The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

NSM Mobilization 2023

Notice to members: On June 9th, the NSM will be mobilizing. Plan to be in Wildwood, Florida early on this day and expect to remain through the weekend. No other details will be provided in advance of this mobilization. All we can say for now, is Ron DeSantis and his Jewish masters will not be pleased. Stay salty.
Update: Our get together in Wildwood, Florida will be on Friday, June 9, 2023 – all day long. Dinner will be on the NSM, so come get yourself a free, freshly cooked on site, dinner meal! We have room for about 100 people.
Saturday, June 10th, there will be BOOTS ON THE GROUND ACTIVISM! It doesn’t get any bigger, Whiter or BETTER than this! International news material. NO EXCUSES! Activism will be on Livestream.


Tucker is right, free speech is almost unavailable, anywhere. He claims Twitter has free speech, but it does not. The Jews still control Twitter, through their threats to debank Elon Musk and thus ruin his important companies. Imagine how Musk would pay vendors, or employees – if he was forced to do so with sacks full of cash? And what would he do with checks paid to him, with no way to cash them? Musk surely doesn't like being manipulated by Jews, but what choice does he have? Start his own bank? For starters, he's not Jewish, so owning a bank simply won't be allowed by the Jews, who alone decide who can and who can not operate a bank. This is why many people on Twitter have been – and still are being censored for telling the truth, even recently.

But I will tell you about one place where we don't censor people – and that's right here. On this platform you can say whatever you like – and we pay the price for this freedom, just as you may have noticed recently, with all the unrelenting DDoS attacks (which I am working hard, even now, to mitigate). I know it may not look like it from your perspective, but we are winning. The fact that you can reach this site at all and that most of the time it is functioning normally, is testament to that.

As a general rule, deplatforming means you are gone – no longer reachable by anyone. And yet you are here. Service may be terribly slow right now and full of errors, but you are here, in spite of the Jews telling you that NO – YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO SEE THIS STUFF. Well fuck the Jews and what they want. The world is waking up to Jewish oppression. The Jews don't even hide it anymore, they think there is no need, that they have already won, that they now rule the world and just need to "mop up" the small pockets of resistance, like the NSM. Well I have news for these filthy fucking kikes. We are Germans. We are Nazis. We will never stop fighting Jewish oppression, in our work to free our people from this satanic Jewish tyranny.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Update: in regard to "the unrelenting DDoS attacks" that we have been experiencing, I am happy to report that we have developed a customized solution to the problem we have been experiencing – and these attacks now appear to no longer be a threat to our operation. You see, because of the higher operating costs that we are now incurring, we could not employ simple brute force techniques, much like we have successfully used in the past (to mitigate the DDoS issue). Thus we were forced to approach the issue a little differently. We basically had to become Ninjas – and use a more stealthy approach, one which we have built and successfully tested and is now deployed. So for now at least, service here should be both fast and reliable, for those who behave properly on our network.

This past week, Jews (or whoever is trying to silence us) used spoofed IP TCP network sockets to bring our service level way down to unusable levels, via a literal brute force assault. However I've developed a fast kernel module (written in assembly language) that inserts into the TCP stack, to identify and mitigate this Antifa bullshit. So just as long as you play nice on our network, you should not experience any problems. Normal users, using the network normally, should not experience issues – however let me know if you do have problems (things such as connection resets or drop rules causing browser timeouts and partial page loads). I'm still fine tuning this complicated software and watching for any user issues to appear. Consider this a beta testing phase, of this new defensive system.

And my message to the Antifa Jew faggots responsible for the past several days of misery, while dealing with you, is this: THANK YOU! Thank you so much, for showing me my weakness and for helping me to grow stronger. I am now demonstrably stronger than you, for I have successfully defeated you. The incredible power of autism has been made manifest! Your most recent attack, the one with everything that you had, those four powerful attack bursts, each lasting 5 minutes and spaced 20 minutes apart, have spectacularly failed – and now it appears you may have just given up. But unlike you, I didn't give up and thanks to you, I am now stronger than you and no longer reliant upon brute force techniques, to protect against your brute force abuse.

