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Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
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Nazi party )

NSM Year In Review 2022

2022 has been a year that no one in the NSM will soon forget. It was a year that brought more than it's fair share of challenges, on many different fronts. It has been a year that has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, both to ourselves and to our eternal adversary, that the NSM will only become stronger with each new hurdle.

Our fearless and unashamed exposure of our enemies has continued unwaveringly alongside our dedication to our brothers and sisters in the NSM, and to the Aryan Race as a whole! We are the defiant voice of the Aryan enslaved, we are the storm on the horizon that the jew can no longer ignore. Let our example inspire those who are timid or disheartened. The Aryan spirit of the 1,000 year Reich lives on today!

It has been an honor to have the opportunity to contribute and to stand with my comrades under the flag of the National Socialist Movement. Hail Commander Colucci, Hail the NSM and Heil Hitler! White Power!

Contributed by: ⚡⚡ TechSgt Andrew Salacinski


Next time you hear some faggot on Tgram or Gab say the NSM hasn't done anything in '22, show them this video.
Great work TechSgt. 88


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Brother, I understand you are a member of the NSM,and you are going to defend the organization even if the lack of any importance smacks you in your pale white Face everyday. So you tell me,and everyone else to look at that 3 minute video you media folk made, and that's proof that the NSM has done some serious IRL activism,that mattered. 1st off,the 1st half of the video is NSM New Zealand, and the last half is the NSM shouting at cars passing by and walking in circles carrying your swastika flags . Despite Burt being arrested twice,none of that shit changed anything . None of that shit motivated anyone. You guys have nothing on NSC 131 in New England . Those dudes hit the streets with a mission and are extremely organized and disciplined. And they are 20,30 deep in most of their videos. Oh,but they wear masks so,they don't matter to according to Burt .Instead of shit talking these NSC 131 men,why don't you reach out,or are you too jealous?? Or is your leadership role threatened?? If you can't be boss,no one can,right?? Come on BSM,tighten up. 88


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Yes, that IS doing something. I will agree that NSC-131 is more frequent with their protests, but they are also a much smaller organization, one which is much closer in proximity, comprising only the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont. It is much easier for them to gather, than it would be for the NSM – which is an international organization, one with just national members alone scattered across 48 states. The complete livestream archive video of the Orlando event is available on this site. It shows far more than just "shouting at cars passing by and walking in circles" noting that a walking protest is required by law, to always keep moving (you legally aren't allowed to stand still).

Also take note of WHAT is being said by Grandfather through the bullhorn. Pretty sweet truth bombs. 🙂 Putting him on the bullhorn was a really good idea. The uniforms, armbands and flags make a really important impact – the NSM does not look like street thugs. But the most important note to make here is that NSM activity has been curtailed by our Commander's two very serious felony hate crime charges in two separate states, that if convicted on both, could result in decades in prison (essentially a life sentence). Until these cases are resolved, activities have necessarily been curtailed.


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Before shit talk began with 131 I extended a straight arm myself. NSM N.Y. Acknowledged action. I answered an ad they put out with my hails to them and an offer of my support. They did not respond. I emailed again to ask why they would not want me to march with them? N.Y. Is close, and they are active. It is important enough to me that I would in fact march with other people if they are NS. I was turned down because I am from N.Y., Supposedly. What 131 dose is not important enough to include NSM, or people outside new England, not important enough to uncover their face lest we see the pigment of brown underneath? If you are in fact in love with an active group besides NSM by all means join it.


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Well Captain, that's definitely one of the things holding our movement back is cohesion. There is no reasonable excuse for one national socialist organization to deny another fellow national socialist the right to organize together. That is usually when Ego's take over and bi- laws apply. To me that is sad news. When I speak on this forum, though some things are controversial,it is never out of disrespect. Like I have stated,I visit this site daily. My mission is always to find allies in the movement. There is a reason that I have not yet joined the NSM,other than the logistics of it . It is hard for me to find an organization to dedicate myself to. I have seen them come and go. The NSM is still standing,though the Commander is tied up. It is easy to nit pick,and focus on trivial things,it is another to make the commitment to an organization. That is where I stand brothers,ATM I am considering all of my options. I am too far out to join the NSC 131,and HT,the hero that he is,is destined to get caught up in some government plot. I reside in Pennsylvania ⚒️so I am in proximity of SGT Norse,and the NJP,Feel free to respond,am I pussy because I won't commit?? A coward?? Or am I biding my time in making an ultimatum?? Hail⚒️88


