The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

Orlando Fag Queen Surprise Protest Success

It was a great day because nobody was arrested!

Location: ICON Park™ in Orlando, FL

The Jewish media claims that threats of violence led to the cancellation of Fag Queen Story Hour at Orlando's LGBT+ Center. Only one might better suggest that exposing child exploitation and the ridiculing of this degeneracy by neo-Nazis, might have been the real reason it was canceled. The NSM always obeys the law, while legally protesting this type of degeneracy, one which is infecting our nation as a whole. In light of this cancellation, the NSM moved on to plan B and successfully protested a different Orlando Fag Queen event, instead.

Click here and look for Fag Queen Orlando to watch the replay.


A great manifestation! It is a pity that there were no other organizations, such as Patriot Front or Proud Boys.


In reply to by Michał (not verified)

Are you kidding? I knew from jump street other groups would totally "Cuck' out!! PF, PB they are a joke. When the NSM says it's doing something. Bet the "house" they will do it!! 88 Petro Boston

As always the NSM does what it says, and shows up and steals the show. When we say we are going to be somewhere we are?!!! I knew the other groups were not going to show!! Way to go brothers & sisters of the NSM. 88 from Boston. Anthony P.

Is there a reason for the bullhorn guy's face being covered? I thought NSM members weren't afraid to show their faces.

We put (((them))) in check, and now the fag queens are even more uncomfortable... as they should be,
Some families who didn't know what was going on there are now awakened to what lurks behind what seems (at first glance) to be a wholesome upscale center that is safe for the family, Certainly changed some people's views on what we actually represent.


In reply to by Cpl. BK (not verified)

Sure, a small group of losers playing cosplay Nazi fumbling around being loud really showed them! You fuck ups are sure full of yourself. You never actually do anything or accomplish anything, but try to raise more money for Colucci, who needs to take his fat ass outside to look for a job.


In reply to by Laughs At You (not verified)

ok then, tell us what you have done to make a difference.
tell us what you think should be done.
or do you think being a keyboard warrior is where it's at?
and if you are a communist, tell us all why it's so much better.
otherwise you're nothing and a nobody who's existence never meant anything to anyone or yourself. a complete waste, lesser than some trash on the ground that at least had a purpose beforehand.


In reply to by Laughs At You (not verified)

Uniforms are not cosplay. Most of the time when people complain about them, it's out of jealousy. Now let me ask you what Commander Colucci often asks of arrogant assholes such as yourself, "What pro-White activism have YOU been doing?"

The White Nationalist and National Socialist movements are currently seeing UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS, especially with the help of Kanye (a Jew-created bioweapon) turning against his own masters by speaking the forbidden truth. This was probably unexpected, because the Jews have already mind-control programmed the majority of Whites to believe everything a Nigger (especially a celebrity Nigger) says, making this turn of events, the most devastating ever for the Juden-Ratten.

Whether the things the NSM are doing is successful or not is debatable, but at least they are doing something. And something is always better than nothing, certainly better than slinging unwarranted insults in the comment section of this website.


Allow me to clarify what I meant by "Whether the things the NSM are doing is successful or not is debatable" as that might be interpreted wrong. Back around 2017, I got behind the alt-right and Richard Spencer – thinking that this was as close as anyone can get to true German National Socialism in America. I of course knew of the NSM, as off and on I had helped Jeff Schoep with server problems (whenever I was needed) but even after they dropped using the hakenkreuz (substituting the Othala rune) to me they still seemed way too provocative to have any substantial political success. Surely (I thought) the same ideas, only dressed in a nice business suit with well coiffed hair (as Spencer was doing) would have much better odds of success. It turns out I was wrong, the alt-right was a total flop. Then I thought about what George Lincoln Rockwell had said, that they are going to call you a Nazi anyway – so why not just go ahead and become a Nazi? And that's where I am today. I believe Rockwell also said that it takes a Nazi to defeat a Commie.

Oh yes, I do realize that the look and the methods used by the NSM have been memed by the Jew to become the most horrific thing that any White person can do – and the Jews did that for a reason. Only the NSM has the potential for success (even if this seems offensive to 80% or more of the White population, all thanks to Jewish brainwashing). So where is the alt-right today? Nowhere, that's where! The NSM first began in 1974 and remains viable even to this day! The members of the NSM clearly have courage and the willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. Our Commander lays it all on the line for what he and all of us believe in. So of course I'm going to back the long-shot underdog for a change, since backing the supposed winner (Spencer) was a complete and total failure. I do of course realize that much of what the NSM is doing is off-putting to most Whites. I do believe that as a political movement, the NSM currently falls way below the Libertarians – and they are at best only 3% of the vote. But I also believe that you can't win if you don't try. So like every other member of the NSM, I'm in this movement 100% – contributing the best way I can. 🙂 You see, I have this unique set of skills, which I put to good use, right here! 🙂


