The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

2021 NSM Nationals in Arizona

Commander Colucci and others speaking.

2021 NSM Nationals Continuation

The conclusion of the NSM Nationals for 2021.



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However if it is legal to say, you may say it here. We don't censor anything, other than illegal speech or obvious advertisement spam. However by having no captcha at all, we do get a lot of spam. I personally find captchas to be annoying and will forestall using one, for as long as possible.

I also find glowposting to be annoying as well, we do get a lot of that too. The reason why we personally review every post, is because our government and their operatives are opposed to the Bill of Rights and seek to use any work-around at their disposal, to shut this site down. Our government hates the ugly and inconvenient truth and therefore labels the truth as hate (which it is not).

Unlike most platforms online, the unvarnished truth may be freely spoken here! ? We encourage you to speak your mind and to say things which you otherwise would not – without fear of reprisal.

That said of course, let's try to keep our conversations here to the highest possible standards – to standards which are expected of the great White race, the most amazing and incredible people in the known universe! ?

You People are risking Your very Lives, defending a White Race, who are totally Brainwash When I see white people defending the must ugliness sub-humans on eath Namely Niggers!
Certainly, National Socialism would be the right Answer.
Only feel it is all waste of time. but you people are truly Brave.


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My step father of German heritage once told me he was proud of Germany except what "Hitler did to the Jews". The man is educated and well off , I tried as gently as I could to explain that he swallowed a lot of wartime propaganda and sent him a copy of the "Bad War" a revisionist jaw dropping history book.

Sadly , I know he didn't read it such is the level of mind control .
The Jew occultists know the mechanics of the human soul and part of the trick is they know people don't want to admit they have been fooled also the peer pressure thing.
We must be ready to admit error....We all make mistakes. Older people understandably just want to live out the rest of their lives in peace after working so hard. Perhaps directing energy to the younger generation who have NO FUTURE under Jew world communism. No matter what your race....EVERYONE will be deemed "non- essential" White people and their culture rising up TERRORIZES the Jew world order !


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We could careless, but hey Atleash we ain't chanting kill all black people unlike blm and Antifa that's chanting to kill all white people, Your A hypocrite and your quite frankly offended or you wouldn't be on this site. But anyways yall can settle down with that hate against whites. If it wasn't for us there wouldn't be a country that's named America ,So respect us. God Bless America And God Bless EUROPE. Seig Heil


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I find it ironic that you call us "white ass holes", when you're litteraly named after us. Guessing your ancestors knew how to respect their betters. You could learn from them. You may think you're "Kings", but without us, you would still be digging dirt huts, and eating lice, from each other's heads.


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Actually nigger you don't understand. Normally I don't reply
to half IQ apeoids, but this is really for the rest of you niggers
and 'jews' and stupid anti-White race traitors out there as well.
A White woman, a real racialist White woman would never have sex
outside her race. So the thing you bring up, hoping to piss off White NSM members just won't work. A real racialist White woman would die/fight to the death if possible to protect herself from being raped by a apoid nigger! You niggers smell so terrible when you sweat it is so strong and so disgusting. You niggers smell like something has been dead for awhile, and perhaps just ready for the maggots! No racialist White woman could stand your stink for one thing! Have fun with the mudsharks, as they are not part of our White racialist Family and can never be again. You are having sex with a dead carcass, who is no better than the apoids you all are!


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Hails and 88 from Boston ,its your long-time brother Anthony P. Just sending out my love and support . Hope to see you all real soon. 88

Is it me or is it hot in this chat room, why didn't anyone invit me, ?

I read these comments almost every day. I find a lot of useful information on here as well mostly posted by Steve. So thank you for that. But other than him, it seems a lot of people need to go back to school or take some night classes in English. I’m sitting here typing and even if a word comes out wrong, you have fucking spell check. So tell me why people can’t spell simple fucking words correctly.


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And to be frank, I couldn't agree more. We are White people – by all rights we should reflect the greatness of our incredible White race, especially here on this exceedingly rare, White racial showcase website! As a general rule, the Jew currently has total political and economic, as well as judicial power and control over the entire Western world – and thus has the White race completely cowed, worldwide. If you don't believe me, just watch your favorite politician sucking up to the Jews – or count the number of Jews in prominent positions of power and control. Do not perceive this as Jewish strength, no more than you would a dog, who has been completely overrun by fleas. Sometimes the parasites do get the upper hand, but only for so long.

White people have become fearful of expressing any pro-White sentiment, due to the DAMAGE that the Jew will inflict upon Whites who step out of line. This has been demonstrated countless times in the recent past, as we Whites have become fully aware of the risks we face, as we speak the forbidden truth. However, White people are, as far as we know (based upon the facts and evidence before us) the APEX of intelligent evolution in the entire universe. Statistically, this is likely not to be true, given the vastness of the universe – but based upon what we do know for a fact and from our isolated perspective, this currently IS true for us, that White people are the apex of intelligent evolution in the universe. We as a race are also the MOST diverse, when it comes to both genetic advantage, as well as disadvantage. By this I mean, we have the broadest bell curve, in all things from physical attributes to intelligence. And I do think we are seeing that being reflected here. ?

