The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )
NSM Rally Banner Drop Orlando Florida January 29 2022
Announcement for the NSM Rally & Banner Drop in Orlando, Florida

Day one: January 29, Waterford Lakes Town Center Protest

Day two: January 30, overpass between
downtown Orlando and Disney on I-4


Hi I live in Tallahassee Florida and I’m just curious about the rally in the banner drop can you send me some information my email is [REDACTED -- please call the phone number provided]

The USA is ours, not people of color, the Federal Naturalization Laws 1790 states that fact, 1870 tyranny occurred and the the 14th Amendment was placed illegally against the citizens who said no to the senate, the then congress committed the biggest offense against this country tyranny, we have not been the USA since until we eradicate the 14th Amendment and strip all people of color of the belief of being a USA citizen.


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Most people from india stays with there own kind, that shows strong racial purity, and they`re original, classical, national, cultural, & traditional. (Niggers & spics on the other hand are into interracial mixing, and they`re very jealous of anyone that is pure race. Niggers & spics also support faggots in schools, & they make up most of the crimes along with std`s in the USA. (Old saying: Niggers & spics are puppets of the zionist, kikes.)


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North India such as Kashmir are also against south India. North India is very different from south India.
Also that link you posted was written by a leftist named Paridhi Sehgal on July 6, 2021. The zionist puppets continue to be niggers & hispanic spics. Look at the main stream media that the jews control mostly showing black nigger gorillas with white women, & hispanic spics supports interracial since they`re forced bred with no national identity. The zionist recipe is niggers & spics are jewish puppets.

Q: Is there such a thing as an all black/hispanic area that isn`t a shithole?
A: Everywhere in the entire world you put blacks/hispanics it will turn into a shithole. Fact

A massive manhunt is underway for a (added: black brillo pad head Nigger) male age 31 years old Shawn Laval Smith, who is accused of stabbing UCLA graduate student Brianna Kupfer to death at a Los Angeles furniture store.
Ms Kupfer is a 24 year old white girl and she was alone on a shift at the Croft House showroom in Hancock Park on 13 January when a masked (added: black) man walked in and attacked her. Here is the link:

We will not stop until all is cleared up, until we are rid of all the niggers and send their monkey asses straight back to Africa their natural born home where they can pick dead skin off each other and suck all the banana cocks they want, but not in our land. All fags must ██████, no more Democrats or Republicans, true education to the future of our white race. The Jews will ████ █████ ███, they will stop trying to brainwash our kids into so called Anti Racists (code word for anti-white) and get them to bow to the hairy chimpanzees that love to jump on cars and screech nonstop. Whites are superior, stronger, more beautiful than any other creature living on this planet. Let us make Hitler proud and carry on his work. 88


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If white are as superior to all other races as you calm, you wouldn't be scratching and clawing to be noticed, the rest of the world would have already submitted to you. Stronger? HA I bet you shit bricks whenever a 6'5 250 lb black or Hispanic man steps in the same room with you. Beautiful? hahahahaha so beautiful but your women don't want you and prefer the "Dark Meat."

You pathetic fucks. Your pieces of shit, no different from the rest of the pieces of shit in this world, black, brown, yellow or white. I wipe my ass with your flags and your pathetic stance on preserving "white European culture"

Throughout this website, one of the most common things you will encounter, would be our claims that Jews are liars and that Jews use deception, to manipulate what you believe to be the truth. Well, today I'm going to PROVE this is happening, right here, right now (just see it all unfolding for yourself). 🙂

The Jews are reporting on our event here.

However WHAT they are reporting, is factually inaccurate and clearly an attempt to deceive their readers. Let's examine the evidence:

"The live-stream archive is not currently working on the website"

Bullshit! The videos are available and employing state of the art modal display of HTML5 video. The archives of the livestream were posted about one hour after the event ended, the delay caused by a need to transcode the live capture, before deployment. This takes about an hour. This method works better than on-the-fly transcoding, which does make the videos available quicker, but is subject to catastrophic failure, if any errors are encountered.

