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I recently discovered something that many of you may find interesting. A service provided by Cloudflare, called “Radar Domain Rankings” has replaced the now defunct Alexa Page Rank (a global ranking system that ranked millions of websites, in order of popularity) after they shut down operations, in May of 2022.

When regarding a website such as, the word “popularity” doesn't really come to mind, as most people would not expect a website such as this, to rank very high in global popularity – don't you agree?  And yet, we do!  Who could have ever imagined, that would manage to place within the same one million top website grouping, as,,, or to name but a few.

Radar Domain Rankings is based on aggregated domain resolver data from APNIC-LABS (an APNIC and Cloudflare DNS Resolver project) where the data is anonymized in accordance with privacy commitments. The dataset aims to identify the top most popular domains, based upon how people are using the Internet, globally – without tracking any individuals’ Internet use. They do not distinguish between what they think is a website, or an infrastructure system. Every domain represents an Internet-available resource, and these are ranked without content bias.

But what does domain popularity mean, exactly? APNIC-LABS research has concluded the volume of traffic generated to a given domain, doesn't really work as a proxy for what they perceive as popular. Instead, Radar Domain Rankings looks at the size of the population of users that look up a domain, per unit of time. The more people who are interested in a domain, the more popular it is. So Radar Domain Rankings’ popularity metric, can best be described as the estimated relative size of the user population that accesses a domain, over some period of time. And that's how the domain wound up in the top one million, globally. 🙂

Who knew there were that many White people around the world, interested in Nazis? Imagine where we would rank on Google, if they didn't artificially push our results down, due to their anti-White bias. I gave a quick search to see if other top organizations appear in the list, sure enough, some do. It seems also appears in the top one million (suggesting pro-White isn't as fringe as the Jews make it out to be) as well as and to name a few. If anyone finds any more, be sure to let us know, by commenting below!

The dataset you may use for confirmation, can be found here. Given there are approximately 1.13 billion websites on the internet in 2023, any website in the top one million, will rank in the 99.9th percentile (the top 0.088 percent) a 1 in 1,130 rarity. Anyone who says pro-White is fringe, has not taken a look at the unfiltered and unbiased data, available free from Cloudflare. Oh, and I'm sure now that I've brought public attention to this, the ADL will quickly smear Cloudflare as racist, possibly causing them to create a “hate filter” to remove such domains from their list, before publishing – but for now at least, we have the TRUTH and the truth looks GOOD!


Right now the Jews, after demonstrating their seemingly limitless levels of evil, are of course lying about bombing a Gaza City hospital. The Jews claim a rocket launched from "the safety of the hospital" by Palestinian militants, had misfired. This is what we are asked to believe.

Now here is where I would like to share a video with Harry – for his weekend report, as well as with those who just believe the Jews, while trumpeting their lies through their Jew-owned media.

• Watch the surveillance and combat video compilation below, but pay particular attention to the sound. The first puny missile shown, is one from Palestine, striking Israel. Now listen to the sound of the incoming missile and explosion at the hospital. Palestine doesn’t have anywhere near that kind of incredible power. Note the color and intensity of the ejecting fireball. Now compare that with the included video of an MK84 guided air-to-surface JDAM missile, a product of the United States.

At least 500 people unconnected with the conflict were killed in that missile attack, as the hospital grounds were shown by the AP to be strewn with torn bodies, many of them young children, along with blankets, school backpacks and other personal belongings of those seeking shelter from the bombing, by taking refuge at the hospital.

I'll play this on this Friday's show. I also find it unusual that the IDF is posting on "X" formerly known as Twitter. This Hospital story had changed and the IDF deleted their Tweet. Somebody is lying. As always, with Jews, you lose.

U.S. officials on Wednesday, 18 October 2023, said early intelligence suggested that the blast at or near the al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City on Tuesday was caused by a Palestinian militant group. National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson publicly confirmed on X that the U.S. does not currently believe Israel Defense Forces is responsible.

Flashback: More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a 10/19/2020 letter outlining their belief that the disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” The New York Post reported it was given a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who said he got it from a Mac shop owner in Delaware who also alerted the FBI. The letter’s signatories said their national security experience had made them “deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case” and cited several elements of the story that suggested the Kremlin’s hand at work. “This is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.”

The former Trump administration officials who signed the letter include Russ Travers, who served as National Counterterrorism Center acting director; Glenn Gerstell, the former NSA general counsel; Rick Ledgett, the former deputy NSA director; Marc Polymeropoulos, a retired CIA senior operations officer; and Cynthia Strand, who served as the CIA’s deputy assistant director for global issues. Former CIA directors or acting directors Brennan, Leon Panetta, Gen. Michael Hayden, John McLaughlin and Michael Morell also signed the letter, along with more than three dozen other intelligence veterans. Several of the former officials on the list have endorsed Biden.

As a result, many Americans of different political leanings, ages and educational backgrounds, today express to have little or no confidence in the federal government. Majorities believe the public’s confidence in the U.S. government and in each other is shrinking, and most believe a shortage of trust in government and in other citizens makes it impossible to solve our nation’s problems.


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A low-trust society is defined as one in which interpersonal trust is relatively low, and which does not have shared ethical values. Low-trust societies are demographically brown and black. Outcomes of low-trust societies can include difficulty in forming and maintaining secure structures, where all institutions are corrupted, dysfunctional, or absent. Low-trust societies lack respect for private property rights, an honest civil court system, corrupt voting and questionable electoral outcomes. Low-trust societies lack voluntary tax payment and are financially bankrupt. Levels of trust in this country, in our institutions, in our politics, and in one another, are in precipitous decline. Like what we've seen in every major city, when diversity increases, social trust collapses, so too will our nation collapse.