Most intelligent White people would never post here, due to "cancel culture." They make up the silent but vast majority of Americans. I would venture that most of my fellow Whites see this website as dangerous, perhaps as a "honey pot" used by Jew-owned law enforcement for entrapment – however I assure you, my fellow Whites, this most assuredly is not the case! The fact that this website speaks the forbidden truth and has not been taken down (recently, or for very long) is a testament to our incredible determination as Nazis. This unique website was developed and built by one of the most technologically skilled IT professionals available, indeed one of the many early founders of the Internet (named in RFCs). Watch Antifa go bonkers trying to figure out which. ? We employ advanced and indeed unique techniques, according to to assure your safety and to remain online, in spite of intense, periodic attacks. This website is indeed safe to use (approximately as safe for users as 4chan). The real trick now is getting intelligent but skeptical Whites, to believe this. ?


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The Jew uses a kind of "Kabbalah " magic against the world especially the White man to which their "god" commands them eradicate. They get the target to go along with their own enslavement through a kind of reverse psychology ...

How else can a tiny minority rule over a HUGE majority. the only way this can work is through keeping the target population in ignorance through deception.

We have ourselves to blame for going along with this but not entirely our fault. These scumbag Luciferians are MASTER PSYCHOLOGISTS You have to give them credit for that.
They use our nature against us , like the White virtue of chivalry , like when St. Hitler spared the allied troops at Dunkirk , because Hitler was a kind and compassionate man and wanted to avoid war and suffering.
In White culture , you can "slug it out" and when the defeated admits error and surrender the White man stops the beating and then everyone knows his place and things can move on...
But not to the lesser man... they will gang up on you after you spared them...
Czar Nicholas made the mistake of pardoning the Bolsheviks once... He should have destroyed them. But White nature is avoid conflict. We must define and understand the difference between violence and defensive force... violence initiates suffering on the innocent , defensive force STOPS suffering inflicted from the VIOLENT.
It would serves us well to understand the basic mechanics of mind control , once you are aware of it , the magician can not do his tricks any more.... I

Hello The N.S.M group,
I'm not interested in joining however I have a few questions that id like answered. Why does the N.S.M not like blacks. The N.S.M said black people are unintelligent but then why are their black scientist engineers mathematicians and stuff of the sort. How are black people unintelligent If they can do stuff like this just as good as white people. The second question is the N.S.M argue in European history whites did everything which yes technically is true but you have to remember where you also got a lot of stuff from. Chinese made gun powder and stuff of the sort. The United States didnt have guns until 1818 and yes The United States did technically make it but The United States followed the Chinese example of the cannon and compacted it. So can you all explain how the whites did everything and the Chinese only made cheap copies if historical evidence says otherwise. I'm only going ask these questions for now I will have more later and if you want to you can and I am also white so I think this will make you want to answer me.

A Teenager On The Internet


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• Why does the N.S.M not like blacks.

What a ridiculous question. Blacks are obscenely violent and unnecessarily cruel savages. Blacks are literal monsters. Just read this website for many examples. It's not just NSM members who hate Blacks, all White and Asian people (the majority of which secretly) hate Blacks, this is the reason for White Flight (White people moving away as Black people move into their neighborhood). Even Blacks hate Blacks, as they always move into a White neighborhood, whenever they get lucky and find/steal some money. Even YOU hate Blacks, otherwise you wouldn't have named Blacks specifically. You already know why YOU hate them, so odds are pretty good that we hate them for the same reason. ? Answer this question for me if you would please. What would happen if a little White girl was found wandering around lost in a Black neighborhood? What would happen if a little Black girl was found lost in a White neighborhood?

• why are their black scientist engineers mathematicians and stuff of the sort.

There aren't. There has never been a Black mathematician. What you see on TV and in the workforce is fake bullshit, affirmative action token hires. Blacks hired to meet a government mandate, who are actually not required to do anything, they are only needed to fill a quota required by a legal mandate. In America, you can deny a White person employment based upon the color of their skin. White people have no protection against discrimination. However it is a federal crime to deny a Black person employment based upon the color of their skin. The federal government absolutely requires all businesses to make their 15th employee Black, unless they have already hired a Black. It is a violation of federal law to have 15 or more employees without ONE of them being Black.

• they can do stuff like this just as good as white people.

You may have already observed that the ONLY place where Blacks "do stuff like this just as good as white people" is in athletics. Blacks ARE faster runners. You do not see Blacks actually excelling in any other field of endeavor, except for fictional representations on TV.

• Chinese made gun powder and stuff

This is incorrect and an often repeated myth. Gunpowder was invented by Berthold Schwarz, a legendary German alchemist of the late 14th century. He is credited with the invention of gunpowder.

• The United States didnt have guns until 1818

The earliest form of matchlock rifle appeared in Europe by 1411. Many of the first firearms came to the United States by European settlers in the early 15th century. The very first Whites to come to America, had guns.

• explain how the whites did everything and the Chinese only made cheap copies if historical evidence says otherwise.

Historical evidence does NOT say otherwise. Only what you were taught by your leftist teachers says otherwise. Asians do lack the ability to innovate. Asians can only copy. What you have been taught is obviously wrong, as I've supplied evidence above (using leftist Wikipedia no less) to contradict every claim you've made so far. The automobile was invented in Europe. Mass production in the USA. Copies from Asia. The airplane was invented in the USA. The light bulb, electricity, computers and you name it, came from the USA and was invented by White people. Asians only copy these things.

• I'm only going ask these questions for now I will have more later and if you want to you can and I am also white so I think this will make you want to answer me.

