The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

You've seen the lies – THIS IS THE TRUTH!

This individual told reporters “I’m literally Jewish and I got attacked, assaulted, pepper-sprayed, spit on, you name it.” … “Called disgusting slurs just because of my religion,” but does that claim match what you see in this video? The actual victim was an elderly veteran, 74 years old, who was shoved head first into a ditch by this person, because he didn't agree with his political commentary. This individual, who lied by omission to reporters (as to his role in the altercation) should actually be charged with aggravated battery upon a person 65 years of age or older. But you and I both know, this will never happen! We all know about the extreme anti-White, pro-Jewish bias in the so-called justice system – currently owned and controlled by the Jews, which is only one of the many reasons for our protest and political activism that day.

Feb 4 2022 · The Orange County Sheriff's Office has published a tweet, detailing the arrest of Commander Colucci, along with two other members of the NSM.

They claim, “We will not stand for hate,” a statement which completely confirms the POLITICAL NATURE of these high profile made-for-TV arrests. Hate is purely subjective and varies from person to person. Finnish professor Kai Murros reminds us, the greatest achievements of the human race, have all grown out of hate. Hate without violence is also legal; Americans have a legal right to hate anyone they please, especially in the case of the NSM, where we cite the many reasons for this hate. The Orange County Sheriff's Office effectively confirms they have become a political (rather than a law enforcement) agency, one which does not exist to uphold justice – but rather to further their own liberal political agenda; of granting ever increasing privilege and rights to those who did not earn, thus do not deserve extraordinary rights and privilege. This clearly is not true of everyone within the office, but is certainly true for those at the top. How far they will take this injustice, is yet to be seen. However I stand on my previous assertion, that no charges will ever be filed against the Jewish individual who instigated the violence, when he perpetrated the violent assault upon an elder, an act which was motivated by political grievance and racial bias, clearly depicted in the video above.

We have been waiting, now ??? days for the Sheriff's Office to take action against this Jewish instigator of violence, as depicted in the video above. So far, they refuse to charge this Jew with any crime. The Sheriff's Office contemptuously declines prosecution. So why would they do this? Speculating such motivation with an unethical preference to Jews is easy. The office of Sheriff is an elected position. Jews control all major aspects of news and information. As such, Jews and Jews alone, decide the probable outcome of most elections, by steering the electorate to vote the collective Jewish will, through the use of their hive-mind media control. This explains why every politician, regardless of party affiliation, places the Jews and their needs above everyone and everything else, both during their campaign for office, as well as after. So how does this sit with the oath of office, where a Sheriff swears never to betray personal integrity, character, or the public trust? Where they will always maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of the agency in which they serve? Not very well, unfortunately. But really, what choice do they have? Without the full approval and support of the Jews, they will never serve any community as an elected officer of the law. This is the situation that every elected official, not just the Sheriff, must deal with. Maybe now you understand this slavish devotion to Jews and Israel, that ALL our elected officials seem to share.

The reason there will be no charges is clear. The instigator of this violence is Jewish and everyone in the world knows that Jews Rule America – and as such, Jews are above the law, as they OWN the law. Everyone on earth knows this, but no one ever dares to say it. The NSM recognizes the incredible hypocrisy of our government, proclaiming the absolute equality of all their citizens, while granting unconditional power and privilege, to an elite minority of Jews.

On Saturday, January 29th, deputies interviewed David Newstat (the Jew shown assaulting the senior citizen above) and after listening to his claims, were all set to arrest several NSM members, until they reviewed the video you see above and concluded that no arrests of NSM members would be made. We know this to be true, as no arrests WERE made, that day. They also said they were likely to charge David Newstat with battery of an elder, as they had inadvertently become witness to a felony (and thus were compelled by law to act). Six days later, the tables have turned. With the help of the Jewish media, the criminal is now the victim. Three members of the NSM have been arrested, charged with a hate crime and are pending trial, yet David Newstat has never been charged with any crime. This is what Jews Rule America looks like folks. If one of the intended goals of this NSM protest was to prove Jewish hegemony, we have achieved it. Apparently, politically desirable injustice is all that Orange County will deliver, for now. The purpose and scope of this webpage, is to call them out on it! We provide the sunlight needed, to disinfect this unjust leftist corruption, which is ruining our Republic.

