The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

You may agree that Black people, as a generality, are ridiculous clowns, who have no basic idea how civilizations work. Perhaps that's why Blacks historically have never created a civilization on their own. The BLM organization is a joke, reminiscent of many terrorist organizations, replete with an unrealistic, unworkable and indeed childish list of demands.

That's right, BLM has come out with yet another list of demands, things which they want White people to do for them (or sacrifices they want White people to make, for them). Blacks clearly are like spoiled and petulant children, they are as adults; but with the mind of a child – and on that note I am certain, all White people can, albeit secretly, agree.

Among their amusing list of demands, number one on their list is of course, BAN TRUMP, because they hate him and his requirement that Blacks get off public assistance, get jobs and become healthy and productive members of civil society. Ain't nobody got time fo dat! Second on their list, as you might have guessed, is defunding the police, an act if brought to fruition, would more negatively impact the lives of Blacks, than it would Whites.

So what are your thoughts? Post them below. Let's start a productive conversation about BLM.



In reply to by Adolf Hitler (not verified)

The Nazis we still have in Germany are quite big idiots
Nothing in mind and living on costs of all the others.
So you can call them rhe waste pf the society.
Compare to YOU guys, they seem to be well educated and inteligent.
What poor idiots are you guys?? ????????
Simply can't stop laughing. Does really anybody take you serious?? ???????????????????????????????????


In reply to by Adolf Fuckler (not verified)


Ich denke du kannst einen tollen Job machen!

You guys are ignorant fools so bound by their own stupidity that they can't even function in society. You guys should start talking once your IQ gets higher than the room temperature. #BlackLivesMatter


In reply to by Non-retard (not verified)

The Jews are the absolute masters of brainwashing technique and you are simply one of their victims. I mean, what else could explain why a White person such as yourself, hates his own people and wishes to support a different species (a parasite) who seeks only to destroy you and everything your people have created? One thing I wish to stress here, you are not to blame for your behavior, thus you have my deepest sympathy for having been used by the Jew in this abominable way. In George Orwell's dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the now-apparent instruction manual for the Jewish take-over of the West, the main character is subjected to imprisonment, isolation and torture in order to conform his thoughts and emotions to the wishes of the (obviously Jewish) rulers of Orwell's fictional future totalitarian society. Orwell's 1949 vision apparently greatly influenced the Jews, as reflected in their complete acquisition of all forms of mass media, expressly for the use of deception and other indirect techniques of persuasion and control, in order to achieve a near total control over the West. These techniques have successfully compromised individual freedom and the use has resulted in serious harm to millions of individuals, such as yourself. The Jews even use the phrase "diversity is strength" which is nearly right out of Orwell's novel. Diversity is NOT our strength, diversity is our greatest liability – it is the very cause for our Republic now ripping itself apart! There can not possibly be any racism in a racially pure society. Racism is actually caused by forcing incompatible races to share the same living spaces and governance. You state above that "#BlackLivesMatter" even though demonstrably Black lives DO NOT matter. The Black leaders of this group proved this by using the money they raised, to buy lavish mansions for themselves in White neighborhoods, while the Black on Black homicide continues, the rate of which remains the highest in the world. Therefore, Black lives emphatically DO NOT MATTER, this is especially true regarding the leaders of the BLM movement. The only purpose for this movement is to usher in totalitarian Jewish control, which includes communism – for which these Black leaders are being lavishly rewarded. In other words, this is all "fo da gibs."

In this video (below) you will see yourself in the caterpillar – as the maggots depict the Jews. It exemplifies clearly the parasitic nature of the Jew and the effect Jews are having upon gullible White people.

