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Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
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Nazi party )

You've seen the lies – THIS IS THE TRUTH!

This individual told reporters “I’m literally Jewish and I got attacked, assaulted, pepper-sprayed, spit on, you name it.” … “Called disgusting slurs just because of my religion,” but does that claim match what you see in this video? The actual victim was an elderly veteran, 74 years old, who was shoved head first into a ditch by this person, because he didn't agree with his political commentary. This individual, who lied by omission to reporters (as to his role in the altercation) should actually be charged with aggravated battery upon a person 65 years of age or older. But you and I both know, this will never happen! We all know about the extreme anti-White, pro-Jewish bias in the so-called justice system – currently owned and controlled by the Jews, which is only one of the many reasons for our protest and political activism that day.

Feb 4 2022 · The Orange County Sheriff's Office has published a tweet, detailing the arrest of Commander Colucci, along with two other members of the NSM.

They claim, “We will not stand for hate,” a statement which completely confirms the POLITICAL NATURE of these high profile made-for-TV arrests. Hate is purely subjective and varies from person to person. Finnish professor Kai Murros reminds us, the greatest achievements of the human race, have all grown out of hate. Hate without violence is also legal; Americans have a legal right to hate anyone they please, especially in the case of the NSM, where we cite the many reasons for this hate. The Orange County Sheriff's Office effectively confirms they have become a political (rather than a law enforcement) agency, one which does not exist to uphold justice – but rather to further their own liberal political agenda; of granting ever increasing privilege and rights to those who did not earn, thus do not deserve extraordinary rights and privilege. This clearly is not true of everyone within the office, but is certainly true for those at the top. How far they will take this injustice, is yet to be seen. However I stand on my previous assertion, that no charges will ever be filed against the Jewish individual who instigated the violence, when he perpetrated the violent assault upon an elder, an act which was motivated by political grievance and racial bias, clearly depicted in the video above.

We have been waiting, now ??? days for the Sheriff's Office to take action against this Jewish instigator of violence, as depicted in the video above. So far, they refuse to charge this Jew with any crime. The Sheriff's Office contemptuously declines prosecution. So why would they do this? Speculating such motivation with an unethical preference to Jews is easy. The office of Sheriff is an elected position. Jews control all major aspects of news and information. As such, Jews and Jews alone, decide the probable outcome of most elections, by steering the electorate to vote the collective Jewish will, through the use of their hive-mind media control. This explains why every politician, regardless of party affiliation, places the Jews and their needs above everyone and everything else, both during their campaign for office, as well as after. So how does this sit with the oath of office, where a Sheriff swears never to betray personal integrity, character, or the public trust? Where they will always maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of the agency in which they serve? Not very well, unfortunately. But really, what choice do they have? Without the full approval and support of the Jews, they will never serve any community as an elected officer of the law. This is the situation that every elected official, not just the Sheriff, must deal with. Maybe now you understand this slavish devotion to Jews and Israel, that ALL our elected officials seem to share.

The reason there will be no charges is clear. The instigator of this violence is Jewish and everyone in the world knows that Jews Rule America – and as such, Jews are above the law, as they OWN the law. Everyone on earth knows this, but no one ever dares to say it. The NSM recognizes the incredible hypocrisy of our government, proclaiming the absolute equality of all their citizens, while granting unconditional power and privilege, to an elite minority of Jews.

On Saturday, January 29th, deputies interviewed David Newstat (the Jew shown assaulting the senior citizen above) and after listening to his claims, were all set to arrest several NSM members, until they reviewed the video you see above and concluded that no arrests of NSM members would be made. We know this to be true, as no arrests WERE made, that day. They also said they were likely to charge David Newstat with battery of an elder, as they had inadvertently become witness to a felony (and thus were compelled by law to act). Six days later, the tables have turned. With the help of the Jewish media, the criminal is now the victim. Three members of the NSM have been arrested, charged with a hate crime and are pending trial, yet David Newstat has never been charged with any crime. This is what Jews Rule America looks like folks. If one of the intended goals of this NSM protest was to prove Jewish hegemony, we have achieved it. Apparently, politically desirable injustice is all that Orange County will deliver, for now. The purpose and scope of this webpage, is to call them out on it! We provide the sunlight needed, to disinfect this unjust leftist corruption, which is ruining our Republic.

Be sure to download this video and share it everywhere.