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Webmaster, I so appreciate all you do and it is my hope that everyone reading this will donate to you so that you can continue keeping this website active. It would be a great loss to all if it were removed due to lack of funds. 88


In reply to by CHERYL DREF (not verified)

Thank you. 🙂 Most people don't realize how incredibly difficult and expensive it is to keep a free speech website online (without making concessions). Daily Stormer promises not to say Nigger in exchange for his very expensive hosting, provided by the people who booted us out because we wouldn't stop saying Nigger. We also have very expensive hosting costs, but we say Nigger and Kike. We are self-hosted, so we make the rules. I build and manage all the infrastructure -- but not cheaply, as I had to build everything attack-proof (a 4 node terabit per second CDN as well as a 12 node nameserver) just to keep this site from being taken down by brute force. In just the past month, Daily Stormer went down, as did Goyim TV. The NSM however, did not go down and has not gone down since I built the 4 node CDN. We now seem to have found the magic sauce. 🙂 At this point I can probably safely brag that the Jews can not defeat us any longer, as we are demonstrably impervious to their assault. The NSM is living proof that THE JEWS CAN BE DEFEATED! It simply requires tenacity.

The new livestream audio service has been taken down a few times in beta test, but the hackers only showed me my mistakes, a quick fix and a recompile and I'm back up and impervious to future attacks. I'm new to using the OCaml programming language, so I'm bound to make n00bie mistakes. Had I compiled it in C++ I don't think there would have been problems, but this way I get to develop a new marketable skill, which I probably need, since OCaml seems to be replacing Java as the most secure high level programming language. If I get really good with OCaml with these attacks training me, maybe Google will hire me. 🙂

Anyone wanting to contribute to the upkeep of this website, our operating costs are about $350/month. We are currently operating in the red, with an interest accruing debt of close to $2k and that number keeps rising. Contributions can be made using bitcoin or by sending a money order payable to Burt Colucci, just follow the instructions on the main page for contributing to the legal defense, just note on the money order what the money is for. When you send bitcoin, also send an email so the Commander knows what it was for, and I do Thank You for your donation! 🙂

I await Liberation. This is not The America I was promised

Gentlemen, I would like to extend a special thanks to you. You have been combating the woke menace that is attacking our children. The borderline pornographic materials being distributed in the schools to our children on behalf of the American education system is downright despicable. Thank you, gentlemen.
You all are demonstrating an admirable amount of bravery, as many have been threatened and scared into submission by law enforcement and society as a whole.

Good evening, folks. I pray that this message finds you well. I had a question regarding location. I am interesting in joining and was wondering if you all operate in New Mexico.

Thank you for your time.

Warm regards,


In reply to by Martin (not verified)

i know we have people all around you, in AZ, CO, and TX.
Would suggest you call Lt. McBride, the NSM Ambassador for more information on things. You can find that phone number and email on the 'Contact' page on top left in the links section.


In reply to by Prowhite (not verified)

Why wait? Join today! You can't be a part of this movement, without taking some risks, so why not join the NSM right now? In life, wherever there is no risk, there is also no reward. So you see, there can be only one major risk which you should avoid at all costs — and that risk is doing nothing at all, to save the White race from this well orchestrated and planned extinction.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

I’m pretty certain not all Germans joined the NSDAP in 1920 all at once did they? Maybe some joined in 1921 1922 or maybe even the 1930s? At any rate, I’m waiting for it to become a mass movement. The Fuhrer took a little group of just a few people and made it into the biggest party in Germany. Millions. Furthermore, Oregon is now stuck with another liberal lesbian communist governor for another 4 years. I voted for Christine Drazan since she was the best choice. I didn’t see the NSM on the ballot or else I would’ve voted for that.


In reply to by Prowhite (not verified)

I think if I remember my family history, my grandfather joined the NSDAP in 1933, right after Hitler came to power. I think this was the most rapid growth period for the party. He then brought his family to America in 1937, except for my aunt and uncle, who remained in Germany (as it was a wondrous time to be German). They would then follow about a year later, as I recall – either way they all got here well before the war started. But what you describe is normal "bandwagon" effect, people will do this. However don't expect to be a member of the NSM who is remembered throughout history, unless you were a pioneer who joined before it became popular (or advantageous) to join and contributed substantially to the organization during the formative years. I honestly think my grandfather's joining the NSDAP was purely for economic, rather than political reasons. Anyone joining the NSM today, is clearly doing it for political and ideological – rather than for economic reasons. If anything, the NSM is currently a net negative, in terms of economic gains. Jews effectively control Goyim behavior, through negative consequences. Any member of the NSM, when they are "found out" will invariably lose their job, bank accounts, paypal account and so on. So it's pretty obvious, NSM members don't do this for fun (due to these negative consequences). We are VERY serious about it.