The Talmudic Jews are so successful in manipulation because they have occult knowledge... This knowledge is completely neutral , like a kitchen knife , I could use it to make a wonderful meal for family and friends or use it to cut their throats.
You can think of the bearers of this knowledge as master psychologists. The basics of this knowledge should be taught in schools. It is not evil nor good.... they are simply laws of the universe that are eternal , immutable and apply to every sentient being whether they are aware of these laws or not... kind of like gravity.... If a small child crawls off a cliff... gravity doesn't go " Oh , poor child, he didn't know... I will put him back to safety."
When you read the US Constitution and Bill of Rights , you can plainly see the Founding Fathers were "Light Occultists" whose great work was to spread this knowledge to his fellow man, while the cabal of Jews wishes to keep humanity ignorant and thus EASILY manipulated.
Though these Laws exist , ordained and created by God and do not need to be written on paper by men... it was written down so we wouldn't forget. The Founding Fathers were keenly aware that there will always be psychos who wish to suppress this knowledge and enslave their fellow man.
There is a former Satanic Priest , Mark Passio who made a presentation " Natural Law , the REAL Law of Attraction... I will try to attach a link here.. if it doesn't appear search for the tile on JewTube or BitChute... It is lengthy but such things can't be explained in 5 or 10 minutes... I assure you it is WELL worth the effort and anyone with an IQ over 70 will be very interested...


In reply to by Non-retard (not verified)

don't care didn't ask plus you're black.


In reply to by Non-retard (not verified)

Thank you for the support!!! Your anger and resentment lets us know that we are absolutely doing the right thing. Since non-Whites are the ones limited to double digit IQ's and not us, I suppose I would be just as angry if I were a stinky, crotch grabbing, non-White. Feel free to eat a bag of dicks at your earliest convenience.


In reply to by Non-retard (not verified)

You do realize blacks have some of the lowest IQ scores around the world so don't talk about intelligence. #BLDM


In reply to by Derek (not verified)

Room temperature IQ is below the average, which is 100 points. It was meant as an insult. On the Binet-Simon scale, 68 points would be feeble-mindedness, or mental retardation.

>> An IQ under 70 is considered as “mental retardation” or limited mental ability. 2.27% of the population falls below 70 on IQ tests. The severity of the mental retardation is commonly broken into 4 levels:
>> 50-70 – Mild mental retardation (85%)

WhiteLivesMatter!!! Fuck black!!!


In reply to by Adolf Hitler (not verified)

Please provide me with some fucking evidence and fucking context you extreme-rightist . As I said , reverse racism isn't a thing but a fucking hatred against what your ancestors did to them . Please get some knowledge. People like you shouldn't have internet.


In reply to by WOW (not verified)

Nigger parasites have no reason to hate their White hosts. Everything they need is provided for them, free of charge. Section-8 housing is free. Utilities are free. Food is free via EBT. They get free health care via Medicaid. Everything they don't get for free (such as big screen TVs) they simply loot and steal, making those items free for them as well. Prosecutors won't even put Niggers on trial for looting anymore, frustrating the hell out of law enforcement. Meanwhile, Niggers in Africa are starving to death – while Niggers in America are for the most part, MORBIDLY OBESE. Your claim "a fucking hatred against what your ancestors did to them" is moot, given the reality that Niggers are WAY better off as parasites of the White man, here in America, than they ever would be in Africa! ? And everyone knows this.


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

Parasites and the traditional tool of the Jew to be played against the White man who is the only real threat to their World Communism...
The irony is the Jew slavers brought them over... and as these cretins howl about some "injustice " hundreds of years ago that they never experienced Modern day slavery and child trafficking is ALIVE AND WELL .. I am sure Biden's human trafficking and drug business with the cartels is BOOMING... And a few Jew Luciferians can't rule the world ? Child's play... How much more White man ? We know once we cross the line it will be BRUTAL , that is why we wish it would go away... but I am afraid IT WILL NOT ... Until the sheeple FEAR us more than Covid and the system it will get worse... Logic won't work, Compassion won't work...


In reply to by WOW (not verified)

In response to your “People like you shouldn't have internet.” comment, believe me they do try to deny us Nazis our right to free speech. It takes a Herculean effort on our part to keep this website online and delivering to where it is wanted and needed the most. Jews and their foolish, deluded white sycophants have attacked literally every potential vulnerability in our infrastructure, forcing us to build back stronger and better than ever before. We have finally reached a state of quiescence, perhaps to the point where Jews can no longer win? All of these setbacks have only been temporary, making me wish I could see the looks on those ugly, puckered Jew faces, every time they try and then fail to force us offline.


