The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

The Partisan FBI. It's Worse Than You Think!

Soon (if not already) the FBI will begin watching this website to analyze and monitor for “domestic terrorist activity.” We here at the NSM understand that the FBI, which was founded by a transsexual man who fancied young boys, is not actually an enforcement arm of the law, but rather a partisan armed gang, formed from the beginning, to secretly force the acceptance of tyranny upon anyone who doesn't really want it. That's exactly what they are and everyone knows it. Of course, there are a tiny minority at the FBI who try to do what's right, but they are few in number, of limited power and often, quickly fired once they are found out.

The NSM seeks a non-violent political solution to the rampant tyranny we see at every level of governance. We will achieve these goals politically, because even as the NSM is for now, a small minority, so is the FBI – and it is the will of the majority, which will always prevail.


You can't truly call yourself peaceful, unless you are capable of great violence.

If you are incapable of great violence, then you are certainly not peaceful.

You are harmless. This is an important distinction.


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So are you saying that the NSM is not peaceful, because the NSM is non-violent?

Are you saying the NSM is harmless, impotent? A powerful political organization can be both non-violent and effective. Adolf Hitler did not use fear or violence to achieve greatness, he used strength and truth, to lead his people to greatness WITH him. The NSDAP shows us how a racial monoculture, when rid of all parasites, can all pull together as one and achieve greatness. It was the rest of the world who could not stand seeing their success and thus waged war.


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You will notice the phrase in Latin. E plurabus unum.
Out of many one . One language, one people, one culture.
This is what Hitler did for Germany.

This is why the NSM is rapidly becoming the most important political organization in recent history. No other political organization is prepared to save and restore America, or prepared to return her to the White Americans who originally created her, like the National Socialist Movement.

This is why.


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The liberals have been indoctrinated with the Jewish bolshevik ideology.
It was the same way in Russia. Their communist governments make them rich but enslave the masses. Karl marx was a jew and the founder of this failed ideology.

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