Because the Jewish media is not going to share or promote this truth. So it is totally up to you.



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Revelation 2:9 I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9 I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

2 Corinthians 4:4 Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

Jews are monetarily rich on earth – because they are literal demons, the children of Satan. Satan rules the earth and Satan rewards his children (on earth) with wealth and power. Only God rules in heaven. Perhaps now you understand why Jews do the sadistic, perverse and evil things they do. Jews historically destroy every host country they infect with their Satanic presence. This is why Jews have been expelled from 109 countries throughout history. And yes, Jews clearly do rule America (unfortunately). But one cannot fix a problem, until one first admits they HAVE a problem – and that's what we are doing right here, right now. We red pill the dumb Goyim with the truth about the Jews! America should be a happy and prosperous nation, but we are not – all thanks to the concerted efforts of the demonic Jews.


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Any who know the kikes for what they are would never support them. The Jews only collect support through lies. For your friend you must inspire truth through doubt of lies. It is usually never enough to simply state the truth about the Jews. It is usually best to ask the right questions and let others come to the truth on their own. Make obvious yet general statements like "The media tells so many lies" and follow with questions that seek to support the statement, "I wonder whose running all these medias, they seem to tell similar lies across all the stations don't they?"

why cant white and black people just be friend all of you are heartless scum only thinking of yourselves and not the children because of yall America is horrible it will never and has never been great fuck you white pieces of shit all of you will burn in hell you guys are sick bastards this world will be great without you here no race likes whites not one yall are worthless. except ryan reynolds


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Because Niggers are savages! This is why the savage Nigger ape beast can not co-exist with White humans. I am not speaking for the NSM when I say this, but if an offer was made to swap out say, Japanese for Niggers – I would take that offer. Crime and violence would be reduced by close to 90%. Quality of life would increase to nearly 100%. No, I don't want to live around anyone but fellow Whites, but if I must make a Hobson's Choice, I would choose East Asians over Niggers – who wouldn't?

Learn more about Nigger behavior, at this URL.


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its your fault we cant coexist you're the problem you're the one ruining America blacks ad whites can stay but you cant you're not even human it disgusting you're scum of you are evil god hates man like you the only place you will go is hell for you're disgusting sins your kids won't look to you they will look ate you with terror and fear i have nothing against any race but you you are horrible you are evil you are not making America the only way you can make it great is by atoning for your sins and killing yourself.


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Common sense tells us you are wrong. White people are not committing the majority of violent crimes. EVERYONE knows this, even you. It is RARE for a White to instigate violence against a Nigger. It is COMMON for a Nigger to choose a White victim – as they do so about half the time, whenever they choose to commit violent crimes. Worth noting, to see you resorting to the fallacy of argumentum ad hominem in order to make your point – pretty much proves even YOU know you are full of shit and have built your argument on sand. The reason you get angry is called cognitive dissonance. It indicates you are a victim of Jewish brainwashing. And regarding, "precisely who does God hate?" Let's find out.

John 8:44 (Jesus speaking to the Jews.) You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. (Jesus himself tells us the Jews are the children of Satan.)

Revelation 2:9 I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. (Jesus is speaking about the Ashkenazi Jews of which America is brim full.)

Revelation 3:9 those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars (Everyone knows the American Jews are liars – they control our government, banking, higher education and especially the media.)

Genesis 9:25 Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers. (Not only does God want Whites to enslave Blacks, God cursed the Blacks. This is how God explains why they are such abject failures. So what happens when YOU get to heaven and guys like me pass through the gates and you don't, because you put the cursed Nigger on a pedestal?)

So apparently, it seems the way God hates – is exactly the same as I. 🙂


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I was not blaming whites im blaming you dont bring other whites in this idc what you say but you will burn in hell you and you only do you not have a heart you demon


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I am so factual and honest with the tapestry of my words, that I effectively become a mirror, held up for you to see – for you to describe what you see in that mirror: a demon.

Therefore, you are either a Jew yourself, or you have become so deeply infected with the crippling degenerate Jewish disease of leftism, to now be without hope. Either way, there is clearly no home for you with God, for you are not a part of God. However, if you are (or were) White, salvation may not even be possible for you anymore, as you are now lost, like so many others under this dark Jewish spell, as you too become just one more immortal blemish upon the whole of the White human race.

