The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

You may agree that Black people, as a generality, are ridiculous clowns, who have no basic idea how civilizations work. Perhaps that's why Blacks historically have never created a civilization on their own. The BLM organization is a joke, reminiscent of many terrorist organizations, replete with an unrealistic, unworkable and indeed childish list of demands.

That's right, BLM has come out with yet another list of demands, things which they want White people to do for them (or sacrifices they want White people to make, for them). Blacks clearly are like spoiled and petulant children, they are as adults; but with the mind of a child – and on that note I am certain, all White people can, albeit secretly, agree.

Among their amusing list of demands, number one on their list is of course, BAN TRUMP, because they hate him and his requirement that Blacks get off public assistance, get jobs and become healthy and productive members of civil society. Ain't nobody got time fo dat! Second on their list, as you might have guessed, is defunding the police, an act if brought to fruition, would more negatively impact the lives of Blacks, than it would Whites.

So what are your thoughts? Post them below. Let's start a productive conversation about BLM.



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• "How stupid can you be to say this crap?" You begin with argumentum ad hominem, which is fallacious. A popular rhetorical strategy of the intellectually deficient, where the speaker attacks a supposed attribute of the person making an argument (drunk, stupid) rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself. This will not work here, as the NSM website is censorship-free. My side of the argument CAN NOT BE CENSORED to bolster your own! ? I just wish fartbook was like this. ? Assholes there censor my responses, mute me – then claim to have won, due to a lack of my response; as I am muted and unable to refute their argument. That however, WILL NEVER happen here. ? Debate on the NSM website will always be 100% fair and impartial.
• "Indians often perform the best in our schools." Yes, when compared with Negroes and Hispanics, which are within the same "people of color" cohort. If Indians were equal to Whites – then India would resemble America, or any country in Europe. It does not. Chinese are almost equal to Whites – just look at Hong Kong, or even parts of mainland China today. Chinese lack one thing however – the ability to innovate (all they can do is copy White innovation). What two races are we now seeing consistently excluded from cum laude honors at graduation? That's right, Whites and East Asians (the two ACTUAL top performers). They instead give honors to those who could not achieve and did not earn honors.
☆ Worth mentioning here, I don't hide the fact that as a hard-core racist, I respect the East Asian people, as I want to cooperate and to trade with them, however I do NOT want to live with, procreate or share my homeland with them! I also hope NEVER to go to war with them.
• "And you say that India is poor." I don't have to SAY India is poor, everyone knows India is poor, this I can show you, although it is generally unnecessary.
• "we have the fifth largest economy in the world." You have the fifth largest economy, with the second highest population. Meanwhile, Whites are but a 9% minority worldwide, with the largest economy in the world, so… ?
• "And thats after 200 years of colonialism." Colonized by White Europeans. White European superiority over the Indian has just been demonstrated, BY YOU. Thank you for that. ?
• "And CEO's don't exactly have a requirement for race do they?" No, but our government has mandates and requirements. Non-Whites are so awesome as employees, our government FORCES White business owners to hire them, by law. ? And it's also become trendy among the Jews – you can't call any Jewish corporation racist, who has a brown strawman as their CEO.
• "have you heard of Mukesh Ambani?" Oh no! You went straight for the outliers. ? Because everyone knows you NEVER judge any group, by its outliers. ?
• "And Hitler liked Indians" There is one cool thing, India sells Hitler ice cream cones.
And I will admit, that to me is quite awesome. ? Many German dissidents are now living in India, escaping persecution in Germany. The swastika can be seen all over India. But that does not make it a nice place for anyone to live, the exceptional cities in India look like Canacona, India – July 8, 2018.…
I wouldn't want to live there and neither do they, which is why people from India are fighting to come live with the White people in America that they hate. They seek to steal from Whites our opportunity, wealth and prosperity – AND THAT IS A PRIMA fACIE FACT!
• "cause most of them are Aryan lol" India still has social stratification, which is also pretty awesome in my opinion, right up there with the Hitler ice cream cones, but pure Aryan they are not. Hitler declared East Asian races equal to Aryans, he called them "Honorary Aryans" but he had no respect for Indians and considered them to be untermenschen, along with the Jews. Indians were to him a mix of Aryan and non-Aryan races; unable to maintain racial purity and as such, deserved no respect.
(scroll down to the headline: Indians are Untermensch)
• "read up on history dumbass." By calling your (demonstrable) intellectually superior opponent a "dumbass," you have tacitly lost your argument – even in your own mind. ? Those of weak intellect and character will often go directly for the abusive, which they believe to be persuasive – as the weak mind mistakes the context of the argument, for the character of the debater, since as a "dumbass," I can't possibly be right. ? This may work with intellectually inferior non-Whites – but it fails when presented to White people. ?
✔️ Readers are now invited to draw their own conclusions, after reading both sides of this argument. ?


