The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )

The Great Replacement

Countdown to a majority non-White United States of America


Table 10. Projections of the Population by Sex, Hispanic Origin, and Race for the United States: 2015 to 2060 (NP2014-T10) U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division (December 2014)

Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals By Race, 1790 to 1990, and By Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990, For The United States, Regions, Divisions, and States U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division (Feburary 2005)

Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970, Bicentennial Edition, Part 2, Series Z 1–19. Chapter Z: Colonial and Pre-Federal Statistics. U.S. Census Bureau (September 1975)

World Population Prospects, The 2017 Revision, Key Findings and Advance Tables. Working Paper No. ESA/P/WP/248. United Nations, Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (2017)

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In reply to by M B (not verified)

Of course racism is okay, as racism is simply the pathologization of a quite normal and quite healthy, survival-oriented human instinct. The preference to be with one's own kind, nothing could be more normal and healthy, right? All biological life forms stay within their own biologically familiar groups, from mammals all the way down to bacteria! Let me repeat that. ALL BIOLOGICAL LIFE FORMS STAY WITHIN THEIR OWN BIOLOGICALLY FAMILIAR GROUPS! Everything, even simple colonies of bacteria, all the way up to birds and bison do show this behavior. ALL BIOLOGICAL LIFE SHOWS THIS BEHAVIOR! Therefore, it is arguably a jus cogens function – demonstrably a law of nature itself! RACISM IS IN FACT A LAW OF NATURE. And even as the Jews condemn racism, it has also been the Jews greatest fortitude, for racism has held the Jews together as a homogeneous people (living parasitically, without a country of their own) for millennia. But sociopathic Jewish psychologists decided to undermine this natural instinct, in only the White race, by creating for them the so-called "pathology of racism" and accusing only Whites of practicing it, even as Whites express the weakest racial unity of any hominid race. I therefore hold that the most detrimental trick the Jews have ever played upon the White race, to advance their goal of a complete and total White genocide, was convincing us that "racism" is an issue of morality – rather than one of objective fact, an idea which can be argued for or against, based solely upon the evidence and devoid of any emotion. By making the matter of race emotional for White people, they have made it untouchable, thus robbing us of any desire for racial self-preservation. What amounts to the greatest covenant ever made between the Jewish people, they forbid in others. It's basically nothing more than a Communist scam, to demonize their opponents and to stop White people from discussing certain factual issues about racial difference. The word "racism" itself was even coined by the notorious Communist Jewish rat, Leon Trotsky (aka Lev Bronstein). I hold firm that in actuality, "racism" is simply showing a preference for your own race, something which should be instinctual common sense in everyone! If it wasn’t instinctual and thus almost immutable, there would be no need for diversity training, forced integration of schools, affirmative action, racism laws, racial hate crime laws and so on. Do the Japanese have problems with racism? No, because Japan is still mostly homogeneous. Does Iceland have problems with racism? No, because Iceland allows no immigration and is thus, also homogeneous. Racism was actually created by forcing incompatible races of people to live together in the same space, sharing the same resources, thus causing racial tension and discord, which is an expected natural outcome – so by advocating for racial segregation, the NSM becomes the ONLY political organization in America, seeking a fair and workable END to racism. Let me repeat that. THE NSM SEEKS TO END RACISM through a workable and historically successful plan of racial segregation! It is easy to demonstrate how segregation has always been successful, everywhere it has been tried, just as it is easy to demonstrate that misery and discord appears, everywhere where segregation has been forcibly ended. History has shown that racial integration has NEVER worked, throughout all of recorded history, be it Babylon, Rome, Egypt, Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa, even cities such as Detroit, Saint Louis, Baltimore, Oakland, New Orleans, Chicago and so on. Now, do you agree with any of these statements, or can you prove any of what I said here to be wrong? Post your comments below, by clicking "reply" and let's once and for all, "winnow out the truth" about racism.


In reply to by M B (not verified)

The term originated w the Boljooviks circa 1890s in EEEENGGLAND, w the cretian Society of the Just, w was imported to America as the Abolitionists as early as 1849. In its scientific usage it's a benign term which is meant to define the study of Racial differences, which do exist. Further, 'racism' as a social tool, is a self selective Tool of self preservation, meaning a Hu-man being prefers/Nature commands, ones own KIND! And as for being not ok, well, just ask da JOOS how they feel about, GOYS, tgats you, me, everyone not JOOISH! They are the destroyers of Man-kind!


In reply to by Clifford D. He… (not verified)

Interesting how you say the word originated in England, yet it is the English government website that blames Trotsky. I'm on which is the city website, that says "the origins of the word 'Racist' was first coined by the communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky in the 1920's."

