The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

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Asperger's is a uniquely White trait, seen only in western Europeans. The Jews say it is a scourge to be destroyed – because to them, it is. Others say hold on a minute, why are the most successful people (example: Elon Musk) so profoundly autistic, if autism, specifically Asperger's, is so bad?

Hitler rightfully prized Aspies, who wouldn't? You'd have to be a Jew, to kill off your brightest and most talented people. As I said before, even Jewish-aligned wikipedia rightfully connects Hans Asperger and his work with the Nazis. Then with classic Jewish hatred, they opine that he actually murdered children (rather than help them to develop their superior talents). Wikipedia claims, "He had previously termed the diagnosis, "autistic psychopathy", which garnered controversy. Further controversy arose during the late 2010s over allegations that Asperger referred children to a Nazi German clinic responsible for murdering disabled patients." (a note to those paying attention: you don't earn a living as a doctor, by killing off your customers)

Jews love to ruin reputations, especially of those they hate and fear the most. It's time we stop calling Asperger's a "disease" and start calling it an attribute, because for me, it is my superpower. Autism IS the next giant leap, in White human evolution!

Autismus über alles, über alles in der Welt! 🙂

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Who was the leader of Germany during WWII? (just his last name)