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This is an uncomfortable truth zone, where political correctness does not apply. Only truth should be spoken here, because only truth can free our White race from the hypnosis of Jewish mind control. ?

Most Blacks are ungrateful for what they have, they are always demanding for power and supremacy. Their ancestors learned how to adapt to western society. They learned how to read, write, and were introduced to Christianity that structured their lives. These values enriched their lives, yet they abuse it for power. If they are so ungrateful, why can't they return to Africa?
Well, that's because native Africans hate them.


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I believe that Liberia was created exactly for repatriating Blacks to Africa... BLM are Soros/Jew funded American Bolsheviks... I wish they could be sent to Liberia , so they can have their "Black majority utopia". If I had my way that is what I would do to anyone caught burning and looting with this filth , regardless of skin color.
Came across this fascinating presentation on super advanced Nazi technology and their Antarctic expeditions/base... These "rumors" just won't go away. I have had my own paranormal experiences , what I mean is things that are denied by the mainstream scientific community are happening and we know that the mainstream not only LIES but LIES a lot ! And of course behind that ,,,we always find the Jew ... damn it it is our fault for going along with it !
I think you will find this VERY interesting :

You neonazis are autistic, please kill yourself. Keep LARPing retards, you're only making yourself look like a dumbass.


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you're very true sir


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Iosif Dzhugashvili (who you know as Joseph Stalin) was a phony. He wasn't even Russian! His last name "Stalin" was a portmanteau of the Russian word stal (steel) with Lenin. Even Lenin was a phony (real name Vladimir Ulyanov) who also changed his name to one based on the Siberian river Lena, in order to hide his Jewishness. We see this behavior A LOT with the Jews, as they NEVER want to be FOUND OUT!

And like your Communist Juden-ratt hero, your entire argument is a fallacy, as it is argumentum ad hominem. And yes, autism IS high among the Jew-wise, because autists are naturally immune to Jewish mind control and Jewish brainwashing tricks (while YOU are not, as you remain a victim of the Jew). This is why the Jews fear and demonize the autist as much as possible. For if the White race is even ABLE be saved at this point – from this Jew-planned White genocide, it will be up to the autists to achieve this. Now for a tiny bit of honesty on my part. Yes, at first I was like you, I saw the NSM as a lot like the boy scouts, a bit too much LARPing and cosplay. I saw it as an unlikely vehicle to achieve my similar goal of preserving the White race and restoring our majority White homeland, due to a lack of acceptance by the White middle class. If Israel is protected by law to remain majority Jewish, then why the fuck can't America be protected by law, to remain majority White? Demographics are destiny you know! So instead of joining the NSM after the collapse of the National Alliance, initially I joined with Richard Spencer and the alt-right – because certainly the guy with the conservative dress and style, but with a Nazi mindset, would be MUCH more acceptable among the White middle class. We all saw how that turned out, but it WAS a reasonable attempt at least. Then Commander Burt said something which resonated – he said it takes a Nazi to defeat Communism. Since the Jewish vehicle to power is always Communism, that's why I'm a Nazi. If we are to defeat Communism (which as of right now has permeated through at least half of the Democratic party) then it will require Nazis to achieve this goal. Now that city after leftist city has been looted and razed to the ground by Communists and Negroes, right at this moment in time, we Nazis are looking pretty damn good to middle class Whites. At no time in American history has an American Nazi Party been more needed – for if we fail, White America, freedom and everything that we love, including but especially our own White race, will be lost!


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Anyone coming through Iowa on the way to the white unity event??? If so, message me [Phone number removed by Webmaster]

Webmaster note: I removed a phone number from public view. Post a reply with your email and I'll arrange contact.


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Dzhugashvili is actually spell Jughashvili in english or ჯუღაშვილი Georgian or Джугашвили Russian and is common jewish surname in Georgia. It is Jugha which means Judah in english with suffex shvili which means son of. Thus meaning of Jughashvili is son of jew. I know of ths name but I never know it was name of Stalin and I am Georgian!


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Look who is talking... your post shows your character quite clearly , though it is borderline illiterate... Funny how that works....

Kind of funny that BLM would even be on this site. Don’t you dumb nig-nogs have anything better to do with yourselves like looting and murdering? Unless they are Jews but I guess they are one in the same. Don’t you people get it yet? No one likes “you people”


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We don't care if you use a VPN or not, here you have free speech, no one is blocked. We are Nazis, the most just, lawful and trustworthy White people in existence. We don't deny anyone their First Amendment rights, regardless of where you are from. Unless you are an informant, trying to set us up and deny us of OUR rights. If what you say is LEGAL to say in the USA, then it will be allowed in the comments.

In fact we welcome the stupidity of non-Whites, as it exemplifies the points we are trying to make. For example, people will notice your lack of civility straight away and will draw certain conclusions without necessitating any guidance from us.


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Please... nobody can take you seriously when post something like that... while swearing can be fun , Is it constructive in this context ? The post is borderline illiterate and just from that you will lose credibility. But , as you wish.