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Devil,you have been my comrade for many years. Although I have been inactive for many years, I do still hold my beliefs in high regard. The answer my friend is two-fold.#1 I think you should trust your instinct ,that which is keeping you hesitant to commit.#2,right now would be the wrong time to jump aboard a ship that is half sunk . What will happen to the NSM,should Commander Burt end up in prison for years. Will everyone make their own grab for power?? Which would be terrible,but possible. Or will the Jewdiciary bring the NSM down completely?? I understand your desire to be with brothers in arms. You are no coward,you are no pussy. I remember all our battles together, I remember your discipline to strength and good health . I also know you as a man of honor. But this message brother, is for everyone to think ahead,what lies in wait down the road?? Can the NSM survive,or will the Jews destroy it?? Or,if convicted,will Burt dismantle the organization?? Think ahead my friends,and brother devil,bide your time,but stay active. Hail the Gods, victory or Valhalla


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We aren't afraid to go out there and confront the enemy. The difference between them and us is we are willing to die for our Aryan folk. We WILL NEVER BACK DOWN!!!! Get on our level then we can talk

Heil Victory 88

88 from Boston my NSM family. Want to say I can't watch this video enough. Simply awesome and fantastic all the way around! I'll be getting my NSM flyers mailed to me soon. I can't wait to start passing them out!88 and White Pride from Boston, Ma.

In the technology age people film everything, brainwashed by the jewish and feminising zombie glow screens, less - thans might conclude that if it can't be found on the israelnet, it didn't happen. In 2022 I distributed thousands of jew naming flyers. There are entire company's with hundreds of employees talking about jews up here. For the last two years I've gave Romans to every random person who looked like a worker, and now across three area codes they recognize my truck and salute me. I've shit talked to these shit skins for so long they avoid me like the plague. I've made 4x8 signs, fly flags, wear my prowhite shirts, without apology. I don't need to film my work to appease some do nothing fence sitter. NSM as a group is all action, we are the only group with the back bone to march as actual NAZIS. My call out and challenge for 2023 is - put up or shut up. Action only! Complaints are akin to excuses. If your not putting WHITE POWER into action, you are a worthless nigger and need to look in the mirror, not everyone else.

Hey cute little nazis! Quick question! How does it feel to be treated like untermensch by society? Do you guys really think you’ll one day rule the world? Even if some how miraculously Nazis came to power, I can assure you it wouldn’t be numb nuts like you guys running the show. Remember what Hitler did to the brown shirts? He had them f4cking executed! So if the death camps were brought back, you all would be the first to be sent to the gas chambers, and rightfully so! So think twice before running your mouth about things that you don’t know anything about. And that is a lot of things! So I suggest getting a life, stop living in your mom’s basement, and stop projecting your insecurities on other people because you really hate yourself deep inside. Or keep up this circle jerk cult around “kommando” and hope to God you don’t die feeling like an absolute dimwit or in the slammer! But I guess since Hitler is your role model, doing the time is part of the deal! God I feel for you losers!

P.S By the way for some context as too why I am even in this sludge hole of the internet, I was shocked to find out that this website was once owned by a black man! Truly outwitted your supposedly superior race!


In reply to by Donald McBride (not verified)

> Hey cute little nazis!

> Quick question! How does it feel to be treated like untermensch by society?

The proper grammar would be untermenschen, plural. We aren't treated as untermenschen by society, we are treated as pariahs. This is because the majority of the White race (including you) has been made sick with Jewish propaganda. We are working hard to reverse that trend.

> Do you guys really think you’ll one day rule the world?

The Western world will either be ruled by Nazis, or it will continue to be run by Jews. Either way, Jew shills such as yourself won't be any part of it, as you likely will not survive the now unavoidable civil race war that the Jews have so stupidly seemed to foment. Huge decisions like who rules and what form of government you will have, these aren't made by voting – these decisions have historically only been made through brutality and violence. That is just historical fact. The NSM believes in the rule of law, be that the law of man, or the natural law – as we are prepared for both. When the law of man breaks down (as we are seeing take place right now) the law of nature (the survival of the fittest) takes over. Whatever emerges from all this, becomes our future.

