The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

This is what activism looks like.


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There are several valid reasons for the system we have in place. Foremost, is the risk of someone posting something illegal, which gives the leftist government justification for taking down our servers. Right now the government, as much as they would like to, legally can do nothing to silence us, because we are protected by the Bill of Rights. But if you (or they) were to post say, a death threat against a federal employee, they can immediately take action. Even if we are not charged with any crime, as we are protected by 47 USC § 230, the servers and everything we have created on them, would be physically taken and held as evidence of a crime for years. We have had thousands of illegal posts made on this system since its inception. I won't even go into what they have said. Second would be the trolls, who post low-grade racist posts intended to make the NSM look bad. I have let some of these go through, but lately I have not. And lastly, since I can't use google captcha, as google blocks us of course, I have just a simple text based captcha to stop all but the most determined spammers. It has worked well for a while when it was new, but now we get spammed pretty hard once more. The word needs to be changed regularly, but I don't really want to change it, because I like it. So I hope that explains the reasons for the hold and review method that we have in place. So if you make a post that seems serious and is not stupid or trollish, it will be published. Worth noting, since we "became famous" recently, I have let some of the first anti-Nazi posts go through, but between 5 and 6 thousand more have not been allowed through, because it is simply too much of the same thing. The first to spew vitriol against us had a voice, but the rest have not. Sorry. There has to be a balance, this is our website after all. If we had a 50 to 1 negative ratio, it wouldn't be appealing to anyone.


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When people spew "vitriol" against us, it only shows they're stupidity in not being able to convince us we might be wrong. The JEW always uses 4 letter words to communicate with us, simply because they can't refute our arguments for example, that they own the media and the White House. And that is unacceptable for 2% of the population TO BE HANDED AND GIVEN that much power.

The niggers keep proving my point. The ones that say we don't have a culture are completely jealous they know we have a culture they know they cannot be like us I keep seeing nig celebrities with blonde hair knowing damn well that ain't their style. The niggers seem to know they are a useless species and always has been. Like seriously Every article that shows European history has at least one or two jealous niggers it the comment section. THEY HATE US BECAUSE THEY AINT US!


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Niggers everywhere try to look as White as possible, because they look in the mirror and see "gorilla" just as we look directly at them and see the same.

In the game of life, we have genetic winners and genetic losers. Niggers adapted for survival where ugly apparently works better than pretty (the harsh environment of Africa).

We are lucky to have him show up here to give us very sound advice borne of decades of experience. I too, cannot stomach hostility in my safe space. It's like taking a vacation to Iceland to have respite from niggers and checking into your hotel only to see several sheboons each toting a few pickaninnies exiting rooms adjacent to yours.

So out of frustration I sent an email to an NSM officer whose position most closely pertains to donations. I stated that sometimes I feel it's a black hole, in not knowing if our donations are getting through. And of course, there are negroes working in the post office. I go back a few years with this cause, and don't want to keep posting my credit card information all over the internet. How about sending donations to a regional unit instead of just one address?

The host counties the zionist likes infested to be subverted to zionist israel. demanding tax money be sent to israel, demanding wars be fought for israel supporting open borders for other countries and closed borders for israel none of these things are conservative. The zionist are not conservative from any perspective aside from a zionist jewish kike one. No such thing as a jew like conservative, only
jewish zionist kike. The zionist safe haven in other words kikes nest is in ny and the zionist got a lot more power after they did 911. The biggest mistake was the Sicilian mob boss lucky Charlie Luciano breaking the Italian mafia’s omertà by accepting the jew kike meyer lansky. Rudy Giuliani sold out nyc turned time square into a disney world for multiculturalism and diversity safe haven.. From there bloom berg took over ny’s oldest historical district the Fulton Fish Market that was built and run by German Americans Irish Americans and Italian Americans.

