The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

For some context, I live in the suburban town of Brampton near Toronto in Canada. Here, the demographics are insane. 52% of my city is South Asian/Indian which is absolutely ridiculous. Blacks make up 13%, and some other races include "Latin/Hispanic"(which isn't even a race) & non-Indian Asians and Arabs.

Whites are only 18%. And as you can tell, this city is dominated by curry munchers.

I go to a catholic school here where most of the kids aren't white. White people and kids get bullied on a daily basis here just for being white. Whites get bullied by w̶h̶i̶t̶e̶s̶ (ahem, Hispanics) for being white.

For example, there is a Brazilian girl in my class. She is blonde, she has blue eyes, and her skin tone is white. And she says that her race is "Hispanic". Everyone seems to agree with her that Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian people AREN'T white but instead a whole new different race now. Some people even say that Italians aren't white. The only reason for this is, we all seriously hate being White.

Another example is that of a guy in my class who is maybe quarter asian? But I don't see any Asian in him. He has Europeam hair, a European face, and he acts European. The only Asian thing about him is his Japanese name and that's it. He too claims that he is not White.

What's worse about my city, is that privilege has fallen into the hands of Non-Whites. There is a children's musical program in my city, and if you want to join you are required to answer the following question on the application form:
"Do you identify as BIPOC?"

If you answer yes, you automatically get more opportunity and privilege (forgot what/how exactly you get more privilege, but it definitely increases your chances somehow)

If no, then you'll have to be lucky to get in.

Anyway, with all the examples I wrote above, you can already tell that this city is hell on earth. Hundreds of Indian and other non-White refugees are being rushed into this city every single day while White people are pushed more and more to the brink. White people already are a minority and they're pushing us even further.

Only God knows what will happen when White people become an absolute minority here.

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