"The organization announced on January 12 that it had opened its own live-streaming capabilities after losing access to the use of BlogTalk Radio, which NSM blamed on the Jew."

This is mostly accurate, however the date is wrong. Someone reported us (most likely a Jew, but you never know who it was) and we were deleted for supposed racism, even tho the hosts were very careful to self-censor on that platform. On our own platform, we don't self-censor at all. We call the Niggers and Kikes what they are. So essentially the deplatforming was for us a benefit, perhaps even a gift.

"The platform is still rife with errors, which the webmaster blamed on visitors."

This is false. Show me these errors. Show me where I blame anything on visitors (save for the quality of their comments, which as of late seem more like trolling). The NSM website is technologically superior to and they know it. Jews wish they were as capable as Nazis at building amazing websites, but they are not and they never will be. Just compare the two websites and see for yourselves. You have just bore witness to Jewish deception!

So all I can say is, "Thanks Jews!" You've just proved my point. Jews are the masters of deception, a necessary quality of any common parasite.


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I do not know who the webmaster is, a member from the NSM? A supporter? He replied once to me awhile back (not bragging) but still no clue who he is. WebMaster if you can reply back, I do not know if you are the administration of this website or what.


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Antifa wants to know who I am for obvious reasons. However if Antifa were actually capable of reasoning, instead of just feeling, they would likely figure out that I am probably one of the only three known guys in the world, who can keep a website up, in spite of the Jews and the German government (who shut websites like this down as quickly as possible). They can't shut this one down. And yes, they have tried, with only minor (temporary) success. And no, I am not the other two, we are all three separate people. I'm the one who speaks 5 languages, has lived in France and Australia – and who knows many more programming languages. I am of German descent, my grandfather was an Admiral in the Kriegsmarine. And yes, I am the administrator of this website, as well as the designer and builder. This is not my first website. And yes, I am probably a member of the NSM, but I don't participate in field activities (again for obvious reasons). I am not however responsible for all of the content on here, but I am proudly responsible for most of it. 🙂 You know, the really good, the super racist stuff. 🙂


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How I can i become an admin like you? Must i be apart of the NSM, must i swear an oath? Must i talk to the supreme leader himself?


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Thanks for the kind offer, but stealthy Antifa sure would love to have root access to our servers. It's not going to happen, unfortunately for them.

You may contact Commander Colucci (click on the "contact" link). But even if he says yes, I will say no. Did you happen to notice that this is not a commercial CMS technology environment? It's all custom and poorly documented. Anyone other than myself, wouldn't have a clue here.


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Surely you've read my conversations in various languages on this website. If not, dig deeper in the comment sections and you'll find them.

Normative people may not realize this, but nearly everyone testing in the 99th percentile is White, male and is also pro-White National Socialist. National Socialism is as natural to anyone of German descent, as breathing. Nearly everyone in the 99th percentile – is of German heritage. Germans demonstrably are the master race. Whites being pro-White was an open truth in the 1950's and remains true today, but because of Jewish dominance in the media, with their cancel culture (cultural Marxism) most of these people today, remain silent with their opinions, fearful of devastating social and economic reprisal.

I personally can not live like that, I'm far too old to care what anyone thinks anymore. I love my beautiful White race far too much to watch it be destroyed. Soon, Whites in America will become a voting minority. YAY! Suddenly we qualify for affirmative action, right? How is that working out in South Africa, where Whites are a 9% minority? They have affirmative action in South Africa – half of everything the minority White people own, must be given to Blacks. If you own a business, half goes to a Black who doesn't even materially contribute. It's the LAW! Only BLACKS in South Africa enjoy the privilege of affirmative action, because they are the voting majority. But wait, that's not fair, right? Remember: Blacks are the voting majority. Shall I go on and tell you about how they changed the laws in South Africa so that this could happen? How they changed the laws so that land appropriation without compensation (legalized theft) could take place?