In reply to by CantStandBlacks (not verified)

No need to pick nits here. Neo simply means "new" as in New Nazis. The NSM is such a strong adherent to the original third reich National Socialism, that it's okay to simply say Nazi.

But if we ARE going to nit pick, your username "CantStandBlacks" shouldn't that read "CantStandNiggers" instead? I mean we spend a bloody fortune just so you can use that one word here and you don't use it?


In reply to by CantStandBlacks (not verified)

Well " Cant stand Blacks" that is a lot of f-ck words in one sentence. That must of taken a lot of thought!!!88 WPWPW.. you sound like offence!!


In reply to by AntPetro1488 (not verified)

I agree that excessive swear words are rather cringy. However we do believe in free speech here, if for no other reason than the Jews don't permit it. Swear words to me are a spice, not a meal.

maybe if it was more affordable more people would join


In reply to by rick (not verified)

Well then I guess by your inaction today, America just continues on its steady course of slowly turning brown, until that one day when you finally become a voting minority in your own country and the brown/black alien majority votes "Whitey gotta pay!" for reparations, then that small amount of money you saved today, will go to the muds on that day, as it will be forcibly taken from you, to be used to finish eradicating everyone you know and love, mostly by brutal rape and torture, before death. I wonder, will you still think that you made the right decision this day, when there was still time to do something about it?

Really it does not matter what or how a NSM member/supporter does? Is it not the only way to victory is not to destroy or slam down your own people? There is very little transparency and poor communication amoung the membership and leadership. One or the other between the members lack any brotherhood or friendship with each other and if there is a line of direct contact its not long before the ranks turn into Soap Opera accusations. Funding there is not any accounting or availible discussion among the membership/leadership. How quick friendships or unity can cast out one and not another Tell how can one that is White and proud Not one that is better qualified standing up for the White rights then someone that yells out a bullhorn being in the shadows and working behind the scenes is more valuable then someone exposed ouit in the open Tell me one thing the ecnomy crashes law and order breaksdown where will my NSM brothers be? Tell me something White civil rights NSM what victories have you accomplished as of today???? Appears every time the NSM grows the same old memebrs use the same shoot yourself in the foot tatics??? Makes many wonder just is there a NSM movment anymore or is the NSM just a memory

Your comment is a bit incoherent, but it is also not without merit. The NSM does have all the problems you've named – I've discussed these things with the Commander several times. Transparency would be nice, but it is also out of the question – thanks to the Jews of course. How do we end in-fighting? The Jews know how to push buttons to foment in-fighting among our group. We could have total transparency using Patreon or some shit, but we can't, as they don't allow it. Even if Patreon didn't care, Visa/MC does care and would shut them down. So none of that is our fault. We do the best we can to defeat our more powerful and politically connected enemy.

Seriously, the first change we would notice is a reduction of the sub-Saharan beasts in America if such an initiative took place. With the the Jews being so integrated, you would not notice a thing and their support for the groids would soon be lost.
That's my tip for the NSM suggestion box if there is one.


In reply to by GentileoftheEarth (not verified)

I for one could not agree more. The Jew derives their physical power through coercion, by weaponizing the Nigger as a bioweapon which they alone control. But all that seems to be changing now, as one-by-one the powerful Niggers in Nigger leadership, are joining Kanye West in his war against their long-time Jewish handlers. And let's face facts, ALL powerful Niggers in America have Jewish handlers. None of them got where they are, on their own. But even with all the suffering these sub-human Nigger ape beasts have put us through, I am all in favor of actually _paying_ them to leave! A free trip back to Africa. I do understand it was not by their own hand that they wound up here. Nature actually prohibits the sub-human Nigger beasts from any intercontinental travel, by making them both stupid and fearful of water. The primitive Nigger could never on their own, fashion a ship and sail. They are also fearful of water.

Most American Niggers today, do receive disability payments, mostly for mental disorders, typically bipolar disorder. What is defined as bipolar disorder in Whites, is actually the normal operating behavior of Niggers. Thus all of them do qualify to be on disability and receive about $1,200 a month from the generous White taxpayers. Most of them currently receive these payments, about 40 million of them as of the last I checked. But what these Niggers don't realize is that they can take those payments with them to Africa! There is an African village called Prampram, about an hour drive east of Ghana's capital Accra, where many beach houses line the shores of the South Atlantic Ocean, with these houses located right on the water, surrounded by palm trees. In these beach houses you will find "disabled" American Niggers, who were both smart enough and brave enough to take their disability check and leave. Such a life in the USA would cost anyone millions of dollars, but in Ghana, you can live like this on an American disability check!

