The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

2021 NSM Nationals in Arizona

Commander Colucci and others speaking.

2021 NSM Nationals Continuation

The conclusion of the NSM Nationals for 2021.



In reply to by Jakx (not verified)

However if it is legal to say, you may say it here. We don't censor anything, other than illegal speech or obvious advertisement spam. However by having no captcha at all, we do get a lot of spam. I personally find captchas to be annoying and will forestall using one, for as long as possible.

I also find glowposting to be annoying as well, we do get a lot of that too. The reason why we personally review every post, is because our government and their operatives are opposed to the Bill of Rights and seek to use any work-around at their disposal, to shut this site down. Our government hates the ugly and inconvenient truth and therefore labels the truth as hate (which it is not).

Unlike most platforms online, the unvarnished truth may be freely spoken here! ? We encourage you to speak your mind and to say things which you otherwise would not – without fear of reprisal.

That said of course, let's try to keep our conversations here to the highest possible standards – to standards which are expected of the great White race, the most amazing and incredible people in the known universe! ?

You People are risking Your very Lives, defending a White Race, who are totally Brainwash When I see white people defending the must ugliness sub-humans on eath Namely Niggers!
Certainly, National Socialism would be the right Answer.
Only feel it is all waste of time. but you people are truly Brave.


In reply to by Robert Clark (not verified)

My step father of German heritage once told me he was proud of Germany except what "Hitler did to the Jews". The man is educated and well off , I tried as gently as I could to explain that he swallowed a lot of wartime propaganda and sent him a copy of the "Bad War" a revisionist jaw dropping history book.

Sadly , I know he didn't read it such is the level of mind control .
The Jew occultists know the mechanics of the human soul and part of the trick is they know people don't want to admit they have been fooled also the peer pressure thing.
We must be ready to admit error....We all make mistakes. Older people understandably just want to live out the rest of their lives in peace after working so hard. Perhaps directing energy to the younger generation who have NO FUTURE under Jew world communism. No matter what your race....EVERYONE will be deemed "non- essential" White people and their culture rising up TERRORIZES the Jew world order !


In reply to by Jason White (not verified)

We could careless, but hey Atleash we ain't chanting kill all black people unlike blm and Antifa that's chanting to kill all white people, Your A hypocrite and your quite frankly offended or you wouldn't be on this site. But anyways yall can settle down with that hate against whites. If it wasn't for us there wouldn't be a country that's named America ,So respect us. God Bless America And God Bless EUROPE. Seig Heil


In reply to by Jason White (not verified)

I find it ironic that you call us "white ass holes", when you're litteraly named after us. Guessing your ancestors knew how to respect their betters. You could learn from them. You may think you're "Kings", but without us, you would still be digging dirt huts, and eating lice, from each other's heads.

Is it me or is it hot in this chat room, why didn't anyone invit me, ?

I read these comments almost every day. I find a lot of useful information on here as well mostly posted by Steve. So thank you for that. But other than him, it seems a lot of people need to go back to school or take some night classes in English. I’m sitting here typing and even if a word comes out wrong, you have fucking spell check. So tell me why people can’t spell simple fucking words correctly.


In reply to by Chris Oates (not verified)

And to be frank, I couldn't agree more. We are White people – by all rights we should reflect the greatness of our incredible White race, especially here on this exceedingly rare, White racial showcase website! As a general rule, the Jew currently has total political and economic, as well as judicial power and control over the entire Western world – and thus has the White race completely cowed, worldwide. If you don't believe me, just watch your favorite politician sucking up to the Jews – or count the number of Jews in prominent positions of power and control. Do not perceive this as Jewish strength, no more than you would a dog, who has been completely overrun by fleas. Sometimes the parasites do get the upper hand, but only for so long.