Thanks to your brutal training, I have become a powerful Ninja. Moreover, this kernel module that I have developed and am still developing, will be made available to all the other White Nationalist and National Socialist organizations who need it, so they too can become stronger and more resilient to your evil. From your perspective, you've just made things much worse. All you have successfully achieved, through your attempts to silence us, has been to make us stronger and more resistant to you. We have become like tuberculosis, after it has developed a resistance to antibiotics. So once more, I would like to thank you – you godless kike sucking Antifa faggots.

• You will not win, you will never win, I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Not buying these attacks. That shit can be looked up and your site was never under attack. It's just crap. You try to pass yourself off as a competent webmaster, but only the fools buy that. Again you want more money, you punkass panhandling bitches. You can't even support yourselves. It's always we need money for this, we need money for that. You're nigger welfare queens. All you can do is once in a blue moon waddle down the street in a pack of ten or less, accomplishing nothing. Then you want paid for it. LMFAO. You bloated leeches are hilarious, buy I'm not paying admission to your circus. Get that for free!


In reply to by Cut the Bull (not verified)

> Not buying these attacks. That shit can be looked up and your site was never under attack.

Looked up how? If you were a regular visitor here, you would have experienced for yourself, the performance issues that everyone was experiencing. If anyone who experienced the degraded service during that time and would like to confirm they indeed did experience this, feel free to reply below and confirm you experienced it as well. These service outages were long, days long, as I worked quickly on a solution. The attacks were difficult to overcome and impossible to trace, as the IP addresses were being spoofed. You can't simply drop rule a spoofed IP that is used only once and discarded. In simple terms, this was the worst type of DDoS attack for us to defend against, with the only option available to us, being an active measure. I was able to develop that active solution and it is in place now and working great. 🙂

Before this, we simply countered brute force with our own brute force. We had four nodes, which seemed to be enough. We started out with only one node, they attacked that. I added a second node, they attacked that as well. I doubled it again to four nodes, which apparently took care of the problem. For two and a half years, four nodes served us well, but sometimes the bad guys (by using their political advantage) do win – and so we had to make adjustments. Today we can't use brute force defense techniques anymore, only active measures. And the only thing I don't like about active versus passive defense, is that it does not fail safe. So it is paramount that the active measures should never fail, which I don't believe they will.

> It's just crap. You try to pass yourself off as a competent webmaster,

I'll let those who matter, decide whether I am competent or not. You see, I've never before received more praise online, than for the work I've done this week, creating this solution. It was really bad for about a week. I'll ask some of the folks experiencing it to come and give their thoughts on the matter. One is a former IT professional, who said the solution I built in 48 hours, would have taken a team of programmers, weeks to build. Probably so, but I didn't have weeks (and I'm a German, we just get things done).

> but only the fools buy that. Again you want more money, you punkass panhandling bitches.

I haven't asked for any money regarding this issue. This wasn't even a money issue, it was a time issue. It was an annoyance issue. I've also recently offered the kernel module to others in the WN/NS movement who might need it. The only NSM originated requests for donation as of late, deal with legal issues and yeah, it would also be kinda nice if we can cover some of the server costs, as server leases are not cheap. But nobody has asked for money regarding the service outage, due to DDoS.

> You can't even support yourselves.

What political organization does? You act as tho we are producing a product or service. We are trying to alter the trajectory of our Republic – and the outcome of the White race. These are intangibles.

> It's always we need money for this, we need money for that. You're nigger welfare queens.

What do you think of the GDL? They are doing the same thing. HT asks for money every night on his show. But because the product of our labors are intangible and of a political nature, we must be funded through donation, just like public television, or any other political organization you can think of.

> All you can do is once in a blue moon waddle down the street in a pack of ten or less, accomplishing nothing.