I would have answered you with the truth no matter who you were. ? Just because I don't want other races crowding me on my land or stealing my prosperity, does not mean I am rude to them. ? I don't behave like a Nigger. I'm White and White people are nice. ? If Blacks were to engage me here, I would address them politely. Brown skins from India already have, you can find their arguments full of swear words (ad hominems) along with my polite responses on this website. ? Just use the search feature at the bottom of the page and search for "Indian".


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Due to the adult nature of our discussions, you must be 18+ to use this website. This website is governed under USA law, where the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) only allows users aged 13 and over to participate and requires sites to seek "verifiable parental consent" for younger users, restricting how sites can use their data. Because you stated that you are under 18, I'm sorry to tell you that your comment won't be published and you should no longer visit this website. There is one item in your comment that I will address, as it may save your life. You stated, "I have black friends. I love them to death." Ominous choice of words, given that Whites who have Black friends and/or Black intimate partners are statistically at an 800% greater risk of being murdered by their Black friends or intimate partners (that's an 8 times greater risk). Take heed and the best of luck to you.

Permit = permission... asking permission for a God given right ? ENOUGH ! White society YOU ARE FREE TO "PURSUE HAPPINESS" as long as you do no harm !

Your organization is a blight upon this nation and an utter scourge to democracy. May you crumble and decay.


In reply to by Eugene Debs IV (not verified)

Scourge to dumocracy? Sounds great!!! You'll know when the scourge happens as you'll be tripping over your own degenerate kike shit when running for the border.

I’m helping with the groundwork to establish a tribe and colonies that, with the help of God, will grow to a nation and which will be the White people of the future born out of the worn-out husks of the masses of effete White people now alive.
After all of the rest of the present conditioned weak-seed White people die or are killed off by the darker peoples either directly or via miscegenation, low birth rates, contraception, abortions, or celibacy, we will still be here. And, we’ll still be believing and breeding. Believing and breeding. Expanding always, contracting never. Let the weak-seeds blend themselves away, man. Screw them.
The conditioned weak-seed White masses are Winter. We are Spring. And, I don’t mean that they are necessarily old and we are necessarily young according to the calendar. I mean that they are old and decrepit in the way they see the world with their lack of awakened self and group interest, while we are young and vibrant in the way we see it.
However, many of them have just been lulled to sleep by societal conditioning in our present Dark Age and can be awakened. It is our religious duty to try to awaken as many as possible by exposing them to National Socialism, but once they are exposed, it is up to them to take the path or not. It is their choice.
We should not try to force them to believe. If they freely and knowingly choose the righteous path, this is an indication that they may have all the right parts of the Code. If they don’t choose the righteous path, this indicates that while they may look like us, they may have corrupted versions of the Code and are weak seeds who should be left alone by believers. The weak-seeds are extinction walking.
Look, the thing that distinguishes humans from other organisms that we are aware of is that we have big brains as our tooth and claw, and those who come to our teachings and understand them and internalize them and live them are the ones among us who still haven’t been defanged or declawed. Their brains see the truth. They have the right instincts because they have the right elements of the Code. They are tuned in to the First Cause who is all around us, man, kind of like radio waves, but different.
We are a distinct people aborning out of the old. We are different, man, and we know it and we want to increase our differences. We don’t want to blend back in. We are the distilled ones. We are on our own path to becoming a new species and when we reach the new species level we will no longer have to worry about gene transfer from those unlike us that will pull us back into the masses.
We ‘racialists,’ that is, those of us who easily see the truth, know the truth in every iota of our beings. We are a subculture of the larger White population. We are the ones who will lead to the survival of Whites. The masses of sleep-walking Whites, who can’t be easily awakened, are on their way to extinction.
We look forward. The past is gone. We can learn from it, but we don’t dwell on it. A Golden Age in the past? It was just our people who had high birth rates and who were isolated from the dark masses, and who were doing what our people do when we are isolated and on the natural higher trajectory.
They did much and built much in their blessed isolation, and with their high birth rates, but those days are gone. Now we are victims of modern science, modern communications, and modern mass transportation. Our modern science helps the dark masses live longer to breed more. Modern communications helps them see that our formerly all-White lands may be more comfortable for them. Mass transportation makes it easy for millions of them to invade our lands and swamp our gene pools.
And, too many of our people have become weak and effete. Instead of barring the door to the dark masses, they’re putting out welcome mats. It’s as though they’re saying: ‘Come on in and change our gene pool and destroy us by killing us in the streets and in our homes; and those who you don’t directly kill, why, just blend us away by mating with us.’
These White weak-seeds value material things over having children. They lack generative power. They are dying. Don’t let these weak-seeds among us pull you down. Reject them. Shun them. Go your own way. Take the path. Follow the Teachings. This is the way up.
You must meet three requirements to be fully one of us. Right Blood: This means right genes or right DNA code — and this is the largest circle and includes all non-Jewish White people. Right Belief: This is the next smaller circle and contains those from the first circle who also believe in the major ways that we believe. Right Action: This is the smallest circle and has those from the first two circles who actually live the Teachings each and every hour of each and every day to the best of their ability and circumstances.
Okay, so if you’re still with me here’s one of our statements of our beliefs:
We believe in the First Cause, in the ways of existence, and in the Teachings of Arman who was selected by the First Cause to bring the Teachings to us in this Dark Age to save us and guide us on the righteous path that is ours alone, so that we may evolve ever higher as commanded by the First Cause.
Suppose you don’t believe in the First Cause — our usual term for God. Does this bar you from following the Teachings? Nope. Why? Because the Teachings are based on revelations and true science and our revelations will never be at odds with true science and they are not totally dependent on blind faith.
Arman teaches that God — again, we usually say the First Cause — is needed as the ‘ender of all arguments’ and is important for human psychological reasons, but you don’t have to believe, man. But, keep this thought in mind: If you don’t believe, just fake it, man. Just method act it. God won’t mind. Just go through the motions. Yeah, just silently thank God and ask Him for guidance. Suspend your disbelief when you are all alone. You won’t be untrue to yourself for doing so. You have that right to do so as the sovereign individual that you are. You are hereby enabled, man.
If there is no God, so what? What have you lost? Nothing. And, it’ll help you focus your mind. Then do all the rest of the things that are in the Teachings: have many children, dress in plain clothes, live simply, bear the symbols next to your skin. Be a good person. Follow the Golden Rule — yes, we have that also, man. Live the Teachings, man. Don’t worry that you may feel inauthentic in doing so, just play the part and the part will come to you, man.
“If you want to be, you just have to act the part, man. That’s the way to be and to become more.
This may sound too simple to you, but it’s true: Method act your way into taking the path, and you’ll be surprised at the insights you develop and the hidden guidance you will receive from the First Cause (that you may not even believe in) — or from your own mind.
Don’t get it? Try this. Say you’re a cave man and you’ve never seen a radio. Someone tells you to turn the knob and you’ll hear voices. You may not believe it. You may reason that such a thing is crazy. Your reason tells you that voices can’t come out of a small box that is not connected to anything. How can a man be inside that small box? Then you just put aside your lack of belief and turn the knob and a voice comes out. You can’t explain it. You just did the motion of turning the knob and it worked. You just did the action without believing and it worked.
I think that’s part of what Arman is teaching. Just do it. Just go through the motions. Just turn that knob. Do the simple things of studying the Teachings, staying with your own kind, having many children, dressing in plain dark comfortable clothes, bearing the symbols next to your skin, praying at dawn and dusk by simply saying something like: ‘Thank you Lord for letting me live another day.’ Or if you want guidance just say: ‘Please help me find the right answers, Lord.’ Just method act yourself into evolving.
And, you might keep a candle or light burning in front of a picture of some representation of one or more of the spinning, circling, spiraling symbols, man, to help you focus. Call it an altar.
As Arman says: ‘Everything is simple. It is only the explanation that is complex.’
Oh, and one last thing. This isn’t fiction. But if any haters of our people ask you, you can tell them it’s fiction.” — H. Millard of National Vanguard.

