CLOSED!

> Where is your evidence that the Holocaust was faked?

More Than Taboo - 2013 Holocaust What's True and What's False

A downloadable link in case the above video is censored in your area.

This one happens to be my favorite video, but there are many more videos like it.

> Where is your evidence of your "Jewish World Domination" conspiracy theory?

Probably the best starting point for beginners, would be our flyers.

NSM Posters & Flyers | The NSM

> And lastly, where is your evidence of an upcoming "White Genocide"?

The Great Replacement - Why are the Elite GENOCIDING White Europeans?

There are many more videos like this one on bitchute.

> If you answer these 3 questions with evidence (and I bet you can't), I'll start believing in your racist crap.

Evidence won't change your mind, as you are already owned by the Jew, therefore you will complete your mission and die a meaningless death for the Jew, probably fentanyl overdose (if you are not already transgender or gay). You see, I am not writing this for you, I am writing this for those who are not yet as deeply brainwashed as you and might still be salvageable.

> But as of now I'm sure that there is no proof supporting your claims.

This is what biased reasoning looks like folks. Don't let this happen to anyone you care about.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

As it turns out, this video is censored everywhere. I checked from various locations via VPN and confirmed that nobody is allowed to see it.

More Than Taboo - 2013 Holocaust What's True and What's False

So here it is, available only on this web page, as it appears to be banned, everywhere.

And while you're here, there is another powerful (yet fully censored) video from this same content creator. Review this video, then draw your own conclusions. Jews truly are the master of (ridiculous) lies, as you are about to see for yourself.

The Last Days of the Big Lie

This one is also banned everywhere, so it is being made available below.


In reply to by Larry (not verified)

Glad to have helped. There are a number of videos being effectively banned on bitchute – where when you try to play them, they never play. I know the trick of how to make them play anyway, as shown on this page. Simply search for and find an active seed and source it from there. 🙂 I'm guessing the banning of these videos probably are not the desire of bitchute, but rather due to pressures from Jews or government (which is still Jews). But so long as we know this work-around trick, we will be fine.

It may also be caused by leftist admins at bitchute, deleting the one seed, but too stupid to realize there are other seeds? That too is possible. Most people don't realize there exists quite a bit of redundancy at bitchute, in regard to the video seed server nodes.

And no matter what the Jews want, the last days of the big Jewish holocaust lie are at hand. The Jews have been found out! Which is why the Jews are now taking Ukraine for themselves. They know the world will soon turn their backs on them, once everyone knows these truths. Jewkraine provides ample expansion room for Jews – providing an ability for Jews to now feed themselves, as Ukraine has some of the finest farmland in all of Europe. Jews intend to make it a second Israel (once it is depopulated of undesirable Goyim). That is the true purpose of this war, a covert White genocide – where the purposeful murder of millions of Whites can't be once again blamed on Jews.

Jews behind Russia-Ukraine war to form new Jewish state

First country outside Israel with Jewish president & prime minister…

Good afternoon, gentlemen of the NSM. I sincerely hope that this message finds each and every one of you well. I wanted to take to this platform to express my immeasurable disappointment in the state of my country. I live in the Southwest, with some states containing a majority Hispanic population. I am a white man, and I am treated like a stranger in my own country. I am the owner, and they are the guest. It is not the other way around. Are there any states that the members of the NSM would like to nominate that still have a majority white population. Quite frankly, I am tired of being treated like a subhuman. My ancestors started this once-great Nation.

For some context, I live in the suburban town of Brampton near Toronto in Canada. Here, the demographics are insane. 52% of my city is South Asian/Indian which is absolutely ridiculous. Blacks make up 13%, and some other races include "Latin/Hispanic"(which isn't even a race) & non-Indian Asians and Arabs.

Whites are only 18%. And as you can tell, this city is dominated by curry munchers.

I go to a catholic school here where most of the kids aren't white. White people and kids get bullied on a daily basis here just for being white. Whites get bullied by w̶h̶i̶t̶e̶s̶ (ahem, Hispanics) for being white.

For example, there is a Brazilian girl in my class. She is blonde, she has blue eyes, and her skin tone is white. And she says that her race is "Hispanic". Everyone seems to agree with her that Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian people AREN'T white but instead a whole new different race now. Some people even say that Italians aren't white. The only reason for this is, we all seriously hate being White.

Another example is that of a guy in my class who is maybe quarter asian? But I don't see any Asian in him. He has Europeam hair, a European face, and he acts European. The only Asian thing about him is his Japanese name and that's it. He too claims that he is not White.

What's worse about my city, is that privilege has fallen into the hands of Non-Whites. There is a children's musical program in my city, and if you want to join you are required to answer the following question on the application form:
"Do you identify as BIPOC?"

If you answer yes, you automatically get more opportunity and privilege (forgot what/how exactly you get more privilege, but it definitely increases your chances somehow)

If no, then you'll have to be lucky to get in.

Anyway, with all the examples I wrote above, you can already tell that this city is hell on earth. Hundreds of Indian and other non-White refugees are being rushed into this city every single day while White people are pushed more and more to the brink. White people already are a minority and they're pushing us even further.

Only God knows what will happen when White people become an absolute minority here.

Joe Biden’s America


9:00: GAY LESON!!

9:45: how to be be GAYY!!


11:15: GAY RECESS!!


12:45: GAY LESON!!!


2:15: BLM PERIOD!!!




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