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NSM Protests Sheriff Chitwood

NSM Protests Sheriff Chitwood April 22, 2023
Announcement for the upcoming NSM Protest of Sheriff Chitwood in Ormond Beach, Florida on April 22, 2023


He Kicked the Jews and Italians out of Libya. Gave Libya back to the People who had the Land Originally. He was Islamic, Populist, Socialist and Nationalist. I Don't see why the NSM would not support Muammar Gaddafi.
He Opposed Apartheid South Africa cause just as Europe is for white people Africa is for Black people.


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The NSM is the most highly recognized White Civil Rights organization in America. We only care about White people, preserving White European culture and heritage, strengthening White family values, promoting White economic self-sufficiency and creating White racial separation. Why would we give a fuck about some hybrid Nigger Semite like Muammar Gaddafi, or worry what happens to him, his mud people or his sandbox of a country? His gruesome death was televised. That's all anyone needs to know.


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Well said webmaster! Afterall, The White Race is the only people on earth under systematic genocide! We have to fight for ourselves. all these cesspool sub-ape people are a danger to us! The jews hate all 'goy' but they particularly hate the White race and have been for centuries working to wipe us from the earth. And they use these stupid sub-ape, stone age things as weapons against us everywhere. Many of our people do know what is going on but still have turned their back on their own people. And that is far worse even than what these scum are up to. It's a shameful time. I wonder what can bring these White morons to their senses before it is too late!


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The Jewish long-range goal is simple – and they don't even hide their plans. Jews intend to reduce the earth's human population down to just half a billion people, which will consist of all the Jews currently alive, while culling all the other races, except for Niggers. Jews intend to de-industrialize, by bringing back slavery. Since Niggers have a long and successful history of being obedient slaves (spanning hundreds of years) the Jews have decided just to re-enslave them – and to exterminate Whites, an extermination through deception which is already underway. The primary reason for this White Genocide, they claim, is that White people will try to stop the Jews from bringing back slavery and enslaving Niggers. That amounts to what the Jews have planned at any rate. Jews intend to all live like kings on earth, with their own personal servants (Nigger slaves). My guess is that's not going to work out so well for them. Odds are high, the Niggers will just murder the Jews – eat their flesh, then without anyone to care for the Niggers, simply eat each other until they are all gone.

Then Hitler's prophecy will have come true, the world will then be devoid of intelligent life.


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„Siegt der Jude mit Hilfe seines marxistischen Glaubens­bekenntnisses über die Völker dieser Welt, dann wird seine Krone der Totentanz der Menschheit sein, dann wird dieser Planet wieder wie einst vor Jahrmillionen menschenleer durch den Äther ziehen.“

“If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will, as it did millions of years ago, move through the ether, devoid of men.”

» Provided here for dramatic clarity.


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Just want to let you know that I highly appreciate your work. National socialism is the only solution for a healthy world and our white race. Please keep up the good work in the name of our Great Leader Adolf Hitler. Greetings from a German National Socialist.


In reply to by Logan Cotta (not verified)

Gadaffi and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein were both murdered by the CIA/Mossad. The CIA/Mossad also murdered president JFK for demanding inspectors inspect the Israeli Dimona nuclear plant for weapons. JFK also bad-mouthed the CIA and Rothschild Federal Reserve. All this cost him his life. Libyan leader Gadaffi pointed the finger at JFK's death at Israeli PM Ben Gurion "who gave the go ahead to murder JFK". The video in the link is probably the best one on the subject. Many of the videos in which Gadaffi blames Israel for JFK's death, have 'errors' and otherwise been tampered with. Interesting that Gadaffi and Hussein both wanted an African currency backed by gold, and independent of the Jew Rothschild central bank. Both were murdered.

We are coming for all of you, you cannot stop us. We control everything, the White race is doomed. In 20 years there will be no more white babies. Glory to Israel!

And now a few words about "malinformation," since that word was recently coined to explain what RFK Jr is doing. Typically we see the terms "misinformation" and "disinformation" which are both tools of the Jew (methods of deception, which Jews have mastered). But what exactly is malinformation? Apparently, malinformation is information which is actually true, but becomes problematic with the sharing of this truth, purportedly causing harm to those who do not want the truth to be known, or who are guilty of telling the lie this truth will supplant. The purported harm by telling the truth is derived from either the true statement being shared with those who are not supposed to know the truth, with those who currently believe a convincing but detrimental lie, or when the telling of the truth harms the malinformation target, typically a powerful and wealthy Jew. For example, telling the truth about the holocaust is an example of malinformation. While we know the holocaust to be a lie, telling the truth to cancel this lie harms the Jews, who derive all of their power and privilege from this lie, a lie which also stands as the basis for their ethnic and personal identity. Without a holocaust to justify everything evil the Jews have done to everyone who is not them, the Jew then becomes nothing more than an exposed, lying parasite and a detriment to civilization.

