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Oh the irony!

Israeli-born University of Maryland doctoral student Anat Kimchi, who was in America researching disparity in the sentencing and corrections of Black criminals, was randomly stabbed in the back and murdered in broad daylight by a homeless Black man, reportedly out on a no cash bond in Chicago of all places, the first leftist city in the nation to completely abolish cash bail for Black suspects. According to police, Kimchi was walking on a sidewalk near the Eisenhower Expressway around 4pm when she was attacked. Although the Chicago Sun-Times has singularly reported the murder suspect is Black, noting it took police nearly a week to release a description of the (Black) attacker, not one American news outlet has reported the murder victim is a Jew, even though the Jews own nearly all of the news outlets in America. Of course one can just look at that face, which screams Semite, this prompted searching her name and including the word "Jewish" to find the truth. It seems perhaps the Jews do not want it widely known, that they don't have complete and total control over their dangerous exotic pets.

It appears from what I am reading, that Kimchi was dedicating her career to making it easier for violent Black criminals to get out of probation, like the probation that the one who murdered her was on, because obviously the criminal justice system is inherently racist, for disproportionately sentencing Black criminals to probation, over prison. You see, to the Jew, even probation is too harsh of a treatment for their pets, these vicious pavement-apes which Jews promote heavily, in order to destroy America. However if the truth were ever spoken aloud, just as Whites are all painfully aware, Blacks actually receive sentences which are significantly more lenient, than comparable Whites who are arrested for the same crimes, even tho Blacks are many fold more prone to repeatedly commit those same crimes, in the first place.

Because of her JewishPrivilege™ the police spared no expense in finding the Black suspect, who was reported to have been arrested and bonded out in relation to previous attacks on two other women earlier this month, neither of which were Jewish. However because the most recent victim IS Jewish, this homeless Negro will be given a reward – homelessness no more! He will now receive free accommodations, compliments of we the taxpayers. Three hot meals every day and a cot on which to sleep, as well as cable TV to keep him entertained for the rest of his life, hopefully. With Chicago sentencing, you can never tell (due to the color of his skin) that he may quickly be back out on the street, to continue his mission of serving the Jew, by destroying America. However I'm certain the obligatory Jewish judge in charge of this case, will see to it that this Negro receives the maximum punishment possible. You see, this Negro is about to learn what true sentencing disparity looks like, after he disregarded the unwritten rule – of what happens when you attack a Goyim, versus what happens when you attack a Jew!

Kimchi will be remembered for losing her life at the hands of the very same people she was dedicating her tragic life to fighting for – imaginary Black victims of systemic racism, implicit bias, and structural inequalities; supposedly all of which are due to White privilege. She was murdered randomly and without regard by a sub-human Negro ape beast, in broad daylight, right smack in the loop in downtown Chicago, widely considered to be the most dangerous city in America. In her last moments of life, we can only hope that she discovered the true meaning of Jewish privilege and the true benefits of her perceived Whiteness in 2021's racially divided America, all thanks to Democratic policies and Black leadership.

* Parts of this article are based on conjecture and the law of averages, as the Chicago police are not releasing many details about the suspect they have in custody (for obvious reasons).

Warning: The NSM does not condone smirking, giggling or grinning as we, the obedient Goyim, grieve the ironic loss of one of God's Chosen – a foolish Jew. ?


Paul Joseph Watson says a lot of really on-point things, but what he doesn't say is this: People NEED to understand that utopian thinking is inherently dangerous, death is far more common (and likely) than life – and simply that some RACES are inherently more violent and more dangerous to be around than others. When compared with accusations of racism, this idea alone better explains the higher incarceration rates of the much more vicious and less moral Negro race. According to uniform crime statistics going back decades, we discover that you are abut 36 times more likely to be killed by a Negro than by ANY OTHER RACE, regardless of what race you may happen to be – noting the highest levels of homicide on earth, are Blacks killing Blacks, followed by Blacks killing Whites, which takes place about half the time Blacks choose to kill.