Social trust is essentially the confidence that other people will do what they are supposed to do, most of the time. We aren't seeing that anymore. For example, in a restaurant I trust you to serve uncontaminated food and you trust me not to skip out on the bill. Social trust is a generalized faith in the people of your community. It begins with the assumption that although we are independent, our destinies are linked. It continues with the assumption that we share the same moral values, that we share a sense of what is the right thing to do, in different situations. This is impossible in an ethnically diverse society, as social trust depends on a sense that we all share the same social norms. Different races have different social norms. There is no fixing this situation, without the racial expulsion of those only capable of low-trust.


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Let's give this an open, public and fair assessment. Here we have a probable Nigger (Fahima Karim looks fairly Nigger to me) making a claim that White people don't matter – or at least, don't matter to him. So let's take a moment to examine the impact White people have on the typical Nigger's life, shall we?

Fairly described, Niggers are a semi-failed sub-species of hominid ape, indigenous to central Africa. What we see of their life in their native land is mostly suffering, starvation, disease and death. It's not pretty. Pictured below is how native Niggers miserably live, in their own lands – which is not much different from their miserable lives here, in the USA.

Less "modern" Niggers, in more rural regions of their native lands, live like this, equally abysmal, equally miserable, but at least they produced the materials from which they built their homes.

But there is one important difference – Niggers in America are generally obese, not because here they work, not because here they farm or produce food for themselves; but purely because food is provided TO them, in excess, free of charge BY THE WHITE MAN. Niggers exist as a parasite, of the White race.

Having enough to eat, to the point of a universal morbid obesity epidemic, means White people (and White generosity) does matter A LOT to Niggers.

Starting around 1619, Niggers were moved from Africa to Jamestown, where they found a better life as a slave. As slaves, they exchanged work for a provided home, food and health care. This was a vast improvement over their previous life in Africa. But most Niggers don't see it that way. Most Niggers wanted to be free, like the White man, even though they are incapable of managing their own lives, without our help. So did they rise up and free themselves and then go find their own destiny? Pathetically, the answer would be no – White people from the North had to do it for them. So again, freeing the Nigger was an act of White people, so White people once again, do matter to Niggers.

I could go on and on of course and this could become quite long – but everyone sees the violent, sub-human Nigger ape beast as less than human, incapable of caring for itself and as being wholly (and forever) dependent upon Whites for their very survival. If White people ever do disappear – not long after, the Nigger will follow.

In short: White people DO matter, ESPECIALLY to the Nigger ape beast, who depend wholly upon the White race, in order to survive and to thrive.

All I can say is that prior to joining NSM Harry Hughes had an excellent
reputation in The White Nationalist Movement in the Southwest Region of the USA. It is no surprise that he has attained such a high rank in
the NSM...


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8 Nov. 2023: On this eve of the Beer Hall Putsch Centennial, it was my pleasure to once again, speak to my Poly Rad students. They are high school seniors and I've been doing this, each semester, for many years.

One of the students asked me for proof that the Jews were hostile towards Germans. I was a bit blunt, but informed her that Google and Wikipedia probably wouldn't help her. These Q&A classes I participate in have me answering questions with more questions, Will she find this?

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to add a video player.


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Yes, anyone can find the video, if you share this URL with them.

Comprehension is another matter. Cognitive dissonance also applies, whenever you see your students avoiding these conflicting reports, because it makes them feel uncomfortable. It is this discomfort, which the Jews use to manipulate them. The conflict is usually dealt with by rejecting, discrediting, or simply avoiding the new, truthful information.

Rejecting, discrediting, or avoiding new information that conflicts with ingrained ideologies or beliefs will always lead us to make self-destructive decisions. This is because we don’t reject the information because it is false, but rather because it makes us feel bad. Decisions made in the absence of truth, will always have catastrophic consequences, on both ourselves and everyone around us.

Changing the attitudes of your students won't be easy, let alone encouraging them to unlearning the deleterious behaviors associated with Jewish ideas – such as race mixing and gender swapping. Change is usually painful and involves loss. Their present liberal leftist mindset may also be satisfying to them. The overwhelming emotional stress of change will often be deemed – simply not worth it.

Just noticed the photo in the link below which was posted on Gab. There are gatherings like this all the time the Jew mainstream media is afraid to show. Before Hitler, there were already many patriot groups such as the Freikorps. Sometimes we get paranoid like the Jew and think "they are probably all feds", but I'm sure those in this photo are NOT all feds. Like the Freikorps they have different flags, but we are the same - we want the Jew taken out of all the higher positions they've taken over in America.

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to make the image link visible.


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This meeting was also shown on Gab. And the president of AFN1488 and during "Aryan Fest" October 21, 2023 stated: "In this past two years, we have grown from the state of Texas to over 30 states." Incidentally, the president wears a mask but his name is mentioned by Bitchute across the screen. There appears to be a good showing, saluting, and a large picture of Hitler and German battle flags behind the stage. And once again, there will be feds there. It's a given. But I believe there are many National Socialists outnumbering the feds across the nation. I'm curious about what the 'president' said, that "those who mock us, hate us, even our own kind". "But I don't hate them, I love them". I don't believe a 'fed' would use those words, because they have been programmed not to think that way. The feds want to hear about violence, that's how they are programmed to think and act.

Webmaster note: I edited this comment to embed the video link.

People in Israel are posting videos to Gazans, who's power and water have been cut off, bragging about their access to water and electricity:…

This is what Jews are really like. And that's exactly why people hate them because of shit like that!

The main thing is that afterwards they are the poor innocent victim!

This idiot would be the first to piss his pants if they were standing in front of him! Maybe we'll see that soon...