Jews with their power of deception may be best equipped to survive under the law of man, but not at all under the law of nature. To give you an example, can you name even ONE Jewish farmer? Like Niggers, Jews can't even feed themselves, both Niggers and Jews are dependent upon Whites for basic survival. The Jews have evolved purely as parasites of the White race. And a parasite obviously can not survive without its host. Supplicants to the Jew (such as yourself) become willing hosts for these Jewish parasites, while we White Nationalists and National Socialists do not. If by evidence that we are the most likely to survive what I opine to now become inevitable, then we will most likely choose who and how, we will be ruled.

> Even if some how miraculously Nazis came to power, I can assure you it wouldn’t be numb nuts like you guys running the show.

Most of us have a collective goal – to end this ongoing White genocide and to stop our racial replacement with turd-world refugees. Once we have achieved that, we can then move on to securing our preferred form of governance.

> Remember what Hitler did to the brown shirts? He had them f4cking executed!

The Sturmabteilung (colloquially called Brownshirts or Braunhemden) led by Ernst Röhm, was effectively superseded by the SS. You see, tension developed between Hitler and Röhm as Röhm attempted to obtain more power for the Sturmabteilung and for himself, which Hitler came to see as a growing threat, so he decided to eliminate him. Hitler however did not eliminate the Sturmabteilung, which remained in existence until the end of the war, after which it was disbanded and outlawed by the Allies.

> So if the death camps were brought back, you all would be the first to be sent to the gas chambers, and rightfully so!

There are many mistakes and misunderstandings here. In Germany, there were no such thing as "death camps" as this was all just post-war propaganda. It was important after the war, to make the Germans look more evil than the Allies, who vaporized hundreds of thousands of enemy non-combatants (entire cities filled with innocent citizens) by way of atomic bombs. It is always the winners who write the history books. Remember, we are talking about Germans here. People who love mechanized solutions. They would not build camps to kill people with gas. They would build effective machines like this, to do the job.

But the Allies had to devise a story around what was available to them and the work camps seemed like the best bet. So with the aid of the Jews, they came up with the holocaust lie, a lie which fits perfectly with the Talmudic prophecy of six million dying in burning ovens, in a [Rabbinical] holocaustion. Delousing showers became homicidal gas chambers and so on. Nobody intelligent believes this bullshit today. Note that I said intelligent. Fully half of the White race has below-average intelligence, while the other half is above average. By using this post-war propaganda, everyone got what they wanted, with the Nuremberg trials used as the means to legitimize their revenge, through the torture and execution of captured military leaders, while simultaneously drawing eyes away from the atrocities committed by the Allies (such as the firebombing of Dresden, the atomic bombing of mostly innocent civilians in Japan – and the killing of mostly innocent civilians in Eisenhower's Rhine region death camps, which were a deliberate attempt to painfully exterminate as many of the surrendered German citizen soldiers as possible).

> So think twice before running your mouth about things that you don’t know anything about.

Spoken like a true idiot. 🙂

> But I guess since Hitler is your role model, doing the time is part of the deal! God I feel for you losers! :)

Unlike you, I feel no pity for soulless Jew supplicants such as yourself, because…

> I was shocked to find out that this website was once owned by a black man! Truly outwitted your supposedly superior race!

This only further shows everyone just how stupid you really are. Both stupid and gullible, believing everything the Jews media says. Here's a clue: the Jews lie. That's all they do. Do you honestly think a Nigger wrote (or could even read) something like this?

Do you think that page would even BE on a Nigger-owned website? The Florida Not For Profit Corporation known as THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST MOVEMENT CORPORATION was founded by BURT COLUCCI and is still owned by him. This corporation has had no other owners. That is a fact you can easily verify for yourself through the state of Florida.