Israel born and Israel bred-she wandered off the kosher reservation-now she's Chicongo dead.


In reply to by Ronnie (not verified)

Yes Ronnie, the psychological poison which the Jew created to exterminate the White race has backfired and killed one of their own. It's called blowback. However overall, we see that weaponized Blacks kill far more weakened by altruism Whites, than Jews. So I guess the cost/benefit ratio is still good for the Cabalist Jews. They will eventually have their Jewworld, where Jews rule and their Negro pets will serve as their slaves. Unless of course Nazis can eventually stop (and hopefully reverse) this trend.

Need a very anti trans copypasta that mentions how they can be classified as mentally ill, how they can't physically be the opposite gender, how there is a so much pedophilia in the Trans community.


In reply to by Western man rules (not verified)

What I am about to say, may seem harsh – but only because it is true, 100% true. This Nigger is obese. Morbidly obese, just like the Kings of the middle ages. Compare her with any wild African Nigger – skinny, starving, full of disease – unable to care for themselves and unfit to survive. Niggers are wholly dependent upon White people for food, for clothing, housing, everything they have. Not one thing in a Nigger's possession is the product of Niggers. These supposed "academic" Niggers are no more intelligent than their ghetto dwelling counterparts. I mean, just listen to how she speaks. She is only able to become obese, because Whites feed her – obviously as much as she wants. She is only able to make these empty threats against her White benefactors, because Whites let her. White Supremacy is a fact, a foregone conclusion. Whites enslaved these sub-human apes, by taking these wild beasts from the jungle and turning them into useful farm animals. There, the Nigger ape remained as farm animals, for hundreds of years. The sub-human Negro ape beast was POWERLESS to stop us. Absolutely powerless. White Supremacy is thus demonstrated, to the highest degree. Niggers were never able to free themselves, over the hundreds of years they were kept in captivity. White people were forced to do it FOR them, after the Jew got involved and manipulated Whites into releasing these beasts among our people. Now feral, these modern parasitic pavement apes create and drive most of the problems in America today. They cause crime. They spread disease. They make everywhere they are found, unsafe. They are a danger to everyone around them, even to themselves. They literally destroy the very fabric of Western civilization. And they say Whites are the problem. Well it's time for the sub-human Nigger pavement ape, to look in the mirror and see themselves for what they really are – discarded, no longer functional, no longer wanted, no longer needed, antiquated farm animals; no better and no worse, than a feral pig (only far more destructive). And today, they are living well among us, as parasites. Niggers have become a literal CANCER upon our Republic. A blight which I fear, we may NEVER be rid of. We here at the NSM see Niggers for what they really are, do you?

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to make the image visible.

The time is now, it is only getting worse, people of color energy is not the same as Western man, they destroyed the western worlds by their negative energy of bring down everyone to bring themselves up above shit hole existence, now or never we need to do what is needed, the power above recognizes this and gives Western man the green light.


In reply to by Western man (not verified)

The lowly pavement ape drags itself and everyone around them into the sewer. That is their nature. The only group elevating the pavement ape above Whites, are the Jews, with a little help of course, from brainwashed supplicant Whites. Niggers do not produce wealth nor benefit to the Western world as they once had. Replaced by mechanized agriculture, the Nigger of today has no purpose and has no foreseeable future. One day however, should the Jew be successful in eradicating the White race, Niggerkind will be placed back into slavery, in order to serve the Jew. This is the long term Jewish plan, to create Jew World, where Jews will be served by Negro slaves, just as prophesied in their Talmud. Since Niggerkind has a demonstrable history of servitude spanning centuries, Niggers are the optimal choice. Which is why "Whitey gotta go!"

The higher power gave western man the abilities above every other living creature on this planet and beyond, we create legality as needed to accomplish our needed goals.