During this week's NSM Weekend show (Harry Hughes 2023-08-25) Harry said something that left me feeling quite incredulous, so today I set out to investigate, confident that what he said was most likely internet bullshit. Harry basically paraphrased, what I have now confirmed (below) in the news.

"The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) has alleged that SpaceX engaged in discrimination against refugees and asylum seekers in its hiring practices in its newest lawsuit. The DoJ says SpaceX refused to hire anyone who wasn’t a U.S. citizen or didn’t have a green card during the period between September 2018 and May 2022. The DoJ says this violated the Immigration and Nationality Act."

What the fuck? As a former employer myself, I understand it is HIGHLY ILLEGAL and you will be SEVERELY PUNISHED if you hire ANYONE who is a non-citizen, anyone without a green card and social security number, then pay them in cash (since you can't file a W-4 for withholding and pay them by check, without the aforementioned credentials). Illegal aliens can't even open a bank account without the aforementioned credentials. There is even a process we must use through the federal government (E-Verify at to VERIFY that anyone we hire is eligible to become an employee and is NOT an illegal alien. The E-Verify requirement facilitates compliance with U.S. immigration law for employment eligibility verification using Form I-9, titled "Employment Eligibility Verification". This form employees must fill out and employers must confirm through E-Verify, then have on file for every employee. Let me explain why we do this: "Title 8 U.S.C. § 1324a(a)(1)(A) makes it unlawful for any person or other entity to hire, recruit, or refer for a fee, for employment in the United States an alien." and "Subsection 1324a(f) provides that any person or entity that engages in a "pattern or practice" of violations of subsection (a)(1)(A) or (a)(2) shall be fined not more than $3000 for each unauthorized alien with respect to whom such a violation occurs, imprisoned for not more than six months for the entire pattern or practice, or both."

So what the actual fuck is going on here? My first impression is that this is attempted lawfare! The DOJ organized crime gang are simply going after Elon Musk, for NOT being a wokie (a practitioner of social-justice). It seems the Jews want to destroy everything great in America – especially our preeminence in space! If these ugly brown squat monsters can't perform space engineering – then Jews must destroy the space industry for equity, or whatever. What do you think? Click "reply" below and share your thoughts.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

There's no end to the Jewish control in almost all aspects of our society. The belief that niggers are equal to us is the very definition of "literal insanity". Forcing Musk and other employers to hire monkeys with a 60 IQ, proves that the jews would rather jeopardize our lives, with inferior products made by inferior "people". Yeah. Diversity is our strength. BULLSHIT. They are code words for white genocide. Equality? Take a walk down any street in Tel Aviv and you won't find a single spook. Where are the Somalians, Haitians and the endless caravan of criminals and rapists? Oh yeah they're here. The kikes are fine with these savages living amongst us, but the walled off Israel has no invaders. The nigger parasites are encouraged to mix with our white woman. They create hideous mixed mongrels with flat noses and huge lips with blond kinky hair. They're disgusting. The fact that we allow the nigger and its offspring to live amongst us is also the very definition of "literal insanity".

Canadian psychologist and internet self-help guru, Jordan Peterson, has just discovered the Jews and their hatred of free speech and of the truth. It seems they have threatened to pull this Ph.D. recipient's license to practice psychology, if he doesn’t agree to be re-educated by them, regarding the factual comments he made on Twitter and the Joe Rogan podcast. Twitter had already suspended his account in June, supposedly for a post about transqueer actor Elliot Page – they say he went afoul of the rules against “hateful conduct.” Following acquisition, Musk re-instated his account, along with millions of others, who were unjustly cancelled.

Peterson's response to the Jewish demands for Orwellian re-education makes a truth teller and free speech absolutist like me, VERY proud. Since they are making the re-education mandatory, lest he be denied his lifelong career path through license revocation – and since he is a Canadian, who does not have a Bill of Rights enumerating his right to free speech, he has just pledged to record all of the re-education process and to make everything; all of the details of what they are doing to him, public. He asks only that we watch what they do to him – and to draw our own conclusions. Jews, like their cousin the cockroach, hate being exposed to sunshine (which always proves to be disinfecting). Hat's off to JBP for joining our fight for free speech! If he ever needs my help to keep his presence online, he has it – he need only to ask. Obviously I know what I'm doing – and like him, I am tops in my field.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

“We have to understand that the polarizing forces that are producing this kind of catastrophe are a very small minority of people.” Of course, what I believe he would like to say, is “small minority of Jewish people” but the Jews have way too much power, in both Canada and America – and they have successfully memed their supposed victimhood, into nearly every White person who is alive today. Whites now feel guilty whenever trying to see the Jews, as the villains they truly are. Credit to the apex parasite Jew, for this apparent total manipulation and domination over much of their host!