Be sure to download this video and share it everywhere.

Because the Jewish media is not going to share or promote this truth. So it is totally up to you.



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Its funny how you call yourself an American but really are a communist wannabe, I think you should look yourself in the mirror fucking Marxist.


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Same to your failure of a president aka wannabe Communist Joe Stalin AmErIcA is fucked because of him and no I didn't vote for Trump all politicians are bought by the jews....

It would be more accurate to say that you- "An American" are a wannabe Trump because he is in fact a betrayer of the White race and of Americans.

The fucking news has to always review the site to spy on us so that Jewtube can make fun of us.


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Corrupt Jewish Judge and Jewish Lawyer Exposed for letting black serial killer go free

The corrupt judge is a Jew Kikery cunt name: April Newbauer and Eugene Clark`s defense attorney is a corrupt Jewery Kike also name: Steven Hoffner. Why I`m I not surprised?

This subhuman gorilla Nigger serial killer was free to go after he murdered a 67 year old man. The Subhuman gorrilla Nigger Eugen Clark again killed another person this time in Washington DC.

Newbauer had also faced scrutiny over two years ago for her decision not to jail a woman who was later charged with murder.…

Sieg Heil 14-88 WP o/


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On NY Crime stoppers they showed A White 25 year old woman almost getting chopped by a Nigger approaching her with a machette from the front, while the other Nigger grabs her bag from behind. Both criminals were black Niggers as usual, and the they`re wearing mask.. thanks to the leftist shitholes that haven`t yet stopped the mask wearing so most black Niggers are wearing them to commit crimes.

(This happened on March 18th 2022 at 3:37AM, ET. location Manhattan NY)

In the comments section I read she was from out of, town.

Note: lieutenant Eddie McBride of the NSM88 was 100% right.
Why would a white female be walking in any city in the USA by herself especially at afterhours in the, night?

The usual 13% Niggers that make up most of the crimes in the entire, USA. Fact

They’re the free handouts. BLM: (🍌Loving M🦍keys) (Burn Loot Murder) (Burglary Larceny Murder)

Everywhere they go they’re so fucking low.

Words by lieutenant Eddie McBride of the NSM88 & he`s 100% right-

Oh they contribute alright..

With the 13% you get nothing but a 1.welfare state, stamp fraud, 3.section eight fraud, 4.high crimes, 5.murders, 6.rapes, 7.robberies: car jacking, 8.home invasions, 9.businesses burned, 10.random attacks. 11.std’s

The 13% keeps doing these crimes and you neoliberals keep proving me right by having no arguments.

Here is the link below to video caught on surveillance-

World War III is what the tyranny and coup that occurred in 1865 will remedy this and return the USA to pre 1865 USA.

The people of color realize that they are like squatters, the longer they sit in the USA and reproduce and continue to having more colored enter the USA that they will takeover, I here that NSM88 will not partake in violence, this is how they will take over if we allow them, no violence necessary only the fact they can be citizens and make more.


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Muds entering our country and reproducing without cessation once here are merely taking advantage of what's available to them, thanks to the Jews. This behavior isn't unexpected, they behave just as any parasite would. And just like any other parasite, once they overtake and kill their host, they too will die out, through starvation and disease. Jews are using these mud stooges to destroy the White race, in a move to depopulate much of the world, so Jews can then take it for themselves. Jews openly admit they are collectively working toward a global genocide, aiming to drive down the global population to about half a billion of mostly Jews, with Jews then enslaving the Niggers (as Niggers have a long and successful history as compliant slaves). That is their plan, to bring back slavery to benefit themselves, so Jews can live like kings without a carbon footprint. They do not hide this plan, it's an open secret for anyone who is willing to look.

Literally, all of your shit is so fucking stupid. While yes, you’re right that society is pretty bad and we’ve been lied to, but YOU’RE THE FUCKING BAD GUYS. YOU ARE THE SHITS WHO ARE MAKING IT WORSE. YOU ARE THE LIARS. Good thing membership is dwindling, because we could do with less Nazis.

