The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )
Sieg Heil aus Longview, TX
Greetings from the National Socialist Movement in Longview, Texas


I have a question about the ranks of the NSM. Some members have SS tabs and ranks, some have NSM tabs and ranks and them some have no tabs at all. How does the NSM do ranking and do you promote members and what for? Just really curious about this, thanks for any answers I might receive.

Each member should have two collar tabs. The NSM tab means they are effectively in the SA. The SA will wear their respective rank tab on the opposite side of the NSM tab. The ones that have SS tabs are Security squad members tasked with my security and wear their rank opposite of their division tab as well. The ones that have no tabs simply have not completed their uniforms yet.


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Thanks for the response Commander. I assume that members are promoted based on merit and time in the NSM? Also are there any badges or medals awarded to members and are they permitted for wear on the uniform?


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Every Nationalsozialist should own and wear a Stahlhelm, the M1934/M34 Ordnungspolizei Stahlhelm is the cheapest original wartime Stahlhelm you can buy on ebay, it's lightweight, it provides good protection and it looks very similar to a Allgemeine-SS Parade Stahlhelm. they're usually $150 - 300 without decals and $200 - $600 with decals.

Here is some rare German marches that have been censored to oblivian because it's "Hate Speech".

Deutschland Erwache - Die SA
Durch Gross Berlin Marschieren Wir - Die SA
Hitlerleute - Soldatenlieder
Volks Ans Gewehr - Die SA
Leibstandartenmarsch-SS Adolf Hitler - Soldatenlieder
Heil Hitler Marschlied - Soldatenlieder
Hakenkreuz Am Stahlhelm - Horst Wessel

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In america and south africa white people are getting killed and attacked groups like blm , and antifa are the main reason anti-white attack are happening white people are going extinct we need to fight back against these commies anti-white thugs we need to take back america and take back europe we need to save south africa we must stop the extinction of white people we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white childrens and white family


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Alt Right Nation is speaking the truth, we must not allow them to kill off Western people/ countries USA etc , they are taking us out our women in ways that look natural or Domestic violence that is not registering in media as something we need to think or worry about.

Brownies over populating taking out Western people aka white people, are also creating climate change, we are o the Brink of extinction with them overpopulation and killing off western people and their countries.


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Brownies are not wearing African wear trying to make Blacks change what the USA is, wearing old clothing and trying to make a new USA, like some white organizations , but they are killing off white people everyday and every way that is going undetected, dropped down old Water wells or oil wells, feeding to alligators, killing and burying in water ways, forests etc.. poisonings, kidnapping and killing, will you be next, someone you know?

The image above; Greetings from the National Socialist Movement in Longview, Texas. It would appear that the average IQ, for those in the image, is well below average.


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Overuse of commas shows you are of low IQ .

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