The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

The Partisan FBI. It's Worse Than You Think!

Soon (if not already) the FBI will begin watching this website to analyze and monitor for “domestic terrorist activity.” We here at the NSM understand that the FBI, which was founded by a transsexual man who fancied young boys, is not actually an enforcement arm of the law, but rather a partisan armed gang, formed from the beginning, to secretly force the acceptance of tyranny upon anyone who doesn't really want it. That's exactly what they are and everyone knows it. Of course, there are a tiny minority at the FBI who try to do what's right, but they are few in number, of limited power and often, quickly fired once they are found out.

The NSM seeks a non-violent political solution to the rampant tyranny we see at every level of governance. We will achieve these goals politically, because even as the NSM is for now, a small minority, so is the FBI – and it is the will of the majority, which will always prevail.


You can't truly call yourself peaceful, unless you are capable of great violence.

If you are incapable of great violence, then you are certainly not peaceful.

You are harmless. This is an important distinction.


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So are you saying that the NSM is not peaceful, because the NSM is non-violent?

Are you saying the NSM is harmless, impotent? A powerful political organization can be both non-violent and effective. Adolf Hitler did not use fear or violence to achieve greatness, he used strength and truth, to lead his people to greatness WITH him. The NSDAP shows us how a racial monoculture, when rid of all parasites, can all pull together as one and achieve greatness. It was the rest of the world who could not stand seeing their success and thus waged war.


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You will notice the phrase in Latin. E plurabus unum.
Out of many one . One language, one people, one culture.
This is what Hitler did for Germany.

This is why the NSM is rapidly becoming the most important political organization in recent history. No other political organization is prepared to save and restore America, or prepared to return her to the White Americans who originally created her, like the National Socialist Movement.

This is why.


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The liberals have been indoctrinated with the Jewish bolshevik ideology.
It was the same way in Russia. Their communist governments make them rich but enslave the masses. Karl marx was a jew and the founder of this failed ideology.

And now, here's proof. We now know the identity of the whistleblower. His name is Steve Friend, a former FBI SWAT member (yes former of course, as he's been fired for whistleblowing). He says that the entire Bureau has become totally politicized by the left and is now singularly fixated on just one thing: hunting down the last White conservative. Friend, 37, has been with the FBI for 12 years and is just now realizing that the organization is actually evil and run by Jewish decrees – to benefit the Democratic party and their cronies.

FBI Used Misleading Affidavit to Seize Beverly Hills Safe Deposit Boxes

The FBI intended to steal money and valuables from thousands of innocent people.

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to make the video link play inline.


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If anyone knows of any other substantiated criminal acts perpetrated by the FBI, please post the details here. Let's assemble a dossier of verified criminal behavior by this rogue, partisan, Democrat-led criminal enterprise. There must be more evidence than just this and what they did to Donald Trump, Roger Stone and so on. If you know about it or are a victim of it, please share your story here.


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Twenty-two members of Congress are demanding an explanation from the Department of Justice after the arrest of a Catholic pro-life leader, by using excessive force with an early morning raid at gunpoint in front of his wife and young children at the family’s home in Pennsylvania last week.…

Attorney General Merrick Garland [a Jew] oversees an overtly politicized and left-leaning FBI that seems hell-bent on making warning examples of average American citizens who don’t align politically with the administration. American Catholics demand an explanation for the excessive level of force used by the FBI in this case, and why the power of federal law enforcement was once again used against an American citizen in what should have been a state and local matter.


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Many of Michigan's Republican candidates for governor have been arrested by the FBI for Jan 6 involvement. This happened just before the primary. The FBI was the biggest player in deciding Michigan's Republican gubernatorial field. We didn't even need a primary.


In reply to by FBI Whistleblower (not verified)

In his ruling, District Court Judge R. Gary (((Klausner))) found no impropriety in the way the government got or executed the warrants for the raid. He dismissed the class-action suit filed on behalf of the innocent people, whose safe deposit boxes and property had been seized by the FBI, which apparently now, will not be returned.

The lawsuit was filed after FBI agents raided the Beverly Hills branch of US Private Vaults, seizing more than $86 million in cash, as well as jewelry and gold from 1,400 safe-deposit boxes, all of which are unrelated to any criminal activity. I realize the Jews don't give a fuck about us Goyim, but actions such as these, clearly have a negative impact upon the scant few good people in law enforcement, which sadly has a long history of stealing from innocent property owners, making them victims of this particularly onerous form of government wrongdoing.