Go on, google it. The Blacks take your property – but if you happen to still owe money on it, you must continue paying (even if you no longer have it). That will be our fate as well, just as soon as we are a voting minority. Just because you don't see race, does not mean Blacks don't see race – and will vote for "da gibs" or in other words, for their own best interests. And the worst part of all this, if you must learn this truth the hard way (as you already have with Biden over Trump) know that there will be no demographic reversal. Blacks murder Whites without punishment in South Africa, no demographic growth is taking place. YOU TOO WILL BE FUCKED, WE WILL ALL BE FUCKED – AND WE SHALL REMAIN FUCKED, UNTIL WE GO EXTINCT. I can't let you normative intelligence people continue to make these dumb mistakes, which the rest of us have to live with.


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"but nearly everyone testing in the 99th percentile is White, male and is also pro-White National Socialist."

the last part is UNDENIABLY false. IQ is not everything of intelligence and your arguments have SOME merit but your interpretations (ie whose fault it is; that non whites are inferior and therefore deserve less rights) and conclusions (What Will Happen) are incorrect. A better way might be to reorganize our current political structure with better people or carry out campaigns to explain your pov about things or reform immigration laws, equalize demographic ratio of welfare and social services recipients, lower the cost of education and healthcare; not advocate for the elimination/ oppression/movement of non-whites. If we have good people and decentralized systems of control then our society will progress/continue to progress.

South Africa tbh is an entirely different story. Its colonizers were almost entirely of Dutch descent- have a clear homeland they can return to, and forced their selves onto the continent belonging to indigenous people there a long time ago. The shit that is coming now while it's fucked up has a sense or justice to it and an escape valve for potential victims. It's not okay but it's logical and predictable. I know very little about it and don't have an answer except that it is a black continent and I think it's fair that it belongs to them though violence/oppression is always evil. Same goes for Europe; the Europeans own it and can be discriminatory if they want. America however also essentially belongs to its natives. The only white homeland should be Europe.

There are other and better ways to hold onto your heritage than Aryan supremacy- your genes, history, culture, customs, homeland.. they are SPECIFIC not GENERAL to an entire country or race. Race is somewhat socially constructed and can be conceivably defined down along a gradient to city or region (heritage or "line") all the way up to an entire continent (as commonly used). Culture continues and blood is blood no matter the ratio or the appearance.

Have a good day sir and please, be kind to yourself as well as others- there are far too many unobservant uncaring shits in this world. Perhaps it might help to focus your energy on unseating them as too many have the thrones of power. May you find peace in this complex world without hurting others directly or indirectly and Long Live the First Amendment.

P.S.- The true master race is cats. It's always been cats


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"the last part is UNDENIABLY false" It may be unpleasant for you to hear, however it is demonstrably true. I can even add more unique features, such as most of these Germanic men in the 99th percentile are also bald. Why? Well, since I was part of the study, I have that answer. Everyone testing in the 99th percentile is related to one woman who was born over 500 years ago, along the Rhineland in what became Prussia and then Germany. It has been determined that the cause of highest genius was a reassortment of two retroviruses infecting a fetus at the same time. This produced the modified synaptic density which creates highest genius. Like most studies related to intelligence, these findings are highly suppressed.

"IQ is not everything of intelligence" IQ is a great indicator of success, especially the success of nations.…

And your "whose fault it is; that non whites are inferior" is as ridiculous as describing how a polar bear is inferior to the grizzly bear. They are different species adapted to different environments. The sub-human primate which we call Nigger, has adapted to living in the plains of Africa. White humans are adapted to living in cold climates. Each is superior in their own environment – while being inferior in the other. This is why I advocate separation rather than failed integration.

"South Africa tbh is an entirely different story." Not if you compare Chicago with Johannesburg. The murder rates are the same. Both are formerly White, now majority Black basket cases, with murder rates higher than countries which are at war.

"have a clear homeland they can return to" They have a homeland now. The boer has been in Suid Afrika for more than 200 years. When they arrived, the Niggers were in central regions, they only came into the south with their hands out begging for food, after the Boer established farms. Have you ever heard of a Nigger farmer? Neither has anyone else. Farming is a White/Asian thing. Hunter-gatherer is a Black thing, but in White society, we call hunter-gatherer, murderer-robber.

"while it's fucked up has a sense or justice to it" Niggers in Suid Afrika is the same as Mexicans in Idaho. They migrated for "da gibs."