So my fiancé and I were watching South Africa’s “unrest” and noticed the video showing all the looters coming out of stores. I would like everyone to watch the video and really look at these apes. Then tell me how many white people you see coming out. Don’t worry I’ll wait……..
P.s. there are white people living in South Africa.


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Hey fellow truth teller Chris. ? First off, kudos for spelling fiancé with an acute accent, very few actually do that. ? And yes, you are absolutely right about the dumb and violent, sub-human African Negro ape beasts. Crime in South Africa has always been rampant, due to the heavy Negro infestation, but with this complete mass looting of everything, South Africa is now done, a total disintegration into Black African Savagery. A three hundred year old White country, which was founded by Whites, is now forever destroyed. It can not and will not ever be rebuilt. Everything they looted and destroyed was created by the once majority White population. After decades of allowing these invasive migrant Kaffers to invade from central Africa, with the Whites feeding them and allowing them to grow in numbers, this becomes the final result, which is not unlike every ruined now-majority Black city in America, a lesson WE did not learn.

There once was a time when these invasive migrant Kaffers were met with machine guns, this was as recently as the early 1900's. Today these Kaffers, now being large in numbers thanks to Whites feeding them, are murdering Suid Afrikaner Whites, at the rate of about 40,000 White deaths at the hands of Blacks per year (always performed in the most brutal, sadistic and cruel ways imaginable) meaning there simply are not enough remaining White people left to rebuild. Currently, Whites amount to only about 8% of the population in Suid Afrika, but even as such, they are required to do 100% of the work and pay 100% of the taxes, while having their properties taken from them without compensation by the Black-ruled state. The remaining number of Whites and the condition in which they are forced to live is insufficient for any hope of restoration.……

So Negroes moving into White areas and doing what comes natural to them (savagery) has now ruined that country forever; the same as in the many now-majority Negro destroyed cities all across America – places like Detroit, Newark, Camden, Oakland, Baltimore and so on. There is no possible chance for recovery, as no White would ever invest money or resources in a zero-trust region (be it in South Africa or America). Negroes have absolutely no idea how economies work and are incapable of maintaining civilizations, just as we have all seen countless times. Soon the food will run out and the savage Negro ape will begin butchering and eating one another, the same as they do right now in the Congo – you just watch! Everything the Negro ape beast is best known for doing in America – they also do in their own homeland. ? Supposed "racism" has nothing whatsoever to do with abhorrent Negro behavior – and slavery only gave them discipline, which was an improvement over their now feral, bestial and undisciplined form.…

Like you, I simply ask my readers to watch this video below and see what South African Negroes are like and to judge for yourself, noting which race is exclusively responsible for all of this violence.

Back in 2005 in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina, we saw the same thing, Blacks looting and destroying everything created by Whites, causing FEMA to migrate thousands of those horrid monsters into MY city, ruining it as well! Sixteen years later and my city has now DIED at the hands of evil Black invaders, who now (thanks to EBT) represent 19.3% of the population. Even Black "police officers" in New Orleans, participated in the looting – as they simply can't help it, it's in their nature (as hunter gatherers) to steal.

This explains why Negroes (and even Negro "police") are the greatest criminal offenders at every level, when it comes to hunting (murder) and gathering (robbery/burglary). Negroes simply can not and should not ever be allowed to live in a White or Asian civilization – for whenever they are allowed to infest our areas in sizeable numbers, they always end up ruining everything. That simply is how nature created them to behave, as wild savage ape beasts, who for hundreds of thousands of years were forced to rely upon brutal savagery alone, for survival in the harshness of Africa. Loosing them upon Whites or Asians is the dumbest thing anyone could have ever done! Negroes are nothing more than dumb and violent field apes, discontinued farm animals whose purpose has long since ended in America – and since these traits are genetic and thus largely can not be altered, we need to rethink this Orwellian "diversity is strength" Jewish bullshit, before EVERY city in America becomes lost! ?


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im 13 and jewish and probably richer then your entire group put into one lmfao thats sad your all fat retards get a life and speak to a women. god isnt real and neither is your neo nazi parade. so go take your mental retardation somewhere else.


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You are replying to "Black people in general" by Chris Oates, but I had to chime in.

"im 13" You are violating the rules of this website, which due to the controversial themes discussed here, requires that all users be 18+ years of age. If you were even one year younger, you would be in federal violation of the COPPA Act.

"and jewish" How vile and disgusting. You must be mortified. ?

"and probably richer then your entire group" Wealth obtained by deception and theft is not something to be proud of. Your Jewish dominance of money will eventually end, once cryptocurrency becomes the norm. Then what will you disgusting parasites do? You will be powerless and poor, as nobody will want your worthless fiat Jewish money (which you Jews create out of thin air at the "federal" reserve). You will then be forced to mine (or earn) your crypto, just like everyone else.