In reply to by WOW (not verified)

A racist is someone who believes in genetics, history, and his own eyes.

Further, The happiness which The NSM brings us is all the proof of its truth that we need. Though there is voluminous science reinforcing us.


In reply to by Dave Wydner (not verified)

sci·en·tist /ˈsīəntəst/ noun : a person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.

ma·chin·ist /məˈSHēnəst/ noun : a person who operates a machine, especially a machine tool.

prop·a·gan·dist /ˌpräpəˈɡandəst/ noun : a person who promotes or publicizes a particular organization or cause.

so·cial·ist /ˈsōSHələst/ noun : a person who advocates or practices socialism.

rac·ist /ˈrāsəst/ noun : a person who has expert knowledge and understanding on human race, racial traits, racial behaviors and racial intellectual limitations/capabilities.

Actually, that last one is my own definition, as the dictionary (in service to the Jew Leon Trotsky, who coined that word) actually says, "a person who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized."

I have a question for the Jews. In places where Whites are a minority and Blacks are a majority (like South Africa where Whites are now only 9% of the population) who are the racists? Is it still the Whites? And if so, how is this even possible? How are Whites in South Africa the racists, when they are a marginalized minority, victims of Black violence? How is this official dictionary definition at all true?

I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities ... my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance ... everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?

Adolf Hitler


In reply to by Nazism Is Good (not verified)

The National Social Party was comprised of thugs, ex-chicken farmers (Himmler), and club-footed cripples (Himmler).

Hitler blew his brains out, but I chose poison. Adolf let ud use his Alsatian, Blondi, to test the poison. Then, we gave it to out daughters. I was a great father!

You hate-filled morons would be ridiculed if you weren't violent criminals. Fortunately, the US justice system, nased on rule of law, and the SPLC are investigating you.

Please stop wasting your loved.


In reply to by Joseph Goebbels (not verified)

Looks like the only poison swallowed here was Jew war time propaganda ! Hitler was a kind , thoughtful and structured man... The Lie that he was a racist as in "hating" someone because of their race or skin color is absurd, Hitler wanted the best for all nations , he knew that was the only way to lasting peace and prosperity. Actually it is the Jew that hates other non-Jew races and considers the Jew above all others. Remember ...whoever wins the war , writes the history books... Tested poison on his dog ? Haw ! Hitler introduced some of the first animal welfare laws ! That is a testament to his character. GLORY TO ADOLPH HITLER !


In reply to by Sheldon (not verified)

An accomplished world leader such as Adolph Hitler would not have an ounce of time or energy for something so trivial and petty as someone's ethnic background or color..... He had much greater concerns as Jews conspired to drag him into war despite MULTIPLE attempts to avert this.
In Jesse Owens autobiography , It was Roosevelt who snubbed Owens , NOT Adolph Hitler.... Roosevelt was surrounded totally owned by Communist JEWS as was the war criminal Churchill ,who bombed Germany FIRST and even then Hitler used restraint and discipline to make more attempts at peace . The Jews dragged America into a WORLD WAR ! Conspired to force Japan to attack Pearl Harbor.... Oh , God help us.... the LIES ... YOU CAN NOT STOP THE TRUTH , ONLY SLOW IT DOWN ! GOD BLESS ADOLPH HITLER !


In reply to by Nazism Is Good (not verified)

Nature is beyond good and evil.
Good is that which survives, bad is what fails.
Strength is a primary virtue, weakness is a fault.
Cowardice is the greatest vice.
Aryans are the forces of light. Jews the forces of darkness; pure evil.
We are magical - mystical. Mystical is that which cannot be explained by the intellect nor perceived by the senses. Aryans are certainly miraculous, noble, godly people.

when is the next event

I am your father. U just my fucking shit.


In reply to by Your Father (not verified)

When someone says something that makes you angry , one of two things has happened... They are a nasty person and what they say doesn't concern you. Or there is some truth in what they said and you should thank them - Osho


In reply to by Sheldon (not verified)

He collected Rolls Royces, gave AIDs to male and female acolytes, and was deported. In his photo he wears big shades, a head-covering cap and full beard. You cannot recognize him. I immediately saw that it was someone who did not want to be recognized. Then surprise, he was exposed.

