The National Socialist Movement
Die Nationalsozialistische Bewegung
( an American
Nazi party )
2022 NSM Nationals and Permitted Public Protest
Announcement for the 2022 NSM Nationals and Permitted Public Protest on April 23, 2022
This event has been rescheduled for August.


I don ' t really care about any white people or just about anyone in the u.s anymore . just the air Force miltary members supporters of the national socialist movement . And my Anglo Saxon brothers and sisters in Toronto Canada and northern Ireland .

There are some National Socialists that think we need OUR very own symbol, and I'm one of them. I go back a long way. America has given the world more inventions than any other country in history, probably all of them combined. Yet we can't seem to come up with our very own symbol? Even Cuba, China and other Communist country's have their own flags, not the hammer and sickle. Even some of the foreign Waffen SS symbols looked pretty good. And I really like the Aryan Nations symbol with at least a half crooked cross. And of course hated the 'ribbon' we once had. Our black uniforms look great and kind of sticks it to the Antifa black. But I still feel we are using a second-hand symbol and nationalism MUST start here if it's going to keep rising. It must be like the Klan - rooted in American soil.


In reply to by reynolds (not verified)

I disagree – now let me explain why. The NSM already experimented with the othala rune (representing the o and œ phonemes in the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc writing system) and that experiment was a complete and total failure. The symbol had no meaning to the common man, thus it had no overt power. When Commander Colucci took over and re-incorporated the NSM corporation, one of the best decisions he made early on, was a return to the hakenkreuz, the sacred emblem of the German NSDAP. To us, the symbol is sacred. But to the Jews, leftists and Democrats – the hakenkreuz represents pure horror. They are horrified by it, thanks to decades of Jewish brainwashing, telling them to be horrified by this ancient symbol, which represents prosperity and good luck. You see, the Jew has done everything they can, with their vast political power and influence, to make the hakenkreuz unusable by anyone, for any purpose. Nobody uses it, save for the NSM, but why? Because it is like a fully charged battery, the symbol is charged up and full of power. The Jew – by making the symbol untouchable, has imbued it with astronomical levels of psychological power. The common White man thus is in awe of anyone brave enough to wield such a symbol, to wield such incredible forbidden power. They then want to be a PART of this movement, BECAUSE of this symbol! The Jew will now do anything and everything to make it go away – as their trick to make it "untouchable" has backfired, it has been turned back on them – and the power it now holds, is being used by Whites against the Jew and their leftist/communist minions. This is why I join with Commander Burt in endorsing and upholding the sacred German hakenkreuz as the symbol for the NSM. 🙂 Won't you uphold and endorse the sacred hakenkreuz as well?


In reply to by Webmaster (not verified)

I must agree with you webmaster. Ever since Burt mailed me my swastika arm band, I have carried it on me every single day since then. Either in my pocket while at work or on my arm while driving or wherever. But I do feel it’s power and I know this symbol offends many people and it should. (((They))) will keep kvetching over it and bashing it for eternity but that only gives it more power. And I’m sorry but the NSM is doing just fine and does NOT need to be “more like the Klan”, fuck the Klan! Do some deep research into them and you will find the little worm kike Jew in there somewhere. Some of the people in there may be ok but I will always stand with the NSM before any other. WHITE FUCKING POWER and 88!


In reply to by Chris Oates (not verified)

The sacred German Hakenkreuz of the Third Reich offends everyone who is not White (because they know they will never BE White) or Whites who do not see themselves in terms of race. I'm glad you feel the power of this symbol as much as I. An accidental gift of power from the Jews, the "charging of this battery" only aids us in our cause. It was one of the greatest mistakes of the Jews, to attempt a demonization of something already so powerful, so ancient and so magical. This is why the Jews want us to voluntarily stop using it (to willingly give up the power and the magic of this ancient symbol). That simply isn't going to happen (sorry Jews 🙂).

As for the Klan, I have friends in the South who are members of the Klan – and that works best for them. I personally don't have any problems with the Klan, but some people do. I do have a direct family connection to the Third Reich, so for me there is this genetic link. The Klan also has a long history of infiltration by LEOs which makes it difficult for me to trust the Klan, other than the members I know well and do trust. And just like you Chris, I will always stand with MY people, to stand with the NSM. 🙂 88!