White people have become fearful of expressing any pro-White sentiment, due to the DAMAGE that the Jew will inflict upon Whites who step out of line. This has been demonstrated countless times in the recent past, as we Whites have become fully aware of the risks we face, as we speak the forbidden truth. However, White people are, as far as we know (based upon the facts and evidence before us) the APEX of intelligent evolution in the entire universe. Statistically, this is likely not to be true, given the vastness of the universe – but based upon what we do know for a fact and from our isolated perspective, this currently IS true for us, that White people are the apex of intelligent evolution in the universe. We as a race are also the MOST diverse, when it comes to both genetic advantage, as well as disadvantage. By this I mean, we have the broadest bell curve, in all things from physical attributes to intelligence. And I do think we are seeing that being reflected here. ?

Most intelligent White people would never post here, due to "cancel culture." They make up the silent but vast majority of Americans. I would venture that most of my fellow Whites see this website as dangerous, perhaps as a "honey pot" used by Jew-owned law enforcement for entrapment – however I assure you, my fellow Whites, this most assuredly is not the case! The fact that this website speaks the forbidden truth and has not been taken down (recently, or for very long) is a testament to our incredible determination as Nazis. This unique website was developed and built by one of the most technologically skilled IT professionals available, indeed one of the many early founders of the Internet (named in RFCs). Watch Antifa go bonkers trying to figure out which. ? We employ advanced and indeed unique techniques, according to to assure your safety and to remain online, in spite of intense, periodic attacks. This website is indeed safe to use (approximately as safe for users as 4chan). The real trick now is getting intelligent but skeptical Whites, to believe this. ?


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

The Jew uses a kind of "Kabbalah " magic against the world especially the White man to which their "god" commands them eradicate. They get the target to go along with their own enslavement through a kind of reverse psychology ...

How else can a tiny minority rule over a HUGE majority. the only way this can work is through keeping the target population in ignorance through deception.

We have ourselves to blame for going along with this but not entirely our fault. These scumbag Luciferians are MASTER PSYCHOLOGISTS You have to give them credit for that.
They use our nature against us , like the White virtue of chivalry , like when St. Hitler spared the allied troops at Dunkirk , because Hitler was a kind and compassionate man and wanted to avoid war and suffering.
In White culture , you can "slug it out" and when the defeated admits error and surrender the White man stops the beating and then everyone knows his place and things can move on...
But not to the lesser man... they will gang up on you after you spared them...
Czar Nicholas made the mistake of pardoning the Bolsheviks once... He should have destroyed them. But White nature is avoid conflict. We must define and understand the difference between violence and defensive force... violence initiates suffering on the innocent , defensive force STOPS suffering inflicted from the VIOLENT.
It would serves us well to understand the basic mechanics of mind control , once you are aware of it , the magician can not do his tricks any more.... I

Hello The N.S.M group,
I'm not interested in joining however I have a few questions that id like answered. Why does the N.S.M not like blacks. The N.S.M said black people are unintelligent but then why are their black scientist engineers mathematicians and stuff of the sort. How are black people unintelligent If they can do stuff like this just as good as white people. The second question is the N.S.M argue in European history whites did everything which yes technically is true but you have to remember where you also got a lot of stuff from. Chinese made gun powder and stuff of the sort. The United States didnt have guns until 1818 and yes The United States did technically make it but The United States followed the Chinese example of the cannon and compacted it. So can you all explain how the whites did everything and the Chinese only made cheap copies if historical evidence says otherwise. I'm only going ask these questions for now I will have more later and if you want to you can and I am also white so I think this will make you want to answer me.

A Teenager On The Internet


In reply to by A Teenager On … (not verified)

• Why does the N.S.M not like blacks.

