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Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )
White Unity Conference

White Unity Conference

Longview, Texas

September 25, 2021

The White Unity Conference will be an indoor event, starting at 11:00 AM.

We will have many educational lectures, Aryan folk music, and Racial Unity among different organizations and individuals from all across North America. The White Unity Conference is being hosted by the staff of of the Aryan Freedom Network. We welcome all White Patriots from all across the movement. If you are a member of an organization that is planning on attending, you must contact us for further instructions. Any individual that is not a member, or has not been vetted with a background check by a White Racialist organization, you must first contact the Aryan Freedom Network at the link above, to apply for proper vetting. This event is not open to the public, but rather a private event, held for White Racialist to enjoy a day of fun and unity with like minded kindred.

卐 ࿕   Our own Commander Burt Colucci will be speaking at this event.   ࿕ 卐

For more information:


Hello, just wanted to know more information about the white unity conference. I currently live in York, Pa. but I will be traveling to Texas to visit family members in September around the same time as the white unity event.

I'm Chinese American, and proud of it.
We work hard, our children get straight A's, while you drop out.
from school.This I can say at age 83.
You people live in trailer homes. We live in decent homes.
We got the best of jobs. You have no jobs.
We make more money than you people.
Recently, due to you I had to move from NJ to Bay Area.
We will take over America.Just wait and see.

--Ms. (name removed)
Email address found here was removed by webmaster.
Emeritus Professor of Psychology, (university name removed)
Phone number here was removed by webmaster.

Webmaster: I don't believe this post to be authentic. I doubt anyone from a university would post an email address or phone number on a Nazi website. I can't imagine an Asian college professor saying "We got the best of jobs." Someone is likely fucking with us, possibly a setup, or an attempt to get us sued by the person they named here. If I am correct, they have failed. Personal data will always be removed from the comments here. This is why we review ALL posts before they are published. Unlike those on the left, we go above and beyond to maintain our website integrity, while maintaining absolute freedom of LEGAL speech, for those who post here. If it's legal for you to say, you can say it here.


In reply to by Daniel (not verified)

I am not apart of the NSM. (I am 19yo and I was thinking about creating a NS-SF ) ( National Socialist Security Foce. So it is like a militia but it is base on protecting The NSM at protest. and the people apart of the NS-SF would have military training. And weekly meets for that and the main task like I said it's to protect the NSM . At protest or at the home HQ. It's a military based part of the NSM but would have its values on the main goal of the NS-SF... tell me what you're thought is on my idea.


In reply to by Chris Oates (not verified)

It doesn't make you a pussy worring about the safety of your people. At protest or at there homes if they got death treats. It might be your ego talking but it doesn't change nofting about the NSM . The NSM has security but not at the type of security I'm thinking of. But having security don't mean you are a pussy. But I respect your opinion. Thank you


In reply to by NS-SF (not verified)

First before I go forward with you. Fucking learn how to spell. Second if you knew anything about this organization, you would know that we do not condone violence or illegal activity in any way. Our commander couldn’t have made that any clearer. So for you to be saying what you are saying, then you obviously condone violence. You must think people on here are really stupid to fall for something so childish as you are suggesting. What you are suggesting seems to me like a Jew tactic to infiltrate an organization to do some crime under our name and then get people in trouble. So again no thank you Jew


In reply to by Chris Oates (not verified)

Chris, it's worth noting that even I am often called "Jew" on certain forums, because for example, I don't believe the earth is flat, or that every airplane is being used to spray toxic chemicals, or that SARS-CoV-2 is imaginary, or that White man faked walking on the moon (in a bid by the Jew to claim Whites also lie about achievements, the same as Negroes). When I make contrary arguments which are supported by evidence (just as I do here) I am immediately called Jew. They say only Jews are "globies" who for "??? profit" want everyone to believe the flat earth is actually spherical (oddly, just like the sun, moon and every other planet in our solar system that we can see with telescopes). And as ironic as this may sound, I believe it is Jews themselves, who are calling me Jew – as they are a people so awful, that the worst thing they can to to any truth teller, is to convince others that YOU are one of THEM. Jews I believe, promote such stupidity as flat earth, to make White Nationalists look bad and to discredit any truths they may share about the Jewish anti-White globalist agenda. They do this by tricking White Nationalists into believing EVERYTHING you are told is a Jewish lie. For example, most White people would think that if you actually believe the earth is flat, then you are probably wrong about the Jews as well. This is classic Jewish double-think.