Production costs for an NSM event are high. The last two events resulted in criminal hate crime charges for members. But don't worry, we have exculpatory evidence, right here on this website. We also almost always need to sue, just to get "permission" to protest. NSM members are scattered all over the place, so getting everyone together is difficult. Not many have the guts to stand with the hakenkreuz (or swastika) and in fact, most don't. Name one group, other than the NSM that does. Personally, I can't think of any.

> Then you want paid for it.

We want financial help with our cause, we don't want "paid" for it.

> LMFAO. You bloated leeches are hilarious, buy I'm not paying admission to your circus. Get that for free!

Look, the NSM has its own methods and ambitions to achieve the outcome that NSM members want. We all just desire to be happy and for our race to survive. We all just want this leftism to stop, this Jewish nightmare to end. You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem. Running your mouth about how you are unwilling to help save the White race, is unhelpful.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

For two weeks I had a terrible time running my website, due to 24-hour outages, which means very SLOW access. Impossible to work properly and many of my readers complained about unreachability also. After the Admin programmed for 2 days a certain program, the problem was solved and now the website runs as before, without interruption.

Thanks to the extremely clever and dedicated Admin, we all are safe from attackers/Hackers.

Death to ALL ANTIFA fucking bastards.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Perhaps having a retard, who does more bragging about his abilities than actually keeping the website running, was not the best idea.

School is out, so maybe you can find a fourth grader to run things.


In reply to by ██████@proton.mail (not verified)

Trolling doesn't work on me, so if your goal was to make me upset, you have failed. I know what I am doing is difficult. I know the level of difficulty I am facing. I am single-handedly fighting off entire attack teams of highly trained and well paid IT professionals working for State agencies, to take down websites. Of course, I don't know what agency or even what state is behind it, possibly the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD) or even the CIA under orders of Joe Biden (who thinks White Supremacy is a terrorist threat) – who the fuck knows for sure. The BRD is the only one to send an email asking me to voluntarily take down this "illegal" website. I reminded them that we are Americans and have a Bill of Right, first of which is the right to free speech. But are they the ones behind the attacks? Impossible to say (as whoever is doing this IS committing a crime, but it's not like they confess to their crimes). Or if they are confessing in forums somewhere, I haven't seen it.

But we are in the middle of an attack right now, one that has lasted for more than 24 hours non-stop, yet it isn't having any significant impact, at least not anymore. It clearly WAS having an impact, but no longer. It seems I have finally worked out every attack vector they have tried. One by one, they showed me what they had, then one by one I mitigated those threats. Right now, we are up solid and running with about 1/5 maximum bandwidth (so it's a little slow, as they are eating up 4/5 of our maximum bandwidth) but at least we are up. I appear to have finally worked out all the boolean logic needed to sort the attackers from the users – so now they are fucked. Now we shall see how long they can keep this pointless attack going. Eventually I'm sure, they will stop – because I never will. 🙂


In reply to by Fredrick (not verified)

I think you're jealous because this website isn't crappy. And it's not crashing, but rather we are under an almost constant DDoS that just recently let up a little.


In reply to by More Incompetence (not verified)

Probably someone (a rogue LEO) is breaking the law, by tracking Burt's phone without a warrant.

My part in this is 100% perfect. I'm ready to go now and have been for days. Opsec is good, as even I don't know what the fuck is going on until I need to know. 🙂


In reply to by Cut the Bull (not verified) was up and down and slow for days while webmaster was dealing with it. It's working.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

The Jew CANNOT win cause he is pulling the carpet from under him. The stubborn Muslim, Asian and negro will NEVER submit to the Jew, and are vastly increasing their numbers exponentially. We in the NSM are getting through to those races as to the NUMBER ONE ENEMY over all - THE JEW! Unfortunately, the universe and nature are uncompromising, and the Jew must die mortally along with the rest of us. Our short life-span proves the Jew is NOT the "master race" he claims to be (and remember, they BLAMED Hitler for that term which THEY invented).