The negro has turned survival factor into something they laugh at. Because they fear it. And it causes them pain. And they try to convince others that it is comical. Can you ask for a species more evil than that? All the factors of a species that is dying off.

What does the NSM think of Hellenic(Greek) people? Does the NSM think Hellenics are White or aryan?


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Commander Colucci always says, if you look White, if you act White and if you are proud to be White, then you will be accepted. Greeks, Italians and Spanish are IMHO certainly Europeans and the Commander himself is without any doubt, an Italian.


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What do you think about Turkey? There are a lot of people here looks and acts white yet most people consider Turkish as non white.

I was the victim of a violent crime. My attacker was black, and the police never did anything.

Had the roles been reversed, it would have made the 6 O'Clock news.

There is such entitlement in this country.

Because of slavery, black people feel as though that they are entitled to steal from the white man, because he is the 'oppressor.'


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Above you say "black people" but it is important to point out that Negroes are not people, they are a primitive form of wild ape. People who have pet Bonobos or Chimpanzees know how physically DANGEROUS those animals are. So for us to pretend the vicious African Nigger ape beast, which comes from the exact same location (sub-Saharan Africa) would be any different from those other African apes, is insanity. Even more insane is the granting of these savages with special privilege, of being able to do things that White people can not. They have that privilege because the owners of America (the Jews) grant them with such privilege. So long as these vicious Jew pets do whatever violence the Jew wants, whenever the Jew wants it, they will continue to have superior rights and privileges to you, as a White man.

My advice to you is to join the NSM, the ONLY White civil rights organization actually fighting to change all that.


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If you search the internet for the judge in this case by name, you will discover three things. NOT ONE PHOTO of this judge exists online, I'm only finding a Wisconsin judge with a similar name – so we are left to guess at what race this "judge" may be. This is probably due to the fact that activist criminals who are openly subverting law enforcement activities, don't want to be identifiable. Google offers many recommended search phrase combinations that other people have tried, suggesting many other people were also interested to know. Also, there is a long list of cases with this judge releasing career criminals, the same as this one. A very long list. And there are also a number of stories citing high ranking officials in law enforcement who are upset by this judge's outrageous decisions.

Clearly this judge must be a Negro and clearly this Judge is tribal, because when you look at the pictures we do have available (photos of the criminals she has been exceedingly lenient with) they are 100% BLACK. So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this "judge" is also a Negro and has specifically had her photo scrubbed from the Internet, out of fear. Evil you see, seeks to hide in the dark.

So in a final attempt to see if I was right, I searched, "judge april newbauer photo scrubbed from internet" and of course found nothing, except for this.

Related searches: what nationality is judge april newbauer


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The replacement of Whites by niggers, wetbacks and hajis is indeed a weapon of mass destruction to our people. Like you accurately pointed out: the diversity increases the chances of garden variety brainwashed Caucasian race traitors who will breed with whatever is around. The other destructive consequence of this replacement is the exponential increase of crime and violence of every description as the subhuman foreigner brings the culture of the war torn toilet he is fleeing to the White neighborhood the jew places him in.

There is no excuse for inaction or fence sitting. If you are reading this and can see the truth of what's going on around you, and have not yet joined the NSM, what are you waiting for? Will you be ready to join when a Haitian or an Afghan refugee victimizes your family? Will you take a stand when your daughter brings a Mexican gangbanger home? When a nigger who was handed a bachelor's by a kike as a door prize replaces you at work will you fight then? The time is now Aryan men and women!