First off, what rights are white people losing? The only thing I see you losing is the right to be openly racist. Unless you’re a racist bigot (which you are) you have literally nothing to lose. People of color, LGBT, and disabled people on the other hand are gaining rights. But go on about how they’re “unacceptable”

Second, the “black behavior part is literally just a bunch of stereotypes or flat out lies. I wouldn’t expect you to understand because I bet 99% of you have never developed a close connection with a black person, but in my experience they’ve been really nice to me. Now, some of those points such as gang behavior aren’t wrong but they’re related to POVERTY, which YOU WHITE NATIONALISTS created. Black people aren’t predisposed to violence, it’s a problem YOU made.

You are the liars who believe your own lies. Capitalism, Fascism, and Patriarchy can die in a hole. I would go on about how fucking wrong you are, but imma keep it short. NAZISM AND FASCISM IS A LIE.


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The indoctrination is heavy with you. You're so absolutely confident that what you think you know can't possibly be wrong. You've been sold your beliefs. I assure you that you haven't forged them yourself. Use of the word "patriarchy" alone completely exposes you.

I would suggest you watch a documentary called "Europa The Last Battle" and see how much of that history they taught you in public school, that you completely took as fact, might actually be a lie. After watching it, assuming you're open minded enough to view it in its entirety, start asking yourself the common sense questions that should arise such as why. Why were you lied to? Who stands to gain from you believing the lies?

You have a choice and free will. Keep living the lie or don't. It's up to you.


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Why you so mad little niglet/ mad cuz mommy's a jew & daddy's a nigger who left you?? lol....


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> society is pretty bad and we’ve been lied to, but YOU’RE THE FUCKING BAD GUYS

No, the NSM are the good guys and are the solution, the only workable solution to the downward spiral we now find ourselves in. Anyone capable of rational thought, sees this. The Jews don't want you to think about anything. They want you to FEEL everything, because that's how they manipulate you, through feelings (a weakness found only in the White race). By making every issue emotional, they make it untouchable. That's how the Jews win.

> Good thing membership is dwindling

Those are the Jewish media lies – membership is actually GROWING by leaps and bounds, with a huge growth following the international news coverage around the Orlando protest. This even includes the creation of two new foreign chapters, NSM Australia and NSM New Zealand. None of this would have happened without international news coverage, claiming Jews were being dragged out of their cars, beaten and then pepper sprayed. It is these sensational lies which drive people to visit the NSM website. And because Jews are unable to silence us, White people come here, realize they have been lied to and then want to join. White people (not just in the USA) all see their Nations turning into brown/black shit stains and realize the establishment governments are either to blame for this, or capitulate to the Jews who are causing it. Therefore they realize the ONLY workable solution to the common plight of the White race, at this point, can be achieved through the NSM.

> what rights are white people losing?

Free speech would be the biggest one for me, as webmaster of this website, which is easily the most attacked website in the world right now. Jews want to silence what we say, because it is purified truth, the kind of truth that Goyim are not supposed to see. Every day is a fight to keep this website online, even companies who claim to be free speech (such as Epik and Tucows) will not serve as registrars of our domains, the Jews have them cowering in fear, through demonetization (if they don't do what they are told). We have also lost our right to choose our own governance, with the widespread vote fraud by the Demoncrats and their Jewish masters. We've also lost our right to a fair trial, Niggers are getting charges dropped or full acquittals while Whites who do the right thing, are being arrested and charged with imaginary hate crimes. They call this "equity" without knowing the actual meaning of the word. The Jew-run courts in America are nothing more than leftist political theater, nothing they do could be called justice. And let's not forget the constant erosion of our gun rights in the USA. Liberals can't give fully-automatic assault rifles to Ukrainians fast enough, while equally trying to disarm White Americans of our semi-automatic rifles. Is that enough, as I can easily list many more.

> People of color, LGBT, and disabled people on the other hand are gaining rights

WRONG! These degenerate scum have ALWAYS had rights. What they are gaining now is privilege, preference and priority. All of it unearned and undeserved. I earned privilege and priority through education and a strong work ethic – now only these filthy degenerates enjoy it. Most White people agree, this is bullshit. Imagine being a girl on a swim team, only to have some degenerate boy (who failed as a boy) trans over into a supposed girl and then STEALS your college scholarship (and trophy) away from you? This is not fair (but it is VERY Jewish and happening right now).