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Elon Musk gets it. He will continue to tweet and to say whatever he wants, even if it hurts his businesses, or costs him money. He gets it, the same as I get it. Truth is paramount! Also during the interview, the reporter claimed Musk holds that Jewish "holocaust" exploiter and Democratic megadonor George Soros, "wants to erode the very fabric of civilization" and "hates humanity." Musk is of course, exercising his right to free speech, by saying what he sees as the truth. "Yeah, I think that's true. That's my opinion," Musk replied.

In the movie, our hero, Inigo Montoya is close to killing the six-fingered man who murdered his father, where he says, "Offer me money," to which Rugen agrees – followed by, "Power, too, promise me that." Rugen again, agrees. But Montoya only wants revenge and stabs Rugen, saying, "I want my father back, you son of a bitch!" So Musk actually misremembered that quote, denoting even Aspies are occasionally fallible. But if we read into that curious reference, it appears maybe Musk may be onboard with the Jew-wise – and why wouldn't he be? The Jews go out of their way just to SHIT on him, every chance they get.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Research from CASM Technology and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) found what they called a "major and sustained spike" in antisemitic posts on Twitter since the company's takeover by Musk in October 2022. Analysts detected 325,739 English-language antisemitic tweets in the nine months from June 2022 to February 2023, with the weekly average number of antisemitic tweets increasing by 106 percent (from 6,204 to 12,762), when comparing the three months before and after Musk's acquisition. Things are looking up my brothers! Never lose hope.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

The reason what we believe is more powerful than everything else is because our beliefs come from the natural order. Every single other belief starts off fighting against the natural order. Our beliefs are so powerful that they have to invest trillions of dollars every year into propaganda and it still doesn't work on us. They have to impose legal and societal punishments on us, and we are stronger than ever. One day enough of us will believe to make a real difference, and we will say welcome home.

I hope to see every White, Jew hating, swastika loving comrade at the NSM get together Jun 9th in Wildwood, FL. I know we will have an awesome time meeting like-minded people and eating a LOT of food. It's a good time to network in a comfortable and relaxed environment. See you there!! Sege Heil


In reply to by Cheryl Dref (not verified)

I think this is a great idea and this is how real White men and woman act we are a civil smart and pure people that know how to act when hosting each other s company and welcoming new faces that are of course white and proud it is not in to many places anymore in America where you can say hey i am going to a white party to enjoy the company of other like minded white folks The monkees and other mud races cannot even compare and when they gather its always to beg for a hand out or to kill each other like the animals they are Do not get me wrong we have many white trash in America today but that is because we have not taken the leadership roles in our youth lives and then compound that with a disgusting immoral hollyweird and media that does nothing but put our people down and twist true history So I say trhis for all the spies and or new world order sell outs that will be watching and listening lets show how the White race acts and leads in our community and lets bring those aboard that have been longing for white role models 88 brothers and sisters God bless our Republic

> Autism? Hitler would've put your defective ass in an oven.

This shows what little you know. Even the Jews recognize Hans Asperger and his contribution to the Third Reich. Even on Jewish Wikipedia, in an attempt to demonize the man, they state: archival documents … show that Hans Asperger, who worked under the direction of his friend Franz Hamburger, collaborated with the Government of Nazi Germany. Hans Asperger was an Austrian psychiatrist. He is remembered for his pioneering studies of autism, specifically in children. Research has shown that people with Asperger syndrome, often outperform others in auditory and visual tasks – and also do better on non-verbal tests of intelligence. On tests that involve completing a visual pattern, people with Asperger syndrome finish 40 percent faster than those without the condition. This is NOT insignificant.
| Most grant proposals, research papers and reviews on autism
| open with, “Autism is a devastating disorder”. Mine do not. I
| am a researcher, clinician and lab director concentrating on
| the cognitive neuroscience of autism. Everyone knows stories
| of autistics with extraordinary savant abilities … my lab
| members … are 'ordinary' autistics, who as a group, on
| average, often outperform non-autistics in a range of tasks,
| including measures of intelligence. – Laurent Mottron

> But that's MADE UP bullshit anyway. Autism is a Jewish conspiracy to weaken men.

