The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )
Saluti Romani In Piazza

Hundreds of outstretched arms giving the Roman salute were seen in Milan, Italy on April 29, forming a static garrison, many without masks, in violation of health restrictions in place. The event was to commemorate the death of eighteen-year-old Sergio Ramelli, a student and activist of The Youth Front, who was beaten and killed during an Antifa ambush, while returning home after a meeting of Avanguardia Operaia, dying from his injuries 47 days later on April 29, 1975. In the video, about 800 demonstrators can be seen giving the Roman salute, a fascist tribute to celebrate the memory of comrade Ramelli. The leader of the group gave the phrase “Camerata Sergio Ramelli” followed by a unified salute, with “Presente” stated by the demonstrators, a chant which was repeated three times.


What you read above is the truth, it's what a good reporter does (researches and reports). The link below on the other hand, is what the Jews say.…

• Hundreds of Neo-Nazis marched together in Milan (Commemorating the death of a teenager at the hands of Antifa does not make all of these people "neo-nazis". I'd say most are simply "sympathizers".)
• The exact number of far-right militants is estimated to be around 800 (Militants? Extremists maybe, but these mostly elderly people, who were teenagers in the 70's are not militants.)
• Police have so far been trying to identify the faces of the attendees. (No they are not. Shit like that only happens to Trump supporters who attend rallies in Washington. Clearly the Jews want to cause a chilling effect over other would-be anti-Leftist demonstrators, thus they spread this lie. Police were actually in attendance that day.)
▶ Photographic evidence that police were in attendance. I don't see them arresting anyone.…

Jews lie. Jewish media is nothing but lies. They take a tribute, a remembrance to a friend, a young life that was senselessly lost at the brutal hands of the Left and call it hate. Everything to the Jew is hate. Nothing has changed, they are still der Lügenpresse – and unfortunately for us, they always will be.


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Robert J Fischer (Bobby Fischer) was a curious fellow. Being of Highest Genius (IQ around 180) this placed him well within the region of the top two hundred most intelligent people on earth. He correctly identified the Jewish holocaust lie and probably developed his hatred of Jews the same way I did, by simply being around Jews, while he was growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Like many in the NSM, Fischer idolized Hitler and read everything he could find about the man. In the 1980's, Fischer's denouncement of the Jews were a major topic in his public and private conversations. Not only did Fischer correctly identify the Holocaust as an elaborate lie, perpetrated by the Jew in order to manipulate the minds of the Goyim and to gain power (through false victimhood, the same method now in use by Niggers, Faggots and other degenerates) he correctly identified that the whole of the United States was "a farce controlled by dirty, hook-nosed, circumcised Jew bastards" to use his words. Because Jews control every means of communication in the USA and the Western world in general, Fischer's primary means of communicating with the public was radio interviews, mostly with radio stations in the Philippines, but also in Hungary, Iceland, Colombia, and Russia. In 1999, he gave a radio call-in interview to a station in Budapest, Hungary, during which he correctly described himself as the "victim of an international Jewish conspiracy". Here is an interesting fan page created for Bobby Fischer.

Ident string redacted. Use this URL instead, as it won't be deleted.…

Webmaster's note: I've removed the ident string from the youtube video which surprisingly to me me is still publicly available on youtube. This is a fantastic video and I do not want to be the reason why it gets deleted. Therefore I've made it unidentifiable at youtube. This website is one of the most scrutinized websites by government, ADL, SPLC and so on. Within an hour of my publishing the youtube URL, the video and account on youtube would be gone. Please use the GoyimTV link instead, as it's much safer.


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Nationalism is on the rise in, Palestine. Understanding: I`m typing/texting: about the real Palestinians not the liberals who run to, Europe. Palestinian Nationalist are very emotionally connected to NSM, & they 100% support the National Socialist Movement. They lost there loved ones to the kikery zionpisst, scums. The wars that are fought to protect the FAKE nation that is occupying, Palestine. I`m a strong NSM supporter, & we are one in spirit with all real Nationalist.[ᛋᛋ]

The Original: [ Retro Richie® ]
-(Time-Machine)+™️ US Landmarks. & Historical Preservationists.
Quote: Staying Original, Classical, National, Cultural, & Traditional.
Sieg Heil 14-88