> black behavior part is literally just a bunch of stereotypes or flat out lies

They are facts, true claims that every White person has experienced for themselves at one time or another – and you know by first hand knowledge, that this is true. So if you believe you are able, simply refute these facts the way I am refuting you right now. Of course this will be impossible, as the Black Behavior treatise is the magnum opus of someone who spent 15 years trying to understand the Nigger and why they express such abhorrent behaviors, which are totally opposite of the White race. Now go on, try! Try to refute these facts. This is not my first rodeo. Give it your best shot, it will be fun to watch you fail!

> points such as gang behavior … related to POVERTY, which YOU WHITE NATIONALISTS created

White Nationalists create wealth and prosperity. This is why non-White people risk their lives and fight so hard to come here and live with and have access to White people! Whites do not create poverty, where you find Whites, you only find prosperity. Where there are brown/black you only find poverty. I ask you this, is it poverty that causes Black behavior? Or does Black behavior predispose them to conditions which bring about poverty? Can an irresponsible and violent person without morals, conform to societal norms long enough to contribute and become prosperous? Most would agree, no – it is the aberrant behaviors of the Blacks themselves, which cause their undesirable outcomes. Blacks ARE their own worst enemy. And remember, their outcomes are undesirable FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE ONLY, not theirs. They think thug life living on EBT is just great!

> Black people aren’t predisposed to violence

This one is EASY to refute, because I can use the only remaining government resource to prove you are wrong (homicide by race). Niggers kill more often than all the other races COMBINED. Behold.

"In both years, the homicide rate for non-Hispanic blacks was approximately eight times the rate for non-Hispanic whites and four times the rate for Hispanics."

So as you can see, refuting your talking points with the truth is trivial for someone like me. Time consuming, but trivial. And remember, the evidence I used is the only remaining government website reporting the truth about Nigger violence. Prior to Obama, there were similar charts at the FBI website, the DOJ website, the Bureau of Crime Statistics website and so on. The only one to make it through all 8 years of Obama without being censored has been the CDC website, for whatever reason. And since that is a governmental source, it is more reliable than some leftist blogger website. You know I'm not making this up, it's on the CDC dot gov website.

And finally, I would like to thank you for expressing the normative opinions of typical White America. So many White people believe the same as you. Now they have the opportunity to both read your words, then read mine – and DRAW THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS. This enrages the Jew no end, because Jews normally only permit narratives like yours online. JEWS NEVER ALLOW WHAT I SAY TO REMAIN ONLINE, which is why this website is so important and why I put so much effort into keeping it from being taken down by hate-filled leftists. I'm sure we will see a new wave of attacks after I publish this comment, but that's the nature of the truth. The Jews can go fuck themselves. 🙂


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Well, this person spews hate at what he refuses to understand. First of all, i detest someone using the word Nazis to a group of people or person. As the word has taken on a different meaning then originally used. These people have not read or researched history. Actually Hitler started off saving Germany. Most people refuse to understand that he brought Germany back out of the gutter where people were starving due to radical laws from WW1. I don't think we need a dictator, but we need a place for white people to live without fear. But unless there is a civil war this will never happen, and the USA will sink to a third world republic. Died from starvation will be our epitaph.


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Researchers from the University of California-Davis Violence Prevention Research Program and the California Violence Research Center reported that 50.1 percent of survey respondents said they at least somewhat agree that a civil war will happen soon, while 47.8 percent disagreed.

Back in August 2021, The FBI found scant evidence that the Jan 6 protest in the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the government. And yet the Demonrats continue their push to put 2 1/2 centuries of constitutional Republican governance at risk, in their push to re-create the communist Soviet Union right here in America. What do they expect to happen? They rig the ballot box openly, the evidence for this has been widely shown and they plan to rig even harder come November this year. I expect the rigged elections coming this November, which will result in a landslide "win" for all Democrats, to ultimately trigger a second civil war. Demonrats in their lust for uncontested power, have undermined entirely their credibility with the Jan 6 political theater, the fiction that the only thing standing between the United States and tyranny is the supposedly brave members of the partisan Jan 6th Committee. It will be their hubris which will cause their downfall. It is a shame that it must play out this way but what other choice is there? The Demonrats will likely ask China to invade, California will likely offer them a staging area in their state for an invasion and communism will likely live again here in America. The most meaningful election in history is just months away and I can't see any other path for the Demonrats other than doubling down and rigging this election even harder than the last election, in order to gain the power THEY need to overthrow the Constitutional Republic they hate.

