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NSM Live Podcast (Beta)

I think it was around February of this year, when I last proposed building a full replacement for BlogTalk Radio, only it wasn't going to be shitty like BlogTalk, but rather modern – powerful and feature-rich, unlike what most WN/NS folk are accustomed to. At minimum, it needed to sound and perform better (in this case double) that of BlogTalk. And since I hadn't developed new code for live streaming audio in quite some time, maybe 20 years, I thought it would be best to learn some of the latest languages and do it the modern way, which I have done.

This required learning OCaml (a general-purpose, industrial-strength programming language, with an emphasis on expressiveness and security) which thankfully, didn't take me too long. 🙂 The player above is an unstyled, beta test demonstration of what I've been working on. Give it a listen and tell me what you think below. Note that this player will be short-lived. I intend to develop a fully styled deployment for our new podcast feature on this site, to go along with our vodcast offering.

I welcome suggestions on how this should be styled!

I've also been toying around with this idea in the sandbox for months now.


I tried on two different browsers, but I wasn't able to to load the podcast--in both cases, the timer just says "0:00 / 0:00." But I do appreciate the efforts to upgrade the site's technical capabilities.


In reply to by Brian Goebbels (not verified)

Thanks for the heads-up. The livestreaming server is getting beat up pretty badly today. It is currently in beta test and the Jews/Antifa/whoever will do their worst to it. Always.

I have it up and running again, tested with mpg123 using a buffer of 1024kb because of the attacks, otherwise it sounds pretty choppy with mpg123 using no buffer. It plays nice and smooth with the Mozilla browser. Please give it another try and remember that it is currently in beta test with everyone who is able, trying to take it down. My guess is they hate the awesome content playing on there right now.


In reply to by Brian Goebbels (not verified)

Another thing you can try, given that you said "the timer just says 0:00 / 0:00." is to click on this link (below) to isolate the player from the main page.

What may be happening is the buffer never loads for you, so isolating the player will push your buffer load priority up. See if that works. These attacks won't last forever.

Changes have been implemented so the service should now be more resilient to attack. As always, much gratitude to Antifa/Jews for helping point out these vulnerabilities. 🙂

It works mostly well for me in the firefox web browser. My other web browser does not support audio streaming from HTML 5.

The audio stream does play a little faster than the buffer is able to retrieve the bits into the stack to be played out. If the audio quality is lowered a little, by maybe using Ogg Vorbis instead of MP3, then that would probably alleviate that issue, without losing a noticeable amount of quality. I don't know anything about O'Caml, so that's just a guess. But other than that, it works fine.


In reply to by Herbert Smith (not verified)

HTML5 is fairly new. Not every browser supports it. But if you upgrade to the latest browser available for your operating system, I think today they all support HTML5. Commander Burt was tired of hearing how shitty our old 1990's plain, unstyled website looked, so it was updated to the latest and the greatest. Nobody complains now. 🙂 Today it's become this ultra-modern technology stack, a robust content management system (CMS) and something we can all enjoy (especially me, with all the custom API features I've added to make administration more pleasant).

The way to keep it from skipping is to buffer just a little bit. I have it set up to burst 65535 bytes (an arbitrary amount of 64k bytes) before it begins playing. I can increase this amount if it will help. I figured 64k front loading would be enough to prevent initial skipping. The way you can increase the buffer amount yourself is to click the ⏸︎ pause button, wait one minute then click the ▷ play button and you should now have one minute buffered up front and listen without any stuttering. 🙂 If you should catch up to the end of that buffer, click pause for two minutes and so on, until you find what buffer period works best for you. I just assume everyone is using high-speed broadband these days. That may not be the case.

OCaml is a programming language – back-end stuff. It's the programming language used to make the interface between our streaming media server and our playlist (or livestream) shows. It's the language all the pros are using these days, so I thought I'd jump right in and swim with the other fishes. 🙂 The better I get with OCaml, the more employable I become.

I commented earlier about the playback speed being a little faster than the speed at which the buffer fills. I think this is due to my internet connection speed. So the advice I gave for using Ogg Vorbis may still be ok for people with slower connectivity.

I don't know O'Caml. But if you are able to build an option into the audio player for "High Quality" and "Low Quality," then I think that would work pretty well.


In reply to by Herbert Smith (not verified)

OGG is supposedly superior in audio quality and file size, but it is not as compatible with mobile devices. Most people connect with their phones, so mp3 it will remain.

Having multiple players is something we saw maybe a decade ago, when broadband was about half-deployed, but today nobody needs low-grade service. The buffering trick I gave you above will suffice. 🙂 Many of us still remember when youtube first began, we were forced to open a video, click pause, go to a different tab, do something else, then come back and watch our video after it was about half buffered after many minutes. I don't miss those days. Today I get about 900 megabits per second broadband speed here (actual speed, not the speed they tell me I will get, which is higher). I don't have to wait for anything anymore. 🙂


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

I think it was filling the stack faster than the bits were popping earlier because of my wifi signal. But it's been playing fine for me now for a few hours. I haven't had to pause it to fill the buffer back up.

