The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

The NSM On Broadway

The NSM in conjunction with Empire State Stormers conducted a protest on Broadway in New York. At this location they were presenting a play, falsely depicting the historic event which gave birth to the most corrupt organization in American history – the ADL. The play centers on a convicted Jewish pedophile, rapist and murderer, named Leo Frank – who was the Jew manager of an Atlanta pencil factory. Leo Frank was both legally tried and convicted of raping and murdering a White 13-year-old child laborer, named Mary Phagan, whose body was later found at the factory. This happened in 1913. Frank was arrested for the crime, legally tried, found guilty and was then sentenced to death. Around 1915, in what has become the classic "laws for thee but none for me" Jewish fashion, Frank's conviction was commuted, an act which enraged the good White people so much, they formed a lynch mob, which abducted and hanged Leo Frank for his crimes. This outcome shocked the Jews, reminding them that their legally manipulative behaviors are not tolerated by the majority of good White people. This led to the creation of the Anti-Defamation League, (the ADL) whose purpose is to protect pedophile Jews like Leo Frank, through what has now become the most corrupt taxpayer funded organization in American history.

Some of the things the ADL use your tax money to fund, include the "ADL Global Anti-Semitism Index" (totaling $7.5 million over three years) which measures public attitudes and opinions regarding Jews and their abhorrent behaviors, in over 100 countries.

Some things you may not have known, the Fiscal Year 2023 appropriations bill was particularly generous to the Jews and the ADL, by using your tax money for funding the the following:

  • $305 million for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (a 22% increase from the previous year’s funding) intended for protecting synagogues.

  • $10 million for programs reporting, investigating and prosecuting "hate crimes" (a 92% increase from Fiscal Year 2022).

  • $10 million to support community-based efforts to prevent and respond to "hate crimes" (doubling the previous year’s funding).

  • $25 million for the Community Relations Service (forcing you through manipulation, to LOVE the Jew).

  • $1.5 million to fund the office of the U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism (20% increase from the previous year’s funding).

  • $1 million to counter global "White supremacist" extremism.

  • $2 million to fund a hoax, the so-called "Holocaust" education across the U.S.

  • $7.5 million for domestic violent extremism research.

  • $20 million for the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention grant program.

Doesn't it feel great, to discover that your representatives in Washington are using your money, to fund your misery – you dumb White Goyim?

Let's work to change that! Start by joining the NSM TODAY!

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