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National socialism is the only, way. I am for mass deportation of non whites from the US, cause I have actual footage on 8mm, and 16mm films from the 1950`s that shows how beautiful, and productive the US was at that time. US should be mostly Anglo White, race. The sub humans that`s against NSM are the Kikery niggers and hispanic forced bred spics. The leftist scums have problems answering this Question: Is there such a thing as an all black/hispanic area that isn`t a shithole? Answer: Everywhere in the entire world you put blacks/hispanics it will turn into a shithole. Fact Quote: The Realist Human to Ever Walk on this Earth was, Hitler. 1488 New England

Sieg Heil !!! Spreading Love, Love you Italia, Semper

Any natsocs from central california? Hoping for our state and country to be saved. 1488

Sieg Heil from Virginia! Hope to see the NSM here sometime soon!


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I don't think after what happened in Charlottesville (August 2017) that the NSM will demonstrate there ever again. Virginia is lost to the left and now must be discarded, the same as New York and California.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

I know I'm not the only (soon to be official after my August, the sixth month, dues are paid) member of the NSM in California. So what do you mean? Should I and the other members here in California be "written off" then? That is, I hope, not the feeling of the membership, nor you, webmaster! I have paid monthly dues faithfully and included donations also for the past few months. Also, I don't know what the Hell happened. Can someone explain what happened? I couldn't open that news rag because it wants money and I don't know anything about that media. So someone needs to explain it all to us please! What is going on with this Charlottesville thing. Is it another lawsuit? Is the enemy going to bury us in lawsuits now? And what about Commander Colucci and the other two guys? Are court dates set yet? It seems like things are going sideways! And I cannot watch ANY of the podcasts that are listed, including Commander Colucci's and the recent one by Burnside. I can't play any of them listed. Is that the way it is until Aug. 01? If we can't watch them why have them listed?


In reply to by Wes Hay (not verified)

Congratulations on your membership. However you do need to be careful in your communist state of commiefornia, as they do not abide by the Bill of Rights. Earlier I said, "Virginia is lost to the left and now must be discarded, the same as New York and California." and by that I mean the state is not desirable for Whites – nor is it safe to protest there. I didn't say write off the members, just discard the state as lost to us. For example, in commiefornia, you can't own an AR-15 (like you can in most states). Commiefornia violates federal law by jailing people who bring one in from out of state, which should be legal everywhere, under the 2nd amendment.

What happened in Charlottesville is as you might imagine. Members of the former NSM were sued for hundreds of millions of dollars. Since they could not be charged with anything criminally – the Jews went after them in civil court. What that means is life will be unpleasant for all of them. If they get a job, the paycheck goes to the Jews. Any tax refunds – that's right, goes to the Jews. The victims of this type of lawfare will have a lifetime of shit jobs paid in cash (like an illegal mexican) or paid in crypto. So it's not safe to protest in Virginia, New York or Commiefornia as you may end up the same.

As for the Commander, he's going all or nothing. He either walks out of court a free man or he goes to prison for 10 years and becomes a felon (as he refused to plea bargain). Time will tell how that turns out. If the courts are fair, he walks – but if they are corrupt, he goes to prison.

As for the vodcasts, I asked the Commander if I should shut them down for a few days and he said yes, because we aren't getting enough donations to cover the costs. You see the videos are popular but we can't afford to be popular, as webhosting, especially free speech webhosting is not free, nor is it cheap, in fact – it's more expensive because you have to pay extra for your own infrastructure. The Jews make sure the annoyance factor is high, to keep our operating costs as high as possible. And because we are now popular, I need to double the server capacity to handle the extra traffic (due to popularity) but we can't afford to. So as soon as the new billing cycle starts, I'll turn everything back on.

I don't know what the fucks going on,but again none of the videos will play . You brag and boast about how secure and protected this site is, but there's always some bullshit going on with the podcasts. Let's get it the fuck together here,please.14/88


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

Simply put, people don't read. Or perhaps they do read, but fail to comprehend what they have just read. YOU tell ME which is the case. In conspicuous red text (immediately below the links in the vodcast section) I wrote, "We are purposefully disabling a portion of our video server for the rest of the week, as a cost cutting measure. This is the penalty for popularity. All but the newest videos will be unavailable during this period (ending: 08/01)." However this limitation is currently extended to include EVERY video until August 1 as we are simply at our limits.