The fucking jew kike bloomberg went there with his black niggers puppets bodyguard that had there ccw firearms with them. I told the Irish Americans and Italian Americans while John Gotti was locked up in jail. bloomberg the fucking kike said it’s time for change, and what his agenda was a anti White anti USA and a multicultural diversity with overpriced and high crimes. A change for the worst.

Here is the video link-

The Original Retro Richie®
United States Landmarks & Historical Preservationists

Quote: Staying Original, Classical, National, Cultural, & Traditional.
Note: The ⚡️⚡️were 100% Right.

Built in Hamburg Germany in 1911 and saved from nyc 2022

As a US Landmarks, & Historical Preservationist I used my powers to convince the German parliament to save it`s National historic seventeen story four mast beautiful, & majestic barque sail ship that was built by Blohm & Vossin in Hamburg Germany on 1911 named the Peking ship.

This ship was a gift from Germany to the real NY in 1974, & in 2017 the fake anti White & anti USA nyc wanted to scrap her at the Arthur Kills grave yard in Staten Island ny.. But myself, & a few others managed to save her from the modern jewish kikery laws of multicultural, & diversity that creates a shit hole.

(The Good News is: Germany is waking up about the anti White multicultural/diversity agenda that jews are doing.)

German historical preservationist having a saving: Der Erfolg hat viele Väter. Translated in English: Success has many fathers.

Today she is 99% fully restored.. the only thing that Germany can`t do right now, due to it`s liberal government, is fly the original flag: The German Empire flag which colors are the black, white, & red, stripes.

Here is the link below-

In the second link below you`ll see the full 99% restoration of Germany`s historical ship, completed.

Here is the link below-…

*Bonus a must see very rare footage: The Peking Battles Cape Horn was filmed by Captain Irving Johnson in 1929, & was voiced over by him in 1980.
Note: The Captain of the barque Peking Ship in 1929 was a German Captain named - ""Max Jürgen Heinrich Jürs""

Here is the link below-

The Original Retro Richie®
United States Landmarks, & Historical Preservationists.

Quote: Staying Original, Classical, National, Cultural, & Traditional.

Quote: Be resourceful, the environment is your ally, & remember, nature cannot be beaten, so if you & nature are as one, you cannot be beaten. (N.S.M.=Nature)

(niggers, spics, faggots, & kikes=plastic not natural & cancer that needs to be separated/removed)

Note: The ⚡️⚡️were 100% Right. Sieg Heil 14-88

So if liberals are saying how terrible and racist america is then it probably isn’t safe to support immigration, right? What a contradiction.

What do you guys think about Atomwaffen Division?
However because National Socialist Movement is not for terrorism I'm completely on their side.

-White Pride Worldwide!


In reply to by Eli Tolstov (not verified)

What do I think personally? I actually loved their edgy posters, the best in the movement – albeit wholly ineffective with more normative folk. Atomwaffen Division actually contacted me regarding keeping a website up for them. At first I wanted the challenge – just to see if I could do it, but then I remembered the number of murders, planned terrorist attacks and other criminal acts they have been responsible for and declined. I am not a criminal, nor do I support criminal acts. But I do love their edgy posters.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

It wasn't their white supremacism, extremism or terrorism that brought them down. It was their petty jewish tactics of name and shame that got them. Only jews and those on the left are allowed to do that.

National Socialism is a union of causes rather than aims,[i] and certainly the present form of government in Germany is unimaginable without the history of the last twenty years. The Great War immensely furthered the popular sense of unity, and augmented German national consciousness. Versailles created in the midst of Europe a nation with an acute sense of grievance. The early attempts to enforce the Treaty without modification resulted in the inflation, which had serious social and eventually political consequences. Hitler’s most important individual contribution to the theory and practice of Nazism was his deep understanding of mass psychology and mass propaganda. He stressed the fact that all propaganda must hold its intellectual level at the capacity of the least intelligent of those at whom it is directed and that its truthfulness is much less important than its success.Nazism attempted to reconcile conservative, nationalist ideology with a socially radical doctrine. In so doing, it became a profoundly revolutionary movement. You can do the same , along with our history can be written which way??