That said, it is my perspective (or opinion) that this guy is most likely a White Nationalist who wants to be part of a Militia movement and sees the NSM as a gateway to achieving this goal. Equally YOU could be right, he might be an infiltrator Jew, or Jew shill, trying to provoke people to make illegal statements (such as death threats) as a means to involve federal law enforcement, who see organizations like the NSM as a threat to their hegemony, since federal law enforcement is largely made up of highly partisan leftist Democrats, the kind of people who want us gone, so they can continue to take control over every aspect of governance, for their Jewish masters. All they need is an excuse, by hook or by crook.

But there's one major problem with that theory. All posts made on here must be manually approved by the webmaster – illegal posts are NEVER approved (there have been 14 mild to major illegal posts made so far). So one would think Jews would quickly realize this impediment and not even try such an approach. What NS-SF said is not illegal, as it requires credible, direct and eminent threats of violence to warrant the involvement of law enforcement. Because believe it or not, there are actually those who vitriolically do not like what we are saying here. 😛 Personally, I find it cathartic to freely speak the truth, knowing my words will NEVER be censored here – I just wish others would do the same. Thousands of people read this website every day, but only a handful actually post. I would imagine they fear being doxxed, or entangled in expensive and unethical political "lawfare" like the former NSM (in Charlottesville) which I guess is a valid argument. 😕 How can we prove to everyone that posting anonymously here, is actually quite safe?


In reply to by (name removed) (not verified)

It was you Chinese that invaded Vietnam. You oppressed the Vietnamese people for a 1,000 years. The Vietnamese fought you invaders for those 1,000 years, then the French, the Japs and lastly the Americans. White people work hard too and you Chinese attend our schools. If you don't White Crackers, go back to China and fight the Chinese Communist, instead of running away. What I wrote is generally true. Most Americans are educated and get out of our White schools and universities. Go to the Negro / Black universities and see how the Niggas treat your kind.

At the conference, someone should discuss the increasingly powerful and politically influential racial grievance industry. For those (rare few) who are unaware of the racial grievance industry, these are a loose collection of Black radicals and Leftist activists, who are led by Jewish academics and Jewish organizations, who seek to destroy Conservative policies and Western values, by exploiting perceived racial disparity issues, in a bid to acquire both unearned political power and unearned personal wealth. A prime example would be BLM, who we would all agree have become quite politically powerful and quite wealthy – the leaders of which have been caught using the largely extorted organizational "donation" money, not for preserving "Black lives," but for selfishly purchasing multi-million dollar personally-owned mansions in White neighborhoods. In short, TNB – precisely what anyone should expect from Negroes.

This behavior both demonstrates the hypocrisy and the stupidity of Negroes, especially those in leadership roles. BLM claims all White people are racist. If these intellectually deficient Negroes hate all purportedly "racist" White people so much, then why do they unabashedly choose to go live with them? Why are White people forced to tolerate such behavior and why have these BLM "leaders" not been charged with the crime of misappropriating donated organization funds? Why is there a double-standard between White people and Black people? Why do Black people ALWAYS "get a pass" for their abhorrent behaviors, where White people would not?

Here's what the left has to say about this matter.…
The Truth About the KAREN Movie

Yet another discussion topic for the conference, on how the Jews manufacture fictional racism to stoke the fires of racial hatred against Whites – since in reality, the only physical racism we actually see, is what's coming from Blacks and Jews! The Jews claim they have superior intelligence – I'm just not seeing that. Smart people don't poke at (use psychological warfare on) the only race to have invented mechanized, nuclear, chemical and biological warfare (id est, actually effective forms of warfare). This video (below) explains what White people have done in the past, as well as where White people are going in the future. It is in my opinion stupid for the Jews to pit their dumb but somewhat loyal pets (Negroes) against the apex predator.