Is this going to be out of beta soon? You did a good job. It seems ready to me.


In reply to by Herbert Smith (not verified)

Wi-fi can be subject to a lot of packet drops and that will do it. Try scanning to see what channels are used in your area and pick one that nobody else is using (to reduce the number of collisions). Dialup service would cause the same issue, needing a little pre-loading of the buffer. Glad to hear our continuous streaming audio service is working great for you, lots of people listen (I have an API showing me everyone who is listening in real-time) but I haven't had much feedback. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

The only member currently interested in doing radio right now is Grandfather – and he's not able to get his live audio streaming software installed. He's having difficulty for which I can't help him with. We're basically just adding this service for him, because he doesn't want to do live video. Personally, I wanted to add this streaming audio service mostly because BlogTalk sucks with their low quality audio (64kbps 8khz) and I basically wanted to show BlogTalk how Nazis do things without them. 🙂

I think once this service gets going, as easy as radio is to use, everyone will want to do it. You just punch in and go, anytime and it's easy. 🙂 Video requires a lot of hassle factor plus extensive security protocols, including access windows to get security keys, things that I'm sure nobody enjoys – but nonetheless, these are mandatory when dealing with hostile Antifa who happen to be qualified IT experts. I needed to make sure Antifa could never hijack our powerful video system (which is capable of live streaming 4k video to thousands of viewers at once). We only run 480p video for now, because of the cost. If we can get some donations, we can afford to crank things up a bit. But 480p is actually perfect for what we're doing. Same with the 128kbps 44.1khz audio we're doing as well – just perfect.

As for moving from beta testing into production, I started out with this idea.

However at this point, I think I'm just going to drop the player on the main page, right below the live video player, somehow. I haven't worked out that part yet. The on-demand choices will be simply the last show (or two) aired, the player may be launched in a modal or may just be on the page – with the continuous streaming being maybe the last 6 shows to have aired, possibly mixed up with some White Power music. I don't really have a collection of music yet, but the whole thing can (and will) be fully automated. The live shows will automatically record and drop into the right sequence in the on-demand, then the continuous stream. I would eventually like to do continuous streaming on the video player as well, as that would look so cool – but the bandwidth and CPU utilization rather prohibits that for now. If we get enough donations to cover the cost, I'll do it. 🙂 Our goal is to have the best White Nationalist and National Socialist website that has ever existed. I won't stop until we do.

But I think it would currently be better to have the player right below the bganim video playing, but above everything else. And maybe have autoplay turned on once you start streaming more content.

I have an idea for more audio content you could get right away. Since you can't really do a 24/7 stream of video, but you can do a 24/7 stream of audio; extract the audio from the video streams as mp3 files, and play them in the audio player. Use the content you currently have streaming as filler in between the audio streams of the podcasts, a lot like how you would hear ads in between radio shows. Maybe also have someone record an ad for the time of the next video and/or audio live stream, and have that ad play in between the reruns with the other filler content.


In reply to by Herbert Smith (not verified)

That IS a great idea. Thanks! The conversion process can be automated as well. I can also schedule the audio-ripped shows to start at the top of the hour, on a published schedule, so folks know when the audio version shows are going to start (rather than jumping in the middle somewhere). Alternately, they can be delivered as on-demand, with the modal (pop-over) the way I do with the vodcast videos. That actually might be the better way to do it, more convenient than a scheduled replay. I could also pad between the radio shows with the music I already have playing (it's free of copyright issues, Nordic folk music) but I'd like to get a fine collection of copyright-free White Power music, if we can. Alternately, any music from the third reich. Since I'm writing the code on this system, pretty much anything is possible – so we're not being limited to any cookie-cutter wordpress module here. Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions. 🙂

liebsborne anybody?


In reply to by Sammy Harrison (not verified)

Did you mean Lebensborn? If yes, I know of one. However today she is quite old, but still strikingly Aryan.


In reply to by Wes Hay (not verified)

What are you freaking out about? Himmler encouraged SS and Wermacht officers to father children with the best Aryan women. These Lebensborn children were to grow up and lead the new Nazi-Aryan nation. I'm not sure what you're getting upset about.

Hey there I am from Germany and I got tears in my Eyes when I saw that there are Nationalsocialists even in America.
Sieg Heil aus Deutschland


In reply to by Hardi Schulze (not verified)

There are! Especially here in America, where we have a Bill of Rights to guarantee our free choice of political affiliations, be it National Socialism, or unfortunately, Communism (as there are a lot of those).

Never forget: We are EVERYWHERE!
Sieg Heil from America

Why do you hate on so many groups? Why do you feel the need demonize individuals for their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, skin color and nationality? How has hatred helped you? Are you satisfied with your current progress (commander is facing hefty criminal charges). Why do you hate?


In reply to by Riv (not verified)

> Why do you hate on so many groups?

Speaking only for myself, I only hate the degenerate groups, the parasites who follow White people around, wherever they go, in order to live off the largesse of our incredible abilities and orderly infrastructure (which historically these sub-humans could never create on their own). I can't blame them for doing this, any more than I can blame the flea who drinks the blood of the dog. But that doesn't mean I have to like it, or put up with it.