However I also found "The Oxford English Dictionary's first recorded utterance of the word racism was by a man named Richard Henry Pratt in 1902. Pratt was railing against the evils of racial segregation." Brigadier General Richard Henry Pratt (December 6, 1840 – March 15, 1924) was an American.…

I graduated high school in the 70's and that's where I first learned about Trotsky using the word as a truncheon against his political enemies. School back then was very much pro-White and pro-family, which only spoke the ugly truth about Communism. Fast forward to today and see where we are – literally the opposite is true in schools today. The worst subversives and degenerates of the past, are held high as role models by the children of today. Take a good long look at the countdown clock at the top of this page. Moment by moment, the future of the White race is literally ticking away.


In reply to by Pastor David J… (not verified)

I am a huge supporter of nsm but I should say this, Indians were here first they donated there land to our ancestors , they were the most kind people to our ancestors unlike jews, if we owe anything to anyone then they are Indians , treat them with at most respect and dignity for giving their land


In reply to by Johnathnan (not verified)

Early explorers to what was later known as the New World or America, initially encountered a land that was previously unknown to the Europeans. What they were actually hoping to find and initially believed that they did find, was a new trade route to the Far East, an ocean route to India, thus they mistakenly called the people that they found living here, "Indians."

The indigenous people in what today we call America, did not "donate" their land to the invading White colonists from Europe. The invading White colonists simply took what they wanted and essentially drove off, enslaved or killed the indigenous people – the same as we now see the Hispanics doing to the current majority White race, with the help of power-hungry Jew-led Democrats of course, allowing these Democrat-voting non-Whites to pour across our open border, driving the voting demographics more in favor of Democrats. You see, once Whites are displaced in their own homelands, both here in America and everywhere else where White people can be found, the Jews believe the replacement majority non-Whites will continue to allow them to rule, as a single-party system of Jew-led Democratic Marxists. This of course will not be the case, as I assure you, without White people, in time even the Jews will be butchered and eaten by hungry, Democrat-voting non-Whites. If Hispanic people were more commonly voting Republican, this would not be happening – thus America is being betrayed from within, at the behest of a Jewish occupational government and not being conquered from without, by a superior race of conquerors.

White people actually do respect the indigenous people who were here first – by naming most things after them. Many states have indigenous names for example, as do many rivers and so on. That is the homage that the White race pays to those they have conquered. The same is true for Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


In reply to by M B (not verified)

and? what are you going to do about it retard?

If we are to assume that racism is a natural occurrence, and also is a "LAW OF NATURE", then we also have to accept that certain "degenerate" behaviors are also part of nature. Murder, cannibalism, rape, homosexuality, and gender fluidity are all phenomena that are exhibited in the natural world. Some of these apply to animals, some to humans, and some to both. Using this line of natural reasoning, then, what is there to separate us from animals? What great distinction is there between a human being and a savage beast if we simply follow the basest of our instincts? Can the human race ever evolve, or will we be stuck in a neo cro-magnon state?


In reply to by Jonathan Quiros (not verified)

Every time you see a flock of birds, you are seeing an example of this "racist" law of nature. A flock of birds, all of which are the exact same species, a colony of bacteria, all the same species, a school of fish, a herd of bison, I think you get my point. Racism (the strong desire for every lifeform on earth to be with their own kind) is in fact, a law of nature. Suppressing this desire is pathological and harmful, this may help explain why so many White leftists have gone insane. What I describe here is undeniable, thus "racism" is both universal and normal. Suppressing it is abnormal. This universality and normalcy explains why the whole world has been "racist" throughout all of recorded history, up until just recently, when the Jews took it upon themselves to pathologize this normal and healthy, survival instinct. So why did the Jews do this? I think it's obvious to everyone – to promote White Genocide.

The degenerate acts which you cite, most of them are indeed natural (seen in nature) however they are NOT exceedingly common among the White race. Specifically, things such as transgender were practically unheard of until recently. It was coercion by the Jews, who through their dominance in broadcast media, have promoted, encouraged and even rewarded anyone who chooses a transgender path. Everyone knows that Blacks today have massive unearned privilege at all levels and that Whites do not – transgender becomes just one way for Whites to achieve equal, if not greater privilege. The purpose for transgenderism is very clear, White Genocide. Entice Whites to pick some degeneracy, through a system of rewards, with the end result being a failure for them reproduce – noting of course that we are always just ONE failed generation away from extinction. Jews promote birth control, abortion, LGBTQ and race mixing among the Goyim, because they know it will ultimately lead to an inevitable White racial extinction.