The White Race's New Unstoppable War Strategy – Mosaic Warfare

Take a moment to enjoy the celebrity! Most fan clubs are run by the fans themselves. Ours is run by the Jews! 😛 Don't we feel special? 🙂

It says, "The Church of the KKK and Billy Roper continue to agitate. We must relentlessly, and mercilessly pursue them." Why? Why must Jews mercilessly pursue anyone? What the fuck is wrong with you soulless Jew demons? If you don't like what someone else is LEGALLY doing, THEN DON'T LOOK AT THEM! Aren't you Jews always preaching "tolerance" to us, the lowly Goyim? How demonstrably INTOLERANT of you!

This Jewish Antifa group is a self-confessed criminal organization, which is sociopathically proud of their crimes. They freely admit to committing on-the-books criminal activities, such as website defacement and disclosing the names and addresses, as well as other personal data of website members, published in news articles such as this.…

Unlike the strictly law-abiding NSM, which has a real programmer building their advanced, world-class HTML5 website, these supposed "real hackers" use a for-dummies, drag&drop website builder, hosted by Godaddy, a company which claims not to support or condone criminal activity, including doxxing. Godaddy is asking for anyone who finds websites such as these, to report them at the link below. It would be ironic if Jewan0n ends up being deplatformed. 😛

So if you feel the desire to report what they are doing, Godaddy apparently would be grateful for any assistance you may provide. Here are some things you might want to say to Godaddy in your report, but don't hold your breath, as Godaddy is a leftist organization and will likely do nothing:

18 U.S. Code § 2261A makes it illegal for an individual to use an “interactive computer service or electronic communication service” to harass, intimidate, or surveil an individual or cause them to suffer emotional distress or fear for their safety. They will also need the domain name included in the report.

Although these supposed "hackers" claim to be outside of the USA, they may be lying (yes, believe it or not, Jews do lie, as easily and you and I breathe). These self-confessed criminals also have a twitter account.

You can keep abreast of what they are up to, as they telegraph all their plans to the public – right there on Twitter, for all to see! So these "real hackers" are also "real intelligence operatives" as well. 😛 Golly, I sure wish I were as smart as these amazing hacker Jews. Can you imagine what it would be like, to be super smart like a Jew? 😉


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

If these hacker Jews are so amazing as they tell us they are, why have they never hacked the NSM88 website? Could this prove nazis are actually way smarter than Jews? Does this prove white nazi supremacy over the Jews?


In reply to by Former members (not verified)

People are people? Bullshit! Negroes and Whites could not be more diametrically opposed – in every way imaginable! Aside from the fact that they are lazy and stupid, Negroes are dangerous savages – unsafe for anyone of any race to be around, especially with them living among my beloved White people. I give you supporting evidence for this claim, from The Brookings Institution.

We are not talking semantics here – as this is not quibbling about a percentage point or two. According to this chart, Negro males (who make up just 6% of the population) murder by firearm a whopping 450% more often than White males (keeping in mind that the Brookings Institution lumps Hispanic and European together as "White").

Let’s just treat each other nice? Given that Blacks choose a White victim about half the time when they choose to kill, my answer is NO, I shall not cast my pearls before swine. Whites already bend over backward for Blacks TOO MUCH – there comes a time when we must say enough is enough! This website exists (for me) to strongly and without censorship say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I'm not going to take this anymore! Here is where I have a voice and here I shall speak the truth, without Jewish censorship for doing so! JEWS ARE POWERLESS HERE!

There is no reason to hate your fellow man that you have never met? Here's a photo from NPR (a leftist anti-White, Jew-dominated organization) proud of what their Negro pets are doing IN the photo.…

No reason you say? Can you support that "no reason" bullshit claim with some supporting evidence, just as I have to the contrary? Look, you claim above to be a "former member" of the NSM and that's fine. Not every White man is really a man, inside. Not every White man has a backbone. You are CLEARLY a former member FOR A REASON. Perhaps it's because you are weak and without guts, without an innate sense of White kinship or White pride. You gladly and willingly sell your own White race down the sewer of genocidal extinction for what, a few shekels and a chance for a little comfort for whatever remains of your miserable existence? And as offensive as that is to me, it is perfectly fine for you. However just try to go look at yourself in the mirror right now, after reading my words. If you are truly White, you won't be able to. We all have a choice in life – we can either be part of the solution, OR WE CAN BE PART OF THE PROBLEM. You've made your choice, just as I've made mine.