The Jews just LOVE her! DeSantis may have flown to Israel to sign the unConstitutional HB 269 into law, thus proving his fealty to the Jews, but now it seems the Jews forgot about that – and love Nikki more. Nikki Haley (real name: Nimarata Randhawa and yes, she is a Pajeet, the now adult anchor baby) actually wants to end anonymous free speech on the Internet. She actually tried campaigning on that pledge! And you probably thought only the Democrats wanted to end anonymous free speech. Haley told Fox News host Harris Faulkner, a Jew, that it is time to reform the internet. The NSM and I strongly disagree.

Haley said during the interview, that one of the first things that she would do if elected as president, is to force social media companies to verify the identity of all users online – and require everyone to use their real names. Yeah, that's not gonna happen (at least not here). As Webmaster, I promise you all that you will ALWAYS find anonymous free speech, right here. I already have a plan for if/when the first amendment is ever suspended. We will simply move operations offshore, outside of the USA, away from the jurisdiction of the Jews, to a country that has almost no Jews and is (1) friendly to Nazis and (2) allows free speech, even "hate speech" so long as it is not in their language, or directed at them or their government. I can live with that.

We've actually done this before and it worked out great – but the unnamed country (the Commander has asked me not to divulge secrets) is not set up with networks which can handle DDoS attacks. I will need to resolve that issue first, if it ever becomes necessary. Meanwhile, we found a tier 3 Internet transit provider, unbelievably in a Leftist state, who needs the revenue we provide. They made us a deal, we give them lots of money – and they leave us alone; ignoring all take-down demands, save for those accompanied by a court order, issued by a USA court. You see, not every datacenter and network access provider is Jewish, nor are all these operations being subsidized by the Jews. We need heavy duty service – and we pay for just that. We are no longer plagued by DDoS (as we now have excellent peering, with magnificent brute force resistance). 🙂

Haley made her stupid remarks after a voter asked about the surge in anti-Semitism throughout the U.S. on the streets, on college campuses and online (like on here). 🙂 The voter asked Haley what limits she would place on speech “when it threatens the safety of a group of people or incites violence against them.” A true American would answer something along the lines of, speech should NEVER have limits of any kind. But this Pajeet sounds just like the Democrats. I'm curious to know however, if she would use this law to protect the rights of ALL minorities, even a tiny identifiable minority group, that doesn't seem to have any rights whatsoever? You know, us Nazis!

I would imagine not – as clearly we are a nation of double standards. Haley needs to understand that things like anti-Semitism do not happen in a vacuum. Jews are doing things to cause people to hate them. A LOT of things, really nasty things, the readers here don't need me to spell it all out.

“When I get into office, the first thing we have to do, social media accounts, social media companies, they have to show America their algorithms, let us see why they’re pushing what they’re pushing,” she said. “The second thing is, every person on social media should be verified by their name. That’s, first of all, it’s a national security threat.”

Oh really? Telling the truth about Jews makes US a security threat?

“When you do that, all of a sudden, people have to stand by what they say,” she continued. “And it gets rid of the Russian bots, the Iranian bots, and the Chinese bots. And then you’re gonna get some civility when people know their name is next to what they say and they know their pastor and their family members gonna see it. It’s going to help our kids and it’s going to help our country.”

The Jews want this so they can bully everyone into parroting only their party line, because if they have your name, they can then get you fired, evicted, close your bank and credit card accounts – usually all on the same day (to make it really hurt). Our Commander knows that routine, very well!

Haley later reiterated her stance during a podcast interview, saying that social media companies need “to verify every single person” which demonstrates she really wants to do this. “I want everybody’s name.” Well she's not going to get mine, not if I can help it. Even Elon Musk who submits to the Jews (with his failure to promote popular "hate speech" on X) said, “Super messed up. She can stop pretending to run for president now.” A foreign Pajeet should never rule over Americans. Everyone knows our Founding Fathers found it necessary to use anonymity when they published the Federalist Papers. They were not "national security threats," nor are the many far-right conservative Americans who exercise their Constitutional Rights, like me.

It however does not surprise me that a Pajeet like Nikki Haley is aware that the Federalist Papers were written using pseudonyms for protection, just as every Nazi knows, anonymity is necessary to participate in politics. Thus by my observations, Nikki Haley has become the most war-mongering and authoritarian Presidential candidate that we have seen in quite some time. She is completely unAmerican and unelectable. Her ideas are without any doubt, totally unConstitutional. If she were to ever win the office of President, it would ONLY be by the Jews rigging the outcome of the election.

And of course, just like a true career politician, she later completely REVERSED her position (due to the severe backlash she received online). Doesn't that just figure? “I don’t mind anonymous American people having free speech; what I don’t like is anonymous Russians and Chinese and Iranians having free speech,” Haley said, without understanding one bit, how VPNs work to masquerade foreigners as American.

The authors of the US Constitution made abundant use of anonymous speech, it should not be surprising that Pajeet Haley's absurd proposal is blatantly unconstitutional.

The Federalist Papers were written to convince the states to ratify the Constitution. These papers have been labeled one of the most important documents in US history, because of the insight it gave into the Constitution. It was written by Hamilton and Madison, but they chose to publish it anonymously.….