So what separates us Whites (and Asians) from animals? Many things, but the overarching characteristic is a highly evolved sense of morality. Whites (and Asians, which includes the dark skinned Indoasians) uniquely share the following traits, all of which are absent from the lesser evolved, sub-Saharan African origin hominids, commonly known as Negroes. White people, but more specifically those who are Conservative, try to always tell the truth, do not destroy property, are courageous, keep promises, do not cheat or steal, treat others as we want to be treated, are not judgmental, are dependable, forgiving, have integrity, take responsibility for our actions, have patience, are loyal, respectful, tolerant (perhaps our greatest flaw), uphold justice, have humility and are generous (perhaps to a fault). Just because I cite Asians and Indoasians (and yes, even Hispanics) as sharing many morality traits with Whites, does not give them permission to invade and occupy our lands. I encourage them equally to keep with their own kind. I encourage cooperation and trade with them, but I do not promote race mixing or cohabitation (even if we do, as a general rule, get along fairly well).

White Conservatives generally do have, believe in and help their own family and extended racial group, always return favors, are brave, yield to hierarchy, trade their labor and resources fairly and respect property rights. Because Black people (meaning sub-Saharan Africans) for immutable biological reasons, express none of these traits – they will NEVER fit or function well, in ANY civilized society. Abraham Lincoln created a savage nation just for Blacks called Liberia. It would be best for our Republic, if Blacks would voluntarily move there. For if they did, "racism" and "White supremacy" (as BLM defines it) would for them, come to an abrupt end. They would also take with them, everything they learned from White civilization – and can then create their own Nation, just to their liking.

Talking about minorities taking "your" jobs when in reality your lazy ass wont take the job, without minorities America would be nothing they are the people keeping America stabilized, so instead of saying "lets make an all white america" you should be saying "thank you minorities for keeping America alive" so shut up and get your head out of your ass


In reply to by KillYourLocalNazi (not verified)

Some minorities work, however tens of millions currently do not. Hispanics often come here with the intention of working – only to see Niggers sitting on the stoop, drinking malt liquor all day. Eventually they learn about welfare. Only Whites and Asians are behaviorally driven to "do something with their lives" even with welfare out there as an option, while the common pavement ape and many Hispanics are more than content to collect welfare and quite literally stand out on a street corner, both day and night. That's their street corner, and they will murder anyone to defend it. Such odd behavior, don't you agree? Like it or not, most minorities arrive in America "fo da gibs" from all over the world, without any intention of ever working once they get here. They simply show up and vote Democrat, all will be provided.

Imagine for a moment an America without any Whites. What would it look like? Detroit? Chicago? Some other hell hole? Imagine those non-Whites looking around at everything they have destroyed around them and having no idea what it is, or even how it works. Some might even claim the American pavement ape is not even self-aware, they have no idea that they are even alive! Imagine them butchering and eating one another, because without Whites, there would be no mechanized agriculture and thus – no food. Our world would quickly resemble Haiti or Liberia – search for videos of what those places are like. Here's one of a Nigger warlord who would like to butcher and eat YOU raw!…

I'm not concerned with non-Whites driving us into extinction, as that will never happen. And I will let this Black thug explain to you, exactly why.

However White leftists who are brainwashed by the Jew are currently in a state of slow suicide. In their case, they won't be missed, if they are successful. Let's just hope minority violence, crime and hopelessness STAYS in the Democrat-run cities. But they say hope in one hand and shit in the other – leftists are quickly moving away from the blue states and into red states, bringing their stupidity and leftism with them (voting liberal) ruining our red states, until one day the whole Republic becomes one big shit colored racial cesspool. ☹️


In reply to by KillYourLocalNazi (not verified)

What Steve said is actually common sense i mean c'mon. you look at New york and you look at other states it took a white person to achieve those beautiful buildings that's in those states. We achieve much more than the blacks obviously no offense. Oh and ummm... Im just gonna say it but uhh Blacks are apes okay and that's why America looks like a jungle right now..... ????????????????????


In reply to by KillYourLocalNazi (not verified)

Minorities ARE NOT taking our jobs because they are too stupid. And as far as your screen name "Killyourlocalnazi" I would invite you to try. Ethnic minorities are stupid, untrainable sub humans with an average IQ of 65. If you're not a nigger or a jew, you should be. You would be perfect for that job...