Hello comrades: I know sometimes it is not easy for some of us to begin reading a book and actually finishing reading one. I've been there myself. But with determination we can all get into reading a book, important books, which should be important to us and the Movement. and of course, actually finishing a book. Now for people like Daniel Burnside, reading a book is a breeze, something he does probably at least some time each day. And, remember, for those of us who aren't used to that, we don't need to build up a big expectation of how much we should read each day. and become discouraged when it doesn't happen, and so forth. Just read at your own pace and you will find how actually easy it is to get going into a book! I have enclosed a list of books we should at least read some of these. The top most important one, of course is, Mein Kampf. The most accepted translation into English is the one by James Murphy, who was paid a salary by the National Socialist Government of Germany to get it right. Another widely accepted translation is the one by Ralph Mannheim. I believe Daniel Burnside has a copy of each. It might be a good idea if we could all have both at some point. I find Mein Kampf to be actually fairly easy to read. With concentration and setting up some time for reading periodically (no pun intended, LOL) before one knows it, I found myself fairly into about a third of the way! So for "summer reading' I have a list here. Mein Kampf is sold even on Amazon, but I think only the Murphy translation. I needed to purchase used copies of Dr. Goebbel's Diaries. With a little bit of online searching, one can find most of these books. Also I believe the Murphy translation of Mein Kampf can be found listed in NSDAP/AO. Oh, by the way, NSDAP/AO is a great source for NS pamphlets and other items of interest! I believe they take money orders for security purposes. So here is a list of books for "Summer reading". I do hope you make Mein Kampf your first book! 1. Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler, translated by James Murphy or Ralph Mannheim. 2. Diaries of Doctor Josef Goebbels. (only some of his diaries have been translated into English, mainly the war time ones.) The ones before 1939, unfortunately, are only in German. They are not that hard to find. Search hard to find books, and you should be able to find them for sale. 3. The Lightening and The Sun, Sivitra Devi. 4. Gold In The Furnace, Sivitra Devi. These two books were authored by an amazing woman. (You can look her short biography up online. (You will note the somewhat nasty 'tone' is taken describing her, so you can see she was much hated by the Zionists/Jews) A mystic, historian, Sivitra Devi was national Socialist through and through. 5. Conquest Of A Continent, Madison Grant. This I believe used to be available on Amazon. I don't know if it still is. And I think NSDAP/AO sells it. 6. This Time The World, George Lincoln Rockwell. This was written by Rockwell back in the 1960's. A little dated, but has much value still. It is available by ordering from NSDAP/AO. 7. The Jews and Their Lies, by Martin Luther. The "heretic" founder of 'Lutheranism'. Yes, he knew all about the Jews. Nothing changes with them! 8. The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion" Author/authors unknown. Probably a group of screwy "Rabinical" Jews who didn't think stupid goyim would react or even believe the truth of what is stated in that book. Highly recommended! Available by ordering from NSDAP/AO. 9. Pursuing The Iron Dream, Harold Covington. I recommend this book. It sort of flies in the face of the old, "Realizing The American Dream" baloney! It points out nothing meaningful nor valuable ever comes from siting around dreaming! Hard work, struggle and sacrifice is what is needed to achieve the best outcome. Available (well it used to be) from Amazon. I saw it listed also on NSDAP/AO for sale. Harold Covington, while not everyone would agree with him, he had a lot of wisdom, and on a personal note, I still miss him very much. Well there is a list of books for you to think about. There, are, of course many other good books as well. Perhaps you already have your favorites! 14/88!

I think it would be beneficial for Daniel Burnside to go back to Norse 101,where he would read parts of Mein Kampf . I believe that his heart is in the right place,his show was always my favorite. 14/88. I have some stored blue eyed devils albums. Everyone take a minute to honor our folk behind the razor wire. They cannot be forgotten, mainly Matt Hale,and to those others,stay strong brothers . I know sometimes it's hard to do,but be the better man when drama comes knocking. We need our people free,but for most ,as it was for me, it's an eye opener to how much these niggers hate you. Everyone is always cool with the darkies until your surrounded by them. A lot of our folk are under the illusion that, well it's happening over there,so no big deal. Right. Believe it,they are coming in masses to a city near you sooner than you think . Get right,whitey. 88

I didn't want my comment about Norse reading from Mein Kampf taken the wrong way. He is doing a great job,like his last podcast he showed he is just a guy looking out for his family,and doing it the white way. He likes books,I like books. I bet half the population at least has never even read a book,or even own books. The telephone has taken over,the youth today couldn't go an hour without their precious telephone. Take a walk in the woods,read a damn book . Mein Kampf is long,but it is timeless and full of inspiration, wisdom, insightful. Imagine American youth today pitted up against the Hitler youth of the 30s. All of those young boys,who filled that Nuremberg stadium,who at the onset of September 1939,we're steel capped,rifle in hand, defender's of the Master race . Wow,how far the decadence has thrived. Our youth today hate themselves and are too stupid to ask themselves why. Norse,keep up the good work. I'm a fellow Pennsylvania native.14/88

Dear : Congressional Representative

HR 1808 represents the latest over-reach by congressional Democrats seeking to incrementally end the private ownership of firearms. Anti-liberty leftists are deliberately distracting everyone with the vague term ‘assault weapon’ banning most semi-automatic firearms in common use. Using a draconian “one feature” test rather than the “two feature” test of the 1994 ban on semi-automatic firearms.