The Chief Policy Officer at BitChute, Amy Peikoff (née Rambach, not a Jew) who previously held the same position at Parler, addressed the letter below to Representative Jim Jordan. In it she cites the actions taken against Parler, were similar to the coordinated efforts outlined in a report by the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

Peikoff is urging Jordan and his committee to examine the Twitter Files and to include the Parler deplatforming in their investigation. I would also like to add The NSM to that list, as the censorship of political expression – is Constitutionally prohibited. Meanwhile, I am forced to go to extraordinary lengths, to keep this content online and available, for everyone who needs to see it.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul outlined her administration's aggressive new strategy for combating online "hate" and implementing pre-crime online surveillance. As part of this approach, New York's Threat Assessment and Management Teams (TAM teams), which were established in response to the Buffalo mass shooting, will start contacting those creating white supremacist "hate" speech, with a focus on preventing "hate crimes" before they occur. TAM is being deployed as a predictive policing method, dedicated to apprehending and imprisoning people, before they have an opportunity to commit violent crime. This method will replaced the traditional system of discovering a crime and its perpetrator, only after the crime has already been committed, then administering punishment only after the fact. Hochul doesn't seem to care that none of what she is doing is legal.…

According to the United Nations, “hate speech” refers to offensive discourse targeting a group or an individual based on inherent characteristics (such as race, religion or gender) and that may threaten social peace. I've never met anyone who abjectly hates based solely upon immutable physical characteristics. It takes way more than that, to provoke hate. Oh sure, we may laugh or joke about immutable physical characteristics, but I've never seen, not even one case, nor do I believe anyone can direct me to a case, where hatred is true.

Most pro-Whites will hate, based solely upon BEHAVIOR AND ACTION, rather than giving a fuck about race, skin color, physical appearance, religion or gender. Isn't it funny how those we hate, attempt to project this ridiculous simplification as to WHY we hate them? They do this to belittle our opinions. Whenever anyone challenges themselves to plow through the content on this website, they invariably end up agreeing with most – if not all of our salient and well thought out arguments.…

Browsing through that joke of a website, I see things such as » Hate speech is “discriminatory” (biased, bigoted or intolerant) or “pejorative” (prejudiced, contemptuous or demeaning) of an individual or group. « so let's examine that claim. They use the word intolerant – I see that word used a lot. Are they seriously expecting us to TOLERATE Nigger behavior, like one tolerates a toothache? Why can't these anti-Whites simply return the favor and TOLERATE Nazis? A street goes both ways you know. There are many euphemisms and expressions on both sides, yet neither side wishes to tolerate what they both find degenerate and appalling.

Politically motivated open criminality is on display once more in the circus news, as the Jewish media and the Jewish courts tell you to reject what you saw with your own eyes. Georgia’s corrupt State Election Board back in June, dismissed its [pretend] investigation into "suspected" election fraud at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, calling President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani conspiracy theorists, after Freeman and her daughter had apparently, openly and blatantly committed election fraud, which was very clearly caught by surveillance video cameras, during the 2020 presidential election.

The fraud claims were said [without any explanation describing what they were actually doing there, if it were not fraud] to be “unsubstantiated and found to have no merit,” by the corrupt FBI, the corrupt Georgia Bureau of Investigations and by corrupt investigators from the Secretary of State’s office, who were purportedly vetting this "alleged" fraud. Now these two are of course seeking $15.5 million to $43 million in restitution, in what can only be described as a new twist on the Ghetto Lottery — a way of stealing wealth away from Rudy Giuliani, through a "defamation" trial coming up next week. The corrupt Jewish system loves this kind of thing, because it deters good people like you from speaking out, or standing up for what's right, because you might end up like Giuliani!

To his credit, Giuliani apparently doubled-down, as he zeroed in on one of the election workers, saying she was “an election fraudster, a liar, and one of the treacherous monsters who stole the country, and that she would be in legal trouble.” I'm sorry to say this, but the only one facing any legal trouble here, is Giuliani, who seems he hasn't a prayer in winning this lawsuit, in a crooked court.

Watch the two videos below, then draw your own conclusions. You should be furious about what is happening to good White people in America, about what is happening right before your eyes (as they don't even care anymore, they don't even try to hide their open corruption).


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Rudy Giuliani was ordered by the court to pay a ridiculous $148 million for reporting the truth about the 2020 election and the fraud we all saw (and can see again, just click play above). I wonder the demographics of this corrupt Jury, who in spite of the facts and evidence in the matter, finds this attorney and former N.Y. mayor must pay damages to two corrupt Georgia poll workers, which claim he defamed them by rightfully accusing them of election fraud, all of which was caught on the above surveillance video for everyone to see for themselves.

Donald Trump absolutely MUST win come November, if for no other reason than to make sure everyone involved in this massive fraud, gets the prison sentence they deserve. Now I will grant you that DJT had the opportunity to go after the deep state while he was in office – and he didn't. But I guarantee you this, he will fucking DESTROY the deep state, if he should ever get back in! DJT wants the Whitehouse to save America, but also for revenge. DJT is now motivated, like a coon dog who had his face ripped off by a raccoon. Such a dog always becomes your best coon dog. This fear they have of DJT is why the deep state is being so egregious with all these hundreds of charges, indictments and monetary fines. They know they are about to be destroyed if they should fail and they will do everything in their power, to stop it. The coming election in November will be the most corrupt election in history and as such, everyone in America will see it clear as day.

We are currently living under a tyrannical government, this fact becomes MOST evident! Will the coming election fraud be enough to spark a civil war? Our founders knew that civil war is necessary from time to time, in order to remove tyrants from power and to restore liberty and justice. Voting obviously can not defeat the tyranny we are currently under. This tweet below is what Rudy has to say on the matter.


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On the same day Rudy Giuliani was found liable for claiming Georgia election fraud took place, we now find out the Georgia election was actually rigged!

I doubt anything will ever come of this, but at least it's now out there and helps confirm the video you see above, indicating there really was extensive voter fraud.


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Giuliani Was Ordered to Pay $148 Million. What Happens Now?…

"The jury awarded the two former poll workers, Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Shaye Moss, who are Black, $148 million. That was after they gave hours of emotional testimony describing the relentless threats and attacks they received, including from people who said they should be hanged for treason or lynched. The total included a combined $75 million in punitive damages; compensatory damages of $16.2 million to Ms. Freeman and $16.9 million to Ms. Moss; and $20 million to each of them for emotional suffering."