In reply to by joe (not verified)

> He stressed the fact that all propaganda must hold its intellectual level at the capacity of the least intelligent of those at whom it is directed

Donald Trump also used this key marketing technique, which is to keep his language and vocabulary at about the 3rd grade level – and NEVER use multisyllabic words. This of course made Trump seem rather stupid, but it is a well known and highly successful marketing technique. At one time, I had a salesman working for me who reminded me of Trump. He was a world-class salesman who knew all the tricks. This ability (which I totally lack) is worth quite a lot. It is key to Trump's business success as well as his success in becoming the most dominant player within the GOP.

> and that its truthfulness is much less important than its success.

I am all about truth, I am programmed at the genetic level to be so. Asperger's (what the Jews call a developmental disorder, because we are unreachable by Jewish mind control) is my super power. But it also makes me averse to lying. Contrast that with the tremendous success the Jews have had with their lying. Remember when Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA-JEW) convincingly claimed that he had proof of Russian collusion by Trump and the Trump campaign? Obviously he did not, as he never presented it – and never will, as his deception and lies, as well as the rampant election fraud got him what he wanted. But watch this video and see how convincing this Jew is with his lying. And do take note, the lying you see in this video, by this disingenuous piece of shit, has so far been without consequence.

However the consequences of this lying you see in the video is forth coming, as come January when the Republicans take control over the House, this dangerous and immoral lying Jew will be asked to present this proof – or be stripped of his duties as chair of the House Intelligence Committee, removed from the House committee investigating Jan 6 – basically he's about to be stripped of every important committee that he is on and left to be nothing more than one vote in the House. We can't have den Juden und ihren Lügen (the Jews and their lies) distorting justice – especially not in the halls of law.


In reply to by joe (not verified)

If more "Nazis" were as conscious as you, then they wouldn't be failing so hard. Hitler had TENS OF MILLIONS of supporters, yet they can barely get thousands. Because they lack the leadership skills and people skills. I can't count the racial slurs just on the home page. These are not the old school Nazis. They're just a caricature. It's a shame.


In reply to by S (not verified)

First off, you're responding to copypasta, the person who composed the comment you're responding to didn't actually write it. They found it here.…

Now you say the NSM lacks leadership and people skills, so why don't you join the NSM and show us how it's done? You won't of course, because you're just another pathetic and obedient Goyim supplicant.

"I can't count the racial slurs just on the home page." Really? The Goyim supplicant who claims superiority can't count? The number is six, the word Nigger appears six times on the index (main) page, at this time, using unix tools to pull, columnize and count the epithets. And there are four on page two.

"These are not the old school Nazis." The NSM are American Nazis, the-most-Nazi-like group in the USA, the only organization with the guts to sport the Hakenkreuz, the one true symbol of the White race. Everyone else uses the black sun or what have you. Cowards, all. Cowardice is unbecoming of a Nazi. Now run along little Goyim, as I'm sure you have many more Jewish cocks to suck before the end of the day. 🙂

150,000 jews served in Hitlers miltary this included 2 field marshals ,15 Generals 8 Lietenants and 5 major Generals that commanded 100,000 The NSM will never get it with the people that are willing support the group because everyone that steps up even behind the scenes they act like school kids in a school yard after a kick ball game! The membership of the NSM we now no consists of secret undercover FBI and or just C I s waiting for something to report or talk about? Is this the truth? Well nobody can really know for sure maybe the fact that nothing appears to ever be on the up and up, great voices come and go but the same old boring faces just keep appearing on the poster board of trouble makers. How about taking a tone of unity and getting involved with constructive conversation that can bring about honest change not from within but within the communities of the White population? Let us see what reaction this comment can get??? Learn from history ! Who was the agent that hacked my facebook???


