The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )


The NSM was protesting and LIVESTREAMING from Missoula MT on Saturday, June 18, 2022. We've improved our livestreaming software to support streaming directly from any smartphone, at any resolution up to 4k video. This particular event was streamed in HD (high definition). Because of this livestreaming improvement, such events will now become far more common! You may watch a recording of this event at the bottom of the main page, found in the vodcast archives section. And enjoy the show! 🙂 It's a quality pro-White demonstration that shows just how awful and degenerate the anti-Whites can be!


What is the NSM's stance on vaccination?

Mike Johnson the "Speaker of the House" ass kisser to jews and israel.
Does he not look exactly like a kike? And a wimp build for a man.
What a puny shrimp! Just because he is a "Christian" he still looks like a racial jew to me. I weas wondering what you think. State in reply if you think he looks like a kike also.


In reply to by Coast Nazi (not verified)

He seems to be consumed by Jewish brainwashing, a total supplicant to his masters – the Jews. For being a Christian, he does NOT follow the teaching of Christ, who said in John 8:44 that the father of the Jewish people, is Satan. Our new speaker even adopts Black children, one of which was in the news recently. A thug named Michael Tirrell James, arrested on marijuana charges and possessing brass knuckles. This adopted son has a long arrest record, according to the Daily Mail.…

Our command staff agreed upon rules have been dictated by Commander in numerous occasions, I am going to revisit these rules for anyone who missed them or thinks they don't apply to them. 1- drugs are for niggers and faggots, who are puppets of the Jew. 2- no jews, no niggers, no faggots. Pretty simple. If your behavior is deemed to be jewish, or nigger, or fag this applies. We are not the average white nationalists group, we are Nazis. Plenty of half are orgs out there that accept behavior we don't, if our standards are too Nazi for you, then you can fuck off.

Can someone tell me what the deal with masks and this org are? Commander Colucci's made it obvious that he doesn't like people who wear masks, but in this livestream, one of the activists is wearing sunglasses and a skull mask. Granted, he's the only one wearing a mask, but it's still confusing. This can't be just me, right?


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

The Commander has said many times that he feels it is cowardly to wear masks like Antifa – that when you are a Nazi, you are either all-in, or all-out. However he does not absolutely require those members who fear reprisal to expose themselves. If you would like, you may protest with the NSM while wearing a mask, however it is not encouraged. As far as I know however, you can not move up the ranks to become part of command staff, by wearing a mask at protests.

Earlier I asked why the NSM isn't joining forces with other NS or other very similar groups. These groups not only practice martial arts, make their presence known publicly, but also offer community services such as providing food or flood assistance during natural disasters. The idea I suppose it that those they assist will remember who helped them.

On the same token, why do the aforementioned groups not join forces with the NSM? There are now many such patriot/nationalist groups here and in other countries. Their membership numbers can be impressive. I was perusing Gab and noticed this growing group in Australia (see the link) which prompted me to write.

The White Race can be their own worst enemy. After all, the Jew owns everything - our media, our colleges, our banking system... I wonder why? And the negro is most often the most racist of all when say, a cop somewhere shoots one in self-defence.,quality=100,fit=scale-dow…


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

I appreciate your mindset but the NSM, as you know, is in a different league of its own. Here's why.
1 We do not allow substance abuse
2 We don't allow masks (only if approved by Commander
3 We do not use monkey filters
4 We do not wear dresses
5 We do not allow nonwhites
If we can't agree over mask-wearing, regardless if we do jumping jacks or karate chops, how can we possibly unite as a race? Obviously, we stand on our laurels and will not waiver in our convictions.


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

I have spoke on the topic of unity multiple times in open phones. Tech sergeant Dreff is correct, and the simple answer is fear from the unworthy of NS standards. If so called "white nationalists" had good intentions, why wouldn't they get behind groups that already exist? Groups that have been fighting for years? Instead of entering OUR movement with concern for the race or offering to help in any way at all, these " people " form new groups in which they can set their own standards and be the star of. The number one reason we don't have unity is because there are too many groups in the first place- that is either ego or an intentional subversion. Frankly we were here first, and as visible as we are, it is not On us to create " unity" with them. However I'll say again- the NSM had at one time the nationalists front with 28 groups united, it did not work in our favor. And again I personally wasted two years in efforts of unity in N.Y.and surrounding states for larger actions. I offered to assist others, I showed up to their calls to action and not one time was that reciprocated. Instead of asking NSM why we don't "unify" ask the brand new groups why aren't they helping the veterans of the movement .

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