Did you notice something? The article includes "who are Black" but for what reason? To suggest race had anything to do with this? We do see these two "Blacks" in the above video, running the ballots through the machine 2 or 3 times. That is a crime and the crime rate is much higher for "Blacks" but that is not what the article was trying to insinuate. I would suggest, perhaps that Blacks are privileged and can do whatever they want. They are effectively above the law. But since this is a leftist newspaper, I would guess the insinuation is that Giuliani is RACIST for going after these two privileged "Blacks."

Now let me give you my own take on "What Happens Now?" from the perspective that we have a fair and just legal system, one which is not totally corrupt at every level. If you watch the above video, featuring American Hero Joe Rossi, you will discover that Brad Raffensperger (Georgia Secretary of State) is now trying to first cover up, then distance himself from this matter, especially now that Judge Duffy ruled that Raffensperger may be liable for election code violations. Perhaps to save his own hide, Raffensperger has already begun blaming Fulton County and as per usual, when this kind of thing starts unraveling, ultimately the blame will go directly on the person seen in the video, who is actually committing the election fraud.

Can you imagine the roller coaster ride for these two ugly and corrupt "Blacks" who went from meeting "President" Joe Biden, then awarding them with the Presidential Citizens Medal, the nation's second-highest civilian honor, to then winning the ghetto lottery, $148 Million from someone they hate, to finally having all that taken away from them – after being found guilty of election fraud and winding up being sent to prison?

If this scenario should actually happen – and it should happen – it will demonstrate that we have a rather weak, but actual system of justice in America. It was a very dumb move for anyone to go against a former NYC prosecutor and mayor like this. Such a bold move can only be successful, if corruption exists at all levels. This Judge Duffy named in the story, may actually NOT be corrupt, which is rare, but possible. The truth may actually now come to light – prior to the election next year. Granted, the above conjecture is my own opinion, based upon the facts as I have seen them, but it does not look good for Georgia, or the corrupt "Black" prosecutor, leading up to these supposed "criminal" charges against those who merely pointed out that the election fraud, actually had taken place.

Imagine America's reaction, if the truth ever comes out during this upcoming election year. All the criminal charges against Trump and his lawyers will necessarily be dropped. Those fools who already pleaded guilty, will remain guilty (even as we now know they are innocent). Let's hope Trump doesn't feel the need to pardon them. Yes, it seems perhaps the tables have turned. Victory may soon become ours. Good may triumph over evil. The Right just might have won!

BREAKING LEAKED VIDEO: CEO of IBM Arvind Krishna admits to using coercion to fire people and take away their bonuses unless they discriminate in the hiring process.

“You got to move both forward by a percentage that leads to a plus on your bonus," Krishna said about hiring Hispanics, "and by the way if you lose, you lose part of your bonus.”

After pulling ads from X for 'racism,' IBM chief Arvind Krishna says he will fire, demote or strip bonuses from execs who don't hire enough blacks, Hispanics — or hire too many Asians

"Asians are not an underrepresented minority in tech in America...I’m not going to finesse this, for blacks we should try to get towards 13 percent," says Krishna.

Paul Cormier, the chairman of Red Hat, a subsidiary of IBM, says in the leaked recording that Red Hat has terminated people because they weren't willing to engage in racial discrimination through hiring and promotion.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of race in the workplace. Unless of course, you discriminate against Whites.

United Nations General Assembly Adopts 51 Third Committee Drafts on Combating Glorification of Nazism

Amid spirited debate, the Assembly adopted a draft on combating the glorification of Nazism by a recorded vote of 120 in favour to 50 against, with 10 abstentions (Afghanistan, Ecuador, Myanmar, Palau, Panama, Papau New Guinea, Samoa, Switzerland, Republic of Korea and Türkiye).

The representative of the Russian Federation, describing the vote as shocking, said that, for the first time in the history of the United Nations, former Axis Powers voted against a text condemning Nazism. Criticizing a country-specific approach to a thematic resolution, he rejected amended operative paragraph 4, which condemns Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine.

By its terms, the Assembly expressed alarm at the spread in many parts of the world of various extremist political parties, movements and ideologies, including neo‑Nazis and skinhead groups. It noted with concern that the presence of extreme right-wing ideologues can inject into political discourse the same ideologies that make neo‑Nazism and extremism so dangerous. The Assembly also expressed deep concern about the glorification of the Nazi movement, neo‑Nazism and former members of the Waffen SS organization, which include erecting monuments and holding public demonstrations on the Nazi past.

Further, the Assembly condemned incidents that glorify Nazism, such as acts involving pro-Nazi graffiti and paintings, including on monuments dedicated to victims of the Second World War. It expressed alarm over the use by extremist groups, including neo-Nazi groups, of the Internet and social media to recruit new members, especially targeting children and young people, and disseminate their hate-filled messages. The Assembly also condemned any denial of the Holocaust as well as manifestation of religious intolerance or violence based on ethnic origin or religious belief.

good christmas my friends if the nsm gets into power can I keep my h1b visa and my tesla

Rapper Ye, the former Kanye West, apologizes in Hebrew for anti-Jewish remarks…

The Jews finally won their fight against an enemy they created. Sad. I was hoping he would stand up against the Jews, the way so few others have. But unlike the ones who have successfully stood up to the Jews and won, for example Mel Gibson, the Jews actually own this slave for life, as this low-IQ Negro signed a contract with the Jews – where he would receive wealth and fame, while the Jews would retain what is broadly known as “right of publicity” where apparently in his case, this right extends into perpetuity, meaning that the Jews to which he granted those rights, own the exclusive rights to the use of his name and his face, forever. Such a contract clause will survive any termination of the contract, made on the part of Mr. West. There is no way out, unless the Jews let him go (which obviously they won't). Typically in such contracts with the Jews, Mr. West's name, image, and likeness becomes (in legal concept) property, thereby granting to the Jews their right to capitalize on anything that identifies him, limiting his ability to engage in third-party contracts, sponsorships or endorsements. The Jews thus control where or even if he speaks or is seen in public. The Jews literally OWN him, forever.