Can anyone explain to me what that statement above means? We claim to be die Herrenrasse (the Master race) and yet things like this happen, on our own website. Earlier, we were getting a number of complaints from die übermenschen (the supermen) who frequent this site, about being unable to find the Missoula MT LIVESTREAM vodcast. In the article at the top of the main page it states, "You may watch a recording of this event at the bottom of the main page, found in the vodcast archives section." Is that statement comprehensible to the average übermensch? I also state in the notification section, below the video section (an area which can be updated by the vodcasters themselves, if only they could figure out how to use the software) "NSM Missoula MT LIVESTREAM available now in the vodcast archives section." I really am not sure at this point, how I could be more clear.

The reason why none of the videos will play at the moment is because I simply can't afford the overage fees on bandwidth. We have consumed all our allotted bandwidth for the month, well before the end of the month. Earlier I had to pause some of the videos mid-month for the same reason, we had crossed the 50% mark. I simply can't afford a bandwidth overage, as it is an expensive penalty – and I equally can't afford to upgrade the server (which is what we desperately need to do). As you might imagine, the Jews are sparing no expense in trying to take us offline. Because of this, we can't go cheap on anything we do. Fighting state sponsored attacks (which is what these are) is a full time job for me (and for my many robots as well) requiring specialized infrastructure, which is located outside the Jewnited States (located where they actually HAVE freedom of speech) which as you might guess, costs a LOT of money. Cheap hosting is for cat blogs talking about cats. Expensive hosting is for Nazis speaking the forbidden truth.

Blogtalk live radio also was not cheap. Live video (especially video where you can say Nigger and Kike, something you could NOT do on Blogtalk) is understandably even MORE expensive. Video is the latest and greatest thing, video works – everyone loves video. I have delivered exactly what I promised. I have also paid for all that – and have been carrying the costs for months. I talked to the Commander about this and he agreed to shutting it down for a few days due to a lack of funds. But that doesn't mean the problem will go away, the NSM is simply becoming too popular, so we will need to upgrade at some point and we will need money to do that. I can however make a few changes to reduce costs – for example, our livestream server is capable of handling about a thousand simultaneous live visitors. We never get that many. I over-estimated our requirements on that. So I could downgrade that machine and apply the money saved toward a beefy vodcast server, which currently is both under specified and over utilized. But the take-away message here, is this:



In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

So my apologies brother,I didn't see,or it didn't register the part where it said "to include the newest videos up til August 1st." My less than Master race brain cells must have misfired at that point when my anger that the video wouldn't play clouded my judgement with " above master race hate cells". I deeply apologize 14/88


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

No worries. 🙂 But maybe you can help me out? How could I have worded it better, or maybe displayed it better, so that you would have seen it? Doesn't red text command attention, just as I believe it does? Originally I was only offering the latest two videos, to slow consumption of bandwidth, but with all the media attention we've received after Grandfather and the others protested outside the Turning Point USA summit in Tampa, the server became overwhelmed and we are now at our limit. All these new visitors are at least seeing the website, they just are not watching the videos. The last time this happened was in early February, after the Orlando event. I leased a new, bigger server to handle the extra load and all was fine, but it was more expensive, because I was paying for the original server with exhausted bandwidth, plus the additional server.

This time i didn't do that, because I've gone thousands of dollars into debt over this project and Commander Burt said just pull the plug until website donations start coming in. Thus, limiting access is the cheapest solution. Please note: LIVE shows are completely unaffected, as the live server is bigger than what we need, we have AMPLE bandwidth for live shows, just not any left for vodcast recorded shows, not until the start of the next billing cycle at least. Any die hard fans who absolutely need to watch the videos or die, can come back after the first of next month – but I fear we may just have more of the same, with me shutting down service during the month, due to excessive bandwidth consumption. Video is not cheap to run, as I'm finding out very quickly. But we can't give up now, as video IS the future!

The only real solution is to upgrade the server and that (like everything else) requires money. So that's something I will look into, but only if we start receiving financial help with the server costs.