What a ridiculous question. Blacks are obscenely violent and unnecessarily cruel savages. Blacks are literal monsters. Just read this website for many examples. It's not just NSM members who hate Blacks, all White and Asian people (the majority of which secretly) hate Blacks, this is the reason for White Flight (White people moving away as Black people move into their neighborhood). Even Blacks hate Blacks, as they always move into a White neighborhood, whenever they get lucky and find/steal some money. Even YOU hate Blacks, otherwise you wouldn't have named Blacks specifically. You already know why YOU hate them, so odds are pretty good that we hate them for the same reason. ? Answer this question for me if you would please. What would happen if a little White girl was found wandering around lost in a Black neighborhood? What would happen if a little Black girl was found lost in a White neighborhood?

• why are their black scientist engineers mathematicians and stuff of the sort.

There aren't. There has never been a Black mathematician. What you see on TV and in the workforce is fake bullshit, affirmative action token hires. Blacks hired to meet a government mandate, who are actually not required to do anything, they are only needed to fill a quota required by a legal mandate. In America, you can deny a White person employment based upon the color of their skin. White people have no protection against discrimination. However it is a federal crime to deny a Black person employment based upon the color of their skin. The federal government absolutely requires all businesses to make their 15th employee Black, unless they have already hired a Black. It is a violation of federal law to have 15 or more employees without ONE of them being Black.

• they can do stuff like this just as good as white people.

You may have already observed that the ONLY place where Blacks "do stuff like this just as good as white people" is in athletics. Blacks ARE faster runners. You do not see Blacks actually excelling in any other field of endeavor, except for fictional representations on TV.

• Chinese made gun powder and stuff

This is incorrect and an often repeated myth. Gunpowder was invented by Berthold Schwarz, a legendary German alchemist of the late 14th century. He is credited with the invention of gunpowder.

• The United States didnt have guns until 1818

The earliest form of matchlock rifle appeared in Europe by 1411. Many of the first firearms came to the United States by European settlers in the early 15th century. The very first Whites to come to America, had guns.

• explain how the whites did everything and the Chinese only made cheap copies if historical evidence says otherwise.

Historical evidence does NOT say otherwise. Only what you were taught by your leftist teachers says otherwise. Asians do lack the ability to innovate. Asians can only copy. What you have been taught is obviously wrong, as I've supplied evidence above (using leftist Wikipedia no less) to contradict every claim you've made so far. The automobile was invented in Europe. Mass production in the USA. Copies from Asia. The airplane was invented in the USA. The light bulb, electricity, computers and you name it, came from the USA and was invented by White people. Asians only copy these things.

• I'm only going ask these questions for now I will have more later and if you want to you can and I am also white so I think this will make you want to answer me.

I would have answered you with the truth no matter who you were. ? Just because I don't want other races crowding me on my land or stealing my prosperity, does not mean I am rude to them. ? I don't behave like a Nigger. I'm White and White people are nice. ? If Blacks were to engage me here, I would address them politely. Brown skins from India already have, you can find their arguments full of swear words (ad hominems) along with my polite responses on this website. ? Just use the search feature at the bottom of the page and search for "Indian".


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

Due to the adult nature of our discussions, you must be 18+ to use this website. This website is governed under USA law, where the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) only allows users aged 13 and over to participate and requires sites to seek "verifiable parental consent" for younger users, restricting how sites can use their data. Because you stated that you are under 18, I'm sorry to tell you that your comment won't be published and you should no longer visit this website. There is one item in your comment that I will address, as it may save your life. You stated, "I have black friends. I love them to death." Ominous choice of words, given that Whites who have Black friends and/or Black intimate partners are statistically at an 800% greater risk of being murdered by their Black friends or intimate partners (that's an 8 times greater risk). Take heed and the best of luck to you.

Permit = permission... asking permission for a God given right ? ENOUGH ! White society YOU ARE FREE TO "PURSUE HAPPINESS" as long as you do no harm !

Your organization is a blight upon this nation and an utter scourge to democracy. May you crumble and decay.


In reply to by Eugene Debs IV (not verified)

Scourge to dumocracy? Sounds great!!! You'll know when the scourge happens as you'll be tripping over your own degenerate kike shit when running for the border.

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