In reply to by joe (not verified)

> 150,000 jews served in Hitlers miltary this included 2 field marshals ,15 Generals 8 Lietenants and 5 major Generals

The great thing about this free speech platform is that the truth tellers are able to do just that – to tell the truth, without being censored for doing so. Now the way I tell the truth is simple. I state what I perceive to be true, then follow it with supporting evidence. Yes, all over the Internet you see claims that Hitler himself was a Jew, or that he was secretly working for Jewish interests, OR as what you said, that there were thousands of Jews serving in the Wehrmacht. I say this is BULLSHIT. Jews are a people so horrible, that the worst thing they can do to those they hate – is to claim that their enemy is actually one of them. Jews sully their enemies by calling them Jews! To me, this is the damnedest thing. But at least the Jews at their very core, know how awful they are. They probably think this is funny, like a skunk laughing about its own stink.

Now to support my argument. Are there currently any Jews in the USA military? Have there ever been any at all? Is there even one Jew serving in the U.S. military today? Because it is widely known that Jews don't participate in the U.S. military today, this suggests a pattern of Jewish disloyalty to their host nations, thus one could perceive they did not participate in Germany, rendering this claim to likely be nothing more than just Jewish lies and deception, intent on smearing the memory and reputation of the third reich. Other than this rationalization, it would be difficult today, to prove or disprove any claim such as this (other than how ridiculous it sounds). I've often said it would have been better if Jews were born with horns like Hellboy, making them easier to identify, when they are cryptically hidden among Whites. Jews use their ability to casually blend with Whites, in order to get away with their take-over of positions of power and influence. Only the most critical eye, can spot the Jews.

> The membership of the NSM we now no consists of secret undercover FBI and or just C I s waiting for something to report

That is a somewhat legitimate concern, however I can give many counter-arguments. Although most people take one look at Burt and say "he's a cop" because he has the strength and physical presence of someone in law enforcement, but the tattoos he has, says otherwise. Undercover cops aren't marked with racist symbols. You can't become a member of law enforcement if you are marked with racist symbols. And using Hal Turner (a paid FBI informant, as disclosed by the SPLC) as a template, what the Commander is doing is all wrong. Hal Turner as I recall, wanted a lot of personal information, which I never gave. Even the former NSM commander Jeff Schoep wanted personal information, which I would never give (like a social security number). What does Burt want? He wants only a name, something we can call you by, he doesn't care if it's your real name and suggest that you don't use your real name, as NO background checks are ever run on anyone joining the NSM. We also need a contact method, like a burner phone number or email address AND THAT'S IT. If the NSM is an FBI honeypot, it's a piss poor one, as Burt doesn't keep lists of NSM members. And since I have accidentally found myself around a few obvious honey traps on Gab a few times in the past, you know the moment you are in one, just as soon as they start discussing criminal acts. It's at that moment you get out and block everyone discussing illegal acts.

The NSM for as long as I have been involved with this organization, has NEVER plotted any criminal acts! The members of the NSM are in 100% agreement, that everything the NSM does is 100% LEGAL. Yes, we exercise our first and second amendment rights to the absolute max, including what most people ridiculously define as "hate speech," but this activity is LEGAL in the United States, anyone can do it, regardless of your feelings, but only if you know how to avoid corporate censorship (as you will generally be deplatformed by the corporate arm of Jewish government, for doing it). Free speech is our most basic civil right. Jews deny us that right. And I will tell you this, the moment small groups form in the NSM around some hot head member and start plotting criminal activities, either that shit stops immediately OR I AM OUT! I'm not an anarchist nor am I a terrorist. I probably back the blue (or better, back the IDEA of rule of law) more than any other in the NSM. For example, I am not involved with bowl patrol or atomwaffen division, even as both have asked me to help them with a website, because obviously I could keep their shit online (both are currently offline) but I flat turned them down, as they don't fully adhere to the law. I want only to restore our Republic WITHIN the confines of the law, if possible. I do however also believe that the level of division within the United States is the greatest it has ever been since our Republic was founded. We may now be on the precipice of a civil race war, but I am not fomenting said war. I think everyone pretty much realizes that the Jews have purposefully manufactured more division in America today, than at any other time in history, even more than that of the last civil war. The fact that civil war has not already broken out between leftist and conservative states, should surprise everyone (especially as national elections are obviously being stolen by these leftist states, via their crooked voting policies) causing ALL of us to suffer. Economic and employment conditions aside, the current administration just enacted the so-called "Respect for Marriage Act" which is anything but! They have codified SODOMY as the law of the land. America is now a nation of sodomites. America is therefore, doomed in the eyes of God.