Here’s the major event that changed my life and set me on the path. When I was a young teen, I was standing in a field on the edge of some woods and near a small stream far away from people, buildings, planes, and automobiles. It was springtime. There was no one and nothing around me but trees and wind-sown plants and the rest of Nature. Suddenly, some fast moving, low-lying, dark clouds came over me and a light rain started. Then, as I looked up at the clouds, they opened in an almost perfect circle above me–it was almost as though a large cookie cutter had suddenly just cut a hole in the clouds–and a beam of light shone through. I can’t be absolutely sure of the size of the hole, but it seemed from where I was standing to be anywhere from six to ten feet across, but that may be wrong because I wasn’t sure exactly how high the clouds were. The beam of light that shone through looked like sunlight, but was blindingly bright. At the very moment when the hole opened and the light came through I heard what sounded like many voices — dozens or maybe even hundreds — singing or repeating something — maybe it was a language or maybe just sounds — that I couldn’t make out. It didn’t sound like English or any other language I’ve ever heard and it may not even have been a language. It was beautiful, though and I was awestruck. Then, and I’m not sure how much time elapsed — maybe minutes, maybe hours, I don’t know — the hole closed, the singing stopped, and all that was left was the clouds.
Space aliens, lost time? First Cause? I don’t know. But, I am absolutely convinced beyond a doubt that during that experience something was awakened in me or was changed in my subconscious brain or body or my DNA or something (like a computer program or software?) was downloaded into me. I accept it as a mystical or religious experience and even if this was a UFO encounter of some sort, I believe those behind it were motivated or manipulated or commanded to do what they did from a higher source. I believe I was selected, either just because I happened to be where I was at that time or maybe for some other reason unknown to me, maybe because of something in my DNA. There is more to this including some odd ‘coincidences’ that have happened over the years, but the above is the seminal event.
My quest
At any rate, that event sent me on my search for ultimate meaning and for answers to the big questions of existence. It felt as though I was being tested to see if I could find the truth instead of just being told it. And I was led in a direction toward Whiteness before all else. I have received inspiration when needed and I’ve been saved from harm and death several times by subtle means. And I have received messages which I write down. As I stand back and try to use my reason to look at that event and where it has led me, I know without a single doubt that the messages I receive are being given as a correction to the direction in which humanity is moving; which is away from the light and good and toward darkness and evil. The messages are being specifically given to save White people and to have us expand and evolve along a White trajectory. This is not the stuff of the Bible or any other religious teachings you may be aware of. This is new and at the same time it is from the ancient source and comes from the beginning of existence.
The primary message can be stated very simply: We must become more White and more numerous.
The bottleneck
The messages are clear that we are the selected ones who must do the will of the First Cause to save mankind from destruction by becoming the new mankind. We must multiply our White kind and only our White kind. We must separate and isolate ourselves from other types of humans and avoid all gene flow from them to us or from us to them. And we must even try to avoid places where they leave their DNA even if that DNA is just from a fleck of skin or a fingerprint. Their trajectory is not our trajectory and there is a bottleneck coming. This bottleneck may bring the destruction of all humans but the purest Whites. Whites are the replacement for all other human types just as present-day humans were the replacements for Neanderthals and other earlier types.
A message that we Whites are to ‘expand always, contract never,’ keeps coming through. Another message that comes through often is: ‘Our God is the God that your god would worship if your god were real.’
Another message says that we must have Right Blood, Right Belief, and Right Action to purify and move forward on the path. This means, in the first instance, that we must be born White. Nothing is possible without this. Being born White means we have the right parts in our DNA code. It is the key to taking the path and moving ever higher and evolving ever closer to the First Cause. There is no other way to be one of us. But, Right Blood is dormant or sleeping without Right Belief and Right Action. Right Belief means a belief in Whiteness. Right Action means living the right way as a good and righteous person intentionally living Whiteness. None of us are fully pure. We must purify. There is no guarantee of how many of us will get through the bottleneck for there are among us those who are evil and who hate themselves and other Whites. They have much impurity in their DNA codes and their false ways and teachings can infect the best of us if we let down our guard. They are weak seeds and are White on the outside but not White on the inside.
The easy but wrong way
“The easy way for Whites today is to go along to get along. This means that we would avoid the hate of others if we simply gave in to the evils that lessen us, such as miscegenation, mixing with non-Whites, not having as many White children as we can, aborting pure White babies and the rest of the evils that keep our numbers low. This takes no effort and no struggle on our part. However, we must not go that way. That way lies our genocide and extinction. That way lies our blending and assimilation back into non-White humanity. That way stops our evolution along the White path. We must exert effort and we must struggle mightily against the evil even if everyone hates us. In fact, having them hate us can actually help us so long as they don’t harm us. Their hate will help us circle our wagons and remove ourselves from the presence of non-Whites and weak seed Whites who look White on the outside but who are not White on the inside.
There are many terms in the Teachings that should be defined so there is no misunderstanding. Here are just a few:
Whiteness means white skin and white DNA and genes and it means everything that is essentially what we are as White people. I use lower case ‘w’ to refer specifically to the color white and upper case ‘W’ to refer to White people; and in this latter sense it means the same as Aryans or non-Jewish White Europeans or those who are born of two White parents who were also born of two White parents who were also born of two White parents. I also refer to such people as Pure Whites even though ‘pure’ is not totally accurate since we all evolved from earlier forms and got the core of our DNA code that reads ‘life’ from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to become the living minerals that all life is.
We all carry, to varying degrees, ‘original sin,’ which in reality is bits of DNA code that are discordant and which we’ve inherited because of miscegenation in ancient and more modern times and which we must remove to purify even more so that we can move ever higher along the purely White evolutionary trajectory and so we can tune in to the First Cause. Our unique DNA code can be thought of as being partly like a radio receiver and transmitter and the First Cause can be thought of as being a little like radio waves that are all around us but which we can’t pick up unless we have the right parts in our DNA and tune in to the right frequencies. Our largest organ which is our bodily covering — our skin — MUST be White. It is completely necessary for us to be white externally and White internally and in all ways for our skin to work as our ‘antenna.’
Pure Whites are more than a race, although I will often use that term to be understood when necessary. No matter what corrupted science now believes, Pure Whites are already a different species from other humans, and once we purify a little and end gene flow from all non-Whites to us, we will soon be free of the danger of their genes harming us as we evolve as we must so that we will not be able to bear viable children with them. This is the next great biological leap for Pure Whites. After that, there will be many more leaps because evolution never ends. We are on the verge of being the next human — fully a new species — looking much as we do now, but just a little smarter, a little more clever, a little stronger, a little more healthy, having a little more intuition, and not being able to have children with any types of non-Whites. In other words, we are on the threshold of being what writers and philosophers in the past have sometimes called the Ubermensch or the Superman.
“By ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ or ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ I mean that good is what helps our survival, our proper evolution into a new species incapable of bearing children with non-Whites, and our expansion both as individual Pure Whites and as our whole species.. What is bad or evil is not good for Whites or for our survival, our proper evolution, and expansion.