"Same goes for Europe; the Europeans own it and can be discriminatory if they want." Niggers are pouring into Europe by the millions – because they have destroyed their formerly colonial homelands. So now they have fresh new things to destroy and steal.

"Aryan supremacy" This is a foregone conclusion. White supremacy is a fact. White man walked on the moon, clear back in 1969. Whites are the apex achievers. Specifically Whites of Germanic heritage. You know, the men that got to the moon. 🙂

"Race is somewhat socially constructed" Not according to biology. Blacks and Whites can't swap organs – which is why when a dozen or so Niggers are killed in Chicago each weekend, all of those fresh young organs go to waste. They are biologically incompatible. Need more proof? Good hearted doctors developed better medicine for Blacks, but because it seems racist – they were told never to do it again. Behold, the first (and only) racially specific drug, which also proves that Niggers and Europeans are of different species.

BiDil the first treatment specifically for African Americans

"please, be kind to yourself as well as others" If by that you mean lie to myself, wallow in delusion, then no – I'm all about truth.

"Long Live the First Amendment." On that point we are in agreement. I am first and foremost a believer in the Bill of Rights. I fight to give a voice to the voiceless. You have no idea the Herculean efforts required to keep this website online! And yet I do it because everyone has a right to be heard, even Nazis.

"P.S.- The true master race is cats." Why does everyone love cats so much? Because they poop in a box? You should try ferrets, they behave like dogs, but poop in a box like cats. 🙂 Imagine the best of both worlds!


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"This produced the modified synaptic density which creates highest genius. Like most studies related to intelligence, these findings are highly suppressed."

well hmmmm likely response there! Everything that is "unpleasant to hear" is not true but naturally, "suppressed". Convenient perspective, but modern neuroscience thinking favors the Neural Efficiency Hypothesis re: IQ instead of Synaptic Density and in fact density is not sex dependent.…

However the Neural Efficiency Hypothesis is only a current perspective which may be misunderstood or later revised.

I could believe that research furthering your perspective is suppressed (funding is a thing after all) but not when all the facts we are to logically induce point to opposing conclusions.

More importantly, I'd like to leave this here.…

"This is a plea to those of you not on the far right to view white nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis through a lens of rational compassion. And it is a plea to those of you who find yourself on the far right, either espousing or sympathizing with white supremacist views, to really look within and have compassion for yourself and the parts of yourself that are hurting.

This kind of sympathy -- for ourselves AND for those whose beliefs and actions we find reprehensible -- can feel like the hardest, most impossible task, but we need to see each other as fellow humans above everything that might divide us. And this doesn't mean that racism is acceptable or that violence is acceptable. But it does mean that understanding where violent extremist ideology and action comes from is the only way we can prevent it.

The link between early life trauma and later extremism is clear, and is becoming increasingly clear as more research is done. To counteract extremism, we need to bring understanding and compassion to the table. Not more hatred."


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"well hmmmm likely response there!"

This simple explanation best follows Occam's razor, does it not?

"Everything that is "unpleasant to hear" is not true but naturally, "suppressed". Convenient perspective,"

Everyone who even discusses the (not so remote) possibility of genetic differences in intelligence (the same as the already widely accepted genetic difference in eye color, height, running ability and so on) is canceled and erased. Former Director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Dr. James D Watson, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist comes to mind. Watson was canceled and erased for stating that genes decide intelligence, not poverty, not racism and it's not Whitey's fault, it's simply nature. Also canceled, former professor Philippe Rushton, comes to mind as well. Everyone who even tries to speak the truth about race and intelligence, is canceled and erased. Why? What are they afraid of? Are they (rightfully) afraid Niggers will get angry and loot/burn entire cities (again) which is probably the correct assumption?