"so go take your mental retardation somewhere else" You came to us, we did not go to you – so YOU take YOUR disgusting antisocial Jewish behavior somewhere else. Jews are NOT welcome here and 13 year olds are NOT permitted here.


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I saw one video where the black scum bags were burning and looting a shopping mall,,,, the commentator pointed out that the loot-a-boos didn't touch a bookstore while every other shop had been gutted. No surprises there.

I commented " Just wait until they run out of propane and firewood" Ha Ha..

But seriously all that filth moved in because of the wealth generated by White settlers , when the area was settled by White people there was just handfuls of nomadic tribesmen who are superb trackers and survivalists.. they roamed the area because they were pushed out of more fertile areas by aggressive tribes... So there goes the Jew commie narrative in a "poof" of logic That White people "stole " the land... Kind of like how Israel did to Palestine.

I wasn’t sure if I heard it correctly, but I did. If you watch Nickelodeon, which my kids will no longer be watching, you will get to see commercials mostly targeted at how bad cops are and how people are “treated” because of the color of their skin. Or pushing faggot lgbtqhismxjz into our children’s minds. Indoctrination of our children goes way beyond schools and universities. It’s in fucking everything. What we need is a National Socialist Television network. If the Jews are allowed their own network or illegals have their own in OUR country, or even world news covering all sorts of crap in other countries, then why can’t WE have OURS!


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If anything unpleasant or evil is happening in the Western world, odds are very high that Jews are the actual cause. It is the greatest pleasure of the Jew to place an undue and unnecessary burden upon everyone, and to inflict some kind of punishment, often psychological, from which the Jews make it nearly impossible to escape. Jews force every Goyim to take responsibility for things they are not responsible, and to associate with those who they are trying to avoid. You are seeing this play out in every predominantly Jewish endeavor, things like TV and movies, even Nickelodeon. The Jews knew early on that if only they could control as much of our media, printed materials and education as possible, they could shape the way we think – perhaps even turning us into their devoted and unwitting slaves, believing that by serving the Jew, we are in fact, serving Christ. ?

For the Christians among us, in John 8:44, Jesus Christ said of (and to) the Jews, "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires." which itself is a powerful condemnation of the Jews, one that you had better not ignore! In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus twice referred to the lying Jews as the "synagogue of Satan." Don't take my word for it, google it for yourself – clearly the Jew now has most Christians bamboozled into serving their every want and need, sending most of our wealth to Israel and dying for the Jews in middle-eastern wars, all at great expense for us! Most people don't realize that Jesus Christ was himself White, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes – an Aryan just like you, one who came from Sumeria, the land which at one time overlapped with Iran (from where we get the word Aryan). However in a bid to gain control over the will and the very essence of the White majority Christians of the West, the Jews convinced you that Jesus was one of them – an ugly Jew. They even tricked you into changing the name of your faith. You are no longer a Christian, singularly following the teachings of your lord and savior, Jesus Christ (and none other) – but rather you are now a Judaeo-Christian, with of course the Jew coming before Christ, as that is the way of the Jew (as Jews always come first). It delights the Jew no end, knowing that they are sending so may good Christians to their father Satan's lair, Tzoah Rotachat, to boil in excrement for all eternity, as stated in the Babylonian Talmud, Gittin 57a. Again, google that for yourself – and learn.

Sorry Chris, I was on a necessary rant there. ? We will likely never have a dominant form of media of our own, the Jews simply will not allow it – they currently have just too much power and influence over media and government for that to ever happen. But we can only survive as a race IF we wrest control over our own minds, back into our own hands and steer news and entertainment back toward truth and decency. This should be first among our priorities. And to show you how bad it's getting, in my area, we now have two Black-only free-to-air TV channels. One called Grio and one called Bounce. However since all the other 43 channels available in my area are running old 1950's and 1960's TV reruns, one might say those are all for Whites, even if the commercials all depict as you say, transgender gay race mixing and Black superiority. But it's true, we can not watch contemporary television without being repulsed by what we see – all of it being unabashedly Jewish. ?

Mass deportations of Jews out of America and then the savage beasts after that would be absolute bliss in my book. My kids are 8 and 10 years old. Both innocent in the terms of sexual talk but Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, which is geared towards younger kids, seem to think it’s ok to put these images or ideas into their heads. My fiancé and I both agreed from now our kids will not be pawns in the Jewish supremacy ideals being pushed down their throats.
Ps: I’m looking to get some new tattoos but every shop I go into or call all give me the same Jewish answer. And that answer is “hate has no home here, so sorry!”
If there is someone out there close to the RI area that might be able to direct me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Trying to rationalize with Kaffers. ? Begging these savage sub-human ape beasts NOT to do what comes naturally and instinctively to them, is to me dark comedy. ? I believe perhaps the NSM may have a far better understanding of these savage African Negroes, than this life-long White South African, much of which has been enumerated at the link below.