So I simply dismissed him and anything he had to say. He capitalized on the fact that he was from India, and the millions of hippy libtartds figured, "Wow!"

They call Whites defending their own race from extinction, "terrorists".

White genocide does not happen by accident, it is planned with malice of forethought.

Whites conquered the world. Invented every piece of technology. We should not be afraid of our inferiors and degenerates.

All I see of you people is just pure resentment. You don’t object to the behavior of Niggers on the basis of any moral grounds; acting out, doing what they want and still get away with anything. You’re objection is on the basis that YOU wish to be in their position to wield power like they but instead of doing something about it you all just sit there with your dicks in your hands and seethe out of resentment. There may be other, more powerful groups that enable Niggers to do what they want but either way you just have to admire their will to power.


In reply to by Swede (not verified)

First off, you came to our website which means we at least wield that much power. Second, I can never and will never wish that I was a non-White at all. I thank God every day that I was born White, but more importantly aware and proud to be White. Niggers are nothing more than a bunch of untermensch that hate Whites simply because they are smarter, better looking and superior. Finally, I would have to disagree with your statement about us sitting with our dicks in our hands. We have and will continue to go anywhere in America and tell these stupid monkey's and their Jewish masters what they really are. If you have personally done better, please provide a link to your activism (White or Non-White) where you've done better. If you cannot provide such evidence, I'd politely invite you to shut your cock holster...


In reply to by Swede (not verified)

If we are sore losers how did we managed to take this land from the natives? It had to happen or the natives would still be living in tents and chasing their food. If we are sore losers then why does America exist? Last time I checked We won The natives lost. Again It had to happen And another thing blacks from Africa even sold blacks to slave owners in the US. Im Sure you haven't heard about that have you? And personally I even know some black people that hate their own race because the Bad Black people Aka Niggers.. They simply Love to start stuff and be disrespectful and just cause total chaos..... Niggers need to change their ways before this world turns into a jungle.....

Anyone who isn't an intellectual subhuman knows entirely that nigger animals are never going to be capable of being productive members of a post-industrial society. Their genetics, sans whatever admixtures their bloodlines might have picked up through time, results in a creature too damned smooth brained to function in a modern society. They aren't equals and never will be. Niggers are niggers. They branched off the evolutionary tree into StupidTown long ago, and they're never coming back this side of 20,000 years.
They belong in Africa, chucking spears at animals, and chewing gathered roots, with a bone through their nose and a loincloth.
Any mixing with such a beast only drags down whatever population those nigger genes begin to pollute.
Absolutely you should hate niggers. Do you love beauty? Do you think sapience is a noble trait, rare and precious? Do you smash your skull in with a hammer in order to return to being an instinct driven animal? An imbecile? A retard screeching for his daily pudding cup?
No. Because you value your sapience, and know it has value.
Why then would you dull it by wanting others to become mentally inferior? More animal. More Nigger.
In the terms of creating a functional advanced society, it is as simple, niggers are bad. Hate the nigger. Hate the loss of beauty. Hate degeneration; hate degeneracy. It is noble of you to do so.

DON'T POST OUR ENEMIES HERE. This is our website, and the Jew Commie perverts don't do it for you. STOP!

It's growing and should replace the 4,500 member previous NS Group. Apparently Gab did some housecleaning (purge) of the site after the ADL and German government pressured Gab to cease and desist criticizing Jews (anyone else was fair game to them). That's my take on it. Don't know if the previous post on this subject got through, so I'am reposting this. For anyone wondering - I was a member of and worked on staff for the NSWPP - 88!