Everyone anecdotally realizes that Niggers (on average) are as dumb as shit. The evidence is seen by each and every one of us, on a daily basis. And yet we are told this is wrongthink – something, something feelings... That just does not work with me, I am all about the truth. I can't stand delusional thinking. Even more so, I can not stand a lie! When I say it is Nigger behavior that causes poverty, rather than poverty which causes Nigger behavior – White people get angry. WHY? It IS the truth. We can't fix Niggers, they are biologically unsuitable for living in an orderly civil society. We see the same Nigger behavior everywhere on earth where Niggers exist in great numbers. You can't expect someone who hates school but loves to steal, to get very far in civil society. WHY can't I please just swap out these Niggers for Chinese? You'll still have your oh so important diversity, but with Chinese, the crime, rape and violence levels would plummet. I would gladly live in "die-versity" world, if that diversity were Asians rather than Africans. Of course what I really want is a pure White ethnostate, but if I can't have that, living with Asians is vastly preferable.

We freely admit that Blacks run faster than Whites due to Negroid genetics, but if we dare to say that Whites perform better in the classroom than Blacks – you are canceled by cancel culture. It is a universally accepted fact that all human bodies are wildly different, some are tall, some run fast, but we are expected to beLIEve that all human brains are somehow magically 100% equal – even though YOU KNOW there is no equality found anywhere in nature. You are smart, YOU KNOW THIS! I shouldn't even have to say it, everyone should know this already.

"but modern neuroscience thinking"

Modern science is governed by cancel culture and thus prevented from performing any REAL research. Everything MUST be politically correct if you expect to earn a paycheck. AND YOU KNOW THIS!

"favors the Neural Efficiency Hypothesis re: IQ instead of Synaptic Density"

If you search hard enough, you will find that the number of cortical neurons, neuron packing density, interneuronal distance and axonal conduction velocity, are all factors that determine general intelligence. I seem to recall this research involved studying the intelligence of crows and primates. Smarter men have larger craniums. However Google is not giving me any results at all on this subject, which is not surprising – since Google leads the world in suppressing unpleasant thoughts. We simply can't make the bold proclamation that Niggers will never improve, due to immutable biological reasons. So I'll try to find some scholarly articles and update this comment later, when I have more time to do research "other than google."

"and in fact density is not sex dependent."

Anecdotally, we all have observed that women have smaller heads. Smaller head = less brain matter (fewer synapses). Again, Occam's razor. My best friend (female) can't perform simple math operations, while I routinely work with quadratic functions in my work. I build a lot of graphing software products for business. Racist websites simply don't pay the bills, as you may have already guessed. But my racist customers love me and find me far more valuable and important to them, than any of my better paying clients, that's for sure. And keeping a racist website online is a noble (albeit quite difficult) challenge. And I can't stand groupthink, so I do the work and take the money from these Jew supplicant clients who love my graphs and charts, but I pour my heart and soul into my racist clients and their truthful websites. 🙂

"This is a plea to those of you not on the far right to view white nationalists, white supremacists,"

White supremacy is a fact. Niggers see our supremacy every day. Every time a White casually reads something, this seems to the Nigger that we are flaunting our superiority. We invented written language, while no African ever has (again pointing out Egyptians were White Europeans according to DNA). Reading is a White/Asian thing.

"and neo-Nazis through a lens of rational compassion."

Fuck you, I'm not a sheep like you – I'm a wolf. I think for myself. All my thoughts are rational, requiring no mental gymnastics to make them work, just as you see here in this post. YOU are the one who needs compassion (or tolerance). You are among the brainwashed supplicants of the Jew, being led to slaughter through racial suicide or racial genocide, in order to usher in a Jew world order, a clown world run and populated only by Jews and their pets, the Niggers (which they will keep as slaves). Don't believe me? Just ask them. Jews fear Whites and know Whites will never allow them to return to the slavery of Blacks. So Whitey gotta go – which is the core reason for our protests.


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Racial differences manifest themselves in many ways, but are dismissed as "racism", despite there being proof of such differences. Racial differences are immutable, despite the protestations and declarations of "social scientists" and other "race-mongers" who insist that "there are no differences between the races", and their holy mantra: "there is only one race--the human race". However, they could not be more wrong. Racial differences manifest themselves with differences in the efficacy of many drugs and medical treatments which have different, measurable outcomes depending on race.