Mr. Webmaster; You are correct, People do not read!
And I really think it is important for NSM members to read/to have read some books written by our Brothers and Sisters about the NSM, political philosophy and so forth. And I did write a comment about this a week or so ago and listed some books of interest, especially mentioning Mein Kampf. And I hope all of us take reading seriously! Please take Daniel Burnside's suggestion and start reading books. Okay, well I'm not trying to lecture And "Webmaster" I am really worried about how all this is going to come out with Commander Colucci and the other two defendants. I appreciate also what you and the other officers in the NSM are doing SS Lieut. Mcbride. All the best! Wes Hay. 88


In reply to by Wes Hay (not verified)

I'm not sure if they don't read, or don't comprehend. Maybe my use of language is flawed? I'm open to suggestions on this. 🙂

We are about to publish Mein Kampf as an audio book, narrated by our own NSM member known as Grandfather. I'm going to try to get that published on the website in August. The audio recordings are finished, I just need to build the web interface including of course, the audio player to make it all happen.

Wes, I too am worried about the outcome of the upcoming trials. The world is about to see if the courts are just, to see if there really is equal justice under the law – or if the criminal Jews always get whatever they want, because the courts are 100% political. We have published our evidence on this site for the whole world to see. And they will be watching the outcome of this trial. My guess is the court will strike all exculpatory evidence from the trial in Orange County and push for a felony hate crime conviction, with a sentencing of 10 years in prison.

I mean, just look what they are doing to the January 6 folks. Most of them were just loitering around inside a public building, which says on the outside of it, "the people's house" and are now being held for more than a year without bail (treatment normally only used for murder charges) and are only being offered harsh sentences, even with plea bargains. Meanwhile, the George Floyd rioters were either not arrested, or charges were dropped, while armed robbers are getting (no cash bond) released from custody, clearly showing there exists a POLITICAL AND RACIAL BIAS in the justice system. So like you, I too am quite worried how this will all turn out.

As a side note, I am not an officer in the NSM, I'm not even a member of the NSM – I'm just a very dedicated supporter, believer and a volunteer (who is sometimes paid or reimbursed for the things I do). 🙂 I don't have any say in the decisions being made by the organization, but I often do toss in my 2¢ whenever I think my advice might be of assistance. 🙂

What is the nsms view on state euthanasia of elderly, crippled, and diseased people? Asking for a friend.


In reply to by Obergrupenfuhrer (not verified)

The NSM is not a hive mind like the Jews, so no two members will ever agree on everything, but as a general rule – if the Jews love it, then we hate it. Jews love euthanasia, especially of the "worthless eaters" (anyone that the Jews hate). Who do you think created covid in that Chinese lab? It was the Jews, working together with the Chinese.

You see, the Chinese one-child policy has left them with too many retirees and not enough young people to care for (meaning PAY for) their happy retirement – so along come the Jews to solve that problem, without lining the elderly up against the wall and shooting them (which has bad optics for the communist regime). By making it a pandemic disease, it also solves the Democrat's problem in America, the problem of an unfunded social security liability that will be broke in a few years. Democrats have always wanted to collect retirement pension (social security) money over a lifetime of work, but NOT pay any of it back, freeing that money to be spent on Niggers instead. So the Democrats went along with this Jewish genocidal plan, actually releasing the virus early, before it was finished "to stop Trump." It did exactly as planned. It stopped Trump and allowed mail-in ballots, so the election could be fully rigged to favor the Democrats.

Omicron was the actual bioweapon that they wanted to deploy, which was released in Africa in order to take the eyeballs off the Chinese and the Jews. But covid doesn't kill Blacks, nor Jews – just Whites and Chinese. We know this because Africa has been spared from the pandemic, not because they have superior medical skills – but only because it was engineered NOT to kill them. Only those Whites in the Americas and in Europe who are in or reaching retirement age, have died. Hundreds of billions in retirement pensions and medicare costs now will NOT be paid. Social security and medicare are slowly being saved from bankruptcy, thanks to covid. This was no fortunate accident, no more than Lucky Larry Silverstein and his entire family who were supposed to be in the world trade center on 9/11, but weren't.