For many months now, you've seen Mr. West on various fringe and far-right talk shows telling the truth about the Jews. In these interviews, he refers to himself as "Ye" which appears to be his new legal name (after an apparent legal name change). You may have also noticed he wears a gimp mask, hiding his entire face. Most people just think he's a screwball or just plain weird, but in reality, he's protecting his bank accounts and other assets from contract violation lawsuits. You see, the contract he signed with the Jews is so onerous, it even prevents him from disclosing why he changed his name and why he wears a gimp mask – because the Jews own his name and his likeness, forever – apparently a fact he is contractually prohibited from ever disclosing. In his war against the Jews, so far, he has surrendered to the Jews his birth name, but he can not surrender his face. There, he remains fucked.

"Ultimately, actions will speak louder than words but this initial act of contrition is welcome," the ADL said in a statement.

• but this initial act of contrition is welcome •

Everyone should despise the ADL, for figuratively forcing everyone who wants to get ahead, to suck their tiny, circumcised Jewish dicks and to contractually become their slaves, for life.


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You couldn't be more right. It is not societal differences that keep the nigger down, it is their genetic makeup that puts them in the classification of an ape, not that of a human. They have no frontal lobe which means they lack logic and reasoning. Their behavior shows it. Open any news media outlet and you'll see these beasts, violent, destructive and openly anti-white. Thanks for sharing the link. You are right on the money.


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Describing the American pavement Nigger as a violent sub-human ape beast, could not be more accurate! Published on 13 June 2012 in Nature, "The bonobo genome compared with the chimpanzee and human genomes" This was a genetic study, comparing Europeans with Niggers, Bonobos and Chimpanzees. It concludes that African Niggers are genetically distant from the European White, but similar to the Bonobo ape.

They include a chart where the X/A ratios (the ratio between the number of X chromosomes and the number of sets of autosomes in an organism) for Ulindi (bonobo), an African human and a European human were compared.

The African Nigger appears to be genetically closer to the Bonobo ape, than they do to us. The fact that we can breed with them, does not make them human, no more than when a dolphin breeds with a false orca whale. These are of TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SPECIES (Tursiops truncatus × Pseudorca crassidens) and yet they can produce non-sterile offspring.

Most of the American pavement Niggers are a genetic hybrid of human and ape, similar to the aforementioned Wholphin hybrid, which by appearance (by noting their abhorrent behavior and limited ability for achievement) to favor more their ape genetics, than that of human.

By now everyone has heard about "Dr." Claudine Gay, the racially advantaged former Black president of the now shit-tier Nigger and Jew college, known as Harvard. Like "Dr." Martin Lucifer King before her, no Nigger has ever earned a doctorate, nor has any achieved positions of power, without help – and it appears that whoever (likely some communist Jew would be my guess) wrote the thesis for her, they used plagiarism, to make it fast and easy, assuming that nobody would ever read it to find out. And nobody ever did, until this former Jewish pet decided to bite the hand that feeds. The Jews knew exactly how to destroy her, as the Jews were the ones who created her.

You see, her folly was when she failed to condemn the rampant pro-Palestinian support at Harvard. She failed to say antisemitism was the worst scourge in the world. She failed to agree "it's anudda holocaust" when she was questioned by RINO Republican Elise Stefanik of Jew York. And like Kanye West before her, the Jews quickly began to disassemble, that which they themselves had built, but only because their Negro pet had bit the hand that feeds. Like with "Dr." King, it seems plagiarism (which the Jews knew was there all along, because the Jews put it there) was quickly “found” and like Obama before her, this abomination has clearly demonstrated to be just another "post turtle," one which was both easy for the Jews to create – and even easier for the Jews to destroy.

A post turtle is anyone who is in some high position, where it is clear to everyone looking on – that they did not get there without help, they certainly don't belong there, they can't do anything while they are up there, leaving us to wonder why anyone would put them in such a high position, to begin with. Certainly the Jews are now wondering why they put her there, as many of them are upset that she does not reflexively give Jews the courtesy of highest victim status – an absolutely unforgivable act, according to the Jews!

So why are the Jews forcing genetically poor performing Negroes into such high positions of power to begin with? Well, clearly they do this to demoralize Whites, by forcing the idea of racial equality – the idea that a race with a median IQ of 68, is interchangeable with a race who has a median IQ of 100 points. Certainly "Dr." Claudine Gay demonstrated her true intelligence before Congress. And yet folks on OUR side wonder why Trump (who is clearly smarter than any Negro) vehemently lauds the Jews, every chance he can get – and yet the Jews STILL call him antisemitic and Hitler. Don't even consider what the Jews can do to Trump, we see that in their Jewish media. But rather, imagine what the Republican RINOs and the Judaeo-Christians would do to Trump, if he ever started sounding a little too much like "Dr." Claudine Gay, or even worse, maybe a little too much like us?