When the U.S. supreme court tossed out the Texas lawsuit challenging the 2020 election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin – on the basis that those states implemented insecure and illegal changes to election procedures, which cast into question the election results, the supreme court made the ridiculous decision that Texas did not have standing to bring the case. This demonstrated clearly how crooked and Jewish our federal government has become at every level, even the highest level. The supreme court exists primarily for handling disputes between state governments, just as the Constitution in article III, section 2, clause 1 clearly states. "The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases … to Controversies between two or more States; between a State and Citizens of another State, between Citizens of different States … making it very clear that the primary function of the SCOTUS would have been to settle this dispute. Instead, the court wrote, "Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections." allowing these crooked Democrat Jew-run states to over-rule the majority will of We the People through simple vote fraud. The supreme court should never allow states to certify obviously fraudulent election results. Eventually, the corruption at every level of governance will be exposed, showing why the supreme court refused to take this case and determine the constitutionality of these four states failure to follow federal and state election law. This is unavoidable, as America is finally starting to wake up to the JEWISH QUESTION, as everyone in America is suffering greatly under the current usurpation administration, which can only tell lies about how bad things really are. Even the Jewish and democrat media are starting to question these lies (that's how bad things are).

> Let us see what reaction this comment can get??? Learn from history ! Who was the agent that hacked my facebook???

Yes, let's see what reaction your comments, followed by my salient retort will produce. Since I don't know who "Joe" is (unless you are Joe Gibson) I don't know what facebook account has been "hacked" by your estimation. My own facebook account only suffers from occasional censorship, where things simply disappear that the Jews don't like – usually just edgy stuff, I never post true violations of their rules (even tho they claim I often run afoul). I've had more 30 day bans than I can count. Today I only use facebook to keep up with the few friends that I have there, as it is a pointless waste of time, when places such as Gab now exist. 🙂


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Well what kind of comments will follow? First You just stated your comment in a professional reply, so I hve nothing at all negative to say that could attack the content of your character,nor should I anyway just because we may disagree somewhat or even agree more of the latter? I will always have a civil discussion unless others or other provacutors begi there heckles of crap. Then like any other White Male the gloves come off. But Jews serving in the Hitlers miltary I am sorry there is so much evidence and photgraphed evidence out and about that is not distorted or altered that most clearly proves my comment to be true. Adolf Hitler himself had exempted Rosenberg from being sent away to a concentration camp despite being a Jew involved in the Nazi war effort. Also please see The election well that is a another story of the American people not rising up and doing what was required of them and the jews played a part but the Roman Empire and its A,merican judges on the Supreme court played even a larger one. My heart and soul is with rthe NSM and its very foundation But many of the memebrs i cannot stand side by side with at this point and time for reasons that need not be aired out on a website like this or in fact any other platform Who was the agent that hacked your facebook also? Trust me i would love to find out and in time usually dirt will come out but hopefully not at the price of good members that are just trying to fight for race and country . Wise to always remain cool tempered and stand with out blemish or corruption because the idoits shouting or calling True Patroits names for loving there own people and angry about the country going to hell in a hand basket. Really public activism should never be a shouting match with stupid A sim,ple solid stare at the feable minded will drive them away and if they are drugged up or under any other mind control and attack then of course it is our God given right to defend our space and ground and i do not need a law to tell me that either. Facebook I agree really it is becoming pointless to obtain information from sites like that and Gab does appear to be the best place for now ,so i agree with you on that portion of your comment.!!!!!!!!!!!! Lety us grow and strengthen from with in and reach outrward to embrace the many that need a organization that can address the concerns of our people