If you agree with this assessment, then you too will come to realize that such behavior is predictable, inevitable and in fact unavoidable. The links below depict Negroes doing the same thing here in America last year, continuing through to this year, the looting and burning of entire cities. This has been going on as a slow but continuous process here in America since the 1960's, when Detroit was perhaps one of the first world-class cities to be looted, then razed and forever destroyed by Negroes, as the process continues, city by city – the number of which is becoming too numerous to count. I personally believe Saint Louis will likely become the next Detroit, at the hands of the savage Negro ape beast.

Negroes doing in America what they did in Haiti and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, looting and destroying everything that they can – even today, Negroes which they have never met and know nothing about, are now doing the same thing in Suid Afrika. This demonstrates only one possibility – an instinctive violent and destructive Negro behavior, a kind of abhorrent behavior SEEN IN ALL NEGROES AROUND THE WORLD AND AT ALL TIMES THROUGHOUT ALL OF RECORDED HISTORY WITH ONLY A FEW IF ANY EXCEPTIONS! The fact that looting and burning doesn't happen far more often with Negroes, is actually what I find the most shocking. Read this assessment (link below) and you should agree. And after you've read it, agree with me that there is no cure and there is no hope for civilizing these savage and violent ape beasts – only Apartheid or Segregation will will work, because only Apartheid and Segregation HAS worked in the past.

ZA had apartheid, America had Jim Crow segregation. Our grandfathers are today depicted as evil for implementing these actions, but they knew precisely what worked, the only thing that CAN work with these savages. Only a willing return to segregation/apartheid (or an expulsion to Liberia, which was what Abraham Lincoln intended and is my preferred solution) can save modern civilization AND the White race from this Black plague, this Black cancer loosed upon our land. And of course, NOTHING can save the Black race, so don't even try, just leave them be, let nature take its evolutionary course. Don't waste any more tax dollars (currently over $80 billion each year in food alone) trying to feed, house and educate Negroes any longer, it is a HUGE waste of time, money and resources. Just get the fuck away from them and stay away from them, at whatever the cost. ? Don't even look at them – because if you don't look, you won't feel sorry for them and the misery they bring upon themselves and everyone around them. White people have this problem of anthropomorphizing White traits and White values into the savage Negro beast and then feeling pity. STOP DOING THAT, it is to your own detriment! They may kinda look like us, but so do chimpanzees AND NEITHER ARE ANYTHING LIKE US! African Negroes are savage beasts, monsters and a cancer upon our beautiful White civilization. They are literally dragging us down with them! Negroes are only meant to live wild and naked, in the grasslands and bushlands of Africa WHERE THEY CAME FROM, just as nature had intended.


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I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, [applause]-that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. [Webmaster's edit: the text above is a direct copy and paste quote from Abraham Lincoln's 1858 speech, which you may verify at the (federal government) link below. I only added this edit for clarity. I want everyone, especially members of law enforcement, to realize these are the enlightened views of one the most revered Presidents of all time, as you evaluate just how purportedly insane the members and supporters of the NSM might be, for holding these exact same views. Do read the whole speech at the federal government's website to learn even more truth, the kind of truth you were never taught in school! The text below was authored by the original contributor of this comment.]
Abraham Lincoln was a white supremacist.
Abraham Lincoln favored segregation.
Abraham Lincoln supported the removal of free blacks from the United States by deportation to West Africa.
Why are ideas that were so popular in 1858 now repugnant today? What kind of mental illness has so completely overtaken the sanity of white people? Do you all want to live in ruin with the black race ruling over the ashes of white civilization?

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

So this Wikipedia page exists.

Criminal stereotype of African Americans. ? As if only "African Americans" (Negroes living in the USA) behave this way. ? Negroes EVERYWHERE ON EARTH behave this way, making them world-over the champions of violence and crime. One can not cite EVEN ONE EXCEPTION, anywhere on earth or at any time throughout all of recorded history. Go on, try! ?

And hidden within the talk section are some real gems, shit I could NOT have said better myself – but "soft-sold" by others in a way that I never could. Behold the talk section of that entry, noting of course MOST people will never read this section of Wikipedia, as it is generally not even known to exist by the general public. For example, did YOU even know it exists?…

• "Representation" vs. "ratio" I cannot make out what the rationale is for changing this. "Ratio" is an ambiguous term that can refer to comparative quantities or to the proportion of a quantity with respect to a whole. It is also not the best style.

• U.S. incarceration rates by race, June 30, 2006: Whites: 409 per 100,000; Latinos: 1,038 per 100,000; Blacks: 2,468 per 100,000

• Though the stereotype exists outside the US, it is also true that blacks are overrpresented in the penal systems of virtually every state on earth in which they are a significant minority population.

• It is likely that the foremost contributor to the formation of the public's association between Blacks and criminality is the sheer number of Blacks represented in crime statistics and the criminal justice system. We would expect that if Blacks were disproportionately involved in criminal activity and consequently overrepresented as convicted criminals by the criminal justice system, they would be perceived as being more involved in crime and criminal justice measures than are others.