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

powerful jews like biden ag merrick garland lie and claim conservative white men and white supremacy are the problem. he does this for political advantage. he probably knows the truth as chart shows something completely different from his claim. I would love manlet garland to explain why the booking institute is wrong and he is not lying.


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Yeah, good luck with that. 😛 We are Nazis. Demonstrably the most incredible, intelligent and most resourceful White people on earth. As such, we can not be kept down for long, no matter how desirable this may be to the Jew and their Negro pets. 😉

I don’t think you were ever a member! If you were then you must have been a federal agent under cover. If anyone is a National Socialist, you are for life. What happened? You woke up one day and decided, “you know what? I’m gonna start loving Jews and Negros!” I’m calling the bullshit card on you! Either you’re a Jew or a little kid

To all who post here, sooner or later you will have to chose a side. You will not be able to straddle the fence and pick the winner after it's over. Numerous papers from the 60's to the late 90;s depicts the US breaking up. Sorry , but the southern states will rise again according to the papers presented, as the rest of the country will be blacks, lesbians , gays you name it. please do your own research, just don't believe me. The last paper was done by a Russian General a few years ago. Doesn't seem like he was wrong. Also Alex jones has been spot on for years. You may not like him, but 95% of his predications have been right on the money. Remember, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.


In reply to by Mike (not verified)

I agree, civil war may now be inevitable and indeed may have already begun. It all depends upon how you define civil war. But chin up my friend, those on the Right own the overwhelming majority of all guns in America. Those on the Right stockpile large amounts of ammunition and actually practice at the range. If it came to civil war – White rednecks versus the Jew Democrat transsexual leftist faggot Nigger queers, the outcome would be clear. White Conservatives win, no contest. Then America, now depleted of pretty much all of its problems, would then rebuild and thrive. The White Conservatives likely would never start a civil war, I know that I never would, but I assure you that it will be the White Conservatives who would end it, victorious.

The only caveats that I can see (and there are always caveats) is that China would likely supply the Left/Democrats with arms through California (since the left is currently disarmed) in a bid to spread Communism to America. These would be superior weapons to our own. That could be a problem, especially if they also supply soldiers to use those weapons in a bid to help the Leftist Democrats to "win" a Pyrrhic victory, as the CCP won't want Jew Democrat transsexual leftist faggot Nigger queers in the country THEY NOW OCCUPY AND OWN, so at the conclusion of the war, they would be eradicated in a mass purge, along with any surviving Conservatives. Unlike White people, the Chinese have no pity and feel no remorse, they are an objective oriented people, nothing like what you have ever seen before.

The communist revolution is happening right before our eyes. The communists ( Jews themselves) will do anything to denigrate our heritage and purity. The communists are the controllers of the major media outlets such as CNN and the New York Times. Their words of propaganda from these media outlets continuously brainwash victims and unite to harm and threaten us. Jews are more than just a race but they are an enemy for our freedom. I am not talking about the Hasidic Jews or the religious ones because they are not the major issue here ( as commander Rockwell once stated in his lectures) but the atheist communist Jew which aims to disturb our freedom.

I am from the Nazi Party and I believe in the success of the white race ا

Looking to carpool with someone. I'm in the Jonesville VA area if you're going to be close to coming this way I will help pay for gas I don't want to miss this if I have to I'll get a greyhound ( and I'll be in the front of the bus, believe that LoL)

What does the NSM think about the vaccines?

Hahahaha. Sorry no vaccine for me or my children.

I too am looking to carpool with someone to the event in Longview, TX. I live in Flagstaff, AZ. If anyone is reading this and live close to the area here and wouldn't mind my riding along I would gladly pay for half of the cost of gas and food. Let me know at [email address removed by webmaster, post offer in this thread and we will work out contact details]

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