According to 2014 figures, more than 3,000 former American Niggers now live in Ghana, a country of about 26 million. Ghana has secretly become the destination of choice for American Niggers looking for a better life away from the American ghetto. And I'm all in favor of paying every last one of them to leave and go there, go be Niggers there, away from here! Ghana apparently is where the majority of some 15 million Africans were sent to America, to become slaves. This country has now invited descendants of slaves to return home. Being a poor country, a Nigger's disability check will allow them to live like the "kangz" they believe themselves to be, in a beach house on the ocean! You see, in 2000 Ghana passed a law called the "Right of Abode," which allows any American of African descent to apply for and be granted the right to migrate to and live in Ghana indefinitely, so long as Whitey keeps sending a check of course. This poor country is only interested in a steady flow of American dollars. Of course Ghana is not America, dialing 911 does nothing as there is no phone service, there are no hospitals, no police, no MRI machines to treat head trauma. Instead they have a bucket of cold water and a cloth to treat head trauma. But let's not point that out and just encourage the Niggers to leave. It would likely take months for the Niggers to even notice that they don't have first world advantages in Africa and by then, it's too late to return to the ghetto to live on section-8.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Compensated repatriation would perhaps be the only way forward and although that would cost immensely, it probably would not exceed what it costs already to keep niggers in the US.

There is a movement for this already called the Motherland Project hosted on a pro-European site at :
but sadly it is nigger-run and therefore badly thought out.

The Motherland Project would never get enough funding from niggers or self-respecting whites but what we would need is an equivalent, WHITE-run organization such as the American Colonization Society to do the job effectively. Only those with enough political clout could get something like this off the ground and taken seriously by the powers that be.

National Socialism, as I understand it, is a worldview based on love, loyalty, and tradition. If someone embraces it as a lifestyle and especially if they are in a position to influence others, they should do their best to keep a brave face on and show strength and positivity to those who might be watching.
Defeatism, the idea that ones' own cause or goals are doomed and hopeless, is a cancerous infection that spreads to others in daily contact with the defeatist. Defeatism eventually begets surrender, a concept unfamiliar to the dedicated idealist.
Commander Colucci and the NSM always encourage members to embrace solutions and not excuses, thereby giving them the means to stave off defeatism and hopelessness and grow. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, the Aryan spirit has always stood and hung on.
Your Ancestors are watching! Make them proud!


In reply to by Covenant Soldier (not verified)

Defeatism is for me, the most powerful motivator. If you ask me to do something, then convincingly express that you don't believe I can do it – that's when I will put everything I have into getting it done. If you say you know I can do it – that's when I will likely either never get around to it, or only slowly bring it to fruition. I probably shouldn't have given out this secret about me. 🙂

Welcome! You have a 25 point plan modelled on the Nazi Party's 25 point plan. I have an objection to point 6. You demand voting rights only for adult white male landowners. I disagree with "male" part because white adult landowners women should vote. White adult landowner women shouldn't be discriminated against by depriving them of their voting rights.

Women are generally too emotional. Women being able to vote has lead to the feminist movement, and the "Believe all Women." The reality is that men and women have different roles in nature, and they should not be able to decide who would be the best to lead men into battle. There is nothing wrong with the 25 point plan.


In reply to by Herbert Smith (not verified)

Correct! Our founders believed (as I do) that men think with their heads, women with their hearts. This is why women vote for illegal immigration, to save those poor suffering brown people. Jews were behind granting women the vote, as Jews knew they could emotionally manipulate women (50% of the vote) to vote for their own death and destruction. Women vote stupidly to bring in the brown/black men who rape them!

Meanwhile White men don't want these scum and don't want the trouble they bring. Voting therefore should only be allowed by White male landowners, as unless you own land and have a stake in this country, you should NOT have any say in what happens to her.

“Yeah, I’d give up my vote in a heartbeat as long as the rest of you [women] stop voting...” she said. “Women see the government as their husbands. I mean when you look at the Democrats getting in there and spending $4 trillion... wherever women are given the vote in whatever state, in whatever country you see spending going through the roof.” — Ann Coulter, Missouri State University

It would be a shame if the website could not continue the services it provides and I really challenge everyone to show how A Full blooded White Aryan can carry his or herself at a moment of challenge right this second reach into your pockets and see what you can spare for your race in the name of keeping the site up and runnng???? Ok my turn I have 17.89 in my pockets and loose change hanging around i will wrap this up in tin foil and mail it to the p o box in the morning. Just a suggestion why not have a auction of some sort here on the site??? Or a lottery somehow?? Ok everyone how much spare change do u have and what about your thoughts

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