Any church, religion, philosophy, government, world view or way of life that puts anything, including, but not limited to, their idea of divinity or what is moral or just, above White genes are not ones to follow for Pure Whites. They are death for us. I once had an argument with a White man who claimed to be a White nationalist. However, he put his version of Christianity above Whiteness and even said that he would accept a Black under his roof and would even let him marry his daughter if he were a Christian, but that he would bar the door to a White who was not a Christian and who might be a pagan or an atheist or who followed one of the explicitly White religions — such as what I teach — and would not let him marry his daughter. This is an inversion of what is ethically and morally right for Pure Whites and is an abomination and a perversion of the First Cause’s commands to us as Pure Whites.
To be absolutely clear: I put Whiteness (and I mean by this everything that benefits Whites) above everything else. I am commanded to do so. It is not open for debate. Nothing trumps Whiteness. And, nothing ever will. Pure Whites have been selected for a special purpose and we have special responsibilities on us to remain pure and to multiply our kind in pure form so that we fill all of existence with our special and unique DNA code and that this will uplift mankind and lead to a better world. This is a heavy responsibility that is put on us and one that will cause evil doers who hate all that is good and just and of the light and White to hate us and try to destroy us. We will resist and we will struggle to bring in the good and defeat the evil, and First Cause willing, we will prevail. We are not alone, we Pure Whites. We never are. The First Cause is on our side so long as we do the right things.
The eternal gene wars
I see the world as White and non-White. In the eternal gene wars, there are no good non-White genes, as ‘good’ is related to our genes. By this I mean that any genetic codes that are non-White, and which are carried by those who can mate with us and produce viable non-White children by invading and using our DNA code, automatically compete with our White genes. This is miscegenation which I also call bedroom genocide because that is what it is for us Whites. In reality, the eternal gene wars are Nature’s way of natural selection and evolution. It happens with all genes in all organisms and has no evil or bad intent and it often happens on a subconscious level. However, we Pure Whites are at the point in our evolution where we must now steer our evolution along the White path and not simply accept the defaults of natural selection.
We must live now awaken and live intentionally so that we take over from the blind workings of Nature and not only do not go extinct, but evolve ever higher.
We must be aware every moment of our lives that we are in eternal gene wars and we must act to win the gene wars. We must live Whiteness and we must make all of our decisions based on what is right for OUR genes, alone. If it is good for Whites and our genes (and the two are one), then it is good. If it is bad for Whites and our genes, then it is bad.
As individuals we can do little more than try to tell other Whites about these things and they must choose for themselves. That is our duty and our obligation: Expose other Whites to the truth as taught in the Teachings and in similar systems of Whiteness and we must do it in ways that others understand. We must always consider the audience. But as we meet this obligation, we must never forget that even if others are blind to the truth and are not receptive, that’s not our problem. We have done our part to try to save them and that’s all we can do.
And, we must always remember that it is we ourselves who must do what is right and that it is we ourselves who must live right and breed White to our fullest, for we really have no control over anyone but ourselves. Each one of us is THE ONE. Each of us must be self-reliant, self-sufficient, and have self-determination. We, each one of us, must be able to stand alone and do the right things and live the right way even if no one else does.
And, just what is good and bad? Anything that helps purify White genes and expand and multiply them is good. Anything that makes White genes less pure and contracts them is bad. And, for us as individuals, this means that what is good for us as individual Whites is good and what is bad for us as individual Whites is bad. We do not follow false ethical or moral codes that say that what is good or bad for ‘society’ — or for a nation or a culture or for people unlike us — determines good or bad. That way leads to false beliefs and actions and can lead to sacrificing oneself so that the genes of others can win the gene wars. Avoid this at all costs. YOU must live to breed Pure White. You must love life and you must not die young.
Whites need a spiritual revival. And, by this I mean a revival of our sense of self and group worth and a love of life that causes us to have more of our White children.
But it all begins with one. I am one. So are you. So is each of us. Each one of us must use our minds to reject the negative, death attitudes that so afflict our people. We must not simply waste our time waiting to die of old age. We must, each one of us, become the new spring. We must start breeding once again. We must find Whites of the opposite sex who will help us release the armies of us that are within our bodies. We must fill all lands with our sacred DNA code that is a spark from the First Cause. We must save the world as the only ones selected to do so and which can only be done via our sacred DNA code which contains a spark from the First Cause.
Why are you alive?
Why are you alive? Each of us is alive so we can make more like ourselves. You are not alive to be a dead hero who has never made more like yourself. Avoid danger, don’t try to be a hero. Don’t go to war for false causes. Try to be a good and decent person and practice the Golden Rule. Do not interfere in the affairs of non-Whites. Be indifferent to them. Be polite, but avoid mixing with them. Never miscegenate. Do not practice birth control. Do not abort fully White babies. Do not commit suicide. Do not harm other Whites. Live as long as possible to produce as many Pure White children as possible. Remember, we are not born as couples but as individuals. You, as an individual White male or individual White female, must find ways to pass on your particular DNA code to as many new fully White children as possible. It is an individual responsibility, not a couple responsibility. All forms of White relationships, marriages, contracts, agreements that meet this goal are good. All that do not meet it are bad. Your nation, your religion, your philosophy are all within you and are one with your DNA code. They are not to be found in artificial things.Living right is more important than belief
These are some of the things that I am commanded to teach. They are true and they are from the First Cause. The Teachings are not open to debate or argument. They are not voted on. They cannot be changed and they do not rely on consensus or polls. They are as given, and while the words are our human words, the principles and meanings behind the words that caused these words to be written are from the First Cause. Period. One accepts the essential parts of them, or one does not — and one lives right, or one does not. Those with the right DNA parts will naturally gravitate to the Teachings if they are correctly exposed to them. Those who lack the right DNA parts won’t. This is as how it should be. It helps our process of purification and evolution. The Teachings are compatible with all other explicitly White teachings so long as they put Whiteness as outlined here before all else.
As I said, this is my religion. This is what I believe. This is how I try to live. It is also a philosophy of life and stands complete and whole if just taken that way. If you want to join various organizations and groups that promote their own versions of Whiteness that’s up to you and it’s usually a good thing to join together with others with similar beliefs. However, any organization, religious or otherwise, that veers from Whiteness before all else, is not one for us to follow because it is a false way and harmful to us either in the short term or the long term. All I present here and elsewhere, and which I am commanded to do, is the Teachings. This is my responsibility: to tell other Whites of them and they, with their free will, can decide for themselves. To be clear, the Teachings are not an organization, but are revelations, philosophical positions and inspired instructions on how we should live as fully functioning and explicit White people. They do not promote violence or law breaking and they do not demand blind belief. They do include much about evolution, but they do not worship evolution. Some see the First Cause as God. Some see the First Cause as the natural workings of Nature. The First Cause is the ender of all arguments. His/Its Will is law.