• The fact that black people are widely over-represented at all levels in the criminal justice system, based on all available information, lends itself quite clearly to the stereotype that they commit an inordinate amount of crime. Against other people. Who form opinions based upon their experiences. Which is how stereotypes are created. [THIS to me is brilliant!]

• Half of all murders in the United States are committed by black American males. This cross section of the American populace only accounts for around 7% of the total population of the United States.

• This is actually the perfect example of a criminal stereotype. The first thing somebody wants to do to stereotype African Americans is to use this statement (meaning FBI Crime Statistics). Leave this dog whistle "Blacks are the most dangerous group of people that ever existed." [LOL A leftist's response to the truth, which ended in quotes by stating the actual truth. ?]

Always remember folks, when you want to see what is really true on Wikipedia, always go to the talk section to read what those attempting to edit the page (but forbidden to) REALLY think. On left-leaning Wikipedia, the truth is always omitted on the main page, as truth is nearly always offensive to the delusional left.

They hate you because you are great. They hate you because you are strong. They hate you because they want to be like you but they can't.
Everyone on the planet is racist, some people are just more honest than others.
Genetic Similarities = Harmony
Genetic Differences = Disharmony/War
Racism is Natural, Normal and Right.

I'm not a Nazi by any means, but honestly, I cannot understand how anyone could look at the history of the white races and then proceed to fuck with them in any way.
For roughly 2000 years the Europeans did nothing but fight each other tooth and nail constantly. When they got tired of that, they left their continent just to look for things to fight. After they were done fighting in every jungle on every continent, they got right back to fighting each other again in the two most destructive wars ever witnessed in history. Whites descend primarily from absolutely ruthless and cunning killers. Why would you pick a fight with a man who has the blood of an entire army of genocidal maniacs running through his veins?
I mean, when you're dealing with people whose violence is beyond comprehension in its scale when its directed at themselves, how well do non-whites expect to be treated when they aren't on good terms?
I mean for fucks sake, the last time white people got angry at a non-white race—like, really genuinely angry—they split the atom, opening up an entire new era of science and incinerating 100,000 people before they had breakfast and ruining the genetic lineage of the survivors for decades to come. Then they did it again a few days later for no reason.
Seriously. Do not fuck with white people.


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You should read more history, my friend. Have you heard about the Mongol Empire? Have you heard about the empires of Africa? How did they form? . And the atom thing, the Japanese were the ones looking for a fight, and they got one. Go back to High School kid .


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"You're ignorant" This is your opinion, it is not fact (as you shall soon see). ?

"cherry pick art to make it look like you're fucking 'cultured' or whatever" Why the butthurt? I wasn't cherry picking, I was going with what National Geographic claims to be the most achieved African culture around 500bc, around the same timeframe that the Romans were building huge coliseums with concrete. It's a historical time frame comparison, demonstrating how primitive and less evolved the African sub-species might be, when compared to White Europeans of the same period in history.

"there's plenty of good examples of more 'realistic' (for want of a better phrase) statues from African history" These examples you give are from the wrong timeframe. You are not comparing apples to apples. For example, the first item on your list is this.

According to Wikipedia (and for the sake of argument, let's just agree this is close enough, give or take a century or two) It was probably made in the fourteenth-fifteenth century C.E. What you are doing is not science, it's propaganda. I'm here to call you out for it -- censorship-free. ? And let's be honest here, it doesn't even require historical evidence to realize that Negroes are unintelligent and primitive. Every one of us (even you) sees it demonstrated before us, every fucking day! We even have a term to describe it, "Nigger fatigue." Surely even you experience Nigger fatigue once in a while. ?

"And I could equally pick a load of art from 'westerners' that looks ridiculous" You could go to a family refrigerator and take the magnet off a White child's drawing for proof that Whites are inferior and primitive, yes? Because we are NOT limiting ourselves to museum pieces here – we're free to go anywhere and at any time in history to (ahem) cherry pick the evidence that best supports our argument, yes? And it's ironic that YOU are calling ME the cherry picker. ? The first on your list is this.

This art is from Sicily. I'll let this Sicilian explain it to you. She says, "I am Sicilian. We are all mixed race. We are all Arabs, Normans, Greeks, North Africans and so on." My discussion in this thread involves the superiority of White Europeans versus African Negroes. I'm not interested in mixed-race people (what Hitler called der untermenschen).

"Here are some ancient greek artworks showing 2 men fucking" Degeneracy happens, even more so today, with Jews in the media promoting and encouraging homosexuality and transgender – especially among Whites. However TODAY we have a metric by which we may compare which race butt fucks the most. We can simply look at the HIV infection rates.… "Black/African American … disproportionately affected by HIV compared to other racial/ethnic groups."

