The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

Sheriff Chitwood is demonstrably not a very good sheriff. He does not believe in equality under the law, the principle that all people MUST BE EQUALLY protected by the law. Chitwood is demonstrating, very clearly I might add, that some people deserve greater protection (i.e. Jews) while other people (i.e. Nazis) deserve less protection – or rather, maybe they deserve no protection at all, as he gives only persecution; the wielding of a weaponized form of law enforcement. No one should agree with or cheer this type of behavior. Chitwood ignores the truths we tell the world about the Jews and their agenda, then grants them superior protections from prosecution, or even illumination by our truths (where have we seen THAT before) like perhaps maybe the Jews OWN him or something.

What would self-loathing White people say, if Chitwood were to apply his same behavior, only to a different group? What if you swap Nazi with Negro? How would THAT work out?

If you think what he is doing to Nazis is considered "good," but equally this same behavior would be considered "hate" if he applied it to Negroes, then what he is doing in YOUR opinion, is flat-out wrong. The mental gymnastics you must use to justify such biased behavior, is astounding. Join with the NSM and do the right thing!

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