Equally egregious is its ban on magazines holding more than ten rounds, severely limiting the ability of lawful citizens to use firearms in self-defense at precisely the moment Democrat policies are causing an explosion of urban homicide. If the bill isn’t stopped, it will ban the most commonly owned firearms in the U.S., although in light of the recent Bruen decision, a high likelihood exists that the Supreme Court will strike it down as unconstitutional.

We know this because we’ve read the bill from Democrat Rep. David “Spare Me The Bullsh** About Constitutional Rights” Cicilline where it spells it out in black and white. That is why you are going to vote against the bill, and to borrow some of the juvenile invective of Mr. Cicilline, you can spare me the BS that this is ‘common sense’ or ‘reasonable’.

I will be monitoring this issue through North Carolina legislative alerts.


Really amazes me how tough everyone is when a person cuts you off in traffic, Or someone calls out another fellow slave on something and both slaves will do anything to stick there chest to prove who is king of the ant hill one really thinks they own, I really love the ones about (hey those are my tax dollars) But a cop pulls you over and you piss on yourself or your called a racist and you may lose your shitty just over broke JOB After you have bills to pay to your slave masters Well here is some great news for you good old sheep
Do you remember when the liberty grabber lobby just wanted to take your AR-15?
Those were the good old days; now their tyrannical ambitions have all grown up.

Today with few exceptions, they want to ban all of your guns.

They’re letting criminals run wild in the streets, but you’re the one that has to be controlled. Our friends from Gun Owners Of America explained it this way: H.R. 1808 is WAY more extreme than the ban in the 90s. If this passes, it’ll essentially ban all semi-automatic weapons.

This unconstitutional monstrosity was conjured up by none other than Democratic Rep. David “Spare Me The BullSh*t About Constitutional Rights” Cicilline.

This piece of….. legislation has a single feature test instead of two so something as plain and simple as a Ruger .22 pistol will be banned if it has a threaded barrel.

Even worse, for good measure, the anti-liberty leftists have decided to throw in a magazine ban for that total touch of tyranny and what Mr. Cicilline thinks of your civil rights, isn’t that nice?

On top of all that, they want to pile on a repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (“PLCAA”) and would make firearm trace data maintained by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (“ATF”) available to the public with H.R. 2814, the falsely named ‘Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act of 2022’

That data would be relatively useless for legitimate civil actions and would be used merely for inflammatory and political purposes

Meanwhile, the repeal of PLCAA would bankrupt firearm manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits as another attack against your sensible civil rights.

Your congressmen need to know that these kinds of extreme unconstitutional shenanigans will not stand.

Now that you know this, you have to put your congressman on notice that we are aware of the lie and that if they vote for it, you will vote against them.

Just a quick thought for those of you who are currently doing or who are thinking about doing a flier drop, stickers or other form of activism. Pay attention to the political atmosphere of your town and even of different areas of your town; note which areas are more right or left leaning and what kinds of political topics are popular in the form of signs, flags, bumper stickers etc. Use this information to select the best topic or tone of the fliers you plan to distribute based on the effect you wish to create. Propaganda can only be useful if it is applied correctly so I believe this is an important topic. Also, review the 'Know your rights when leafleting ' list which can be found on the telegram page to avoid doing anything illegal or being put in a bad position by law enforcement. Always research the county ordinances and state laws regarding leafleting and get out there! The Aryan race is depending on you!

Hello Daniel Burnside;
I just want you to know what an interesting and informative
video recording you make each and every timer. I know you love to read. I myself have been trying to obtain a copy of the book, "Which Way Western Man?" So far I have only seen listing of it with a price tag of over $ 70.00. a little over my budget. Anyhow, besides that, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your shows and I learn from you, as an 'old duck' of 62 soon to be 63 in the Fall. I don't have a 'smart phone' (and they really don't make a person smart at all if not utilized the right way) right now, and I shall definitely avoid "Telegram". Have you alerted the Commander Colucci about what you have found out yet? Okay, well enough of all this because I know you must be very busy. My dues this month shall put me at six months as a dues payer and making donations so then I assume I shall be an official member of the NSM. NOTHING has or shall please me more! Take care Daniel Burnside!


