The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

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Skilled and superior interactions with the centurions. These men did us proud.

The election was stolen from a president whose platform was "deport the beaners, more money and foreskins for israel" so they could have a puppet who skips the beaners and goes straight to importing rapey haitians instead in the millions, it's blatantly obvious they've kicked the genocide machine into overdrive because too many of the goyim know.

If you're still wringing your hands like it's 1980 and "ronald reagan will start WW3, he's not a REAL conservative like George HW Bush, we need good optics!" then you're fucking retarded. I literally don't care about white people who are too dumb to realize their existence is being threatened at this point.


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Of course a Jew would be horrified to learn that THE GOYIM KNOW.

The Jew would instantly seek to SHUT IT DOWN.

But not this time. This time the Jew is powerless! All the Jew can do is whine and exclaim what a failure our exercise in red pilling the Goyim appears to be, from a Jewish perspective, pushing his Jewish ideas in vain. I don't think Jewish deception is going to work this time, Jew.

I am proud of the brave white patriots for exercising their 1st amendment rights to expose the Jewish conspiracy against the white race!

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide how much of this Jewish behavior is calculated theatrical display designed to impress the lemmings and how much of it is based on a genuine conviction that Jews are entitled to do whatever they want to the Gentiles, and the Gentiles aren’t entitled to defend themselves. If one sees the Jews outside the London court shrieking their hatred at David Irving or listens to Brooklyn Bernie on the radio in New York mouthing his hatred of me, one cannot help but remember that the Romans 2,000 years ago regarded the Jews as the most hate-filled race in their empire. But we also must remember that the Jews are in fact a theatrical people, whose whole existence has been based on illusion and deception.
In the case of David Irving’s libel suit against Deborah Lipstadt, they really were worried that if the court decided that he wasn’t a “Holocaust denier” for pointing out that some of the specific “Holocaust” claims are bogus, then their whole body of “Holocaust” mythology, of “Holocaust” dogma would come unraveled. If historians are permitted to examine and investigate the “Holocaust” piece by piece, instead of being required to swallow it whole, then it not only loses much of its substance as the bogus components are removed, it also loses its mythical quality; it loses its ability to inspire awe in the lemmings. And to the Jews this is extremely important. The “Holocaust” is a shield they use to cover many things, and it is an effective shield only when it is able to inspire awe.
The reason the Jews become so nervous and defensive when anyone begins asking questions about any detail of the “Holocaust” is that they use it as a shield. They also make an enormous amount of money from the “Holocaust” story. But mainly it is a shield to cover some very questionable activities of theirs. Consider the state of Israel, for example. While we bomb other countries to rubble that are suspected of attempting to develop nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons — Iraq for example — we completely ignore Israel’s development of a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. While we impose a starvation blockade on Iraq, we actually facilitate Israel’s use of military technology stolen from us to build doomsday weapons. We pretend not to notice when Israel thumbs its nose at the rules which apply to everyone else…
…Why is that? Why do the ordinary rules of behavior not apply to Israel? Well, of course, it is the “Holocaust.” Any criticism of Israel, any questioning of Israel, immediately brings the accusation of “anti-Semitism” and images of heaps of dead Jews, fake lampshades, gas chambers, crematoria, and so on. That’s why Israel’s arrogant, strutting, toad-like little prime minister, Ehud Barak, was among those Jews crowing about the Irving verdict last month. When the verdict was announced Barak told the New York Times about the importance of the “Holocaust” to Jews, and he concluded his statement by alluding to Israel’s illegal arsenal of weapons of mass destruction when he boasted about his country’s military strength, which, he said, is great enough now so that “no one in the world will dare rise against the Jewish nation.” And the American taxpayers are still paying billions of dollars every year to maintain the Jewish nation’s illegal arsenal, so that Barak can make that boast.
[From the National Vanguard essay by William Pierce, “Shielding Evil.”]

For Jews to call us antisemitic is misdirection, because Arabs are semites and are nowhere near as anti-White as Jews. Also, Arabs have some healthier attitudes towards trannies, criminals, etc..

I am racially conscious, and that covers my thoughts about semitic Arabs. They are in the category "muds." The precise word to describe our feelings towards Jews is "Shlomophobic," "Shlomophobe." A fun word. We are a shlomophobic movement. Yes, we are afraid of Jews because we know they want to exterminate us, and are actually making tremendous progress with this primary program of theirs.


In reply to by Dave (not verified)

Currently the DSM-5 uses the terms philosemitism, Judeophilia and antisemitism, Judeophobe as established scientific terminology, to describe those who love and those who hate Jews, respectively.