Although few will ever admit it out of embarrassment, MOST of the members of the NSM were once like yourself, they believed the lies that the Jews tell. Even I at one point assumed the holocaust lie was actually true. It wasn't until I began looking closer, seeing way too many of these "holocaust survivors" with 6 digit tattoos on their arms (meaning less than 1 million) that I could smell the bullshit. Now today, I realize that practically everything we are told is a lie, as everything is being politicized, even things which never should be (like science). So if you're sick of the Jewish lies and deceptions, then support the NSM, so we can bring our Republic back to where our Founders would have wanted – through National Socialism. 🙂


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Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible,

make violent revolutions absolutely necessary.

There is no longer the time of complacency, but rather the time for opportunity. 88!

NSM is highly regarded (and simply IS) the official National Socialist presence in the United States. Let us tap into our network of worthwhile friends and family, begin introducing NSM rhetoric, and ease ourselves into an age of familiarity to our Teutonic, and otherwise WHITE, confidence in solidarity!

May you all choke on the queasy, convulsing nausea of your own trite, foolish beliefs.


In reply to by someone (not verified)

This site doesn't contain any beliefs. It only contains verifiable facts – the kind which you or anyone can verify for yourselves. If something is not true, I will not post it – simple as that. Perhaps you meant to say you don't like having truth thrown in your delusional face – to which I ask, then why the fuck did you come here? If you want to wallow in delusional false reality, despite all the incontrovertible evidence to the contrary which we provide at great personal expense on this site, then you may do that literally anywhere else. Here we don't express delusions, we only deliver hard-core reality and truth.

Hola amigos desde Mexico! Como estan. Me gusta sus ideas. Son buenos chicos medallas de oro! Gracias. Viva Hitler 88!

Scientific racism is the pseudoscientific belief that empirical evidence exists to support or justify racism, racial discrimination, racial inferiority, or racial superiority. Historically, scientific racism received credence throughout the scientific community, but it is no longer considered scientific. Modern scientific consensus rejects this view as being irreconcilable with modern genetic research.


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Nice copypasta there sport. This is an example of Jewish disinformation of course. You see, as both a scientist and racist myself, I of course will have a salient response. Scientific racism is simply racism, which is based on or characterized by the methods and principles of science. So what is science? Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world – through observation, experimentation and the testing of theories against any evidence obtained. We have faithfully done that here. Scientific racism is demonstrable fact. By using science, I created this, the world's first critical analysis of Black behaviors. It is not pretty, but it IS true.

This is what true science looks like folks, facts unadulterated by feelings. Leftist Jews would have you believe the lie that poverty is what causes Black behaviors. I on the other hand, would have you believe it is Black behaviors which causes poverty. If you behaved like a Nigger, wouldn't you be poor, in jail, on parole or dead? Don't you avoid these primitive behaviors, for just this reason? Realize that bleeding heart leftist Jews have always agonized over Niggers not living up to their expectations. Leftists have spent literally trillions of our tax dollars over many decades to "uplift" this sub-species of ape, but to what effect? Abhorrent Nigger behaviors, historically documented as early as the 1600's in America, are the same abhorrent Nigger behaviors we observe today. The famous African explorer, Doctor Livingstone once said in his now almost 150 year old book (paraphrased) that God created the White man, but the Devil created the Nigger. He was a very devout man, but even he could not accept that a loving God would have ever created something so awful, as the sub-human Nigger ape beast.

Let's take something topical, like White Supremacy. Jews would have us believe our claim of White superiority, over all the other races, is simply pseudoscience. But wait – in any fair contest, isn't the winner DEMONSTRABLY superior to the loser? Hasn't the White race consistently proven superiority over all the other races, by dominating and subjugating them to our will? If they were equals, how would that have turned out? Wouldn't equals dominate and subjugate Whites about half the time? Didn't the White race literally colonize the whole of this planet, without intervention, even inhospitable Antarctica? Hasn't the White race been the ONLY race to visit another world (the moon) and walk on its surface? To this day, no other race has achieved this feat – and we did it almost 54 years ago. Fortunately for this argument, woke-ism didn't exist in the 1960's, so it is easy for us to see, using the copious documentary films from that time, Niggers were not involved in any way with the space program. Today of course, Niggers are tokens, dead-weight that Whites drag along for reasons of "diversity" in everything we do in space. The qualification for a Nigger to become an astronaut, is simply having a job – any job, even stocking shelves at a convenience store is "good enough" to become a Blackstronaut. Meanwhile, for any White to become an astronaut, they must first have a master's degree in a STEM field. Why? Because someone has to do the necessary work. You will never see a 100% Black anything, which is successful. There will always be Whites involved, or it (whatever "it" may be) will fail. There are no exceptions to this rule. Niggers are a failed hominid species. If we didn't constantly feed them, they would perish from this earth.