I'm not shocked that a 12% minority of disgusting pavement apes accounts for almost half of all new infections. ? And you're not shocked either – you only pretend to be, because you are a virtue signaler, as you are unwilling to sacrifice your social status for the truth. Now as for me, not only have I sacrificed social status – I'm an outright pariah. ? And I love it! Because I can stand with pride in myself and in my race. That's something you obviously can't do. ?

"what is 'European Culture'?" Since you are the victim of Jewish brainwashing and thoroughly (and completely) stripped of all remnants of dignity, kinship, culture and pride – perhaps you will never understand what is European culture and why we fight so hard to preserve it (and our race who created it).………

Man I sure do love Slavic women. They aren't stuck-up and insufferable cunts like American women (who are largely ruined by Jewish brainwashing). And Slavic women still believe in family first! My neighbor has (or rather, had) a big, beautiful ash tree in his yard. It's now dead, because it could not resist the Chinese invasive species known as the emerald ash borer. I have an even bigger and more beautiful Basswood tree in my yard, it is impervious to the invasive Chinese pests. Soon, there won't be any ash trees or White American women left, as they simply can't resist the blight from invasive species such as the emerald ash borer or the Jew.

Aren’t we all monkeys?


In reply to by Whiteonkey (not verified)

Humans are great apes or hominids – a taxonomic family of primates that includes eight extant species in four genera: Pongo, Gorilla, Pan as well as the genus Homo, of which humans are classified. As a general rule, monkeys are smaller, have tails and use their tails for balance – while the great apes are considerably larger than monkeys, are smarter and distinctly lack tails.

No sir we are not all monkeys. You may be one but not everyone. Just go look at your local major city street corner. You’ll be sure to spot them there!

I am recruiting for ████████ █████████ Calvary taking all and any alt right person who wants to join, by the ████████ code of ███.███ u have no duty to retreat, and right to meet force with force.

I don't ask for anyone to mean harm to anyone, only if we are threatened in the position in which bring such need, even by deadly force we can use if necessary, so no reason to fear.

As so I can take a 100 men and spread u out, I need no permit or even permission from the city for a group of organized people, there is reason to all this also, it helps bring balance back from where groups of ex antifa like ███████ ██████ trying to work with cops and have them see there ways, we need to bring more change of thinking that communist haven't won.

As so also protesting business of any kind also, bring ur nazi flags or confederate and that will bring in more attention and make that business loos people or even wanting people to go there cause of the attention we can bring, there is lot of opportunities to make ur name or capture video to enjoy playing with, as so u can also enjoy a regular basis of facing off with whatever Crack head communist that wants to play.

This will also go to say it will help be local for community to build in ████████ █████████, and be established on the streets for experience and ability to police at the same time on the streets, lots of good stuff I offer lots of work I offer not just here and there ever so months but weekly basis for an established force here in ████████ █████████ wing to be targets if the communist enemy's want war it can start with us..

Check me out at ████████████████████.com or at @████████████████ if u want to join or move here to help.

Webmaster note: I redacted portions of this comment at the request of Commander Colucci.

Could u see it now, day after day protesting company's over firing whites, over our liberty as whites and over there black Supremacy supporter.

More then reason to keep in front of a business, Intel there big corporations or ceo get involved, then maybe they pay us, then maybe other start protesting that business, and we just move to another business, or maybe we have different groups at one location spread out so no need for permission to protest or permit.

That we just cut down the business down to them, and who know what we may drag out of the swamps to help turn those location into battle grounds cause people want to act stupid and give us a reason even more to stand our ground.

How many business have u been sick of for supporters of blm and antifa and paying them and pushing out all the LGBT/Q shit to ur kids, how do u face it all if u don't stand ur ground somewhere legally and not understanding to the outcomes it could be

The environment is perfect check me out on @RealAlexander404 or check out my website u can see the protest iv done this year but would be nothing compared if I could get a movement rolling for change.

The main irony of the (average) public opinion of this site is its seemingly large (yet likely illusional) regard to the level of morality that certain members of a race take. However, if a genuinely nice individual decides to engage in a conversation with a low degree of hostility, other members of the site reply with low-effort derogatory insults. I am not entirely sure on the method in which I am able to attain a certain level of lack of hatred with the users, but I am open to discussion.

In addition to my ,"0th reply" above, I will add the fact that I am 50% Hispanic and 50% South Asian, although in a scientific setting it should not hold a large amount of influence on the perceived downward direction of,"warping" of the text.


In reply to by The Wanderer (not verified)

Yes, pretty much all of the Black "mothers" of the supposed "victims" of policing actions ARE OPPOSED to BLM, but not for the reasons you think. These Black "mothers" are angry because BLM has been receiving millions of dollars through shake-down tactics against businesses and using that money to buy lavish mansions in White neighborhoods, not disbursing it out to the "fambulees" of the now-dead Black thugs. THAT (and that alone) is what they are pissed off about. These Black "mothers" only want free money and lots of it. And they want that free money NOW! Negroes really couldn't give a shit about their own offspring, they aren't evolved enough to truly care about anything but themselves.