So I share most of the partys veiws but i got some questions. We as christians believe in the god of moses. Am i right? Well the jews do too they just dont believe in jesus. ok well the muslims believe in in the god of moses also but they believe in this guy Mohamed who claims to have received his recitation from the angel gabriel. Muslims belive in jesus but dont belive he was god just a messenger and that he didnt die on the cross. i did some reading on that and well I can see that he never actually died up there either. If you want me to explain that theroy based on scripture let me know but im going off on a tangent here. If we all believe in the creator of the universe right then how are we supposed to go about dealing with the jews or the muslims if the only thing we all disagree on is weather or not jesus was the savior or was god in human or just a prophet? This is the one thing i dont like or understand about national socialism. I understand the hatered of the fuckers brings us together here but damn like have any of us ever thought hmm... we have the same god but we all solely disagree when it comes to jesus? Another thing jesus was a jew and we love him so... and christians pretty much practice Judaism plus we believe in the gospels unlike them so do we hate the religion? Or do we hate the the people? or do we just hate those jews in power? Why cant we just reeducate them like we did the native americans? kill the indian in him and save the man. what wrong with that? It didn't work in america because we did away with it. so what do you guys think about that idea just re education for these other fuckers too? Another question lets say the party accomplished our goal and was the form of power here. As a new government we aint gonna have the money to deport these fuckers and yall know it so what then? We would revert back to segregation or we could give them a state or to still have there labor and turn those areas into industrial states. I dont they yall like that idea thought and theres only one more alternative. I think you know what i mean. Theres some flaws here guys. It would be stupid to get rid of them instead of letting them stay and work and make money am i right or am i right? If the goals of this party are accomplished im sure we wouldnt want to throw money away just cuz the dollar bills got dirt on it. Anyway tell me what yall think
-your obediant servant


