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Oh the irony!

Israeli-born University of Maryland doctoral student Anat Kimchi, who was in America researching disparity in the sentencing and corrections of Black criminals, was randomly stabbed in the back and murdered in broad daylight by a homeless Black man, reportedly out on a no cash bond in Chicago of all places, the first leftist city in the nation to completely abolish cash bail for Black suspects. According to police, Kimchi was walking on a sidewalk near the Eisenhower Expressway around 4pm when she was attacked. Although the Chicago Sun-Times has singularly reported the murder suspect is Black, noting it took police nearly a week to release a description of the (Black) attacker, not one American news outlet has reported the murder victim is a Jew, even though the Jews own nearly all of the news outlets in America. Of course one can just look at that face, which screams Semite, this prompted searching her name and including the word "Jewish" to find the truth. It seems perhaps the Jews do not want it widely known, that they don't have complete and total control over their dangerous exotic pets.

It appears from what I am reading, that Kimchi was dedicating her career to making it easier for violent Black criminals to get out of probation, like the probation that the one who murdered her was on, because obviously the criminal justice system is inherently racist, for disproportionately sentencing Black criminals to probation, over prison. You see, to the Jew, even probation is too harsh of a treatment for their pets, these vicious pavement-apes which Jews promote heavily, in order to destroy America. However if the truth were ever spoken aloud, just as Whites are all painfully aware, Blacks actually receive sentences which are significantly more lenient, than comparable Whites who are arrested for the same crimes, even tho Blacks are many fold more prone to repeatedly commit those same crimes, in the first place.

Because of her JewishPrivilege™ the police spared no expense in finding the Black suspect, who was reported to have been arrested and bonded out in relation to previous attacks on two other women earlier this month, neither of which were Jewish. However because the most recent victim IS Jewish, this homeless Negro will be given a reward – homelessness no more! He will now receive free accommodations, compliments of we the taxpayers. Three hot meals every day and a cot on which to sleep, as well as cable TV to keep him entertained for the rest of his life, hopefully. With Chicago sentencing, you can never tell (due to the color of his skin) that he may quickly be back out on the street, to continue his mission of serving the Jew, by destroying America. However I'm certain the obligatory Jewish judge in charge of this case, will see to it that this Negro receives the maximum punishment possible. You see, this Negro is about to learn what true sentencing disparity looks like, after he disregarded the unwritten rule – of what happens when you attack a Goyim, versus what happens when you attack a Jew!

Kimchi will be remembered for losing her life at the hands of the very same people she was dedicating her tragic life to fighting for – imaginary Black victims of systemic racism, implicit bias, and structural inequalities; supposedly all of which are due to White privilege. She was murdered randomly and without regard by a sub-human Negro ape beast, in broad daylight, right smack in the loop in downtown Chicago, widely considered to be the most dangerous city in America. In her last moments of life, we can only hope that she discovered the true meaning of Jewish privilege and the true benefits of her perceived Whiteness in 2021's racially divided America, all thanks to Democratic policies and Black leadership.

* Parts of this article are based on conjecture and the law of averages, as the Chicago police are not releasing many details about the suspect they have in custody (for obvious reasons).

Warning: The NSM does not condone smirking, giggling or grinning as we, the obedient Goyim, grieve the ironic loss of one of God's Chosen – a foolish Jew. ?


Paul Joseph Watson says a lot of really on-point things, but what he doesn't say is this: People NEED to understand that utopian thinking is inherently dangerous, death is far more common (and likely) than life – and simply that some RACES are inherently more violent and more dangerous to be around than others. When compared with accusations of racism, this idea alone better explains the higher incarceration rates of the much more vicious and less moral Negro race. According to uniform crime statistics going back decades, we discover that you are abut 36 times more likely to be killed by a Negro than by ANY OTHER RACE, regardless of what race you may happen to be – noting the highest levels of homicide on earth, are Blacks killing Blacks, followed by Blacks killing Whites, which takes place about half the time Blacks choose to kill.

Israel born and Israel bred-she wandered off the kosher reservation-now she's Chicongo dead.


In reply to by Ronnie (not verified)

Yes Ronnie, the psychological poison which the Jew created to exterminate the White race has backfired and killed one of their own. It's called blowback. However overall, we see that weaponized Blacks kill far more weakened by altruism Whites, than Jews. So I guess the cost/benefit ratio is still good for the Cabalist Jews. They will eventually have their Jewworld, where Jews rule and their Negro pets will serve as their slaves. Unless of course Nazis can eventually stop (and hopefully reverse) this trend.

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