Jews FEAR autism with every fiber of their being. Jews DEMONIZE autists every chance they get. Do you know why? Because autists are naturally immune to the parasitic Jewish mind control techniques that plague the White race; the very cause of our ruin. Jews realize (and rightfully so) that if the White race is to be saved, it will be autists who save it. If the Jews will be defeated, it will be autists who defeat them. Jews know this, that's why they fear us. The Jews claim to have the highest collective intellect on earth. This is yet another Jewish lie (or rather, a useful Jewish deception). Jews are merely the masters of deception. No people on earth are better liars than Jews. If someone tricks you into giving them all your money, does that mean they are smarter than you? Most would say yes, but that is not the case. Being deceived is not you being stupid. White people are naturally very trusting – they take folks at their word, to a fault. This works just fine in an all-White ethnic monoculture, but when Whites are around parasitic Jews, watch out! Jews prey upon the White race. Without White people, Jews are nothing, just an apex parasite, without a host.


In reply to by Cut the Bull (not verified)

Asperger's is a uniquely White trait, seen only in western Europeans. The Jews say it is a scourge to be destroyed – because to them, it is. Others say hold on a minute, why are the most successful people (example: Elon Musk) so profoundly autistic, if autism, specifically Asperger's, is so bad?

Hitler rightfully prized Aspies, who wouldn't? You'd have to be a Jew, to kill off your brightest and most talented people. As I said before, even Jewish-aligned wikipedia rightfully connects Hans Asperger and his work with the Nazis. Then with classic Jewish hatred, they opine that he actually murdered children (rather than help them to develop their superior talents). Wikipedia claims, "He had previously termed the diagnosis, "autistic psychopathy", which garnered controversy. Further controversy arose during the late 2010s over allegations that Asperger referred children to a Nazi German clinic responsible for murdering disabled patients." (a note to those paying attention: you don't earn a living as a doctor, by killing off your customers)

Jews love to ruin reputations, especially of those they hate and fear the most. It's time we stop calling Asperger's a "disease" and start calling it an attribute, because for me, it is my superpower. Autism IS the next giant leap, in White human evolution!

Autismus über alles, über alles in der Welt! 🙂


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Aspergers is part of the autism 'spectrum'. Those who were autistic/ aspergers were said to be Thomas Jefferson, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Thomas Edison, Beethoven, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Orwell, Lionel Messi, Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Tesla, Musk, Michelangelo, Bill Gates and yes even chess champion Bobby Fischer. Fischer is disputable having been adopted into a Jew family. But he remained a staunch anti-Semite all his life, and even called them "lying bastards". Personally, I believe Nietzsche was also an "aspie".

I'm late but I can confirm as a regular visitor that this website has indeed been unavailable for quite a long period of time recently. Good thing though that webmaster managed to get the website up and running again within a few days. And it's a smart idea to make the module available to other organizations on our side. Personally I would judge that he is a competent webmaster regardless of the garbage that Jews and Jew lovers, communists, blacks, anti-whites, antifa etc. trolls say on here.


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 Websites like these (but especially this ONE site) take a tremendous effort (as you might guess) to keep online, as so many leftists, Jews and their supplicants, feel the need to destroy it. It's almost like a war, but we keep right on fighting and winning – because we MUST win, we can NEVER allow evil to flourish, as such would be antithetical to the tenets of National Socialism.

The kernel module has already helped another website, just as username Rabe reported above, regarding the DDoS they received over a period of two weeks – and how quickly it was mitigated, with the aid of this unique kernel module. Wedged right into the TCP stack, it stops these attacks before they can shut down, or slow down the performance of a website. Both websites are now running faster than ever. 🙂

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