“The provocation is being put forward by a very noisy and very dangerous minority of people.”

I am truly thankful, for whatever force or providence that protects me (I suspect it is likely autism) from this complete cultural and ideological overrule, the rewrite of our behavior and purpose. I am free of the Jew (for the most part) but I do severely feel their collective effect, as do we all.

“What should I do about that, I could comply, I could drop my license, I could destroy my life in irritation and anger, or I could just tell the truth and put forward a better vision of the way things could be.” I could not have made a better attestation for National Socialism, than this. Here, on we do tell the truth – and the Jews, with all their financial, political and judicial power at their fingertips, still can not make the truth go away!

You will change this World forever but you need to be quiet about your Actions.
You dont need Fame, your fame will be the laughter of White Children.
Our enemies will be destroyed and from the ashes a new Eden will arise.
We are Everywhere!

How's the situation with Colucci in 2023? We haven't gotten any updates on him for a long period of time.

The radical left will do everything they can to undermine our democracy and take away the rights of the people. They want to install their globalist agenda and take away our freedoms. We must do everything we can to ensure that Donald Trump is reelected in 2024. Otherwise, our country is doomed! #Trump2024


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

I am afraid that is a possibility. I hope that if it happens, the people of America will rise and protest.

We must continue to fight the evil that is globalism. They are coming for us and our families. The only thing that protects us is guns
(which people on the left are desperately trying to ban) and President Trump #MAGA.

Firearms are the only means to retain LIBERTY.
Your freedoms are NOT secured by any God, historical document, or by the bravery of your forefathers.
Your freedoms are only secured because the people who want to take your freedoms from you, fear that when they try, if you are armed, you may end up killing them.


In reply to by DangerousLiberty (not verified)

It's too bad that our Founding Fathers didn't foresee the need to write the Bill of Rights in a way that it could be clearly understood by a 5 year old.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

This should read, for clearer understanding:

A free state and a free people are unnatural and ripe for plunder, by those who crave power and control. History has proven this repeatedly. Tyrants will do anything and everything to seize power and take control over you. Thus, tyrants will without exception, appear within the government, few at first but eventually they will appear in great numbers. Therefore, a free people must necessarily form a private and well trained civil militia, made up of those people who wish to remain free – and that civil militia must be well armed, with the quantity and type of armament necessary to retain their freedom. Thus an armed populace becomes necessary, should a time arise when the people need to counteract an inevitable tyrannical federal government. Because liberty and personal protection are basic human rights deserved by all people, no law shall in any way be passed, which may in any form, infringe upon the people's right to remain armed and able to protect and defend themselves, at all times.

Click "reply" below and share your thoughts on this. Feel free to edit or rewrite the above text in your comment, if you should notice [or wish to clarify] any possible ambiguity. 🙂 Also, let me know if you think I might have made an exemplary Founding Father.

I noticed how much you idiots love to bitch about the Cold War and the former Soviet Union. It is clear from your comments that you do not have any idea what you are talking about.

You claimed that Nixon knew of a Jewish conspiracy. I did some research on this and he actually did. In a conversation from 1972 he and the famous pastor Billy Graham discussed their control over the media specifically, stating, “This stranglehold has got to be broken or this country's going down the drain.” Additionally he also blamed the Jews as being responsible for pornography.

So why then did he not do anything about it? And even worse, the following year he supported the genocidal Zionists by sending weapons and money.

Another question that I have is the reason for your support of Putin. After all, isn’t Russia a Jew-controlled Bolshevik state? Now, I did find a semi-credible explanation for this on Metapedia. It states that Joseph Stalin began a program of purging the Jews from the government and preparing to exterminate them.

Here is the paragraph from the article:

Stalin has often been argued to have been assassinated in 1953. Speculations have included that this was stop a planned anti-Semitic purge and deportation of Jews. Thus, it has been stated that in 1953 "the Kremlin ordered the construction of four giant prison camps in Kazakhstan, Siberia and the Arctic north, apparently in preparation for a second great terror -- this time directed at the millions of Soviet citizens of Jewish descent."

And here’s the link:

Now if this is true then maybe I can see your logic. Maybe he was just a figurehead for all those decades until the last years of his rule, when he assumed executive power. But this does not explain your hatred for the Soviet Union even in the late 1960s and beyond, when they severed diplomatic relations with the Zionists for the second time since the aforementioned failed purge of 1953.

Last thing I have to mention: You are probably wondering why I called you an idiot. That is because you celebrate the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which created a ticking, NUCLEAR time bomb that will start World War III. One must truly be retarded to deny the utter inevitability of global thermonuclear war due to the end of the USSR.

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