First off,hail the great Grandfather for his effort to keep us informed and motivated. We need more Mein Kampf in our lives. However, I would like to address the animosity that seems to come out of Commander Burt's mouth about other organizations,and that the NSM is the leading white nationalist / national socialist organization,doing more than anyone else. I have always admired and supported the NSM, but the last time they went out and protested the drag queens in Florida,they looked so disorganized, they looked downright out of place.If you take a look around the country,at all the various movements or organizations,it seems to me that they are all putting in work,and the numbers are up across the board. The GDL is killing it with their flyer campaign,making news across the country daily. And as far as minorities in the movement, here is the truth. If a nigger can help name the Jew,or any other shitskin for that matter,all the better. Because all races are united in the fight against the Jew, and all races are beginning to be more open about that fact. So 1st we destroy and remove the Jew with the understanding that once that is accomplished,we then part ways with the niggers and spics and we go to war against each other for the fate of the nation, for the fate of Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain and South Africa. It's not that hard to comprehend. I would align with the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam to █████████ and ███████████ the Jew here in America, and then the alliance would be over. So,the takeaway from all of this is let's stop with all of this in fighting and dick measuring contests and realize we are stronger together,then we are pointing fingers. We could have a Charlottesville times 5 right now if we all stood together. The infighting will be our downfall,because while we are fighting each other,the niggers will move in for the kill . Hail all those fighting this war everyday,hail all those to come. Because time is running short for our people. Hail the NSM. 14/88

Webmaster's note: please note that threats of violence, even those which might be argued or construed as political hyperbole and thus ruled by the Supreme Court as legal, are not permitted here, out of an abundance of caution. We don't need any lengthy and expensive court battles against an enemy who has an unlimited budget (where the burdensome process becomes the punishment). As you of all people should know, the NSM is a 100% legal organization, we abide by U.S. federal law in regard to free speech, which includes limitations, such as "true threats of violence" which is why two words were redacted above. Also note, if I know who you are, it is possible the partisan political opposition, known as the FBI (who watch this site like a hawk) also know who you are. Please keep that in mind. You of all people need to remain within the confines of legally protected free speech, which I should note for the most part, you do. 🙂


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

You make a valid point, the NSM is not currently as active as the GDL and that is unfortunate. However the Commander, along with command staff, feels it is prudent for him not to take any risks, not while he has two felony hate crime charges pending in the courts. I argued that he could participate in Orlando, but he simply must stand back if things go bad. He said he could never do that, so it was decided that he should be conspicuously absent. The (not "drag" but FAG queen) protests looked pretty standard for the NSM, which specializes in uniformed and somewhat theatrical protests. If you think you could have helped to make the event even better, you should have traveled down to Florida to help out and play a part. 🙂 The event you saw is pretty much what people expect from the NSM, which is now significantly more visually provocative than any other organization.

As for aligning with Niggers, here I disagree. Niggers are nothing but trouble. Yes, they currently have an amazing amount of privilege (which White Nazis obviously don't have) but that privilege only applies to them. If they should cross the line and break the law, they get released from custody, while YOU (being both White and Nazi) do not. So if they break the law, you go to prison while they do not. How does this help the movement? Niggers are a danger to themselves and to everyone around them – they are a liability, for all the reasons enumerated at the link below.

So while I applaud formerly Jew-owned Niggers like Kanye West sacrificing himself and his fortune to name and blame the Jew (with billions of dollars in losses that he will never be able to recover) I don't really want to work with them, as they are too stupid (in this case, no better than a 3rd grade education) and thus dangerous and a liability for all the reasons cited at the above link. Niggers unintentionally end up harming themselves and everyone around them. It's best just to stay clear of them and applaud their efforts against Jewish evil from afar. Rockwell may have taken the bold step to try to work with Niggers, but I would never agree with such a move. Only Whites can be nationalsozialisten and the NSM will remain a Whites-only private organization.