According to the AP, the president of the Boston school committee resigned amid criticism of racist texts she shared with another committee member, denigrating White student families. The texts were sent during a committee meeting last October, as the board considered a proposal to temporarily remove the entrance test requirement at city schools, as non-Whites perform poorly on entrance exams. The texts came from a Latina teacher of gender studies who teaches racism, patriarchy and oppression no less. ? A self-proclaimed woman of color who advocates for racial equity in our schools. Isn't it funny how blowback works? ?…

Here is something worthy of discussion. We see the word "equity" used a lot anymore. Whites offer and have always offered "equality" which is currently rejected by non-Whites, who instead want "equity." Do you know the difference?

• Equality: both Black and White people are allowed fair and equal access to work and earn money at equal pay, provided they both show equal productivity.
• Equity: White people have to give half their earnings to Blacks because the Blacks decided they do not want to work, or do not want to work as hard.

Equality is equal opportunity and access. Equity (social) is equal outcome.

Shifting from equality to equity will destroy America, as it will remove from Whites and Asians the incentive and desire to be productive, as it only incentivizes non-productivity in those who would rather receive something for nothing. Equity is why all Communist regimes came to an end with famine, starvation and death. Historically, lives in these collapsed Communist "utopias" were always saved at the end, when the United States brought food to the starving people. Who will bring food to the United States, when we meet the same fate? We must NOT allow equity to replace equality in America, as there is no one who will save us.

Washington Post Jewish columnist Jennifer Rubin said in regard to Whites in America becoming a minority at a rapid pace, "this is fabulous news. now we need to prevent minority White rule."

This Jewess also said, "If only we could keep the hard-working Latin American newcomers and deport the contemptible Republican cowards — that would truly enhance America’s greatness."

Need more? Fellow Washington Post Jewish columnist Max Boot said that when America becomes “majority-minority” then the Trump era “will be seen as a sad last gasp of white resistance.”

Know your fate my White brothers and sisters, at the hands of the evil Jew! Yes, the EVIL JEW, who is right now fomenting and promoting YOUR GENOCIDE! There is a reason why Jews have been universally hated throughout all of history. Learn that reason, so you may save your race!


In reply to by Steve (not verified)

It’s far too late to save it now. Just sit back and enjoy the decline. The kikes, nigs, women and all the liberal faggots are doing a great job at brining it all down.
Don’t worry after the collapse we will rebuild. But there won’t be no more agents of chaos living in our new civilization. Women won’t be allowed to vote, it’s back to the kitchen. And most important of all, jews will not be allowed to hold citizenship or own or work in any institutions in media, academia or government.

This is what happens when your own Jewish government forces employers to hire only racial minorities (or work visa immigrants) then prevents employers from firing these workers for theft, incompetence, poor attendance – or even for sexual assault of coworkers. This is what happens when your own Jewish government allows an absolutely unrestricted flow of illegal immigration from brown and black countries – then celebrates the anti-White discrimination that results. The Jewish DOJ has recently sued X/Twitter owner Elon Musk, because he only hires US citizens and refuses to hire those who are here illegally.

This describes exactly how the unethical behavior of Jew-run governments, actually spark civil wars! There was less of a schism and less politically polar extremism, prior to the LAST civil war. If it wasn't for the Jews cowing the majority of the White population, with their unrelenting stream of anti-White propaganda on Jew-owned TV, I'm sure that civil race war 2 would have begun decades ago – in fact, one could argue that we have been in a de facto civil race war, ever since the mid 1960's. The only thing preventing this civil race war from becoming more obvious, is the White race simply refusing to fight. The White race currently remains only as war victims – but never (or rarely) as soldiers, in this ongoing, de facto civil, racial, political and cultural war.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” — Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to William Stephens Smith.

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to take to this platform to express my dissatisfaction with the current state of my country.

I live in a predominantly Hispanic state, and I am treated like utter garbage by the people who reside in it.

I was born in this once-great nation, but these immigrants are granted access to quality healthcare, free food, and the finest schools.

When I encounter these people, I am always met with a revolting sense of entitlement.

They often get upset when I refuse to speak their language; a language which they use to hurl vulgar slurs at me.

The truth is that my people have a rich culture to celebrate. My people constructed the rockets which took man to the moon. My people composed the greatest music to ever grace the ears of mankind. My people lead a successful rebellion against the most powerful empire to form the United States of America.

What do these foreigners - whom form part of a protected class - have to their name?

Food stamps and shabby apartment?


In reply to by Martin (not verified)

Hi tired. I am also tired. Tired for all the reasons you mentioned above. I hope you know it's the Jews that are creating the problem, financing the problem when they themselves ARE the problem. I would encourage you, if you haven't already, to join the NSM. Together we can expose the Jews for what they are lying, wormy little parasites. Heil Hitler. 88

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