Our founding principle of “innocent until proven guilty” is flipped on its head in civil asset forfeiture cases. The burden of proof now rests solely on the property owner to prove their property is “innocent” of any crime. In this instance, as in most cases, the owners of the money and valuable property have not been convicted or charged with any crime. Since the property owners have failed to meet the extraordinarily high bar placed on burden of proof in this case, federal law enforcement will now get to keep all of the proceeds from the forfeited property. Forfeitures such as these have become a large part of many law enforcement agencies annual operating budgets, encouraging such unjust behavior. The FBI, by these actions, has become indistinguishable from thieves and are therefore an enemy of we the people.

The surname KLAUSNER is Jewish (Ashkenazic) according to and as is typical with Jews and their crooked Jew-run courts, justice was not served as well over one thousand victims have been robbed by the FBI of $86 million in cash, as well as jewelry and gold from 1,400 safe-deposit boxes, which are unrelated to any criminal activity. These assets will not be returned. Unethical actions such as these by the FBI should not be happening in America! Everyone reading these words should be angry about this, even if the victims are from Los Angeles and voted for this.…

Art Jones, National Socialist activist for fifty years, and Viet Nam vet, got 57,000 votes for US Senate in 2018; they had a recount, and he received 63,000. Amazing for an open anti-semite. Art stopped using the swastika decades ago, but I’ll be damned if he hasn’t had a degree of serious success with his ‘republican’ approach.

Art is now running for US Congress. He somehow got finagled into being a write-in candidate, but managed to be recognized as a registered write-in. You can get the details from him. His phone number, already advertised, is also given below. Every political wonk in Chicago knows where he lives. He IS amazing. He WILL be heard if he gets in the Congress.

If you send him a money order (he really needs funds to win) not to fill in who it is made out to. He will fill it in to cover problems the Illinois government presents him with. They once tried to get him on election fraud for God’s sake!

He is the real deal - accessible and courageous. He needs funds for placing ads in the newspapers. He says he cannot afford to advertise in Chicago’s 2 mainstream papers.

Here is his home phone number: (708) ███-████

His address: Art Jones, POB ███, Lyons, Illinois 60534 His election takes place in about 30 days.

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to redact information which I could not verify.

The same elite group that is secretly controlling the government also helped Hitler gain power and now supports neofascists in the Ukraine and invades random countries while keeping a policy of white supremacism in America.


In reply to by FUUUUUUUU (not verified)

Okay, so this might just be a troll – or it may just show us how inculcated this person is by Jewish propaganda. First, the "elite group" controlling the U.S. government are all Ashkenazi Jews, as Jewish dominance in USA government has been true for my entire life.

Click on image above to enlarge.

Jews did not help or even want Hitler – Jews simply made conditions and life in Germany (just as they do here in the USA today) so unbearable, that the good people of Germany elected Hitler, to save themselves and their fatherland from the horrible conditions imposed upon them by the Jews.

Click on image above to enlarge.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is NOT run by "neofascists" but rather, like here in America, Ukraine is run by Jews. Quite literally the OPPOSITE of what this commenter claims. Putin and Russia on the other hand, are NOT run by Jews and Russian money is NOT Jewish. This is why the Jews are now out to destroy Putin and Russia, so they can install a Jewish regime in Russia, the same as they already have in Ukraine.…

Although historically, White Supremacy has always been self-evident, as White man DID colonize the entire world and did eventually walk on the moon six times, involving twelve astronauts (all of whom were White men) from 1969 to 1972, most Whites today are cowed and totally submissive to the Jew – leading to their own slow and cruel demise. Only a small number of Patriots such as the members of the NSM, bravely attempt to stand in the way of this total Jewish political hegemony and the ensuing White genocide which inevitably follows.

publishing some of my vast meme collection here. Think I'll send in another donation soon! Memes are a shortcut to getting people's attention without scores of text. The image or picture never fails.


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Donations are needed, as it is expensive to host and provide video. The Commander also needs help with his legal expenses, he's facing separate hate crime charges in two states due to Nigger and Jew privilege from law enforcement. Literally in both cases, the bad guys have become the "victims" simply due to the Commander's political alignment, so any donations to these causes will be gratefully accepted. Thank you.

These two legal cases will be the turning point for the future. So anyone who can contribute to Commander Burt's legal defense, your donation is greatly needed. We must not allow evil to win!