Blacks think they will takeover America with the help of the bolshevik jews . This can only lead to the destruction of blacks in America. They will be reduced to 8 % of the population and their numbers will dwindle. The bolshevik jews are already dropping in numbers and will eventually be erased .
We the white race must continue to populate the country. We must force schools to erase communist indoctrination, and we must take back this country from the bolshevik jews .


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I don't follow the population trends of Jews, but I do follow the demographic transition of the White race toward a minority status. What you said above is not true. Over the same period where the White race has declined by about one third, the Nigger race has increased by 3 fold (300% increase). There is no shortage of Niggers in America. Because we feed 'em, we get more of 'em. If we repeal the free shit for Niggers program, maybe we won't be swimming in an ocean of Niggers someday.


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Ayo retard... white crack addicts and hillbillies are the No.1 supporters of Government programs. The majority using it and taking advantage of the shit is y'all. Maybe go ask your mom's where that food in the pantry came from. 😂😂😂 Or better yet, ask your MeMaws where her food come from? 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dumb ass crackers. Can't even understand statistics if it slapped your stupid assess in the fucking face....

Oh yeah and that banner y'all held up in Orlando is where I got this website from. So y'all was dumb enough to advertise this shit? 😂😂 Jesus Christ, do y'all need help!


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The negro is an arrogant taker only. When Whites backed down and left them Zimbabwe, the negro wanted the White farmers to come back to grow food for them. There's no answer except complete segregation and borders. Fences couldn't even keep the negro far enough away, and that was tried many years ago in all American cities.


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Negroes are INCOMPATIBLE with civilization, as they are hunter-gatherers (what Whites would define as murderer-robbers). Civil society is meant only for builder-farmers. Negroes are both unwilling and unable to care for (or provide for) themselves. Niggers only want access to Whites to take the stuff they want and for pleasure killing. There is no place in civil society for the common pavement Nigger. For more information regarding these sub-human Negro pavement apes, see…


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Over the years I have worked in various positions at Leider Greenhouses & Garden Center in Buffalo Grove, a suburb of Chicago. In my experience, I have never seen a black person come in our store. Thats why I have to say something here. There is truth to this.


In reply to by Greenthumb (not verified)

I agree, garden stores have mostly White patrons, with a few Hispanics (rarely) on occasion. I can also say that I have never seen Blacks order a salad in a restaurant, nor have I seen them eat vegetables (not counting french fries). Watching Blacks eat, is also a sight to behold – it's like watching a dog shitting, only in reverse (those huge lips). Which is why when I can help it, I go out of my way to avoid locations patronized by Blacks. I find everything about them to be off-putting and disgusting. And I'm pretty sure they feel the same way about themselves.


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Everyone should understand the threat facing the entire civilized world. It isn't something anyone really points out. The often ostracized Alex Jones had it somewhat correct but he refused to say "jew" or zionist. He says "globalists", and therefore he is only half right. Zio-globalists have been working for centuries for a time in the future when elitist Jews become (as they are planning) masters of the entire civilized world. A one world government made of 100% elitist Jews and whatever is left of goy, White or non-White peoples their slaves. It's a huge ambitious plan that has been in the works for a long time. But they have had severe set backs from time to time and the White race in many cases of crises has thwarted their efforts. Jews hate all goy, but the White race most of all. This subject is not discussed at all on any mainstream media. I believe Tucker Carlson brought globalism up a couple of times and Fox News management elected to shut him up. And, of course, he would never bring up elitist Jews as being behind it all.