"Saying she was tired of what she saw as activists trying to make money off the victims of police violence, Lisa Simpson, whose son, Richard Risher, was fatally shot by the Los Angeles police in 2016. “Because when the money’s gone, I got days where I cry, where I’m sad, where I’m angry, where I’m upset,” Ms. Simpson said."

"Simpson’s statement included a series of demands including that everyone they named should step down from the spotlight, and gibs financial assistance for Simpson, who says she is facing homelessness and never received any financial assistance from the BLM organization which campaigned to raise $5,000 for her son’s funeral. Simpson said she never saw any of the money raised and was excluded from the BLM-led movement surrounding her son’s death."

Niggers are ALWAYS more than obvious about their true intentions. To them, its all about easy money, they could give a fuck about their offspring. If Niggers gave a shit about their "kids" they would be better parents in the first place and not let them become criminal thugs who wind up justifiably dead after pulling a gun on a cop.

But many blacks are smarter than many whites. why if they are inferior?


In reply to by Ay (not verified)

Blacks are stupid, violent and unproductive. They are a cancer upon White civilization. Everyone knows this. Testing even confirms their genetic predisposition toward significantly LOWER intelligence.

However we don't need testing to know Blacks are stupid, everyone kinda just picks that up from being around them. Of all the hominids, Negroes have the markedly lowest intelligence.

Half of all Blacks test in the LOWEST quintile of Whites, while only 20% of Whites fall within this same range. This means half of the Negro population are effectively mentally retarded, when compared to Whites. And again, everyone knows this from just being around Blacks. The only Whites who might say otherwise, are either trolling, inexperienced with Blacks or virtue signaling.


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

Still 20% is a lot of people. That translate to millions. Meaning millions of white could be less intelligent than many black people. So why elevate those whites above the blacks


In reply to by Ay (not verified)

HALF of the Black population has the same intelligence as the bottom 20% of the White population. That makes them woefully incompatible with civilization. Look again at the chart and correlate with the median White (50th percentile) cohort.

Statistically only about 2% of Blacks will equate on most levels with 50% of Whites, or 1 in 50 Blacks are thus capable of living and working within a civilization – while 98% of Blacks can not. And among this tiny cohort are Blacks like Bill Cosby (aka "America's Dad") who as it turns out, was a life-long serial rapist, with over 80 White female victims (so even the BEST of their kind, is still shit). But be that as it may, the fact that a tiny few "mostly good" Blacks exist, explains why so many Whites have "a Black friend" – but what they don't realize is that ALL Whites share that SAME tiny minority of Blacks as friends. You would never for example, socialize with the overwhelming majority of ghetto Blacks – who if you tried, would likely kill you (and you know this). I think most White people instinctively realize just how dangerous the ghetto pavement ape can be and stay the fuck away from them. If this were not true, we would be seeing much higher Black on White murder rates.

Now let me try to explain this another way. If I handed you an apple let's say – and 98% of that apple was rotten… or even if we use your figure of 20% – let's say I handed you an apple that is 4/5ths rotten (and 1/5th okay) would you eat it? Would you pick around the mostly rotten parts to get at what's good? And that's just by measurement of intelligence alone. Behavior to me, is much more important than intelligence. My brother worked for several years with mentally retarded White children, driving them around in "the short bus" as they called it. ? These kids were of equally low intelligence as the majority of Blacks – BUT THEY DID NOT _BEHAVE_ LIKE MAJORITY BLACKS!

Now let me cite an example. One time, I volunteered to help out with the Special Olympics. So I was able to see up front and personal, just what mentally retarded White kids are like – to see precisely how they behave as a group. So at the start of the race, this pack of retarded White kids take off waddling spastically around the track. It's hard not to laugh at the spectacle, but they really were trying hard and giving it their all, running as hard as they could. Then suddenly, one of them falls down. ALL of the retards stopped running and went back to help the fallen runner. They picked him up, dusted him off, then ask him if he was okay – then together they reformed a starting line, as one of them said, "ready… GO!" and off they went to finish the race, laughing the whole way.

Witnessing what just happened, witnessing that instinctive White behavior on display, that instinctive White goodness seen in the majority of White people, was quite moving to everyone watching. Many in the stands were openly weeping with what they had just seen. That my friend, is the difference between a 20% minority of 80 IQ Whites – and the majority of 80 IQ Blacks. White behavior is unique in this world – White goodness is _why_ you are right now trying to champion for despicable Black people! The average Black may be unintelligent by White standards, but the average Black is also a violent thug, who would never help running competitors – in fact, he would STOMP ON THEIR FACES IF THEY WENT DOWN – then laugh at the harm that he had just caused. And you know this. Everyone knows this. It's an open secret, the truth about the unspeakable evil, the violent normative behaviors seen in Black people.

Hello, I am Adolf Hitler. I from German.
I am glad to see someone stand with white race!!

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