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Adding a little color to the forum! The meme shows Stalin on the left and Hitler on the right. Stalin is a useless turd and phony, Hitler a genuine hero. Read the caption. Most people DO NOT know this.

The story opens with a discussion about this poor White guy. They want us to believe this White man, who was convicted of a hate crime and is currently awaiting sentencing, was unprovoked, id est, "dindu nuffins" – the universal claim made by ALL Niggers, under every circumstance. Matt Cohen reports what the Jews say happened (link above). Perhaps the NSM should investigate this case just a little, to find out what really happened? Something tells me there is a suppressed truth here which is not being told and a political agenda, which is now being carried out!

If whites are so smart, why do they get played and manipulated by jews over and over again lol? NSM is controled by jews. Communists are way better than in-bred, low iq, and welfare ass white trash. Don’t be mad lol. Those are facts. Free speech lol.


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Jew-wise folks don't get played or manipulated by Jews over and over again. You're confusing us (White Nationalists and National Socialists) with dumb White Goyim who do get played over and over again. Why? Because White people are naturally gullible and Jews are naturally liars and deceivers.

The whole of the Jewish strength stems from their power of deception.

I am a white teen that is interested in joining the NSM, but I have a few questions. If whites are the greatest race, why do we get played and manipulated by jews over and over again? NSM seems to be controled by jews.


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You are a literal piece of shit, one that we could care less about. Eventually your Nigger friends will destroy you – they always do. Being savaged by Niggers is the only consistency associated with these beasts. As for the Jews manipulating us – where is the evidence for this? Jews have spent a fortune trying to take us down. One Ukrainian botnet master told us after a failed attack, that he was paid over 20 thousand USD in bitcoin to unleash his 2 million node botnet against us. He failed, then contacted us to let us know he only did it for the money, no hard feelings, congratulations on being the first to withstand his attack. He kept the bitcoin, even though he failed to deliver. 🙂

Oh Britain, such a beautiful country, but now we have some Indian Shithead as the new prime minister of Britain. First, Britain lost an amazing queen, the best queen the world ever had, and now some Indian Shithead is going to rule the nation of Britain? It’s heartbreaking to see the direction Britain is going in…


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That's why she dead, right? Thankful that old bitch is 💀💀💀 NO one cares about that old hag nor does anyone miss her. Hope she likes hell likes she likes her tea.. HOTT! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


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Oh how wrong you are, niggers like you prove my point. You are all Just ignorant savages. If you niggers would pay attention, you would see how loved Elizabeth is, how missed she is. She’s loved more than you are and will be more loved than you’ll ever be.

God Save The Queen ❤️

Mad crazy Trudeau prohibit !!!!! since month to buy and sale handguns in Canada . Even Hitler did not do that . Since 33 to 39 he AH allowed to sale of Handguns and Long guns.

its not true , look at the Case of Mark Sieviers from Fort Myers , he was sentenced to Death to persuade 2 morons to kill his Doctor wife. Mark Sieviers is Jew.

I first want to say what "Sympathizer" means

1. Someone who shares your feelings or opinions and hopes that you will be successful
2. To share or understand the feelings or ideas of another: sympathized with the goals of the committee.
3. To be in accord; correspond.

I am a Russian sympathizer to the National Socialist struggle, Unfortunately National Socialist organizations are banned here, so i cannot join one.

I wish for a National Socialist Slavic state to be established, Possibily back behind the Urals, If that is what the population living in the current territory of European Russia wants, and peaceful co-existance with the Aryans in Europe.

Also, Hitler did not want to Kill all Russians (somehow) like most of the internet says.

Infact, Hitler allowed the forming of the KONR (Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia) and the ROA (Russian Liberation Army) lead by Vlasov for the Liberation of Russians from egalitarian communism.

This was the case for all Non-Aryan races, as hitler said himself,
"Pride in one's own race – and that does not imply contempt for other races – is also a normal and healthy sentiment."

Hope that you succeed.

For too long now, the jew has been allowed to live a dual life. He is allowed the benefits of being a jew. He is the most financially and economically privileged of all the peoples of the world, yet when he has success it is considered an underdog story.

When he is the aggressor, he is standing up to a bully. When he is criticized for his behavior, he is the most victimized person in the world. Even though per capita he comes from far more wealth and privilege than the people who criticize him.