Regarding the in-fighting, I agree this is the White downfall. Time and again the Jew is able to manipulate the White race into fighting with one another. This must stop! However I am at a loss as to finding a way for this will stop.


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

Understood, but we can't work with Niggers. They are quite literally made of failure. They are a failed hominid sub-species, just waiting to go extinct – but they don't go extinct. Instead, they just become obese and breed like rats, thanks to EBT. If you want my advice regarding Niggers – just steer clear of them. Let the Niggers do what the Niggers do, which is always centered around violence and destruction. The Jews are currently attacking these Jew-made-famous Niggers for speaking out. Niggers are of course upset by this and will eventually respond the way Niggers always respond – violently. Niggers are the highest entropy hominid on earth, while conversely, the White European is actually disentropic, the polar opposite of the Nigger. The Jew never actually had anything to fear by attacking Whites – but it was the gravest mistake of their existence, to attack these famous and highly admired Blacks. Just watch and see how all this plays out over time. My best guess, would be not so well for the Jew.

Lame,you won't post my comment. Can't handle the truth. Completely too full of yourselves to take any criticism. And don't hit me with the "what have you done". I've done and am doing plenty.So, I'll look forward then to hearing the same lame bullshit,right?? Fucking gay

Webmaster's note: I was sleeping when you posted these two messages, which were only about three hours apart. I was up all last night dealing with a large organized group of attackers, which were causing service disruptions. For whatever reason, these assholes always come at night and seem to be state sponsored with massive resources, so I have to be up when they are active. I have never censored anyone who posts a well thought out and meaningful message. I only censor obvious spam, attempted sqli attacks, pointless stupidity, such as a one word post stating "Niggers" and so forth. Given that even the Daily Stormer no longer says the word "Nigger" as part of their service agreement, we are now by default, the most free speech website in America – someone please correct me if I am wrong. Two other functioning free speech sites would be Telegram (founded by Russian billionaire Pavel Durov) and 4chan (currently owned by Japanese internet entrepreneur Hiroyuki Nishimura) with all the others out there, subject to highly restrictive terms of service agreements.


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

Webmaster,who knows who I am, I must apologize for ranting on. It looks like I was just being impatient. But I seriously thought that you were censoring me because of hurt feelings or for criticizing the opinions on infighting and the lack of unity in the movement . This 1st amendment is worth fighting for, especially when you feel you have been silenced . Please note, I was not,and never will advocate for violence on any of the sites,the choice of words could be interpreted that way,so I state it here and now,no violence!!! So, I am relieved now that you have posted my message to all who shall read it . As happens here from time to time,a misunderstanding followed by an apology. Thank you,and I will work on being more patient .14/88


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

A most plausible reason for the assumption that your post would be deleted, is you expected it to be – due to the criticality it contained. No apology necessary. It is atypical to find a free speech absolutist anywhere these days. 🙂 I have an API which notifies me the moment a post is made, so often I accept and publish comments fairly quickly, if I'm around. But sometimes I do sleep and at weird hours, so I don't always get to them right away. And just so you know, disavowing violence after the fact doesn't work in a legal sense. But that's why I decided (unlike everywhere else online) to review every comment before they go live. As all it takes is one death threat to a federal employee and the FBI demands records, which I won't give (as who visits our website is none of their business) and the best way to avoid such demands, is to prevent anything illegal from becoming published in the first place, as section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects us from anything you might say on our platform – but it does not mean the FBI can't force us to turn over everything on our server, so they can find and prosecute you. Obviously this is partly for your benefit as well, because as a precaution, I redact rather than delete messages which might cause issues. I may even be a little over-zealous in this regard.

ᛟTrue American Supremacyᛟ

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