Ask what certificates Mamzer Colluci has… he isn’t ordained. Just because he attended a Christian gathering don’t mean anything. He has never used Christianity as an anti-thesis to Jews and their religion (Judaism).

Only a fool would read this and take it seriously.

Im tired of these nigger sissy babys removing my servers cuz it hurts their weak nigger feelings. What do you guys use to host your webserver? I am trying to run a pro white nationalist page in Germany but it keeps getting taken down by crying niggers. I've tried hetzner, ovh, etc all of them censor me. Tired of these niggers forcing their politics down my throat. If you guys could tell me what server host you use that would be great. Also your domain provider would be nice.


In reply to by Jerry Johnson (not verified)

Please don't take offense at what I am about to say, but you are accusing Niggers (vicious, primitive apes, who have no ability to use the Internet, outside of the twitter app) of something they are absolutely incapable of doing; censoring you. It is not Niggers behind this wave of global censorship, but rather, the Jews. The fact you over-zealously use the word Nigger (when everyone in this movement knows it's Jews) along with the username "Jerry Johnson" where "Jerry" is quite Jewish and "Johnson" is, well, Nigger slang for penis, while probing for useful take-down information. Well, let's just say I find that a bit disconcerting. Because so far, you haven't mentioned Jews, not once, which suggests you might actually BE a Jew.

You claim to be German, but I know many German Nationalsozialisten and they write much different from your style of writing. Yes, I am as much analyzing your written words, as you are mine. What methods I use to keep NSM88 online, is nothing short of miraculous, requiring absolutely heroic measures and dedication on my part. Most people have no idea what is involved to keep sites like these online. Most people don't realize how much money the Jews spend, in their attempts to shut these things down. Yes, while I've been managing and building this website for the NSM, we have had several setbacks, caused by the Jews. Whenever we wound up relying on any third party providers, those vendors would eventually shut us down.

We recently lost Blog Talk Radio as a service provider, even though we steadfastly followed their arbitrary and capricious rules. So now we are doubling down, just to show the Jews that we can't be bullied. We lost a shitty 8bit 11khz audio only stream, our primary method of outreach and are replacing it now with 480p video (with 44khz stereo audio). Total win in my book. The Jews can suck dog dicks (if the dogs will let them).

Obviously I can't go into many details regarding the things I have learned and (thanks to the Jews) the talent I grew, by talking about my skill set in avoiding take-downs, at least not in a public forum. That would be stupid. Clearly, I am not stupid. But what I can say is that I am now likely the best in the industry at avoiding take-downs and DDoS attacks. And as an IT professional, that is a debt of gratitude, I can only bestow upon the evil Jew and their Antifa supplicants, as they try to deny us our Constitutional right to free speech. This last sentence is not necessarily directed at you. You psychotic Jewish vampires taught me how to defeat you, and for that knowledge, I profusely thank you. "Thanks Jews!" This skill set and knowledge that I now possess, could not have been learned in any other way. Trial through the fires of hell is by far, always the best teacher.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

The Jews want to do bad but are doing good! Wait until the average German realizes the holo was a hoax.. It won't be a long wait.

As I have quoted, "embodying all that is evil, the Jews spur us on to oppose them, and thus we have become more conscious of our own."

The Jews are not so much inadvertently educating us as they are FORGING us. Making us so much more of what we already are. They are pumping us up by constantly infuriating us. While the slower White masses succumb to their sophisticated media propaganda, when we see what's going on on the electronic jew and in our schools we are driven to full-expression of whom we are. We do understand that Jewry know this, but they have no choice; smoke and mirrors is all they have, and they are frantic. Thus they are out in the open unloading at full throttle. It's a gas.

The use of White Supremacy is utilized that there is only a negative connotation about White Supremacy the love or care for your own preservation is not negative when you have others wanting to take down, destroy or rid you of your own country, and culture and DNA, this is war against Western People, the act of saying white supremacy is bad.


In reply to by Western World (not verified)

White supremacy is an easy to prove fact. White man walked on the moon. White supremacy is thus exemplified. Niggers on the other hand, were unable to stop Whites from capturing them and forcing them into servitude. This remained true for hundreds of years, with the Nigger ape beast never in all that time, finding any way to free itself from bondage. It required White men to free the Nigger. White supremacy is thus, fully established as an undeniable fact.

God bless the GDL and the National Socialist Movement!

Robert Joel Cota 31 living in Pensacola has been rapping a girl since she was 7 years old now 12 years old after Cota confessed to pastor.

This is much better, they protected, I prefer this over Nazi, they existed over 100 years.

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