Oh my nigger Oh my nigger Oh my nigger Tyrone He was an ugly black monkey Oh my nigger Tyrone

In the hood In the hood where the niggers like to dwell Tyrone shot at the po-lice now Tyrone is in jail

In the jail house In the jail house where Tyrone now dwells he gets molested by his homies now Tyrone's ass hurts like hell

You have posted several posts which we did not approve. In one, you call the NSM a "dress up ... show like little girls" where "antiquity uniforms ... do nothing but expose who you are" which although an affront to the members of the NSM, a group who honors the Third Reich, this commentary would be permitted here and as you might expect, rightfully refuted. You then continue your comment with calls to violence, which is not permitted. Even the two which where merely veiled threats, are NOT permitted out of extraordinary caution. As you might imagine, top-tier Jews from the ADL visit this site daily and read over the comments, as do the FBI. They do this daily! Many are even posting comments like yours (fedposting) in a failed attempt to foment legal action. Although we are not the ones calling for violence and in a just Republic, the FBI should simply ask us to turn over all evidence and then go after YOU, this is NOT a Republic any longer, we do not have Justice in America anymore, only (predominantly leftist) politics. Just watch the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, if you don't believe me. The prosecution knows Kyle is innocent, yet blatantly violate his constitutional rights, by trying to convict him anyway. A Democrat judge even called them out for Constitutional Rights violations, Kyle now has a (likely futile) civil rights case against the prosecutor, if he chooses to pursue it. The prosecutors in this case are evil, they seek to put a known innocent young man behind bars, because of his conservative politics. This is NOT unusual in America today. The politics of the left are all that is legally enforced, so of course we screen all comments to avoid the obligatory FBI raids which would likely happen, if your "fedposts" were to be allowed on the site. You can say whatever you want here, but you can not call for violence or violate any federal law. The NSM is a political organization, the literal antithesis of the left and farther on the right than Republicans. We will achieve our goals LEGALLY and only through political means. If you are able to confine yourself to those scant few rules, your comments will appear, otherwise they will not.


In reply to by Western Man (not verified)

Our tail is not between our legs, we are actually OUT THERE expressing our Rights as White Americans! What are you doing? Do you have any pictures of your pro-White activism that you would like to share with us? We are not threatening you with FBI, if we were, your shit would already have been sent (the same way Gab keeps reporting that they proactively send shit to the FBI every day). Your stupidity remains unknown to them, thus we've saved you from yourself. You simply can't fedpost on a high profile website that is currently under federal investigation by the FBI (search what happened in Phoenix) as they are just looking for quite literally anything in order to indict. You are of course welcome to your own opinions, just as I am mine. You're free to say whatever you want here, just don't fedpost (for your own safety) as perhaps unbeknownst to you, your iPhone on the Verizon network shares your phone's unique (to your phone) serial number with us. Not only do we know where you are by your IP address, we know precisely what phone was used to make the post, so don't use it to fedpost. If you do that on Gab or anywhere else less honorable, you would be fucked, so don't do it.

Aloe the brownies to molest each other and create one messed up mutated mess, as long as we can keep a large population without mixing with brownies we can always repopulate with large families, ten children families to outlast the mutations, they will die off from inability to survive, Western man must stop helping them now.


In reply to by Western World (not verified)

Allowing brownies to molest each other to create one brownie mutation they will become extinct, western Man needs to stop allowing them to make money under our country and economy, jobs, sports, food stamps, section eight etc... allowing them to be citizenships of Western World.


In reply to by Western World (not verified)

Anyone looking for great pro-White and White Power music, need look no further than the SPLC website (which is an incredible resource for Whites). Of course, they list pro-White music as hate, everything that doesn't directly benefit the Jews (read: harm the Goyim) is "hate" to the Jews. Note how the Jews mention nothing about Nigger rap, which is actual hate. However, it is actually a nice compilation of some great White Power bands, nonetheless.…

Thanks Jews, for providing such a great resource for White people, everywhere. Your Jewish deception actually does not work anymore, because everyone with White skin already knows to do the exact opposite of whatever the Jews say.

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