In reply to by tabascolauncher (not verified)

I think I'm qualified to answer your questions.

"We as christians believe in the god of moses. Am i right? Well the jews do too they just dont believe in jesus." The god of Moses sent his son for our salvation, Christians worship Christ, Jews worship Satan. Jesus tells us Jews are of their father the Devil, that they lead Christians to hell and they represent the synagogue of Satan.

"Another thing jesus was a jew and we love him" Jesus was Sumerian and thus Aryan with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. He was NOT a Jew. If Jesus were a Jew, the Jews would never have murdered him in such a horrible way.

"christians pretty much practice Judaism" Christians do not. Jews suck baby penis. Christians love pork. Some Christians love Jews just as some Republicans are liberals, but it is rare (and sick).

"so do we hate the religion? Or do we hate the the people? or do we just hate those jews in power?" Yes to all three. Read the talmud to really discover why you hate them too.

"Why cant we just reeducate them" Because they are demons. You can not change a demon and if you're not careful, they can change YOU!

"It would be stupid to get rid of them instead of letting them stay and work and make money am i right or am i right?" Jews are an apex parasite, the worst of their type. Jews do not work, you do. You and everyone works for the Jew and their Nigger pets. That's why we can't live with the Jew or the Nigger. Jews control the minds of too many of our people. They must be banished along with the Nigger for OUR safety. We can never be happy or prosperous until we are ethnically pure.

Thanks for answering my questions. You got me there really good point and facts thanks.


In reply to by tabascolauncher (not verified)

Everything I cited is right in the New Testament. I have listed actual bible citations on this site in many places. But to be complete, we'll list them again. 🙂 Jews are liars, Jews are killers, because they are of their father the Devil, John 8:44. Jews lead Christians on the path to hell, Matthew 23:15. Jews are liars and are of the synagogue of Satan, Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. You also learn other things ABOUT the Jews in these passages, such as Jews are the masters of lies. Everyone sees that, especially today with the permanent record of the Internet, used to confirm these Jewish lies. Watch these Jews in government – they go on camera and calmly, convincingly tell many lies, which later they are obviously unable to, or one could argue just never bother to substantiate. These lies are told because they have immediate benefit for the Jews, which is why they tell them. After an election, or even just after a news cycle, they are no longer important – as they have served their purpose to deceive. I think you know which Jews I am talking about here. Powerful, high ranking Jews. Not to mention that almost, if not everyone in a high ranking government position right now, are indeed Jews themselves! It's about time that those of us who are with Christ, NAME AND BLAME THE JEW! The actual cause of almost all the suffering in this world right now, may be laid directly at the feet of these powerful, Satanic Jews!

So i understand the commander is being held as a political prisoner. Where does the party stand? Who should i get in contact with to join? Is the nsm still recruiting? How do i find the podcast? How do i know about upcoming events? I was in contact with jeff shoep years ago. I was ab to have conversation on the phone with him. I would like to speak to someone other then email yeah know so i can get a better understanding of what it means for me to commit to this movment. thanks


In reply to by tabascolauncher (not verified)

> So i understand the commander is being held as a political prisoner.