In reply to by Wesley Hay (not verified)

Everything you said is true. Even Donald Trump says "globalist" when he means Jew. It's called "coded speech" and pretty much everyone does it. You are also right, the Jews have always operated like a hive mind – they all work in concert – very slowly, very carefully, incrementally toward a common but distant goal, keeping the progress very so slow and so incremental, as to never be noticed by the Goyim. This long-term Jewish goal is something they have been working toward for many generations, over many centuries to achieve. They wish to create Jew World – a depopulated earth, which is only inhabited by Jews and their brown/black slaves. The Jews have admitted in Jewish forums, the reason why they are working so hard to exterminate the White race by so many occult methods simultaneously, is because they know we would never allow them to bring back slavery. We would stop them. Whites are the only race who even CAN stop them. This is why the Jews gave us so many subtle forms of death to choose from. "Through deception thou shalt do war," is the Jewish commandment. Whites are rewarded for choosing suicidal things such as transgender, homosexuality, MGTOW, incel, opiate addiction, depression and the drugs which "treat" depression that cause suicide, abortion (or the murdering) of our own children, forced integration with murderous inferior races, mass immigration of inferior races, miscegenation with Niggers and a myriad of other harmful things, each of which the Jews push upon the White race, in order to bring about (over a long period of time) a decline in the White population and our inevitable extinction.

And the Jews are successful with all of this, as they are currently winning – the White race is dying! The White race, which at one time was the largest race on earth, is currently the smallest race on earth and our numbers are rapidly declining.

There is a very good reason why high profile people like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson refuse to name the Jew on air. It's not because they are Jew stupid, or that they are shills for the Jews – far from it. They are simply too big and high profile with a lot to lose. So precisely what happens when a high profile (or someone who has been "made famous" by doxxing through Jewish media) names the Jew? First and foremost – you lose your job and any hope for any pension you may have had from having that job for many years. From now on, you will never again have a job that even offers a pension, or any kind of job security. Once you are outed as antisemitic, you can't find any kind of rewarding forms of employment. The only things available to you from now on include things such as pizza delivery or janitorial work. So when you name the Jew and they make you famous for doing it, you just shit canned any hope you ever had for a comfortable income and retirement. But not only that happens to you, other things happen as well – and it comes ALL AT ONCE! As I said, first you lose your job and any prospects of ever finding another job like it (only shit-tier jobs for you from now on) then you lose your bank account, you lose your credit cards and if you rent, you are evicted from your nice home and forced to move somewhere shitty – IMMEDIATELY (all without any bank accounts or credit cards) and often you even lose your mobile phone service. This all happens at once. Many of us here on NSM88 have had this happen, I've watched this happen to several members in just the past two years. It's not fun.

This demonstrates the totality of POWER the Jew has today, the power they have OVER us. So this is why high profile people, those who have a lot to lose, never name the Jew – but rather name the generic sounding "globalists" instead, hoping that you understand exactly what they mean.

Obviously we have failed, time to create the plan or product that will work and emend people of color packing back to their countries of origin.


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Why not focus on an American super race? The best of the races mixed into one


In reply to by julius streicher (not verified)

Mein Kampf stated, “The Jews’ ultimate goal is the denaturalization, the promiscuous bastardization of other peoples, the lowering of the racial level of the highest people as well as the domination of his mishmash through the extirpation of the folkish intelligentsia and its replacement by the members of his own people.”

No mongrel horse has ever won a race. No mongrel dog has ever won a show. No mongrel people will ever be remembered.

This is how slaves are created.

So while we were in limbo waiting for this site to be completed,you boasted of how much better and how much more you would be able to do. Well I think the old site was better,we had Harry Hughes on Sunday nite,we had Norse on Tuesday nights. Then we had Eddie and Ron,and even Joe Gibson . Something was happening every nite. Now we get Commander coming on once a month. What's up with the podcasts??? 88


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

> So while we were in limbo waiting for this site to be completed

It's functional now, is it not? It is feature rich, more "cool" than your typical NS website, am I right? As webmaster, I've delivered exactly what I promised and I intend to keep right on delivering, with even more media platforms and features (coming soon). However I'm not in a huge hurry to advance forward, when only Burt and Eddie are actually using what I have already supplied so far. Nobody else has bothered to learn how to use what we have now.

> you boasted of how much better and how much more you would be able to do.