The most infuriating thing about the jew is that he doesn't have to be a jew all the time. His wealth, achievements, and ownership of the levers of power he keeps within his jewish tribe. However, his crimes and the chastisement of them are disseminated among the White population.

The jew gets to benefit as a jew, and fail as a White. This duality is beginning to unravel as more Whites are beginning to notice these underhanded jewish tricks. It is our duty to our people to point out these parasitic invaders, and prevent them from ever hijacking our identity in the future.

Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer, was indicted under RICO for representing his client, Donald Trump. Giuliani, for six years was the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he became the most famous law enforcement official in United States history. His legacy of successful RICO prosecutions of New York’s organized crime gangs remains unmatched. Only the Jews would have the Chutzpah to orchestrate such a scheme to indict Giuliani under RICO. Giuliani prosecuted many high-profile political corruption and Wall Street criminal cases during his time as U.S. attorney. Then as mayor of New York for eight years, Giuliani reduced crime in that city by more than 50 percent – which is quite an achievement. Compare New York City then, to now (under the current diversity mayor).

Giuliani is not alone, a total of EIGHT lawyers have been indicted for doing their job. This is a flagrant violation of the First and Sixth Amendments – and it will have a chilling effect upon every lawyers’ willingness to accept clients who are not politically favored by the Jews. And this is not the first politically motivated persecution of an officer of the law (for simply doing their job). Probably the worst case in recent memory, is the persecution of Derek Chauvin, the officer who arrested George Floyd. As anyone who watched the trial on TV knows, Chauvin went by the book in restraining the suspect properly, in order to protect his life. He was placed at an angle with a knee hovering his head to prevent self-harm, should he need to throw up from the overdose of drugs he swallowed (this so the vomit won't go into his lungs). Chauvin received a false murder charge, just for properly doing his job by the book! And all the other other police officers around the country, knowing Chauvin is innocent, said nothing – many of which quit or retired after seeing this and similar betrayal by the State (such as not prosecuting BLM rioters). Eventually, the autopsy report was publicly released, which confirms Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system, at amounts multiple of what it would take to kill him AND that he did NOT have any life-threatening physical injuries to his head or neck. The report concludes Floyd died from cardiopulmonary arrest, as a result of a drug overdose. And nobody cares, while Chauvin remains in prison, with the most likely reason for this – simply so the Niggers as a group, won't destroy, loot and burn, if Chauvin was ever released. Three other cops have also been given prison time, supposedly for accessory to this supposed crime. Where is the outrage?

Where was the outrage when Mohamed Noor, a Minneapolis "police officer" from Somalia, fatally shot an unarmed White woman after she called 911 to report a rape? He shot her in the chest for no reason at all. All they tried him for was manslaughter – and even that conviction was overturned. The Minnesota Supreme Court later tossed out Noor's conviction, just like they did in Pennsylvania, with Bill Cosby. Both Noor and Cosby are Black. Noor was released from custody after less than 3 years total behind bars. Cosby was also released after three years in prison. Compare with Derek Chauvin and Kim Potter (who fatally shot Daunte Wright, as he tried to escape from custody) both of these officers are White and will continue to rot in prison. What we have learned from this is Whites have no rights, while Niggers have extraordinary privilege to get away with crimes, often unscathed.

Diversity prosecutors (obviously under the guidance of Jew handlers) are piling on Donald Trump right now, to prevent him from achieving the power needed to dismantle the deep-state (which is a cabal of mostly leftist Jews). And as noted above, most of the (not-Jewish) lawyers representing Trump, are also being prosecuted as well. To date, the American Bar Association has made no statement regarding the chilling effect such indictments will have on lawyers. No lawyers anywhere in the country have come forward in defense of these attorneys, apparently they are too afraid that they will be marked next, nor did any express outrage over the indictments (which as I stated, clearly violates the first and sixth amendments). So where are the Republicans? What did they have to say about Giuliani and the other indictments? Just hours after the indictments, the RNC and Fox News hosted the first Republican presidential debate. The indictments never came up during the debate, at all.

Everyone indicted has had their first and sixth amendment rights violated. Donald Trump (like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore before him) has a right to contest an election and to hire legal counsel – and every lawyer has the right to carry out that job, without the fear of later being indicted for doing their job. This is banana republic shit. This is Jewish injustice and it will be repeated, ON YOU, if they are successful with these prosecutions. Actions such as these, have destroyed the American system of justice (if we ever even HAD any). No White can feel safe in America!

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