Here is an illustration of the way in which the oversocialized leftist shows his real attachment to the conventional attitudes of our society while pretending to be in rebellion against it. Many leftists push for affirmative action, for moving black people into high-prestige jobs, for improved education in black schools and more money for such schools; the way of life of the black “underclass” they regard as a social disgrace. They want to integrate the black man into the system,make him a business executive, a lawyer, a scientist just like upper-middle-class white people. The leftists will reply that the last thing they want is to make the black man into a copy of the white man; instead, they want to preserve African American culture. But in what does this preservation of African American culture consist? It can hardly consist in anything more than eating black-style food, listening to black-style music, wearing black-style clothing and going to a black-style church or mosque. In other words, it can express itself only in superficial matters. In all ESSENTIAL respects most leftists of the oversocialized type want to make the black man conform to white, middle-class ideals. They want to make him study technical subjects, become an executive or a scientist, spend his life climbing the status ladder to prove that black people are as good as white. They want to make black fathers “responsible,” they want black gangs to become nonviolent, etc. But these are exactly the values of the industrial- technological system. The system couldn’t care less what kind of music a man listens to, what kind of clothes he wears or what religion he believes in as long as he studies in school, holds a respectable job, climbs the status ladder, is a “responsible” parent, is nonviolent and so forth. In effect, however much he may deny it, the oversocialized leftist wants to integrate the black man into the system and make him adopt its values.

Just like destruction and perversion and ugliness and subversion are the essence of the Jews’ race-soul, exploration and discovery and beauty and light and conquest and creation are the essence of ours. We can build a new nation. We’ve done it one thousand times already. - Wm. Pierce

This website's article of the above title speaks for me, how would I dare try to improve on that. Really, nothing we can say is going to teach our people any better than the examples Blacks generally make of themselves. I didn't coin the word nigger. Look at the videos of Black antics in malls.

Was posting threads daily on the old NSM88Forum. And at first wasn't impressed with the new forum for not having a comments section. Now we are all back on track - communicating from all four corners of the nation and globe, and feeling closer to the cause. 88!

According to the U.S Justice Department, in 2006, 32,443 women of Caucasian origin were raped by men of African origin.

That same year, the number of African American women raped by Caucasian men... was... zero.

In fact, 90% of all interracial crimes in the U.S. are committed by blacks... against whites...

So what if all blacks were to... suddenly... disappear from the U.S.?

Murder would go down 49.7 percent, welfare recipients would go down 40 percent, SAT scores would go up about 100 points, the average IQ would go up 7 points, and AIDS victims would go down a staggering... 67... percent.

Significant changes for race that only makes up 13% of the population.

One can simply observe reality. Let's look at the nigger itself:

Ugly, that goes without saying. Soulless black eyes (black eyes are a sign of demonic possession because "the eye is the window to the soul"). Lack of frontal lobes (which is the "human" part of the brain). They often smell really bad due to a neglect of hygiene, demons smell of sulfur, which is a rotten egg-esque smell. Now, let's look at what niggers are known for:

In America, 51% of the obese are nigger bitches (they are roughly 6.5% of America's population, mind you), not to mention, the country with the highest obesity rate is Haiti with about 62% of the population being obese (Gluttony).

All niggers do is steal because they think they're entitled to everything, even when it isn't theirs. Whether it's personal possessions, consumerist products, grocery store items, or even history, the nigger always steals (Greed).

The nigger itself is jealous of every single race, especially Whites, because they know they're the worst and dumbest race so, instead of bettering themselves, they project their insecurity onto everyone (Envy).

The niggers always talk about wanting to "get back at Whitey" for colonizing them (which actually benefited them, but whatever), they hold grudges for something that happened that nobody alive was around for (Wrath).

The nigger has an over indulged delusion of self worth, it ties into their inferiority complexes, they're narcissistic and think they can do no wrong (Pride).

The nigger is quite perverted, they (pardon my French) fuck anything and everything with a pulse, I apologize in advance for saying this, but niggers in africa literally created AIDS by fucking animals (poor animals) and, across Western Civilization, the nigger is the demographic with the highest cases of STD/STI rates, even higher than gays (Lust).

This one's obvious, but niggers are exceedingly incompetent workers, they do nothing except take up space and can't even do their jobs right, they're lazy (Sloth).

Their whole existence is sin. Not to mention, they're petty thieves, rapists, and murderers (all sins).

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