Cultural differences are also evident, but dismissed by "social scientists" who should know better. Blacks are loud, obnoxious in white society, one example being that blacks like to "talk back" to the movie screen in theaters, disturbing other patrons in the process. Their behavior is "normal" within their black society but can be unacceptable to others.

Substandard football player Kapaernick is PROOF that "race" IS NOT just a "social construct" but is real.

Almost all children, as pre-teenagers are relatively cute and docile, generally DO defer to their caregivers (parents) and can be counted on to overlook racial differences. However, that all changes when children come of age and realize that there ARE differences in the races and that their own race comes into play when interacting with the real world.

Kapaernick is a prime example of black DNA asserting itself when coming of age. In a non-racial construct, Kapaernick should love his white adoptive parents who gave him every advantage when growing up. Instead, Kapaernick rejects his white adoptive parents and his white societal upbringing and has allowed his black DNA to affect his judgment. Despite never being negatively discriminated against, Kapaernick is a prime example for separation of the races. Nothing good has or can come of forced racial integration. We are seeing the results of this "failed grand experiment" in (forced) "racial integration" as we speak.


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Thank-you for your valiant efforts, Sir(Sirs & Ms.)!

We European Whites have been blind and those binders need to come off and soon. Instead of the criticism from our own race I am finding here, in the comments, what could each of us be doing to assist in ensuring a future for our race?
I don't agree with every decision for the actions that recently transpired in Orlando. The attack on the elderly gentleman on the sidelines was cowardly, however! I am warmed to see the young people attempting at least something and moving to protect the older members!
Let's don't give an inch in providing unnecessary cause for further delay in raising awareness.
True diversity allows for the ethnic Europeans of the USA and in every other part of the world to thrive and have their place in being celebrated.
I will ignore trolls in here and not bother to read even one of their comments, let alone reply to them. If they are European, especially Northern European, (since the people of Southern Europe may not come under as much attack), and they persist in attempting to troll, I would hope they would stop and think about what they are doing for their people and children.

All neonazis are bullshit. Black lives matter. Jews are normal persons.


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"All neonazis are bullshit. Black lives matter. Jews are normal persons." As you no, we do not allow nigger lovers here :)


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Pay attention in school instead of injecting heroin and being a racist retard, fucking dumbass nigga


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Lmfao don’t talk about spelling errors when you can’t even spell nigger. Nigga is not a word, it’s nigger! You really have to get the pronunciation of that R at the end. Say it with me now…..nigger. Let’s try it in a song now:
Oh wop wop bam bam who likes a nigger? Wop wop bam bam who likes a nigger?


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Jews can best be described as subversive DEMONS who are bent on the destruction of civilization through covert means. Only those not under their psychological spell can see this truth. Unfortunately for us, the majority in law enforcement ARE under Jewish mind control and can't even realize it or stop it. This is what we are up against. The most powerful parasite in history is right now killing its host. And there is very little anyone can do to stop it.

Okay you Socialist inbred homosexuals, it's time for you to take some helicopter tours.

There is video of a beatdown, apparently by NSM folks at the rally. Looks like the guy in the SUV stopped on the corner. What happened between then and the beat down is not in the video: . An explanation of what's omitted might be useful? Harassing motorists does NOTHING to expand your cause, as no one would want to emulate your actions of... harassing motorists. Also explained on twitter, UCF nearby has quite an athletic program. It would have been quite the show if the varsity athletes came across your bullying and ganging-up on people trapped in cars in their community. You don't have this website on the banner.

You are all fat pos cucks and should kill yourselves. Hitler would have you all gassed for being so fucking ugly. You are the scum of the earth and if I ever saw you in real life I would beat the living shit out of you. Oh I’m white btw you fucking faggots. Take a shotgun and blast yourself out of my oxygen

Hiiii! german white christian southerner here <3 So like, as soon as I saw there was a nazi organization in my home state of florida, I just had to contact you guys and say

Seriously, what the fuck. You're a public embarrassment. I may not be gay, black, Jewish, etc., but I will proudly stand in solidarity with those who are. Their ancestors did not go through generations of trauma and hell for their descendants to have to deal with the festering, steaming piles of ideological diarrhea that leak in foul chunks from your rotting mouths. You could really be doing anything with your time, like gardening, baking pizza, or learning to read, but instead you waste the fleeting moments we have on this earth pushing ignorant and hateful rhetoric.