Javier Milei (the right-wing populist, tho some say far-right president of Argentina) is also doing what Trump is doing, fighting the Jews (and winning) by only using Jewish tactics, as a means to disarm them, however he may actually be taking things a bit too far, with his highly exaggerated zeal towards the Jews. He likely knows that what he is doing, especially taking away the central bank from the Jews, usually ends with an assassination (see what happened to JFK within weeks of trying to return the power to create money, back to Congress). No matter how much the Jews try to connect Milei to Hitler, or try to call him antisemitic – with his full bore "I want to become Jewish" rhetoric, this makes such claims fall flat. That's one way to defeat the Jews at their own game. You rob them of their only power, the power to label you as a hater.

Today it was reported that "Dr." Gay will retain her nearly $1 million salary at Harvard (there's where all your tuition money goes, folks) as she will stay on the Harvard faculty as a political science professor – likely with this being used as a bribe, to keep her from writing a tell-all book about what's REALLY going on at Harvard, regarding the Niggers and the Jews. I'm sure she would get offers for a very lucrative book deal, if she were ever to be fired from Harvard. It only took six months as president of Harvard, for her to show the world who she really was. All she needed to do before Congress, were she smart enough to do so, was to express outrage at all things antisemitic, express hatred toward Palestine, an undying love toward Israel – and she would remain the post turtle in charge of Harvard. But for that to happen, one requires intelligence – which the Negro race unfortunately lacks. Unfortunately for her, she fucked up – and she fucked up big! But at least she gets to keep all that money. Frankly, I could give a shit, as it's not my money.

House GOP RINO Elise Stefanik reportedly blasted Harvard after hearing of their decision to keep "Dr." Gay as a professor, at her current salary, by saying, "She's not fit to be a faculty member. It's unacceptable when you have students at Harvard who would be expelled for plagiarism to allow a faculty member who has nearly 50 examples of plagiarism in their very slim body of academic work. It's absurd and everybody know it. Harvard knows it too." Ouch! Over 50 examples – a slim body of academic work. Does anyone know if Stefanik is a polish Jew or a crypto Jew? Such acerbic remarks usually only come from Jews. Looking at a photo of Elise Stefanik, I can't draw any conclusions. So if anyone knows, comment below.

Now that Harvard needed to find a new president, I was fairly confident they weren't going to deploy another Jew in that role, not given how weak the Jews are at the moment {and} how OBVIOUS that would be, toward exposing Jewish power, especially at Harvard. I thought for sure Harvard would do what the tech giants have done – and split the difference, Negroid skin color, but with a nearly White brain. I thought they would install a Pajeet as their new president. But the Jews who own and run America (and of course, Harvard) must be feeling way too vulnerable right now and only trust one of their own in such a crucial role, so they appointed a bona-fide Jew, Alan M. Garber, as their new interim president, effective immediately. Yup, yet another Jew running Harvard.

The Daily Mail, in a report titled, "Who is Harvard's interim president Alan Garber?" which says, "Garber was reportedly raised by Jewish parents" and that should not come as a shock to anyone. If you look up his photo, you will agree – there could not exist a more Jewish looking face.…

Harvard's presidents have all been, have always been, Jewish. Jews back-to-back until just recently, with the deployment of an unqualified Negro female "twofer." So they went from having a Jewish president, Lawrence Bacow of Pontiac Michigan, the son of Jewish immigrants, to a light-skinned Negro for six months, who was fired – not for acts of serial plagiarism, but expressly for having insufficient fealty toward the Jews, then she was replaced, once more, with yet another Jew. And whenever it comes to Jews and the things they do, we are asked NOT to notice any patterns.

Haven't visited this website for a few days, and noticed a new mailing address as a reminder in sending your correspondence. The other thing is overall the NSM appears to be in GREAT SHAPE in suiting up for 2024!


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

I would agree and from my unique perspective, the NSM does seem poised going into 2024, with the only thing lacking, being that of donations. The NSM really could use donations, especially for the website. It is not cheap maintaining this website, which requires an incredible amount of redundancy – and an obscenely over-capacity tier-3 IP transit layer, which is marketed as supporting up to 32,000 websites. This excess capacity is obviously way more than we need (especially now that the attacks have completely stopped) but is the smallest transport layer we could get. Even during the absolute peak of the attacks, where more than one coordinated attacker was attempting to take the site down, they only came in at 37.5% of maximum capacity. And that was the peak. These DDoS attacks would average around 20% of rated capacity and thus were both ineffective and pointless. Which is why I would assume, they have completely stopped. And because they have stopped "all at once" this demonstrates a coordinated effort by a single entity, who was paying for it.


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I remember going through the website and changing the address to the new PO Box -- and when I did a site search just now, they all came up (every place where we have the address listed) as being correct.

National Socialist Movement
PO Box 751
Highland City, FL 33846-0751

Because the NSM corporation has (of course) been demonetized by the Jewish banking cartel, an attempt to interfere with our ability to even exist, make any money orders payable to "Burt Colucci."

We really need the financial support of anyone who is able to contribute. Thank you!

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), from Oct. 7 to Jan. 7, anti-Semitism incidents have dramatically surged to 3,291 from 712, a 361 percent increase, compared to the same period one year ago. College campuses reported at least 500 incidents, a significant rise from only 12 cases over the same period last year.

GREAT NEWS: We are winning!!! Keep the pressure on. We are living in a banana republic.

Lawmakers have reintroduced the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), a dangerous censorship bill that would give the government unprecedented control over the internet. The bill imposes a duty on covered platforms to act in the best interests of minors who use that platform's products or services. This requires covered platforms to prevent or mitigate the heightened risks of harm to minors posed by the platform. Obviously, KOSA violates the First Amendment rights of both children and adults, while we at the NSM support and encourage parental control. We encourage parents to monitor and control their own children online, as government mandates levied upon us to somehow restrict minors' access to online platforms such as ours, platforms which offer unfettered free speech, violates our First Amendment rights. The NSM is getting tired of these back door censorship attempts and dystopian threats against our civil liberties, thus we will do everything in our power to not comply.