It IS better, the NSM went from "watch your mouth" third party BlogTalk Radio, to an anything goes (euphemisms such as Nigger and Kike are allowed) self-provided live stream video platform. Can you show me anyone else who is doing this? GDL is doing almost the same thing, regarding live video, but their videos all have the word "streamlabs" smack in the middle of the video, because they are NOT self-platformed, but using which has a limit on what they can do (apparently unenforced, for now). We don't have a logo smack in the middle of our videos, nor do we have a terms of service, other than complying with federal law regarding what we can legally broadcast. That alone is huge! Don't you agree? BlogTalk deplatformed the NSM because someone reported that a foul word was spoken. Now the Jews can go fuck themselves, because the NSM will now say whatever the fuck they want to say. I actually proposed doing this way sooner than we actually did, but the Commander didn't want to change anything that was working, unless they absolutely had to. And since I've been doing this for the NSM, there have been a LOT of absolutely had to moments.

> Well I think the old site was better

I built that too, at least the BlogTalk functionality on the site (and all the new content since Schoep).

> we had Harry Hughes on Sunday nite, we had Norse on Tuesday nights.

I have offered to help these guys upgrade to video. They know how to reach me. Eddie and Burt are already fully up to speed on this stuff, they could teach them as well. All I can do is build the platform, I can't make anyone actually use it. Which is why I'm bringing forward an audio-only media format, for those who, for whatever reason, don't want to use video. I'm in the process of building an audio only platform that is actually BETTER than BlogTalk, as we will have CD quality audio, which BlogTalk does not. That's coming soon, as nobody is currently doing video. It will be a 24/7 live stream running the best of content and/or White Power music, in between live broadcasts. It will be compatible with EVERY device, you can listen to it anywhere and on any device. Content is yet to be determined (as someone will need to supply me with content). My bet is that I won't be supplied with content, so it will be yet another dead live stream platform.

> Then we had Eddie and Ron,and even Joe Gibson . Something was happening every nite.

Well Joe looked just awful, wearing a wife beater and a dirty old hat that didn't fit his head properly. He also made faces which looked like he was in physical pain. He just was not representing Nazis very well. The real killer was his insistence on playing copyrighted music before the start of the show. That is illegal. The NSM does not do anything illegal, so I had to terminate his access. It is unfortunate, but that's how it goes. Joe was warned, but he wouldn't listen. Instead he would rather argue that what he was doing was okay. It was not, at least not without licensing.

> Now we get Commander coming on once a month. What's up with the podcasts??? 88

The Commander has been busy working and dealing with his two felony hate crime charges in two states, but he says he's going to step up and create more content. I showed him his numbers for the last live show, along with the vodcast numbers – they are good!

Since you miss having daily content to watch, what about you? Do you want to do shows on our censorship-free, anything goes platform? If you do, simply send an email to Eddie or Burt and we'll get you set up! Eddie started out with just a shitty basic laptop with built-in camera and built-in microphone. It worked, not great but it worked well enough. If you have at least that much and a burner phone you can use, you're good to go (the software you will need is free, just download and install). I would also advise you use a wired network connection, Eddie had huge drop-out issues using wi-fi, so you might need to get an ethernet cable, they are widely available in any length and not too expensive. This live streaming video platform is totally ours, it is not shared and it is available now. It can be used 24 hours a day – noting that it costs us money to have it, whether it is being used or not! I just wish SOMEBODY would actually step up and USE it, as NOT having media content on a regular basis is making the NSM look bad. I hope when I get the audio only service up and running, that we might actually have nightly shows again, that all the regulars come back, but who knows what will happen. The new platform won't be as easy to use as BlogTalk, which may cause issues. I simply refuse to build something as crappy and Nigger-friendly as BlogTalk. We are White, we are the MASTER RACE, let's prove it to the world – that there is literally nothing Nazis can't accomplish.


In reply to by Blue1eyed4devil (not verified)

Too many people complaining about there not being enough entertainment, and making no contribution whatsoever. If we can bust our asses making the shows, the least people can do is contribute financially, turnout at the street events or both. Have you made any type of a contribution, in one form or another?

You hate black people, I see. But I have a question - what do you think about Poland and Polish people. Poles are white European people, but the Nazis hated them and murdered them in the concentration camps.