Prior to covid, every disease known to man, killed babies and children most often, followed by the elderly. Covid is a historical first, when it comes to lethal diseases, by not harming children AT ALL. This property was a requirement of the Chinese, kill retirees but preserve children. I'm sure the Jews would have been fine with just NOT killing any Ashkenazi Jews. Ask yourself this question, can you name even ONE Ashkenazi Jew who has died from covid? And unsurprisingly, Omicron is actually three times more lethal than stated and 8 times more infectious than the most infectious naturally occurring disease known (measles). And don't forget the "vaccine," which was also created by the Jews. I'm sure it has a lot of surprises inside (like forced sterility in all White girls for one) – as well as who knows what else, a much higher rate of soft tissue cancers maybe, immunosuppression is already starting to show, for you see when you create a transgenic "vaccine" (actually a transfection vector) you can literally put anything you want in there. You can put in proteins which trigger all kinds of autoimmune diseases, such as myocarditis, which apparently is causing all these healthy White men who actually stress their hearts (athletes) to drop dead for no apparent reason. Over the years, this higher rate of heart disease will extend to EVERY White man who took the transgenic vaccine, even those who don't stress their hearts.

The Jewish medical industry calls what is happening "SADS" (sudden adult death syndrome) and although this is a new "phenomenon," nobody seems to be questioning what the fuck may be the cause. It has been named, so they have something to write on the death certificate and now they are done. SADS is now just a fact of life, to see healthy athletes dying out on the field in the prime of their life is simply the new normal. Of course I believe I know what is going on, it works something like this. When you plan a racial genocide – and the race you are killing off happens to do all the work required in maintaining civilization, you can't just drop them all dead at once, you must do it gradually over years, so society (which also feeds the precious Jews and their vicious Nigger pets) does not collapse right along with them. That's what I'm seeing, an economically scalable gradual decline of the White race. So what are YOU seeing? If true, this may be a vaccine mediated chronic heart disease and early death, introduced to all White males – with reproductive sterility for all White females who took the transgenic vaccine, a fate actually befitting a dumb Goyim, one who places the degenerate Jew before Christ (who identifies as a Judeo-Christian).

To understand the juden , you must understand that they care only about themselves. Everything they do is to secure power over others so they can make money from them. The civil rights movement is a perfect example of how juden used blacks for their gain .


In reply to by Joachim (not verified)

Der Juden-Ratten exist as an apex parasite. All their behaviors extend from this premise. Before the Jew used the Nigger as muscle, they used the many unwanted Italian unaccompanied minors washing up on the Jersey shore. Over time, most of these Italians realized they didn't need the Jew and parted ways. The Nigger on the other hand, cares only about itself and its own immediate wants and needs. Jews exploit this selfish trait and can herd Niggers like cattle to perform many acts of evil, a natural trait of the Nigger. By steering the Nigger's evil, the Jew can then profit from it. Whites then react in generous ways to the evil perpetrated by Niggers. Ultimately, all profits go toward the Jew. That exemplifies the deception methods of the apex parasite.


In reply to by Noir (not verified)

As far as I know, all future rallies are on hold, until AFTER the two felony hate crime trials in Chandler, Arizona and Orlando, Florida have concluded favorably. These two upcoming trials are the result of the LAST two rallies. It's a good idea to clean off old bogus charges, before adding any NEW charges, as that's how this game is going to be played.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

Hello webmaster;
Are there any court dates set yet, do you know? It seems like no one knows, no one is talking. It has been over six months now since Newstadt attacked "Grandfather". Is Commander Colucci still waiting for summons to appear (I guess that is how "they" do it) and attend preliminaries? Are the ZOG making any headway in suppressing the video? I know there are things Commander Colucci's attorneys have asked him not to discuss. But it would be nice to know something, as indeed it has been over half a year since Newstat (I guess that is how the little rats name is spelled? I'm not going to bother changing how I spelled the rat's name above) assaulted 'Grandfather'. And also of course there is still Arizona. Is Commander Colucci going to make a special announcement when he knows more about what is going on, and let us know as much as he is allowed to talk about?