What is required to be a Blackstronaut, as defined by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum? Not much, actually.

Jewish lies are pervasive. I fully dissect A REALLY BIG ONE, here.

Now to further prove my point, I give you John C. Raven, an English psychologist, who was convinced that intelligence tests created by White people, were somehow racist and biased against Blacks. Never mind the fact that when Asians take these same tests, they actually perform quite well. But be that as it may, he set out to create a racism-free test to prove that Black and White intelligence was exactly the same. However Blacks can't perform mathematics. Blacks also can't read. They of course blame this on White racism. Such a test would need to score equally between Blacks and Whites. So he created Raven's Progressive Matrices, a non-verbal, non-mathematical test to measure general human intelligence and abstract reasoning, using only pictures. His test is much like any book written for a young child, containing nothing but pictures (no words or numbers, so no reading skills, or mathematics are required). He then normed this test and proved the norming was valid and in alignment with both the Stanford-Binet and Wechsler IQ tests. He then set out to prove Black intelligence actually exists and that they ARE EQUALS. He first went to South Africa, where he tested Black and White college students. The median IQ was only 68 points for Blacks. He tested Black and White American college students to find a median of 84 points for Blacks. Whites in both countries had a median of around 100 points or better. So he failed to prove his point, but he succeeded in proving mine. 🙂

Bearing all this in mind, what exactly IS racism? Contemporary racism, as it is understood today, would be an attempt to pathologize a quite normal, quite healthy, survival-oriented human instinct, a trait which is found in all people, of all races. The preference for one's own kind, nothing could be more normal and healthy, right? All biological life forms stay within their own biologically familiar groups, from mammals all the way down to bacteria. It is demonstrably a jus cogens function – and thus a law of nature itself! It's also the Jews greatest fortitude, for racism has been the one thing that held the Jews together as a unique people (without a country of their own) for so long. But Jewish psychologists decided to weaponize and undermine this natural instinct in only the White race, by creating the so-called pathology of "racism". I hold that the most detrimental trick the Jews have ever played upon the White race in the modern era, was convincing us that "racism" is an issue of morality – rather than one of objective fact, an issue to be argued for or against, based solely upon the evidence (devoid of emotion).

By making the matter of race emotional, the Jews have made it untouchable. They have weaponized our natural instincts for survival, against us. What amounts to the greatest covenant ever made between their own people, the Jews forbid in Whites. I hold firm that in actuality, "racism" is simply showing a preference for your own race, something which should be instinctual common sense – in everyone! If it wasn’t instinctual and thus almost immutable, there would be no need for diversity training, forced integration of schools, affirmative action, racism laws, racial hate crime laws and so on.

Do the Japanese ever have any problems with racism? No, because Japan is homogeneous. Does Iceland have problems with racism? No, because Iceland is also homogeneous. Racism is actually created by forcing incompatible races to live together in the same space, thus racial tension and discord becomes the only natural outcome – so by advocating for racial segregation or expulsion, the NSM becomes the ONLY group seeking a workable end to racism! Wrap your head around that – Nazis seek to ACTUALLY END RACISM ONCE AND FOR ALL.

History has shown us that racial integration has NEVER worked, throughout all of recorded time, be it Babylon, Rome, Haiti, Egypt, Rhodesia, South Africa, the Americas (both North and South) and so on. I do hope I have touched at least one person, with this frank discussion about race. I also hope your life will now improve, as a result.

I bet you fat white men haven't spoken, or even tried to speak, to a person of color in your life.
I bet you're still fully dependent on your mother to take care of you, feed you, and clothe you.
I bet you don't have a job because you're too lazy to get your fat ass up and work for a single day in your life.
I bet that accepting reality, you decided to live on the internet and post racist lies and the bullshit that is on this flop today.



In reply to by :) (not verified)

> I bet you fat white men haven't spoken, or even tried to speak, to a person of color in your life.