In reply to by Commander Colucci (not verified)

Many false atrocities were cited during the Nuremberg show trials, however I like to point out the vast disparity between these claims. For example, Germany invaded and occupied a number of countries, each of which reports different outcomes (i.e. inconsistency of reporting). Reports regarding living in occupied France was very different from reports regarding living in Poland under German occupation. Which story are you going to believe? And the reports are different for Norway and the Balkans. Some report horrible atrocities while some report general improvement, suggesting it really wasn't all that bad. Yes, I do believe some reports are plausible, such as instances of food shortages, but most of the reporting out of Poland is pure Jewish victimhood fantasy, similar to the lies about the so-called "holocaust" which in truth was simply the internment and enslavement of the Jews. Here are some real accounts of what life in the Poland "death camps" was really like for the supposedly most victimized of all – the Jews.

Once you see the truth, rather than only the hate-filled lies you've been told all of your life, you will be forever changed. Apparently not all Jews lied about what happened to them during the war. Their true stories are kept hidden, as they are not politically useful. Here's your opportunity to learn the real truth!


In reply to by From Poland (not verified)

It's really a shame that for the most part much of history (history written by the so-called experts who have graduated from all these far leftist institutions of "higher learning") is distortions, half-truths, and spin doctoring. And the sources most people go to that is known to them are, say, for example, the large volume "The Rise And Fall Of the Third Reich", by William L. Shirer, probably a 'jew' and an employee of "journalist" of far leftist persuasion, Edward R. Murrow, definitely a 'jew'. Shirer's autobiography (what I have come across anyhow) lacks detail as to Shirer's parentage, as to their lineage. He was handed employment with the Chicago Tribune suddenly in 1925 after just wandering around Europe supposedly aimlessly as a foreign correspondent. He held that position until 1932, and then was hired on by E.R. Murrow as a "Murrow Boy" (isn't that cute!) In 1931 Shirer married Theresa ("Tess") Stiberitz, an Austrian jewess. Perhaps she was a spy for the Bolsheviks, KGB??? anyhow who knows. I just find it interesting that 'jews' need to do hardly anything once they obtain some kind of degree, no matter how small to get grabbed up by one of these zio-globalist organizations. Look at the insane Einstein how he has been promoted , or Sig,mund Freud, another 'jew' nutcase paoing as a "Psychiatrist"!
One other major example. Which really bothers me a lot, and really pisses me off, "Mr. Poland", with no zeal to learn facts, just laziness and you really are a disgrace to Poland and Polish people!
But getting back to the real outrage and disappointment is what Albert Speer did to his comrades and his German people! He sold a book which was also filled with lies and falsifications And where Shirer doing what he did, that is just the way 'jews' do things .But Speer was either bribed or blackmailed into writing the horrendous book, "Inside The Third Reich"
Anyhow "Poland". I do not "hate" Poland. I hate STUPID!

As the is such in Middle East with radical groups, will the conflict in Ukraine be a region of importance as people are being slain on accusations of being Nazis? As the Nazi spirit is supposed to be brave as characters from a Wagner epic, would it not be a place to get positive media coverage by assisting and aiding people in the Ukraine. I merely suggest this as an outsider who is an amateur historian.

As people are being slain in Ukraine on accusations of being a Nazi. I believe good publicity can be found through aid projects for the people there who are being killed for sake of beliefs you fanatics believe in. Any Wagnerian hero wouldn’t stand for this.

My mother, father, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, all of them have been poisoned by leftist ideas. They're all being tricked into thinking that all people are equal, that black lives matter, we need to support the black community, we need to give handouts to lazy negroes and all this other made-up malarkey. I firmly believe myself to be superior to all other peoples as a white male, but they don't. What should I do?

Black people are so superrior because whites can kiss my ass

And also because they could get a sunburn from a refrigerator light bulb


In reply to by Joe Mama (not verified)

White man walked on the moon, the greatest achievement in history – and he did it way back in 1969, while the Black man at the time questioned how the price tag could be justified when "millions of African Americans were still mired in poverty" a reality about Black inferiority which remains true, even to this day. Black people then as now, have no interest in anything more substantial than satisfying their immediate base needs.…

Whites are so vastly superior to Blacks, it is impossible for anyone to believe in equality. Nothing in nature is equal. Nothing. The American pavement Nigger is not in any way comparable to White humans, at least not in regard to achievement and thus they are judged to be inferior.

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