In reply to by Wes Hay (not verified)

Publicly available information on the Orange County court website suggests the trial is this month, on August 22 at 9:00AM in the Orange County Courthouse. The attitude of the prosecution and the charges levied do not suggest that the prosecution believes that Newstat committed any crime, they seem to believe that the only crime was committed by the Commander, committed without justification. They appear to be pretending the evidence we have posted on the website, simply does not exist. So it will be interesting to see how this turns out. All we can do is hope for justice. But given what I'm seeing lately, good cops just doing their job, are being charged in a politically motivated witch hunt (breonna taylor) which is probably only being done (right now) to encourage Niggers to vote anti-police Democrat in 3 months. Also there are the victims of the January 6 witch hunt, one guy got 7 years because his liberal college son asked the court to apply the maximum sentence possible for his own father. We are living in really shitty times – we need National Socialism BADLY right now.

Edit: Commander Colucci commented that a jury selection date hasn't even been set yet, so the actual trial date is far off in the future.

Thank you webmaster for providing this information. I really appreciate you letting me/us know. I just never knew how to access
this information. "Publicly available" does not mean easy to find, read and figure out. I'm an older guy and am not so used to some of this technology. But you are the Webmaster, and it is easy for you. I salute you Sir and appreciate what you do! 88

Hello there I am looking to attend an event or gathering here in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ. I would like to meet some like minded folks and see what NSM is all about! Note: I would like to become a member eventually, but due to inflation from our Jew owned FED i am virtually broke at the moment.

Given the circumstances of your old fart "Grandfather" I don't think it's wise for you pussies to be out showing your ugly mugs in public in AZ! 😂😂😂

Stay at home and play COD. That's what y'all are good at, you bums!


In reply to by WeDoAlittleGoying88 (not verified)

Boots on the ground activism works! Every time the NSM is involved with a high profile protest, this website gets astronomically way more traffic. There is no denying the meta analysis of IRL activities – and the results we are seeing online. I hate to use a meme in a comment, but finally it seems, "the Goyim know" and this demonstrable increase in antisemitism is scaring the shit out of the Jews – especially those pulling the levers of power. Remember, the NSM does not condone violence nor any acts which are illegal, but does encourage peaceful protests against the demons who have usurped power, in order to assert their evil upon free and sovereign White people. The children of Satan must never win. Gott mit uns.…

It seems perhaps the Jews have finally gone too far and have awakened the sleeping White giant. They will not be able to stuff this genie back into the bottle. What has been seen, can never be unseen. And as a result of their actions, NSM membership is now exploding. 🙂 Join us. Help us to save our our race from the demons who now plot our extinction.


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

It is pretty safe to assume that the FBI read this website, daily. Therefore the NSM would kindly like to call upon "the good ones" at the FBI, if they even exist, to stand up against the corruption that most of America now clearly see – or be seen as complicit in it. Prove to us that the FBI is not rotten to the core, please! If you, the "good" agents are seeing what's going on within the agency, the political weaponization of the bureau under Jim Comey, a practice continuing to this day – and you are remaining quiet, out of fear that you will be targeted next, then you need to rise up and become whistleblowers. Report privately (securely) to Republican members of Congress. You need to expose the corruption in your own ranks, or you are doomed to become part of that corruption. Know that you have supporters on the outside, as well as from Republicans in Congress, if only you will stand up!

Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Peter Navarro have all been publicly abused by the FBI in a highly visible way. This was all done to send us a message, to cow the American people, to force them into either silently letting the corrupt abusers do what they want with power, or even joining them in their corrupt cause. Right now the deep state is using the Justice Department, law enforcement and national security agencies to go after Trump, to prevent him from running again for president. And if they should successfully defeat Trump, what's to stop them from coming after YOU? If you are unfamiliar with the Stasi of the GDR (Staatssicherheitsdienst der DDR) then you should learn more about this, one of the most repressive secret police agencies ever to have existed, before allowing the same to form here. We are already seeing many Stasi tactics being employed in the United States today, things such as spying on the population by using a network of citizens-turned-informants and fighting any opposition, by overt and covert means. So if you haven't already, now is a great time to join the NSM. Help us to save our beautiful White race AND help us to save our beautiful Republic!

Today I was simply walking around and two spics showed up out of nowhere and demanded me in Spanish to give them all my belongings. Thankfully my fight or flight response kicked in and I dashed away from them. Needless to say, that experience just shows me how terrible spics are

Could you be a little more active on the Gap? The last post was on August 3.

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