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Thank you webmaster for making this statement. I myself currently do not have a working smart phone, and therefore send my dues and donations in, in the form of money orders. Money order fees are small. I have been using Western Union money orders but I don't know if they are available all over the country. I only pay $ 1.00 for a money order. And I am a member so members of the NSM should pay their dues monthly. To just let you know, I was late with September's dues, and I included a small donation. I included a note to Commander Colucci in apology for being late. We should do our best to not let the month run out before making our dues payments. Sometimes things happen. That does not mean we should become careless/forgetful. And, along with your dues, an NSM member should find one's way to include a donation, as Webmaster said in his blog. Joining this movement should have been one of, if not the most, serious things a person ever does. the NSM IS NOT A CLUB, something to 'have fun with' and play as "being a big bad ole nazi" or something. Heroic, brave and dedicated men and women, and even many youth, have sacrificed EVERYTHING for National Socialism and upheld the symbol of NS, the Swastika, TRUE UNTO DEATH! This movement does not want, NOR DOES IT DESERVE slackers, ingrates, and possible turncoats in it's midst. You must be better than that! Frankly, or get the Hell out of the NSM if you can't manage even a few dollars a month, besides your dues, to help our Commander in the struggle against tyrant Florida and Arizona "DOJ". and of course the other many, many expenses the NSM DEPENDS ON YOU to help to keep things going. We all are very aware times are tough. EVERYONE is feeling it. Everyone but the wealthy and our enemies the jews. So if you could just send what you can with your monthly dues, it shall be very much appreciated. And for those who have not joined officially, but have been contributing with donations, the NSM thanks you very much, and looks forward to your continuing support. And hopefully soon, we do hope you will join the swelling ranks of what is becoming very quickly now, the real last best hope for White Racial survival.

Commander Colucci does not think he should have to appeal to us to do our duty and support the NSM. We should do as much as possible and however possible, as long as it is legal and not against the law without constant prodding. Take care Brothers and Sisters! Heil Victory! 88. Wes


In reply to by Wes (not verified)

so it seems colluci is getting hiy with some hate crime charges among myriad of other charges I see... I was already thinking how he was a far cry from the actual ,late, Commander Rockwell and thought it highly disrespectful to all of us when someone presumes to wear such titles to which they are undeserving. then as if to prove my point ,I look and see what the so called cmdr Cilluci thought would be a good idea ( marching on street corners in uniform holding signs and yelling at people driving by ) turned out to be felous by the end of it. now I'm not against felonies , or ███████ ████ shit skins wanting to attack me, but I don't see how stupid shit like that could be considered productive or helpful in stopping our ongoing genocide , waging rahowa total war , or fulfilling our obligations to our fallen brothers , avenging our German f(v)olk, or even retaliation for the hourly DISRESPECT the heebs keep piling on us as a race in every possible way imaginable?
its rhetorical, obviously because stupid asinine shit like that does nothing for anyone except make them, and consequently all of us, look like a bunch of pitiful sacks of shit to be made victims of or displayed as clowns on jew media and the endless shabbos goyim that gleefully regurgitate that shit.
or maybe I'm just the asshole who is going to continue with my streak of having my ability to speak revoked everywhere I go because I hurt peoples delicate sensisibilities with pure Aryan magnificence which is foreign to most people .
anyone in ca (southern) dont be scared, leave that to our enemies .████████
N S P █████ squad

Webmaster note: Possibly illegal content redacted, rather than entire post deleted.


In reply to by peck erwood (not verified)

As a reminder to all, the NSM is a 100% LEGAL and legally incorporated organization. The NSM does not endorse nor condone anything which is illegal. The NSM uses legal political activism as guaranteed by our Bill of Rights, or as the Kikes tell us, "specializes in theatrical and provocative protests" in order to share our message, receive contributions and recruit supporters or new members. As such, Commander Colucci has done a fuck of a lot more than you have peck erwood, putting everything at risk to achieve the goals of the NSM. This takes incredible courage, because you know if he gets locked up for 10 years, it won't be with the peckerwoods. They'll lock him up with the porch monkeys. Sorry about the redaction of your message, but blatantly obvious fed posting isn't allowed here, as we abide by USA Federal law. Please accept that redaction is always better than deletion. Your disparaging comments about Burt remain intact. Worth noting, G.L. Rockwell founded the American Nazi Party. This is the National Socialist Movement. Two different animals. The NSM was originally founded by two of Rockwell's chief lieutenants, Robert Brannen and Cliff Herrington in 1967, seven years after Rockwell was assassinated. The current incorporation is a direct lineage descendant of that organization.

FBI Possesses Significant, Impactful, Voluminous Evidence of Potential Criminality in Biden Family Business Arrangements (and yet they do nothing).

Since first raising concern about bias by senior leadership and a double standard by the FBI in politically sensitive investigations, numerous whistleblowers have made legally protected disclosures substantiating these concerns.

“Notably, the Justice Department and FBI have not disputed the accuracy of the allegations that I have made public since May 31, 2022. The Justice Department’s and FBI’s continued silence on these matters is deafening and further erodes their credibility. Simply put, enough is enough – the Justice Department and FBI must come clean to Congress and the American people with respect to the steps they have taken, or failed to take, relating to the Hunter Biden investigation,” Grassley wrote in a letter to FBI and Justice Department leadership as well as the Delaware U.S. attorney.…

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