This bill, if passed, would have a negative impact around the world. To read the full Family Online Safety Institute brief, click here.

The Biden economy is defying expectations, with robust growth. At least that's what the Jewish media is telling everyone. The U.S. economy added hundreds of thousands of jobs, a huge boost that was around twice what economists had expected. Or so that's what the Jews claim. However the Jewish news is also barely reporting the top tech sector employers, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Discord, Salesforce and eBay have all made significant cuts and the layoffs don’t seem to be abating. PayPal said in a letter to workers, it would cut another 2,500 employees or about 9 percent of its workforce. This does not sound like a booming economy, does it? Unable to get back to the showstopping revenue growth of the Trump years, tech executives are instead opting to continuously cut high-paid skilled workers. Google and Meta have also cut down on employee perks like free laundry, free massages, food and fitness offerings. Since being laid off, many of these workers have received rejections from automated systems, been ghosted by employers after several rounds of interviews and gotten rejections without any feedback. They are all facing competition from huge numbers of other laid-off workers, as the illegal immigration and advancements in AI only increases. Seems to me like the Biden economy, with deficit spending and massive inflation, just is not what the Jews are claiming it to be. Maybe the Jews are pissing on your shoes and telling you it is raining.

The 'economy' and the market of course are separate entities. So the stock market keeps rising, while the country and ordinary citizens grow deeper than ever in debt. Bankruptcies and credit card delinquencies are at record highs. There is a pronounced lack of demand and the economy is NOT growing with consecutive quarters of NO growth. Major banks have closed thousands of branches and laid off tens of thousands. But we keep watching the stock market like it was some kind of Hollywood attraction.

The Dow Jones increased 6 TIMES just prior to the 1929 crash and Great Depression which followed. The Dow Jones also PEAKED prior to the 2008 crash. All 'bubbles' must burst.

Everybody looks at the stock market and says, 'This is amazing!!! Let the good times roll!!!" Yeah... that's a bunch of BS and we all know that it is.

The stock market is going to burst just like the over ripe tomato that is and everybody who is in power now will cry when their 'paper wealth' evaporates.


In reply to by Kris (not verified)

The Jews basically steal money from the Federal Reserve and gift it to themselves and their cronies. So what do they do with all this money? Invest it in the stock market, to drive up the market value and steal the wealth from those who invested using hard-earned money.

I suggest everyone invest in crypto, specifically Bitcoin. Jews don't own it or manage it. Jews don't and can't control it. It is truly non-Jewish money. It is money created and owned by we the people and NOT the Jews.

The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left alone.

They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.

They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over.

The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be.

Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror.

TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people's door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.

— Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago"


In reply to by Isaac Gorski (not verified)

I was around when Bob Brannen and James Mason led the Party from Ohio, and Capt. Bill Russell led the Detroit branch. The quote from Solzhenitsyn was almost shocking; it could just as easily be made about our people today.


In reply to by Seth Tyrssen (not verified)

Soviet dissident Александр Солженицын (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn) wrote Архипелаг ГУЛАГ (Gulag Archipelago) from 1958 to 1968, published in 1973. The reason it strikes home is because all the same things done by the Jews in both the Weimar Republic AND the Soviet Union, are being done to us – right now, all at once! The Soviet Union was remembered for their political show trials and harsh political prison sentences, which included ridiculous methods of strategic litigation, what we call lawfare today, of political dissidents, not unlike what we are seeing done by the Jews (through their Soros appointed Nigger straw men) to political entities such as Donald Trump, Vdare, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and so on, including all those persecuted for January 6.

The Weimar Republic was remembered for high inflation and a devaluing of their currency, rampant poverty, unemployment, economic destitution and misery – and believe it or not, transgender and sexual degeneracy, including rampant homosexuality and an almost forced prostitution. The United States is receiving BOTH of these destructive forces, all at the same time! The Jews have gone all out to destroy America and the White race who built her. Not to mention their use of biological weapons against our people (both weaponized viruses AND weaponized vaccines). It's become make or break time for the psychotic and evil Jews. But will they win?

Alejandro Mayorkas (Jew) has officially been impeached in the House of Representatives, by a very narrow vote of 214 to 213. Mayorkas becomes the first cabinet secretary to be impeached in nearly 150 years and the first sitting cabinet secretary ever in history, to be impeached. This comes after three traitorous RINO lawmakers, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) joined with Democrats last week to bail Mayorkas out. Those three RINOs received TENS OF THOUSANDS of voicemails from furious Americans, all within the first 24 hours after siding with the Democrats. These demands of course had no effect, as they apparently work for or are being bribed (or blackmailed) by the Jews and now must be replaced.

Mayorkas was found guilty in the House of willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law in enforcing border policy, which is a breach of the public trust. Republican Majority Leader Steve Scalise (absent during the previous vote) returned to Capitol Hill to become the tie-breaking 214th vote. Mayorkas, the self-professed child of a "holocaust survivor" has been found guilty of lying to Congress and to the American people, he has failed to uphold his duty to the Constitution, which is to carry out the laws of the United States of America. He failed to do what is required of him as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. This is malfeasance and neglect of duties, both of which are impeachable offenses.

You see? Just as the Commander has told us, the Jews are NOT all powerful. They CAN be defeated!


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

There are simply not enough votes in the Senate to remove Mayorkas from office, EVEN IF A TRIAL WERE TO BE HELD! 2/3 of the members
OF THE UNITED STATES FROM OFFICE! It could even happen the Senate doesn't even bring Mayorkas to trial. I have a feeling the globalist jew cabal has got this under control, AS USUAL lately! Sorry to say!

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