My first major COONTACT with a Nigger occurred in college. We were thrust together in a lab and told to choose lab partners. There were only a few Niggers, but I picked a Nigger because "Moovin' on up" and "Whachoo talkin' 'bout Willis" and "Dy-no-mite" on TV had me fooled. I was led to believe Niggers were just highly stylized people of a different skin color. In reality they are monsters, as I would soon find out. Sadly, it took two additional coontacts with college-grade Niggers before I became fully Nigger-wise. I picked my Nigger lab partner at about 10am on the first day of college, then we went to lunch together at about noon, where he robbed me of a sizeable amount of cash. Lesson two came from selling something to a Nigger who "Ah fo'got mah money." and they got the item for free, because he never paid me tomorrow, as he had promised. Keep in mind, these were college-grade Niggers that I went to school with, not your typical street thugs.

> I bet you're still fully dependent on your mother to take care of you, feed you, and clothe you.

Projection. What is true for you is not true for everyone you encounter. Our videos show who and what we are.

> I bet you don't have a job because you're too lazy to get your fat ass up and work for a single day in your life.

The biggest reason for any White Nationalist or National Socialist to be unemployable, is cancel culture. Once outed as a racist, you can't find employment (you are forced to be self-employed) and you also can't rent a home. You can't qualify for a loan or even have a bank account. But that said, most of us work around these Jewish tricks the same as we keep this website online – in spite of the Jews who do everything in their power to deplatform us.

> I bet that accepting reality, you decided to live on the internet and post racist lies and the bullshit that is on this flop today.

Prove what I have said is a lie. Please! Go here and point-by-point prove these things are a lie.

You won't do this, because you can't. You can't prove ANY of this is a lie – because it is in fact the truth! Maybe it's not the truth you WANT to hear, but it's the truth you NEED to hear.

I don't want or need to believe the absolute bullshit you have just babbled out. I go to school with people of color and they are very friendly, just like white people. There's no difference between white or black (or asian, native, hispanic, etc.).

If you want proof people of color aren't the apes and monkeys that you call them on your website, you should go outside and try talking to them. You'll see how wrong you are when you realize there's no fucking difference.


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"I don't want or need to believe"
"I don't want"

"There's no difference between white or black"

"If you want proof people of color aren't the apes and monkeys"


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You actually need MORE than an AR-15 pea shooter. I recommend a PTR-91 .308 caliber rifle instead. This is an American-made, semi-auto rifle based on the Heckler & Koch G3 German battle rifle. This is precisely the rifle you need in a deadly firefight, in order to save your life. Ideally you would just get the HK-91, but they are banned from sale in the USA. The PTR-91 is an excellent, high-grade and quality made copy of the G3 rifle.


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You might want to take a second look at those beasts you are forced to attend school with. If you have two brain cells to rub together you will be able to tell that they are different, a mind freed from the shackles of jewish poison and brainwashing can tell that they are inferior. I expect that both of these options are probably too tall an order for you, and that you already have learned to get a small amount of pleasure from hating yourself. I work with niggers sometimes, they are easygoing enough to get along with but I never lose sight of what they are and where our places in this world are... apart from eachother.


In reply to by :) (not verified)

Try going on any form of public transit in Chicago and see how quickly you'll change your mind.

Do not waste your time bickering over petty race-related issues like affirmative action, brown disney characters, or police brutality.

These topics serve to confine the discussion of race within acceptable boundaries. It's a pressure release mechanism.

The fundamental issues that white Europeans face throughout the west are mass nonwhite immigration and low fertility rates. These trends will lead to the extinction of whites if left unchecked.

The facts are irrefutable: the only recourse people have to counter this is convincing you not to care. They do this primarily through shame: you will be labelled stupid, primitive, or monstrous for caring.

If you are unsure why you should care, ask yourself this: "Am I okay with people who look like me disappearing from the earth after losing their countries?" It's that simple.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell anyone who will listen.


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I hope to god we do not go extinct and I will be doing everything I can as a pure white woman to make sure I have as many babies as I can to stop that from happening hehe


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What every Nigger dreams of as their future.

Then the shock, when in reality – without White people around to keep Niggers safe and well fed, these dumb Niggers will actually themselves be enslaved once more, by the Jew. Those few Niggers who do not willingly submit to Jewish slavery, will languish and eventually – they will starve to death.