Don't you ever feel tired? I mean, it's so easy to, you know, just not hate people for existing. I recommend a nice day at the spa with a volume of James Baldwin, maybe with some nice classical music on. I recommend that great conductor, the one and only Leonard Bernstein (both iconic Americans; but since you claim to be patriots who know so much about history, I'll trust you know who they are) and then you'll maybe feel a little less bitter.

Why so hateful, anyway? Are you afraid of facing the mountains of history that could make you feel ashamed? Do you feel scared and alone and just want to latch onto something that makes you feel validated? Were you told by someone in your past that this is an acceptable way to think and behave? I get it; history isn't pretty. But all ignorance of it does is push us further into a narrow cave until we're trapped by our own prejudices and too paralyzed to appreciate all the wonderful things people from other walks of life have to offer.

By the way, for people who idolize someone who wanted to get into art school, maybe you should look into better web design lmao


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You are the first person to say anything negative about this website, which I find rather amusing – given that this is a fully customized CMS, designed specifically around the special needs of the NSM. It supports the highest levels of security, while also using state of the art HTML5 with CSS3 and key frame animation. There are only a small handful of websites even close to this advanced technology stack. So lashing out against our online achievement, which exists against all odds (with so many trying desperately to deny us our Right to exist and take this site down) is rather absurd. You should be impressed that unlike most sites in this genre, we are still up! All day today, I have been monitoring the actions of hackers, deploying all manner of exploitation techniques, desperately trying to penetrate (and deface) our website. They have all failed. That alone is a testament to our accomplishment with this amazingly resilient FREE SPEECH website! So FUCK YOU "southern chris", as Adolf Hitler would be proud of what we have achieved here. He would be impressed that technology normally only seen on big money websites, those developed for Hollywood plastic surgeons and the like, is being used in this manner.


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Jews lie about everything, even stuff which is easy to disprove, just as I will show you all here today.

"layout is piss poor" The layout is an ideal compromise, so that one website can service both desktop and mobile devices equally well. Our website is feature-rich and I plan to cram even more awesome features in, over time. Even world famous facebook has not achieved this level of compromise and simplicity, they still have completely different websites for mobile and desktop users. I would call what I have done here, an advancement in the art of webcraft, just as most rational people would. You should emulate what I am doing here, seriously.

"HTML5 and CSS3? Those are decades old at this point." So tell me, does HTML6 exist? Why doesn't it exist, if HTML5 is so outdated?

Dec 28, 2021 · HTML6 is Coming - Here is a Sneak Peek

Does CSS4 exist?

Feb 23, 2021 · When will we have CSS4? - DEV Community

So if I claim to be using state of the art technology and this claim is factually true, then why do you believe you can lie about this and get away with it, when it's so easy for anyone to verify THAT YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT? That's the problem with most gullible White people today, they just believe these Jewish lies and don't bother to check things out for themselves. I invite everyone to question every claim made by these lying piece of shit Jews, even those in the lying Jewish media who also lie about how broken this website might be. They are just trying to antagonize me, to get under my skin – because they know they can't dig at me in any other way.

"Too cheap and unskilled to spring for ASP.NET?" I'm too smart for Microsoft garbage, if I were to run that Microsoft trash here, you fucks would pwn me, easily.

High-Risk Vulnerabilities in ASP.NET Web Applications | GSPANN…

For the past few days I have been watching and smirking while you fucktards try to sploit this website – and you have failed, spectacularly. FAILED! Let me rub that into your nose real deep and real good: YOU HAVE FAILED! My technology stack is my own, you have no way to see the source code and find exploits (if they even exist, and to be honest with myself, they might) – this reality places my custom CMS far above wordpress users who get exploited every damn day around the world. Every other day, another zero-day exploit is reported for wordpress. Commander Burt gave me two instructions before I built this website: Make it awesome, don't use wordpress. I don't believe he is disappointed with what I have achieved here. We are one of very few censorship-free, pro-White "racist" websites around the world. That makes us both exclusive and elite. The path that led to where we are today WAS NOT EASY, the challenge was nearly impossible.