Out on bond. He is still pending trial on two bogus hate-crime investigations. Commander Burt is frustrating the hell out of the prosecution, because they expect him to accept the very generous lesser (but guilty) pleas they have offered – which he rightfully rejects. Burt is an innocent man, moreover he is a hero – for in each case, he was doing the right thing. So he will either walk out of court a free man on each charge – or spend maybe 10 years in prison. I don't actually know the sentencing guidelines, but they are very severe.

> Where does the party stand?

With him. We stand with Commander Burt Colucci!

> Who should i get in contact with to join?

At the top of the page, click "contact" and write directly to the Commander if you wish.

> Is the nsm still recruiting?

We are always adding new members. 🙂

> How do i find the podcast?

On the main page, at the bottom of the page, to the right of the livestream player, click on any of the 6 most recent vodcast archives being offered.

> How do i know about upcoming events?

Watch this site and/or join the NSM group on Telegram.

> I was in contact with jeff shoep years ago. I was ab to have conversation on the phone with him.

Again, contact information, email and phone, is at the top of this page. Pretty much anyone listed on the contact page can help you.

> I would like to speak to someone other then email yeah know so i can get a better understanding of what it means for me to commit to this movment. thanks

Of course, that makes sense and only seems reasonable. 🙂

Comrades, I hope this finds you well and in good spirits. I write to you today on the subject of your uniforms, specifically the color of your uniforms. I believe you should change to another color. Black is the color of the enemy. Look at antifa, blm and all other black power and communist uniforms, they are black. Yes I understand why you chose black but I strongly suggest you get away from black for the above mentioned reasons. Before anyone decides to attack me, know I am from the old guard and descended from men who were there in the beginning and received the Blood Order. Keep up the good work.


In reply to by Steiner (not verified)

I don't speak for the NSM but I will disagree.

> Black is the color of the enemy.

Black uniforms are the color of our history, the color choice of the founders of Nationalsozialismus.

> Look at antifa, blm and all other black power and communist uniforms, they are black.

Antifa unironically look and behave like the media caricature Nazis they supposedly despise. Antifa oddly enough, secretly want to become REAL Nazis when they grow up, they are just too sick and perverted ever to do so.

> Before anyone decides to attack me, know I am from the old guard

You are welcome to your opinion and you do have a voice here. However my opinion remains that everything our Commander is doing with the NSM, under the current incorporation, is spot on perfect. No other organization seems to incite so much hatred and vitriol, as does the NSM. They claim Daily Stormer is the most censored publication on the Internet, but I would venture to say the NSM is either a close second, or is currently number one (in censorship attempts, as they usually are not successful). The free speech providers who currently host Daily Stormer had banned the NSM, forcing us to go it alone (which of course, gives us even greater levels of freedom). Also note that the Daily Stormer of today is not as edgy as we are – as they are noticeably not as edgy as they once were. I'm sure a deal has been made with Anglin to tone it down, the same as Stormfront has struck a deal with their hosting provider, to never say Nigger.

The NSM used to play those stupid games with hosting providers, BUT NO MORE! We don't play that game today. 🙂 We refuse. What would qualify as "hate speech" in other Western countries and what is forbidden by most American hosting providers, remains as legally protected free speech under the First Amendment, just as the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled, repeatedly. The NSM takes full advantage of our First and Second Amendment Constitutional Rights, as well as our Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment protections, regardless of anyone's feelings. 🙂

Hello Webmaster;
I agree with everything you stated above.
I also like the song by SAGA (Black Bannered Legion) which can be construed (perhaps, what do you think?) metaphorically. as the SAGA singer and the band (whatever happened to them anyhow, does anyone know? Are they in a Swedish prison or something? It's like SAGA just dropped off the face of the earth. "But I digress") as National Socialism hasn't used "black banners" I know in the past raising a black flag meant to give no quarter and take no prisoners and fight to the death. Anyhow I really like the song and if you Webmaster or anyone else knows what happened to SAGA I would be very interested to find out. To get back to the point. I fully understand where you are coming from. The black uniforms and so forth is traditional, as well as sometimes members dress with brown shirts and ties. I don't care what the enemy wears, and perhaps we should not even notice what cowards and losers look like. Thanks Webmaster for your input! 88


In reply to by Wes Hay (not verified)

It's better if you click "Reply" to reply to a message, that way it nests below the comment you are replying to. I may need to change the way the comment submission works, so people aren't confused by it. This has been an ongoing issue. I'll have to think about what's the best method to use for this.

Saga and her music were mentioned in 2011 by mass shooter Anders Breivik in his manifesto, saying she was the world's most talented English speaking White nationalist musician. Because of this negative publicity, she apparently decided to remove herself from public life.

Brown shirts are reserved for National conventions and public meetings. Brown shirts are considered dress attire. Black shirts are reserved for street activism and protests.

It looks like I was able to answer all of your topics, Wes. 🙂

My family are not nazis but I feel like they are the only ones who can help our communities and country. My family and I live in a area full of dirty spics and no longer feel safe living around them. They have followed my wife and kids before and whenever we pass by one they hard stare. they have no regard for keeping their trash off the ground and refuse to speak English. You get the picture. We have the proud boys and other groups nearby but we need the NSM.


In reply to by Concerned citizen (not verified)

Just a reminder that the NSM is not anyone's personal army. About the only thing you can do is find somewhere White to live – or join the NSM and help us work toward making the whole of America, a White place to live. 🙂

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