In reply to by minoritywhite (not verified)

There are other groups besides the NSM with large memberships in just say the New England area. They attract National Socialist and action-minded patriots who go under different names. Unfortunately, the outcasts today such as the homeless don't fight back at all, unlike the unemployed in Germany after WWI. The far right websites also attract a number of those who use it as a safety valve.

he Nationalist’s say that the Federal Government is supreme and the States have very little say in the American Political Arena. The Compact Theorists argue that not only do the states have a say, they are entitled to their sovereignty when dealing with issues concerning things within their domain and concerning their citizens. This fight has been raging since before the ink was even dry on the Constitution. So, what does history say? The following video gives analysis of the Nationalist vs. the Compact view of our Nation in an historical context.

Why are we even mentioning this, cause it only keeps perpetuating the MYTH? And that is exactly what the Jew wants. I'm referring to the greatest hoax of the 20th century, CORRECTLY SPELLED as h o l l o w h o a x. I stopped posting about and quoting this word, because it only serves as an excuse to keep subsidizing Israel.

Do you all just walk around all day with your blood pressure about to explode thinking how bad the jews and blacks have done you. Poor poor things, you must live the most unhappy lives. Who gives a fuck what color or religion anyone is. Worry about yourselves, quit trying to take over the free will of anything or anyone. Damn, I think yall are just too far gone. Qanon surely didnt help.


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In general, we don't hate Niggers due to the color of their skin.

We hate Niggers, due to the content of their abysmal character.

You can have Niggers, or you can have civilization. You can NOT however, have BOTH!

Are there any other websites like this where you can speak freely with like minded people ? This one isn’t too active


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

It's only as active as you make it. 🙂 We recently disabled comments and articles for mobile users (which reduced the activity here by 90%) per the Commander's request, because, well, mobile users trend toward being stupid. This move is NOT unique in the industry – every website out there disables most of the services for mobile users (which cripples things like facebook, for those wanting to use mobile devices).

I can NOT suggest where else to go, as to have a website where you can say Nigger, Kike or speak the truth about them, is not easy. The Jews have generally made it quite impossible. Even the so-called free speech hosting provider sympathetic to Nazis (Epik) wouldn't have us.

Here's what Wikipedia says about Epik. "Epik is a right-wing American domain registrar and web hosting company known for providing services to alt-tech websites that host far-right, neo-Nazi, and other extremist materials. It has been described as a haven for the far-right because of its willingness to provide services to far-right websites that have been denied service by other Internet service providers."

When even a company like Epik says you're too much – then you know you're doing right. FAR right. 🙂 But I'd say most of it is is simply the fact that comments can no longer be accessed by mobile users and mobile users make up 90% of our userbase. Petition the Commander to restore things as they were, as he might be willing to change his mind.

I built an intuitive UI just for mobile users, one that said things like "tap here for live video" and "tap here for page content" to make navigation for mobile users super simple. But mobile users didn't do that. I don't know why mobile users are stupid, but they are – thus to accommodate this stupid majority, the intelligent minority must now suffer. it simply is what it is – and the NSM website is certainly not alone in dealing with this paradoxical issue.


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I would direct you to our social media platforms Telegram and Gab you can access them by clicking on the icons below the top comments section. There are usually good conversations going on there with like minded people. Hope this helps, 88.


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Great catch. I didn't even think about social media. 🙂 Oops.

I was only thinking about other websites, which are like this one.

It’s hard to date nowadays because it seems like masculinity in men is just no longer a thing in society. I just wanna know what happened because it seems like this kind of change happened overnight. Men used to be men now all of sudden they are all pansies ? Maybe I’ll find a real man eventually one who still believes in the traditional gender roles in a relationship


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It's Jewish mind control. Ten years ago, you rarely even heard about transgender. Today a full 10% of school children identify as something other than what they were born. If you're for real and not a troll, join the NSM and come to an event. You will literally be able to take your pick. Trad women are a tiny minority among the White race and highly sought after.

Romans to Captain Patterson, the NSM members and EES for their activism against Jewish propaganda. Leo Frank was a pedophile and a murderer and this was brought to light that day even though the filthy kikes would have you believe otherwise. Activism is the key. Heil Hitler 88

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