"filth like you understood you had no place" Listen you Jewish piece of shit, not only do we have a place – WE ARE THE FUTURE OF THE WHITE RACE. Only those who are fit to survive, will survive. MOST of the White race are owned by the Jews and mix with the Niggers, making them UNFIT to survive. Only those who choose to be exempt from this Jewish planned racial genocide, will survive this Jewish racial genocide. The rest of you I am afraid, will be relegated to the fringes and die out, while we racially aware Whites reach for the stars and leave our cradle of earth, far back in the dust. WE clearly are the future of human evolution, you clearly are NOT. Let THAT sink in, as you parasitically exist off our efforts.


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The white race is fucking trash. All of you disgusting mayo packets need to grow the fuck up and get a damn life. That's why you all are going to be the minority soon. So cannot wait until your kind is wiped out from America. Your species and kind don't belong here. Go back to hell where you all came from. Filthy ass whites!


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You are a fucking nigger ass chimp that belongs back in Africa. Go stick a banana up your ass monkey, oh and better yet, have George Floyd stick his dead carcass dick up your ass.


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These vermin dare think they are superior. The pitiful blacks that were sold by African tribes to the British as slaves. These mongeral individuals who continue to tell everyone how superior they are but cannot compete with whites in academics . The same people who are hated by their African Brothers and sisters. Yes I know what the Africans think of these lazy goons . They have gotten to the point they cannot read or write English. They are merely 13% of the population in the United States but commit the majority of crimes. The █████ ████████ must be used against these animals and their comrades, the juden . Then this country will flourish in prosperity. 14/88

You gonna stay on my dick until you die! You serve no purpose in life. Your purpose in life is being on my stream sucking on my dick daily! Your purpose is being in that chat blowing that dick daily! Your life is nothing! You serve zero purpose! You should kill yourself now! And give somebody else a piece of that oxygen and ozone layer, that’s covered up so we can breathe inside this blue trapped bubble. Because what are you here for? To worship me? Kill yourself. I mean that, with a hundred percent. With a thousand percent.


Nazi fucks.


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it makes me laugh to see nigger cock suckers come randomly on this site and immediately just attack like queerifa and their black Halloween costumes on a hot summer day shaking their baby raddles when people call them so called heroes and soldiers. They say all the time "kill yourselves" and "you Nazis have no place on earth" which is what Jews say. Anarcho Communists coming on here thinking they are all for show just to get a reaction out of us and to get their heroic ADL and SPLC on their side to try and make yellow journalism out of us to cause the liberals to jump out from their mother's basement to start a riot. BLM and queerifa are controlled and are funded by the Media which are funded by the Jews which are controlled by George Soros which is controlled by the Chinese Communist governments. They want us all dead to keep population under control and to rid of white people, they want to start a revolution, they think killing white children is good and funny. Those come on here claiming to be a white girl saying she hates white people when she could be a nigger or jewboy in disguise, it may even be a member or a queerifa supporter. Remember to be white and proud fellow Hitlerists, punch Marxists in the face, no more commies. And do not forget that soon we will have a war between communist china and the jewish menace followed by their knights the nigger movement and queerifa. We must have food supplies, weapons, shields, armor, medical aid kits, a lot of water too as this is going to be one of the bloodiest battles in history. BLM and queerifa supporters/members coming on here, i hope you get ready for a fight, this will be an epic final battle of the century, a fight between good and evil. No more holding back, we will be ready. For God! For Country! For the white race! for our children! For our Nation! 1488

Just found your page because you advertised it outside of DISNEYWORLD. You absolute losers think there’s is a “great white uprising” but you don’t understand you guys are on the fringes of America. White people don’t even fuck with you guys like that. Enjoy being noticed by absolute nobodies while the right wing gods sit on top of their golden thrones while you sit there and suck their toes. Imagine being white and white people don’t like you!

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