> Why do you feel the need demonize individuals for their religious beliefs

We don't. You see, Jews are not religious, therefore they are simply a race, a parasitic race and not a religious group (using the conventional theological understanding). Jews are deceivers who hide behind religion. If you ask the Jews, they will claim to be atheists, because they are inherently evil and sadistic, not of any god. The Jews openly seek to one day drive the White race into extinction, so that they may rule over the ashes of the civilizations that we created, by enslaving the shit-colored hominid sub-species to provide for their needs. Like the Niggers in Haiti, or like the Niggers in Zimbabwe, once they kill all the White people, life for them will become a living hell (when they are left to their own designs). If we are unable to prevent this ongoing White genocide, a genocide which is already well underway, eventually our revenge will come posthumously, as the sub-humans murder and eat one another, until there are no hominids left. The Jews will of course, be eaten first, by their vicious brown pets, who will then eat each other (the same as they do in Africa today) until none remain.

> sexual orientation

Unhealthy degeneracy must be removed from a healthy society, the same as you must remove weeds from a bountiful garden. Our desire is to do this both legally and ethically, with Jews deported to Israel and Niggers deported to Liberia. You see, if you do not remove the weeds, eventually the whole garden becomes nothing but weeds, just as a society becomes completely degenerate and lost in in their way, when degeneracy is allowed to flourish. We can't allow what is good to be lost.

> skin color

Personally, skin color is irrelevant to me. I dislike Niggers far more than I dislike people from India (who both have the same skin color). What concerns me most is BEHAVIOR and actions. Wilding Niggers behave like savage ape beasts, while Indians do not (or at least nowhere near as much). I do not want Indians living in my land, because it is MY land, they have all of India, which is theirs. They only come here because they've already ruined their own impoverished and polluted shit holes such as India and Pakistan. They seem to like how White people live and they simply want to parasite that better life, from us.

> and nationality

Again, this is our land. If you are not White like us, then you are not welcome here with us. I invite each race to do the same to us Whites. Kick us out of your lands, please! However equally, you must get the fuck out of ours, please!

> How has hatred helped you?

You have likely been taught to hate and despise yourself, if you are White. You were brought up to feel the crushing weight of endless White guilt. As for me, hate is simply amazing. It is one of the most powerful emotions. Faggots such as yourself will describe hate as the biggest problem of our time. You demonize hate, then amplify punishment for hate (but only if it is Whites who hate) then pretend Niggers are incapable of hate and cut them slack with special privileges not afforded to Whites. Hate is now all we have, it is our source of strength, it drives us to restore the world we once had and will have again (once the garden gets weeded). Soulless zombies such as yourself will never know love, true love, because you will never allow yourself to know hate, true hate. Love and hate are two forms of the same emotion. You can't have one without the other, which is why you will never feel the true love that only those filled with hate can experience. Our hate separates us from those weak and docile degenerates and faggots, who experience only a living death, as they never actually feel what it's like to be truly alive (because they deny themselves the experience of hate).

> Are you satisfied with your current progress (commander is facing hefty criminal charges).

If you look at the evidence presented, you will see these charges are a lie and were executed based purely upon a POLITICAL agenda. The JEW attacked Grandfather, just as your own eyes show you in the slow motion video, then our Commander responded to that attack. Wouldn't you do the same to defend an old man? I'm not far behind Grandfather in age, I appreciate what John and Burt did to protect Dave. As you know, the Jew was never charged with any crime, especially not the crime he is shown in the video of committing (assault upon an elder) while in fact, the Jew was eventually named as the victim by the corrupt, Jewish prosecution. This case clearly exemplifies how SICK our nation is right now and how powerful the Jewish stranglehold is on our law enforcement and media, who slavishly serve ONLY THE JEW.

> Why do you hate?

Because hate is all we have left. Hate therefore becomes our most powerful weapon, a revolutionary force that only White people are able to both have and to control. Hate allows us to focus like a laser beam on the problems we face. Hate keeps us moving forward, unflinching, to achieve our goal of Whiteopia. The White man learned to split the atom in order to satisfy his intense hatred by nearly eradicating an entire race. This is a warning to the Jews and to the muds; know who you are fucking with. You are not White. You are not capable of what only White people are capable of doing. White people are as a rule, the nicest and most generous people on earth, up to a point. Our kindness and generosity is not without limits. We have had enough!

This and so much more will ONLY be achieved through hate, a hate which drives the White race to recover our former empires, where Europe and the Americas will once again become homogeneous and purely White!

p.s. Note that throughout your questioning, you demonized us for our hate, yet you seem to hate us every bit as much as we hate you. Hypocrisy. Imagine that.


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

National Socialism is not for the mud races. I don't agree with the Freiwillige plan. But it's true, as hundreds of thousands of foreign troops flocked to Germany to fight under the swastika in WW2. Most were far-right nationalists who looked up to the Nazis, hoping they would come liberate their homelands of communists or Western imperialists.

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