I was just wondering what is allowed in the NSM as regarding
religions. I know the Jeff Schoep NSM allowed satanists, and even
perhaps Schoep was a satanist himself. Who knows? I know there is
someone acting somewhat like a satanist who is involved in the NSM.
If there is someone who can give an official policy reply to this I would really appreciate it. 88


In reply to by Coast Nazi (not verified)

I am not speaking for the NSM when I say this, but I am probably fairly accurate by saying that the NSM is not a religious organization. The NSM is 100% political, with no regard to religious affiliations. Burt has said many times that he is a Roman Catholic, while some members are Christian Identity, which is a very popular religion among NSM members. I am aware of atheist members in the NSM, as well as Pagan or Odinist members. One of the founders of the NSM, who regularly calls the shows (Cliff Herrington) is a member of the Joy of Satan Ministries as I recall. I have heard the Commander say he doesn't really care what religion you follow, just that you are pro-White. And for what it's worth, I couldn't agree more.

Personally, I find religion – any religion to be somewhat burdensome, to only cause squabbles among NSM members, as for example, the tenets of Christianity always conflict with say, Odinism. To quote Friedrich Nietzsche, the philosopher of the Third Reich, Christianity is the religion of the weak and the botched, while Odinism, Paganism and Satanism (or the religion of Nietzsche, the oldest and Whitest religion of them all, Zoroastrianism) are the religions of the strong. Even atheism (if viewed as a religious preference) is an ideology of the strong.

Indeed – atheism might be the path of the very strong, since one must be unusually strong to stand on their own, without a religious crutch, as they look death in the eye and accept one's fate, without the sugar-coated, pie in the sky, unrealistic beliefs of a mathematically and thermodynamically impossible "eternity" in "heaven." Most atheists would probably agree that any existence lasting for an eternity, if this were even possible, would promote only one behavior – seeking a way out! Eternal existence would become an everlasting hell, for most people. Anyone subjected to an eternal existence, no matter how pleasant that existence might be, would eventually dedicate themselves to finding a way out, to finding a way to bring about an end to just such an endless existence.

Didn't you say that a belief in God is fundamental to join the NSM?


In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

I literally said (copy/paste from above) "I am probably fairly accurate by saying that the NSM is not a religious organization. The NSM is 100% political, with no regard to religious affiliations." However you should defer to the Commander for his take on the matter. Now if you are curious as to MY take on what Hitler believed, it appears to me that Hitler only used Christianity to further the party, as if he did not include the religion, he would have had few followers. It appears to me, his political involvement in Christian religious policy was driven only by opportunism – and a pragmatic recognition of the political importance of Christian churches in Germany. I would also say (after reading my historical counterpart, Joseph Goebbels on the subject) it appears Goebbels believed Hitler actually hated Christianity, apparently for the same reason Nietzsche hated Christianity – because in practice, Christianity destroys all that is noble and strong in humanity. Goebbels believed that although Hitler was raised a Catholic, he believed neither in a God, nor in conscience, but did retain some regard for the organizational power of Catholicism. Hitler, Goebbels believed, had nothing but contempt for Christianity's central teachings, which he said if taken to their conclusion, would mean the systematic cultivation of human failure. This was also Nietzsche's contention, as it is also mine.

In Hitler's eyes, Christianity was a religion designed only for slaves; as he detested its ethics of poverty and submission in particular. The tenets of its teachings, is a rebellion against the natural law of selection by struggle and the survival of the fittest. I could not agree more with this assessment. I have, over the course of my studies, discovered that Christianity was actually created by the Roman Piso family, as a slave religion, designed to benefit the Roman aristocracy, who were having trouble keeping the slaves of Rome peaceful and compliant. Christianity apparently did the trick, as it gives hope – with a reward in the hypothetical "afterlife," but only to those most wretched, most suffering during their lives. Also keep in mind that Nazi leadership only made use of indigenous Germanic pagan imagery, as well as ancient Roman symbolism, in developing their political movement. The Nazi doctrine of "Race, blood and soil" also gave rise to the concept of "Positive Christianity," a new denomination of Christianity, one which promoted the belief that the racial purity of the German people, should be maintained by combining racialist Nazi ideology, with either fundamental or significant elements of Nicene Christianity. Hitler used the term in point 24 of his 1920 Nazi Party Platform, stating: "the Party as such represents the viewpoint of Positive Christianity without binding itself to any particular denomination." The Nazi idea of Positive Christianity, allayed any fears in Germany's Christian majority, by confirming that the Nazi movement – was pro-Christian.

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